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Sunday September 10, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:04 AM BBT Alex is telling Christmas that she would be a great mom. Christmas says she may adopt some mom. Raven says she wants to be a mom too but Alex says that she needs to grow up a lot.


12:08 AM BBT  The LD is over. Josh, Paul and Kevin are excited the BY is open. Kevin and Paul are going to play pool. Kevin wants to know if he is okay. Paul says that yes, he is fine. Kevin says that if he wins HOH he will put up Christmas and Paul. They have a great shot of going to F3 together. Paul asks Kevin if he thinks Christmas will throw the HOH to him. Kevin says he would rather he get to win one. Kevin reminds Paul that Jason told him if he goes out on a tie that Alex is going to go after everyone. Paul "Doesn't matter, I didn't vote for him to leave." Kevin "Then you voted for me to leave? My kids are going to kill you." Paul "Why? Did you leave? What's the difference?" 


12:14 AM BBT Kevin tells Paul that his (Kevin's) social game is better than everyone else in the house. His physical game is not so good. Paul tells him that's okay, he probably doesn't have a single vote in the jury.


12:19 AM BBT Kevin says that he can't believe the BY is open. That must mean no eviction Sunday. Paul says they could still have an eviction. Kevin "And not have an HOH after?" Paul "Oh". 


12:21 AM BBT Kevin says he was hoping for an eviction and now he will have to watch Alex cry for the next 4 days. Paul says he doesn't think the crying is real. Kevin says she is the most manipulative one in the game. Kevin says if he and Paul make it to F2 he is going to tell the jury that Paul is the best player in the game. He will point to Paul and say this guy right here deserves to win but you (jury) do what you need to do.


12:40 AM BBT The HGs are enjoying the BY being open. Paul and Kevin are working out. Alex is playing with a hula hoop. Christmas is laying out on the hammock. Josh is off camera.

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1:03 AM BBT Paul climbs on the hammock with Christmas. Paul tells her that she is giving Alex the impression that she (Christmas) is going to go up and then go home. Christmas says she has never said anything like that. 


1:07 AM BBT Paul "She says you are talking about going on the block and going to jury." Christmas " She might be thinking that because you expressed back-dooring me last week." 


1:11 AM BBT Paul says he will tell Alex she is going home the day of. If the BY is closed tomorrow he will tell her tomorrow. If the BY is open that means no eviction so he will wait. He is going to tell her that he wants to use the veto. He just can't. It's not because she has done this or that. It's just a game thing.


1:13 AM BBT Paul says the only one he is worried about is Josh. Christmas says that Josh folds. They may have to start keeping him out of things. Paul says that means he and Christmas take all the heat. Paul "I have been pumping Kevin for F2 since we needed him." Christmas "Alex may be blow that up before leaving the house." Paul "Do you think she would do that?"


1:19 AM BBT Alex is alone at the KT counter and talking to the counter. She asks if anyone is watching from Canada. She is eating green olives. She says she loves olives. The green ones are salty....like half this year's cast.


1:25 AM BBT Alex is talking alone in the KT. This has been a crazy ride. 


1:31 AM BBT Paul and Alex are still out in the hammock. Paul says it is hard when you get down to just people you like. However, everyone is going to have hurt feelings and it is part of it. Paul is unsure about Josh's mental stability going forward because of his paranoia bout not taking any heat.


1:35 AM BBT Paul admits that if he gets there, the question he is dreading the most will be Raven's. She is going to ask him if he meant it when he said he would take her to the end. Kevin is called to the DR.


1:37 AM BBT Josh approaches Paul and Christmas. Paul tells him that if the BY is closed tomorrow he will tell Alex she is going home tomorrow. If the yard is not closed he will wait. He wants to tell her the day of.


1:40 AM BBT Paul tells Josh when he drops the ball on Alex, he (Josh) has to be firm. He can't pu**y-foot around. Josh says he won't. Then Paul tells him to stop stressing about it. 


1:43 AM BBT Paul, Josh and Christmas are at the hammock. Paul tells them the only person that can screw them is Raven. Christmas asks how. Paul says because Raven knew the plan to get rid of Jason. She knows too much that can taint the jury. 


