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Four - Season One


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After a global search, four of the best artists have been chosen to sit in the hottest seats in music. But each week, new artists will come in hoping to challenge The Four in a head-to-head battle to claim their seat. Before they can take on The Four, the challengers must prove they’re good enough by auditioning for a panel of industry experts.


Before they can take on The Four, the challengers must prove they’re good enough by auditioning for a panel of industry experts:  chart topping hit maker and super producer, DJ Khaled; star maker and record executive, Charlie Walk; Grammy award winning singer/song writer, Meghan Trainor; and music icon, Sean “Diddy” Combs.


To start the competition they have hand-picked the four artists they think best reflect the charts today: Lex Lu; Blair Perkins; Elanese Lansen; and Ash Minor. Starting tonight, these four are the ones to beat. Their goal is to hold onto their seats over the next six weeks, as incredible artists try to replace them.


In the end, only one of The Four will go onto win the ultimate prize: a career guided by the panel of hit makers who are all committed to creating a break-out star.


We welcome our host, Fergie, from The Black Eyed Peas. Fergie introduces the panel of experts to the audience. This panel was put together to specifically launch the career of this season’s winner.


Diddy is looking for something fresh, something new. Something he can feel in his soul and something he can obsess over when he’s on the treadmill or doing yoga. He’s looking for that next big superstar.


Fergie introduces the four to beat and they come out and sing Can’t Stop the Music by Justin Timberlake as a group. Fergie sends them to their seats and tells them not to get too comfortable because tonight they will have to fight to stay in them. As of right now, they are in control of their seats.


We get to meet our first challenger, Tyler Griffin from New Jersey. Tyler sings Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo. DJ Khaled does not look impressed, but Meghan Trainor seems to enjoy the performance and says to Charlie she is in love.


DJ says he had the crowd involved and he enjoyed the dancing, he’s a performer, but you have to be great. Diddy says Tyler made him smile with his energy and his voice, but we’ll see.


Charlie says as a record executive, he’s bringing what he does during the day to the show. He says they’re in the great business. Tyler was good, but The Four are great. Meghan disagrees and asks if he was nervous at all and Tyler says no. Meghan says Tyler seemed likes he’s been performing for years.


It’s time for the panel to vote. Surrounding Tyler is four rings and each ring represents a panelist. If a panelist votes yes, the ring will turn blue. If a panelist votes no, the ring will turn red. An artist needs all of the panelists to vote yes to get through to challenge. One red ring and the artist is out. The panel is now voting.


The verdict is in. Let’s see if Tyler did enough to challenge one of the four. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The final ring is red and Tyler does not get to challenge The Four.


Charlie says everyone enjoyed the performance, it’s just not good enough right now to take on The Four. Diddy says that’s one thing you have to know about The Four. The bar is raised and better luck next time.


The next challenger is Zhavia from California. We got to see a sneak peek at her in the preview. Zhavia sings Location by Khalid. The panelists seem to be enjoying Zhavia. Charlie is swaying back and forth and DJ Khaled seems impressed. Charlie gives a standing ovation when Zhavia is finished.


DJ Khaled says this is why he’s here. He says she sang amazing and her swag was amazing. Charlie feels like he was listening to the future here tonight.


Meghan says she’s 16! Imagine her at 18. Meghan looks at The Four and says they should be terrified right now. Diddy says he’s going to be honest, he doesn’t think she can take a chair. Diddy says this is what we came here to do.


The panel is now voting whether Zhavia will get an opportunity to challenge one of The Four. It’s time to find out the results. The first ring is blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The four ring turns blue and we have our first challenge of the show. DJ Khaled comes out clapping and gives Zhavia a high five and says this is what we’re here for.


Fergie says Zhavia has earned the first challenge and tells her to look at The Four. Zhavia says she knows who she’s going to choose. Fergie asks who she’s coming for and we head to commercial.


We’re back and Zhavia is about to announce who she has decided to challenge. She is coming for Elanese. Fergie says Elanese will perform first and then it’s up to Zhavia to beat her performance. But this time, it’s not up to the panel. Ultimately, in the music business, the power belongs to the fans. So the audience will decide who claims a seat on The Four and who goes home.


First up is Elanese. Elanese performs Echame La Culpa by Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato. The panelists are bobbing their heads and the crowd seems to enjoy the performance. Zhavia steps up to perform Unforgettable by French Montana. Charlie seems to be enjoying the performance and Diddy is bobbing his head. Elanese does not look impressed and she’s shaking her head as she’s watching Zhavia perform.


Meghan thinks they both did an amazing job. She loves what Elanese did, but the 16-year old girl just came up here like what? DJ says he’s excited that the fans are going to decide so he’s going to hold his opinion and just say they are both great. Time for the audience to decide and they are voting now.


Will Elanese hold on to her seat? Or will she be the first of The Four to go home? The winner of this challenge is…


The winner of the challenge is…Zhavia! It’s time for Elanese to give up her seat and Zhavia gets to go claim her seat with The Four. Her seat is now locked. Zhavia is now safe for the night and cannot be challenged for the rest of the show.


