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December 1st Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Jem add me as a live writer tomorrow , under dr.s advice I quite my job for a while to take time to get better and I feel good now , so tomorrow I will write long as the good stays , lol . See ya'll tomorrrow

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Hey wolfrider, glad you're felling better. We missed you! :)

mo, I put you down for segment one. If you want to do another, fell free. :):):lol: Just PM and let me know. I WILL be here all day this time.

Apologies for not getting back to you guys sooner. Yesterday was a real bust for me! <_<

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Segment 1:

Six are left who will be voted out tonight?

Danni begins grinding corn talking about gary getting voted out and I am the next on the totem pole waiting for my head to be chopped off.

Lydia says she smelt bacon and eggs , and Judd says it was stephanie's farts

Danni says no one is talking cause they are scared and these people are unbelievable

The girls doing cartwheels , as danni says lydia feels on the outs and she is in with me and this perfect little alliance has to start breaking up they can't all go to the final five , it just ain't going to happen

Reward Challenge

Survivor Auction , 500 dollors a peice and sharing is allowed

first Item beef jercky danni gets for 20

keep beef jerky or trade for whats covered , she keeps and the covered item is uncooked corn

second item is 3 chocolate cookies and glass of milk , cindy gets for 40

third item and mesquito net , lydia gets for 140

forth item surprise , covered and staying covered , 180 to Rafe and Danni philly steak sandwich and fries

fifth item , envelope , advantage at immunity challenge . 200 and Danni gets it.

sixth item , family members come in . Rafe says is so random . Bidding on an over night stay , your love one will come back to camp with you only one can win . Steph gets from lydia and judd gets money from cindy . Judd wins at 880 bucks he baught his love one.

Judd purchased the right to bring two other loved one's and the other three will go back to the old camp and not even get a hugg , he chose cindy and he chooses his jersey girl Stephanie .

three happy survivors and three that going to spend the night alone , say good bye guys.

alright guys take them back to camp.

Segment 2:

day 31 ,

Judd says welcome home mike , kristi and mindy , this is what we call home for 31 days

Kristi says judd you learned how to make fire , no way , Judd says his wife was digging his camping skills

she says she is shocked he seems like he is doing it all , she is impressed

Mindy says I am exhited this what we grew up doing playing wilderness people.

Stephanie says having mike here is my dream come true and I owe judd big time this the second time he has shared a sweet reward with me.

Lydia says it has been so long since we been here rafe and he says is like a homecoming.

Danni says is hard to trust anyone and gary told me to stick with you rafe and he says is judd is the one that can't be trusted

Rafe says he is in control but only tiny you and I are closer he says to Danni , and he knows he has to get Judd out.

Steph telling Kristi how Judd is great out here and we talk all day everyday , and Kristi thinks they may be in the final 4

Judd says we should still be okay and we have an edge on Danni

If she winns immunity is fine and we get rid of lydia

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Segment 3:

day 32:

Judd says I get a mother load and we are good for the day ,

Mindy says they have nothing everything they do they have to do to survive , it is such a chore

The rest of the tribe comes in , and the family members still here.

Rafe says it is kind of nice to meet them and find out they not loving camp life alone

Judd says is nice having my wife here and I have not been eating and she made me full just looking at her is like 25 white castle burgers at one time

The familys say good by and kristi says I miss judd so much and the longest I never talked to him was 24 hours , I can't wait for him to come home and the familys leave

Steph says was bitter sweet but more sweet then anything else , I can't wait to say hi again.

Lydia hitting Judd up ask how far does he want to get to the final two , she says we got 7 more freaken days left . we know who the key people are.

Danni says Judd is talking about getting rid of the strongest , funny the longer you stick around the more doors open so I have a little bit of a crack


Rafe give up Immunity , you have had this for awhile

requires smarts , a human chess game . flip tiles to red side and step on it move all directions but diagnol

once you step on a tile no one can step on it but can change postition by steppin on the spinning board.

Danni you have and advantage , lets see it , still sealed good

Danni open the advantage , says switch positions with any player and she can do that anytime in the game with one 1 player any time

Every one on the board , danni up goes side ways , cindy forward , then judd , rafe , steph and lydia make a move

Danni , Cyndi moving forward , judd , rafe , steph , lydia all with slightly different game plan and cindy goes to game l plan , and cindy first one out

Danni ask to switch with steph who had an advantage position .

Lydia out

Rafe and Danni closing in on same tiles and Danni goes and closes Rafe out

Judd makes his last move and is out , is danni and steph

Steph is out and Danni winns Imunity and says money well spent.

Danni gets the necklace and says I love this thing

Lydia , Rafe , Steph , Cindy and Judd after 33 days one of you is going home , see you at tribal council.

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Segment 4 :

coming back to camp they all congradulate danni , she says I thought I was going home for sure , it was the biggest immunity to win.

Danni tells Steph that Judd was mad about the jamie situation and that he said the key was to illiminate the strongest people ,

Steph says she wants to believe judd but he already made it clear he is in the game to win and has already lied and danni has not.

Steph says do we get rid of Judd first and Rafe says we have to think about it cause it is a big thing to do

Steph says if he goes tonight , we send lydia home next and then we go to the final four. but my heart says get rid of lydia cause her and judd been close but at same time if he is going to slit your throat then hell no

Lydia says this is weird how the original plan was to get Danni out and she wins immunity on the night she needs it says lydia to judd , if anyone needs me for the vote I am here for them then says the same thing to Rafe .

Judd says we had an alliance me Rafe , Cindy and Steph , we agreed would be lydia

Judd says I will miss lydia around camp her singing and dancing , but I move up and someone has to go home.

Tribal Council:

Jury comes in BJ , Jamie and Gary

Steph first interviewed on TC

Danni refuses to give Immunity up and only one can not vote for , danni votes first for Judd

Judd votes for Lydia


Lydia , some where in there was rafe as Jeff tallies the votes

Lydai -II

Judd - IIII

Judd is 13th person voted out of tribe says

Thanks guys I hope you all get bit by a crocodile , scumm bags

Jeff says , after tonight one thing is clear you can no longer rely on what used to be , cause this game just took a change in a big way.

Sorry ya'll if this was not up to my standards , I forgot how hard it was to do the live feed. Good thing I have not had my surgery on my arms yet , lol.

Every one but Ciny voted Judd off

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Thanks wolf :)


Day 32

First thin in the morning, Judd, Steph and Cindy are showing their family members how to gather wood and chatting about what camp life is like. Rafe, Danni and Lydia come back to camp not expecting the family members to still be there. They all chat and get to know each other a little before they walk down to the pier to go. Judd

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