1:45 AM BBT Paul tells Josh to suck it up and stop stressing out. Josh got the HOH and the Veto. Josh admits he is stressed out about Alex. Paul says that Alex crying is to get under Josh's skin. She thinks Josh is weak. Paul tells Josh that Alex is a game player and Josh is being a fool.


1:48 AM BBT Paul is telling Josh that he has to stop doubting him. Paul says that Josh is not performing like he should. He is acting like he has no confidence. Paul "You are HOH. You nominated her. She thinks you can flip flop. So she is crying to you." Paul "If we continue to sell it this way, she can't blow up our game." 


1:52 AM BBT Paul is telling Josh to trust the guy who played the game last year. He can't pu$$y foot or the jury will eat him alive if he makes it to the F2. Josh "I'm fine dude."


1:56 AM BBT Christmas is frustrated because she wants to go to bed but BB hasn't called her in the for her post POV DR session. Meanwhile Josh says he isn't talking to Kevin anymore because he lies with everything that comes out of his mouth. 

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2:00 AM BBT Paul to Josh "You haven't been working out and you are crying. What the F am I training you for?" They put their arms over each other's shoulders and sing "You Got a Friend in Me". 


2:07 AM BBT In the KT Paul whispers to Josh "If I have to make the choice, I will choose you." Paul and Josh shake on it. Josh admits he is going through some depression. Paul says he better snap out of it because it will be worse on the outside with the emotional roller coaster. Paul tells Josh he is going to be very vulnerable so if he feels like mentally ill, to tell him. He will fly Josh out for the weekend to get him straight again.


2:12 AM BBT Christmas tells Josh that she is excited now. She thinks that she couldn't compete in the veto because of the drop but by Tuesday she is supposed to be putting 70% pressure on her foot. She is hoping she has sat out of her last competition.


2:17 AM BBT Josh, Paul and Christmas are still out by the hammock. Josh says the 4 of them had mutual targets because the house was filled with people with huge egos. Except Mark. He didn't have a big ego. Paul said that Mark didn't do a single thing to have an ego about. The silver fox and Raven are probably America's Sweethearts. Paul says if they got married he will literally throw up.


2:20 AM BBT Josh, Paul and Christmas anticipate that Raven will be very bitter when she figures it all out and will fire off hate tweets. Josh wants to see a UFO. Kevin overhears and says Josh, the population of the earth is like 7.7 billion. Maybe 200 have seen a UFO. Josh "What? I want to see a UFO." Kevin tells Josh about Roswell, President Truman seeing real aliens and it costing him the presidency, and Area 51. 


2:27 AM BBT Kevin, Paul, Josh and Christmas are talking about Raven. She was hostile and savage. She would say that people are jealous of her because of the size of Matt's di**. And then during the fight in the KT, she literally turned purple. 


2:30 AM BBT Josh says Raven wouldn't let anyone cook in the KT until after Matt left. When Matt left she never wanted to cook at all. Meanwhile Paul says that Megan was so Gumpy. She was a Have Not for 1 day and she self evicts.


2:40 AM BBT Paul says he is rapidly approaching 6 months of his life being in the BB house. Josh says that he misses his siblings but that Christmas and Paul are like his siblings. 


2:45 AM BBT Christmas is worried about the finale. She is hoping they can find a way to protect her toe. She knows with that many people on stage, someone is going to undo all the healing by stepping on it. 


2:50 AM BBT HGs are starting to think about heading to bed. They leave the hammock and start heading indoors. 


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3:00 AM BBT Paul and Josh are in the HOH room.  Paul tells Josh he is worried about Christmas. Her acting to Alex like she is at risk of going on the block and leaving is weird. Why would she want Alex to think that? When I checked her on it, she wasn't f*ing around. Paul says they just have to stay tough. 


3:05 AM BBT Paul is taking a shower in the HOH room and Josh gets called to the DR minutes after crawling into bed. 


