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The Voice (Season 13)

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Tonight is the most important night of the competition, the finale! Tonight, we have four finalists and they will each sing three times, a new cover, a special duet with their coach, and a brand new original single. Every vote counts and voting is now open for all artists on all platforms.


Let’s kick off the finale with Team Adam’s Addison Agen. Carson and Adam talk with Addison about her progression throughout the experience. Addison is going to sing Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Adam says Addison has the ability to make everything sound like it’s hers.


Jennifer says Addison, that’s what moments like this are about. When you break down and make it more real to us and allow us in to experience that moment with you. Jennifer says Addison is humble, beautiful, and kind.


Adam says in a way, the fact Addison lost it at the end was beautiful because her connection to life is more important than her connection to music. To say he is proud is the understatement of the year and every time she gets up there, she blows him away.


We’re going to continue with the first original single of the night from Team Blake’s Chloe Kohanski. Her song is called Wish I Didn’t Love you. Blake says every lyric and note sounds like something Chloe experienced. Chloe says she feels connected to the song because it tells a story. Blake says he thinks this is the right original song and he loves it.


Blake says America, he wants you to think of every superstar you can remember in music and remember those people aren’t like anyone else. And then he wants America to think about Chloe’s performance. Blake says ladies and gentleman, this is a superstar right here.


Next will be the first duet, Blake and his finalist Red. They are going to sing I’m Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley. Blake says he thinks Red is more country than he is. Red says working with Blake has been like hanging out with his brother. Blake says they are going to have fun on stage.


Just a reminder that all artists who have a song in the top 10 on iTunes at the close of voting get their votes multiplied by 5. Now a debut song for Team Miley’s Brooke Simpson. Brooke’s song is called What Is Beautiful. Brooke says she loves this song and it rings true to where she is right now in her life. Miley says she sings with such conviction.


Adam says he has loved Brooke since day 1. Adam loves watching her go through all this to see where she’s going to wind up. He’s happy this moment culminates for her in who she is and this song represented who she wants to be.


Miley says this moment right here is what she meant when she said Brooke is a necessary artist. Miley says everyone has to vote because this girl is the voice and she is a superstar.


Next, we have another duet, Adam and Addison and they are going to sing Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Adam says this song is an actual duet that will pull at your heart strings. Addison says she never thought she’d call Adam Levine a friend.


Our final four are one step away from winning it all. Next, Miley joins Brooke for the perfect collaboration. They are going to sing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Brooke says Miley has helped her grow so much.


Let’s continue immediately with a debut song with Team Blake’s country singer, Red Marlow. Red is going to sing a song called I Pray. Red wrote the song with a friend of his. Red says even though it’s a sad song, it can also be a celebration. Blake says it’s going to be a good one and he deserves to be here.


Jennifer says anyone who can get on stage and sing a song called I Pray is alright by her. Jennifer says she’s a fan of Red and she’s not surprised to see him in the final and she thinks he represented country well.


Blake says the reason Red is in the final is because of simple relatability and with this song, a song about real life experience, was great. Blake says Red is a country star.


We’re going to continue with an awesome duet, Blake and Chloe. They are going to perform You Got It by Roy Orbison. Blake says Chloe is the same as you see on television.


Next Is Red Marlow. Red will be singing Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan. Red says he will be doing Garth Brooks cover of the song. Blake says Red is swing for the fence on this song.


Blake says he was thinking about how Red can just set on the stage with nothing but his guitar and his voice it blows him away.


We will continue with Brooke Simpson singing a classic Christmas song. Brooke will be singing O Holy Night. Brooke says she’s love this song since she was little and when she sings it she thinks of her family. Miley says she knows how much this song means to Brooke and she thinks the audience will enjoy the vocal arrangement.  


Jennifer says that is one of her favorite Christmas song and she is happy about the performance. Miley says that she can’t express how much she wants everyone at home to vote for Brooke.