Charlie tells Elanese that on this stage she has to come and bring it every single time and you have to compete at the highest level and she didn’t do that.


Fergie welcomes us back and one seat is locked and three up for grabs. Zhavia is safe for the night. But Lex Lu, Ash Minor, and Blair Perkins have yet to be challenged. The next artist is Anthony Hall from Florida. Anthony will be singing Feet It Still by Portugal, The Man.


Meghan says it’s her favorite song right now and she loved it. Diddy says if he gets a second chance to bring it more. The first ring is blue. The second ring is blue. The last two were red.


Charlie says no because he doesn’t think he can entertain a whole crowd. Diddy says no because he feels that he didn’t bring everything to the stage.


The next artist is Chris from Dallas, Texas. His stage name is Illakriss and he is performing Let’s Groove by Earth, Wind, and Fire.


Meghan says his stage presence is something she’s never seen before and she loves his originality. Charlie says he thinks he’s interesting, maybe for other shows. That’s not what they are doing there.


Diddy says maybe they just have different tastes. Diddy says originality is key and Illakriss came out and did him. DJ Khaled is about passion and he didn’t get no feeling. Diddy is advocating for Illakriss to go through.


Lex Lu says put him through. Diddy asks her if she’s ready to eat and she says yeah, put him through. Diddy says does he look like a chicken wing or steak dinner? Lex Lu says he looks like a cake walk. It’s time for the panelists to vote.


Voting is over. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring turns blue. The fourth ring turns blue and we have a challenge. Fergie says Zhavia cannot be challenged tonight, but he can choose any of the other three. Ash says he won’t pick Lex Lu because she’ll eat him up. We head to commercial.


We’re back and Illakriss is deciding who to challenge. He selects Lex Lu. Lex Lu will perform first and she performs Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled. Illakriss is attempting to beat Lex Lu’s performance and he takes the stage with Special Delivery by G. Dep.


DJ Khaled liked that performance by Illakriss better than the first one, but he did like Lex Lu’s song pick. DJ says he wants to be honest and he feels like it could be greater. Diddy says this is hip hop and you have to come with you’re A game. If he had to put his money on anyone, it would be Lex Lu, but he’s not happy with either of those performances.


The audience is voting. The winner of this challenge is…


The winner of the challenge is…Lex Lu. Her seat is now locked for the night and Illakriss is sent home.


The next challenger is Valentina Cytrynowicz from California. Valentina sings Green Light by Lorde.


Charlie says he’s had the privilege to work with Lorde, since she was 16 and they had a song called Royals. He’s impressed she sang the song and he saw a real artist on the stage and that’s what they do, they work with real people. Meghan says it was a beautiful performance and music is subjective and she’s just not a fan of her.


Diddy thinks it’s a cold, cruel world and the truth will set you free. He didn’t like it one bit and he thinks she can do better. He says it just wasn’t a great performance. DJ Khaled asks Zhavia what she thinks about Valentina. Zhavia thinks if you’re going to sing someone’s song, you have to sing it better than them and she didn’t think Valentina did that. DJ Khaled agrees.


Charlie is pushing for Valentina and thinks she should have a second chance to sing. Ash thinks Valentina will challenge him if he gets a chance. The panelist’s are voting.


The verdict is in. The first ring turns blue. The second ring turns blue. The third ring and fourth ring are both red. Charlie doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t let her challenge. Diddy says the honeymoon is over and he wants greatness now.


The next artist is Saeed Renaud. Saeed sings Run To You by Whitney Houston.


Meghan is crying, and she says she’s never had that experience in her life. DJ Khaled says this is what he calls he’s securing the bag. If anyone says no on this panel, he’s out of there.


Charlie says there is a place for him in the music business for sure. Diddy says thank you for setting the bar so high. He wants to see a challenge. It’s time for the panelists to vote.


The verdict is in. The first ring is blue. The second ring is blue. The third ring is blue. The fourth ring is blue and we have 4 yes’s and we have a challenge!


Ash says he’s a little nervous, but if he lost to an artist like Saeed he’s got to say he’s great and he respects him. Blair says he worked hard for the seat and he doesn’t plan on losing it. Fergie asks who Saeed is going to challenge and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Saeed is decided who to challenge between Ash and Blair. Saeed says I want you and he points to Blair. Blair performs first, and he sings Stay With Me by Sam Smith. Saeed has to try and beat Blair’s performance, and he sings Love Me Again by John Newman.


DJ Khaled says he’s so excited to be on this show. He asks Saeed if he is ready for the big time? He asks Blair if he’s ready for success? DJ says this is what you call talent. Meghan loved both performances, but she thinks Saeed won it.


Charlie says Blair was pitch perfect tonight and he thinks Blair should keep his seat. Diddy says Blair brought the drama, but he didn’t close the show. Now it’s up to the audience. They will vote for Blair or Saeed.


The verdict is in…


The winner of this challenge is…Saeed.


Diddy says Blair should keep doing what he’s doing, he’ll get there. Blair is leaving the show tonight.       

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