3:16 AM BBT Paul is out of the shower. Josh is out of the DR. Josh tells Paul if he wants to break the news to Alex tomorrow then he is down. Paul says he has too much respect for Alex to lie to her. Josh just doesn't want Paul to make it sound like Josh forced this decision on Paul. Paul says he will have to tell her that he discussed it between the three of them and the decision was made to get rid of a strong player. He can't make it sound like the idea to get rid of her came out of nowhere. Paul tells Josh if Alex comes out saying that Paul blamed Josh and/or Christmas for it then she is blowing smoke out her a**. He wouldn't throw them under the bus like that. 


3:25 AM BBT The lights are out in the BB house. Everyone is settling in bed. Paul and Christmas are whispering in bed but neither are wearing microphones. 


3:30 AM BBT All is quiet. All the HGs are in bed.

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10:19AM BBT Feeds are back and Kev in bed with lights on. Paul practically spooning Xmas in bed.Lights still out in that BR.


10:22AM BBT Xmas gets up to go get batteries and Josh leaves his and Alex bed and crawls in beside Paul. Paul gives him a hug. Xmas comes back in and turns on the lights...


10:34PM BBT Kev walking the BY. Josh laying in the HOH bed.


10:52PM BBT Kev eating granola and yogurt in the BY. Josh still in bed.



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10:59AM BBT BB calls for an IDLD. Kev goes inside.


11:13AM BBT BB says LD is over and Kev gets up and goes to the WCA.


11:17AM BBT Kev back outside walking. Rest of house still napping.


11:23AM BBT BB telling HG no napping. Josh says that was mean. he says that he thought they were cool and BB has attitude.


11:25AM BBT Correction: BB said to "get up now"


11:29 AM BBT Paul gets up and goes to the WC. Josh still complaining the BB made them get up. Paul leaves the WC and doesn't wash his hands and heads to the KT. Paul starts prepping breakfast.



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11:36AM BBT Xmas asks Josh if he slept well last night and he said yes. Then Xmas asked "really". They go outside. Xmas tells Josh he is going to get some much a** when he gets out of the house. Josh says he hopes so. Xmas says that she had a dry spell before she went in to BB. She starts giving him advice on the girls h meets and to "double wrap it"


11:50AM BBT HG are up. Some eating. Kev walking.


12:01PM BBT JOsh, Alex and Xmas discuss when they first came in the house and had to share beds. 



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12:04PM BBT Josh says that Cody was the big head this season. Paul says they were the big heads this season. Josh says according to their comics, they obviously were very wrong on how they were this season. Josh says that Cody and Jess were the biggest victims this season. Xmas complains that Jess was crying and saying it was the worst week of her life.


12:10PM BBT Xmas telling stories about Jess outside of the house. How she didn't make time for her Dad before he passed. Josh says that he feels Jess has a good heart. Alex says she doesn't see it. Josh says that Jess had the best heart out of everyone that tormented them this season.


12:18PM BBT Xmas, Paul and Josh in the BY. Xmas telling them all about her sponsorships and shares in companies.


12:25PM BBT IN the HOH room Paul and Josh talking. Paul tells Josh to rattle him (sounds like Kev) and then says he will be on focus mode.


12:36PM BBT Kevin doing the laundry and then walking. Alex, Xmas and Paul talk about traveling.


12:43PM BBT Xmas name dropping her friends and who owns what. All 4 cams on Kev working out.


12:47PM BBT Paul tells Xmas hat he spoke with Josh about starting stuff. They said they have to be ready for the backlash. Paul starts telling Xmas how he is going to go about telling Alex he isn't using the veto.



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12:50PM BBT Xmas tells Paul that he needs to do what he wants to do regarding Alex. She says that their entire game they have never lied and always played it straight forward. They have never made it personal and Alex has to respect that. Paul says he will go tell her and asks Xmas to go be with Josh and prepare him for the backlash.


12:54PM BBT Paul pulls Alex into the wave room. He tells her that he trusts her but he thinks if he uses the veto he is throwing his game away. He tells her that he will lose the votes in jury if he uses the veto (this was all pre planned). He says he will lose Xmas and Josh's votes in jury. Paul says he is torn and doesn't know what to do.


12:57PM BBT Paul tells her that he knows this sounds like he is worrying about the money but he didn't think he would get this far and knows if he took her to F2 she would win. Paul says he has fans and friends watching and he knows they are saying he is doing the same thing as last year.