Next up is Addison Agen. Addison will be sing Tennessee Rain, her original song. Adam tells her to sing it like a powerful women.


Jennifer says Addison is only 16 and just knows when to be passionate about the song and to soften the notes. Adam says all the songs she has sang have best represent her as an artist and a person.


We’re going to close the finale with the rocker from team Blake Chloe Kohanski. Chloe will be singing Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Cranes. Blake says Chloe is the total package from this show.


Blake says ladies and gentlemen, we have a superstar in front of us. Blake says vote for Chloe. As Carson closes the show Blake yells Vote for Chloe.

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It’s the big Voice finale! We’re going to find out who’s going to win it all! Everybody in the Top 8 returns to sing with a superstar. We’re going to kick-off the night with one of those great collaborations. Tonight, Adam Cunningham, Keisha Renee, and Bebe Rexha team up to perform the number one country song in America, Meant to Be.


Throughout this competition, no one has embraced Chloe’s uniqueness, power and love for the 80s quite like the Blake. We then see a clip of Chloe and Blake’s relationship throughout the show.


Next to the stage is Charlie Puth and he performs How Long.


Adam told Addison that she would make a great album like Norah Jones. So its only natural that they sing together. Singing her hit song Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones and Addison Agen.


Now Adam and Blake may be a picture perfect romance, but things have changed in season 13, or at least for one coach. We see Adam talking to a “therapist” and seeing “flashbacks” of Blake making fun of him.


Noah Mac is back to sing World Gone Mad with Bastille themselves.


Kelly Clarkson is next to the stage to preform her new song Medicine.


Last season’s winner Chris Blue is next to the stage. Chris wanted to make this performance special for the voice stage. Chris will be singing his new song Blue Blood Blues.


As soon as Adam heard Addison sing, Adam knew she could win the whole thing. We see clips of Addison and Adam’s relationship through the show grow.


 Next is Sia and Brooke to sing Titanium.


Chris Weaver is next to the stage. Chris has brought some of his friends, who are also drag queens. We see a video of Chris and his friends in drag.  Chris and his friends sing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicky Minaj.


Now, Chloe Kohanski has proven she can rock the stage so tonight she joins forces with a legend who epitomizes rock music. With his hit White Wedding, here is Chloe Kohanski with Billy Idol.


Our four finalists join Carson center stage and they are minutes away from finding out who won the whole thing. Miley and Jennifer come up to the stage and give the four finalists a Christmas present and it’s a new car. They each get a 2018 Toyota Camry.


We see clips of Red and Blake’s friendship.


Now the music keeps on coming and next up is Demi Lovato performing Tell Me You Love Me.


Voice favorite Davon poured his soul into every song. Tonight, Davon is going to team up with Jessie J for her new single Not My Ex.


Next, we have a member of the country music hall of fame joining one of Team Blake’s artists for one of his biggest songs. With When I Call Your Name, here is Red Marlow and Vince Gill.


Now, from the very beginning Miley predicted Brooke could make it to the finale. We see Brooke and Miley’s relationship as it grew throughout the show.


Now, Pharrell Williams takes the stage with N.E.R.D. to perform Lemon from their new album No One Ever Really Dies.


Our friend Sia returns to spread some holiday cheer with a song called Snowman.


Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s do it. Carson brings back the four finalists to the stage. Every single finalist hit the top 10 on iTunes at the close of voting. In fact, 8 of the top 10 were from last night’s show.


Carson is going to read the name of the artist in fourth place. The finalist in fourth place is…


Finishing in fourth place is…Red Marlow from Team Blake.


Carson is now going to read the name of the artist in third place. The finalist in third place is…


The third place finalist is…Brooke Simpson from Team Miley.


Chloe and Addison are the final two to learn their fate. Carson asks the coaches for final words.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The winner of The Voice is…


The winner of The Voice is…Chloe Kohanski from Team Blake.

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