12:58PM BBT Paul says he is stuck between protecting his friend and losing or actually taking a chance at winning. Paul says he wishes she had won yesterday. Alex says she wanted him to win.


1:01PM BBT In the HOH room Xmas and Josh playing who will get more backlash. Xmas says that Alex expects her to jump on a grenade for her and if she really feels that way then what Alex proclaimed all season was a lie. Xmas says that if Josh and Xmas gets fond out that they have aligned it's over for them. Josh says she doesn't think they realized they are aligned?


1:04PM BBT Paul still telling Alex that he has a chance in the game and so he won't use the Veto on her as promised. He says that Josh and Xmas have been hinting at him losing the votes. Alex won't make eye contact with him. Just nods her head. Paul says he f'd up. He says if she thinks she can work Xmas and Josh then it won't be an issue for him.


1:06PM BBT Alex says that she didn't want to throw the comp and allowed Paul to win it and Jason wasn't saved as she was going to do. She says she trusted Paul. Paul tells her that it was real. Alex says that Xmas wasn't going to put up Paul she thinks. Paul says it broke his heart that Jason left. he says he isn't trying to BS her. He will lose. Alex says they need to understand her position. She won the HOH and Kevin should have gone home. Paul says he isn't trying to screw her.




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1:09PM BBT Alx tells Paul to do whats best for his game but that inside the house it is s***y. She says they will be friends outside. Paul says he made the dopest friend ever and she is a girl-him. He said he didn't sleep last night and that the others get hostile if he even brings up saving her.


1:10PM BBT Paul tells Alex that coming back as a vet has been so hard. Every week he was worried he was going home. He says she knows how hard he worked to stay every week.


 1:13PM BBT Paul tells Alex that this is a repeat of last year. He lost Vic at F5 and this is killing him that he is losing his homie this season at F5 too. He tells her that the second he walked in he has felt alone for a long time.


1:14PM BBT Paul says he was alone. He couldn't celebrate when he won. He couldn't be crazy, he couldn't say what he wanted. Every time he escaped the block he couldn't celebrate. Paul tells her that if he takes Josh to the F2 then he wins. Alex says that Cody said Paul would take Josh to F2. Paul says Cody didn't know s***.


 1:18PM BBT Alex telling Paul that every HOH she won she earned. She said she wouldn't mind coming in 2nd but losing to the rest that are left is wrong. Paul says that it's bad but he has to do it. Alex says she would have saved him. Paul says yeah but she would have won. Alex says she still would have saved him.


1:21PM BBT Paul tells Alex that he can't save her and lose. He says he has a chance to win this season and has to take it. He knows they have had the F2 deal but he has to do what will get him the win and she will beat him.


 1:24PM BBT Alex tells Paul she understands but she would have preferred to win and get further. She tells Paul that he set up the game for the 4 of them to sweep to the end and send her home. Paul says everything he said and did was to get them to the F2. She says he has to do what is right for his game but it's wrong. Paul says he is torn because he has to hurt a friend to move forward.


 1:28PM BBT Paul still laying on his reasons for not saving her. {Paul telling Alex that Josh and Xmas will not give him their votes. In the BY Xmas is on the stationary bike.


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1:30 PM BBT Alex says she was walking in the veto and she’s not mad at him, she’s mad at herself. Paul says the circumstances suck and he’s trying not to cry in front of her and he knows she’s not a fan of that. He says it hurts him and he would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt him. He says she’s his friend in there and he would vote for her to win and this is where the emotions of BB come into game play decisions. Paul says if he lets his emotions take over he secures his loss in the game. Alex says they don’t have to keep going over it and this secures her not winning at all. Alex says if the situation was flipped she still would have taken him even if she thought she was getting second. She says she was worried about jury too, but she wouldn’t have taken Josh over Paul even though it would have been a slam dunk. Paul says she would have won over everyone and he’s not doubting she would take him, but being the only vet he knows is a mark against him. He says no one else knows how hard it was being the only vet in the game. Alex says she gets it but she doesn’t want to keep talking about it but this secures a loss for it. She totally gets it, she knows it kills him. Paul says those people don’t give a F that he’s eating himself alive with this decision. Paul says if this was his first time play he would happily make this mistake. But it’s his second time playing and if he makes the same mistake twice…Alex says she doesn’t want to talk about. Paul says he will talk with them and see if he can get in their heads and talk them into keeping her. Alex says they both already expressed Kevin is a better option because they can beat him. Paul says but he can still try. Alex says it’s a lost cause at this point.


1:35 PM BBT Paul says he can still try but he knows if he goes against them he loses those three votes. He says it is his pivotal decision that leads to that point and they aren’t voting for him and he knows that. Paul says he’s not afraid of them and he’s sure they could get to F2 but he knows he would lose. Alex says she just wished Paul had listened to her earlier about Christmas and Kevin. She said Christmas was getting cocky with her foot and Kevin was sliding by. Alex says she set Jason up to go home. Paul says she can’t blame herself for that. Paul says if it’s any consolation he’s almost positive Alex will get AFP because she was the only other “player”. Alex says that doesn’t make it better so let’s not talk about it. Paul says he wasn’t going to not talk to her and she says she appreciates it. Paul says he wanted to be honest with her and if that dictates her hating him, then so be it. He doesn’t want her to feel like he’s selfishly Fing her over. Alex says honestly, it doesn’t feel like that. 100%. Alex says she had times she thought Jason would clean sweep her or Paul but she didn’t care. Paul says he’s playing this game the second time and it’s hard to get this far and not want to win. Alex says do you think it was easy for me to throw comps to you? She explained to Jason you don’t have to win every comp to win BB and she was ok with it. She doesn’t want to make him feel worse, and she doesn’t want to keep talking about it. Paul says he’s eating himself up but he wants to talk it out because her feelings are just as valid as his. Paul says you said I’m securing losing, but if I save you, then I’m securing my own loss.


1:40 PM BBT Alex says she cares about the money, she wants to take care of her baby. Paul says this game has taken a physical and emotional toll on me. Alex says it just sucks, I worked really hard. Paul says everyone knows how hard you worked which is what makes it even harder for him. Paul says I wish you hadn’t done crap all season. Alex says we don’t have to keep talking about it because it only makes it worse. Alex says Christmas is not going to lay down for this because she wants it now. Paul says he's going to try and talk them in to keeping him, he just can’t save her because he would lose those votes. But maybe he can talk them into keeping her. He says there is nothing he wants more than to be in F2 with her. Christmas comes in from outside and goes upstairs. Paul tells Alex he worked super hard last year and he fell short. He says his anxiety attacks and panic attacks and it would crush his soul if he made the same mistake as last year and lose by one vote.


1:45 PM BBT Christmas and Josh are talking about days again. She’s running down the HOH wins. Paul tells Alex he’s always doubted himself his whole life and his capabilities and with this decision there might be a shred of confidence he can pull it off. He says it’s super hard to say to her and he’s trying to be as open and honest with his feelings as he can. Alex says she understands and she keeps saying they don’t have to talk about it because it just makes him feel worse. Paul asks if they think they’ll do anything today? Alex doesn’t think so and then mentions maybe a special eviction on Tuesday and then another on Thursday. Paul says final 3 is at least 5 or 6 days. Alex says they probably won’t have a show today because of football all day and they won’t have a special show on Monday because of football. Alex says she wishes they would have just voted out Kevin and then she wouldn’t feel so bad going before him. Paul says we all wanted Raven out. Paul says at that point he was overtrumped with the vote. Paul says they were set on getting Raven out over Kevin. Alex says Christmas is obviously playing the game now because she’s trying to sneak by and get to the end. Paul asks Alex if she thinks he can do it and she says he can. Alex says she’ll vote for Paul and Jason will. Paul says Jason hates me right now. Alex says she’ll talk to him that Jason will think it was Paul’s plan all along and Alex is stupid but she will tell him to vote for Paul. Paul says he hasn’t done jury damage control all season, but neither have they. Paul says he’s going to talk to Josh and Christmas and see what he can do. He apologizes to her because he let her down.


1:50 PM BBT Alex says you got my vote, you probably just won’t see me right after. Paul just wants her to know he genuinely thinks she’s one of the coolest people he’s ever met. She says she’s going to the WC. Christmas and Josh have moved on to talking about evictions. Paul is pacing back and forth between rooms and he is upset and sniffling. He is crying. Kevin comes inside and holds the door open for Alex and she goes outside and says thank you. Kevin asks Paul if he’s alright and he says he’s fine and Kevin asks if you are sure. Paul heads into the HOH room and Christmas gives him a hug. Alex is outside on the couch saying Hail Mary’s with her rosary. Paul is crying and Josh comes up to hug him as well.


1:55 PM BBT Paul tells them he told Alex he would talk to them about keeping her. He then goes over everything he told her. Paul says Alex called him selfish and she doesn’t know he’s protecting them. Josh asked if Alex was ok and Paul says she said thanks for being honest. Paul tells them they need to give her a straight no and not give her hope because it will hurt her even more. Alex is called to the DR and she asks for 5 minutes so she can finish her rosary.

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2:00 PM BBT Alex finishes her rosary and heads to the DR. Paul tells Christmas and Josh they can’t act any different around her. Josh says he will be straight forward with her. Christmas says he was straight forward with her and he’s been doing great, he doesn’t have to change his position. Christmas says Josh said what he needed to say when he nominated her. Paul says that was tough and Christmas says it was long. Paul says Alex isn’t his enemy and it sucks it went this way. Paul says he told her getting Kevin out next week is easier than she would be. Josh says he knows what he’s going to say her. Christmas says Jason went against what they said and that’s why thinks went the way they did. Paul says Alex implied she threw the veto.


2:05 PM BBT Christmas and Josh says no way she threw it. Paul says Alex walked because she hoped Paul would win. Christmas said no way and besides Paul has played that competition before. Josh says he’ll never do this again. Paul says imagine doing it alone with no vet helping you and then losing. And then doing it again. Josh says you’re crazy. Paul says that was tough, but not as tough as it would be to send one of them home. Paul says he doesn’t think she will buck and kick and go crazy. He made it heartfelt and honest. Kevin is walking the yard and it’s quiet all around the house.

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 2:11pm BBT: Kevin brushes his teeth then heads to the other rooms looking for the other HG. He then heads back outside. Paul and Christmas still in the HOHR whispering while Josh is in the WC.

2:15pm BBT: Josh goes downstairs and goes to the lounge rm puts shades on and sits alone.

 2:19pm BBt: Paul and Christmas head down to the KT, Paul goes to the lounge rm and josh says he just needs a minute, Paul ask why are you tripping? Josh says i just need a minute as he shakes his head.

2:26pm BBT: Josh in the lounge rm talking to the camera talking about hurting a friend and no one knows what he has done in this game cause he can not tell anyone. In the BY Paul and Christmas are  talking about Josh being to emotional.

2:28pm BBt: Paul goes to the lounge rm and ask josh what is bothering him and he says i just made the hardest move i have ever made.He tells Josh she was mad at him but at the end is it worth it just getting there is hard and she deserves to be here over Kevin. Josh says i am just numb to everything already. Paul says only a few days left you can make it.

2:33pm BBT: Josh says this was so much easier in the beginning. Paul tells him he is tripping. Christmas and Kevin in the BY just lounging not talking. Alex still in the DR.

2:38pm BBt: Alex is now out of the DR goes to the STR and gets fruit.Paul and Josh still in the lounge rm repeating themselves.

2:41pm BBT: BB calls Paul to the DR, Kevin and Alex talking in the KT about football. Paul tells Josh before he leaves  tell them you just need a moment and do not break down ok. Paul then leaves to go to the DR.

2:44pm BBT: Josh comes out to the KT and ask Alex if she wants to talk and she says no she will cry. He says he wants to talk to her and she says no i do not want to cry anymore as she walks away crying. Josh leans over the counter and starts crying.

2:49pmm BBT: Alex walking around the house collecting dirty dishes. Josh now in the HOHR in bed with his face covered crying.

2:53pm BBT: Alex tells Christmas it is so hot out today. Christmas agrees. They talk about lastnight being so nice and so fun. Alex then gets a drink and sets down. Josh still in HOHR crying under the covers.

 2:57pm BBT: Alex asking Christmas about her foot and Christmas talks about the dead skin on her foot and the scab and how she is a scab picker. Alex says i wanted to pick the scab first time i seen it. She then shows Alex her foot.

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3:06PM BBT Josh comes down the stairs and looks outside. Xmas asks him if he is done singing. He says something about "he can't hear her" and shuts the door. In the BY Alex asking Xmas about her friends back home.


3:14PM BBT Xmas talking to Alex about weddings. Alex asks her if she had a dress for her wedding (she was supposed to get married last weekend). She says yes. She says she and her ex are on good terms. We get FOTH.


 3:23PM BBT All 4 cams on Josh and Kev sitting outside.


3:24PM BBT Josh gets up and days "this girl isn't taking me to the end" He slams the sliding door shut. He goes to the HOH room and again says that Xmas isn't taking him to F2.


3:27PM BBT Josh says that he knows Xmas won't take him. He says that Paul and Xmas are playing selfish. He could req a split vote and send Kevin home.


3:31PM BBT Josh says "they think I will be kept silent" He then climbs in bed to listen to his Justin Beiber music. Says he has to calm down.


3:42PM BBT Xmas picking scabs on her foot. Josh laying in bed.





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3:55PM BBT Paul comes outside and lays down. Alex goes inside. Paul tells Xmas this is so hard on him because he has had to let some many people down this season. Xmas says "who have you had to let down"? (crickets) Xmas moves over to Paul and tells him she totally understand and that's why she isn't telling him to snap out of it like she tells Josh. Paul says that he came into this game and that means a fan didn't get to play because he took their place. He says he isn't sure it all worth it and the hard decisions he has had to make. Xmas tells him that just shows how well he is playing.


4:05PM BBT Paul is still moping. Xmas tells him that she understands and offers to give him tickles later. Paul says he is worried how the public sees him. Xmas says he didn't play a dirty game and didn't break any promises. She tells him he didn't promise Alex F2.


4:08PM BBT Paul tells Xmas that Josh is in HOH checked out and emotional. He doesn't see why. Xmas says that she doesn't understand why Josh is emotional. Alex is packing her stuff.


4:09PM BBT Paul says he doesn't understand why Josh feels the need to talk to Alex. Xmas says Josh is emotional and doesn't get over emotional trauma very well.


4:21PM BBT Josh comes into the KT. Xmas asks him what is going on. He says he needs a minute. She says he has already been taking minutes. She wants to talk.He says he will talk when he is ready and walks away. She yells after him Why but no response. She is slamming dishes in the sink. She shakes her head.


4:24PM BBT Josh goes to the RBR and talks to Alex. Thanking her for her friendship and how he was alone in the house. He says she has always been in his corner.He tells her that he has been honest and she will see when she gets out. He is crying. She tells him he doesn't need to be crying she is the one sad. She gets up and says they want her out she is out. She leaves and Josh bursts into tears.


4:30PM BBT Josh follows Alex around begging her to talk to him.Alex says it won't help and she doesn't want to talk.Josh says he loves her. Alex says that they are not her friends. She only had Jason and she got him out. Josh is upset. Alex says she will give him a fair vote but doesn't want to talk to him. She will not be his friend. Josh says that is upsetting. Alex says they f'd her over.


4:34PM BBT Alex telling Josh that she doesn't ant to be his friend. Xmas comes in and Josh says they need a minute. Xmas leaves in a huff. Josh asks for a hug and Alex says no. Josh says she doesn't understand. Alex says she doesn't want to hear it and tells Josh to just go out and win. Alex tells him he has to stand by the decisions they made. She says they shouldn't be crying and to leave her alone.



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 4:37PM BBT Josh goes to the KT. Xmas says she needs a moment and Josh says no. Xmas says he needs to make it possible and heads to the wave room. She slams the door shut and starts on Josh. Asking if he wants her to go home. She says there are three choices and outlines each of the choices. She tells him to pick and option and stick to it. Josh starts to say something and she slams the door shut in his face. Paul asks her in the KT what happened and she told him. She says she doesn't need to hear it from Josh.


4:42PM BBT Paul goes to Alex and tells Paul that she doesn't want to be friends. Paul says that he doesn't understand why she would base their friendship on the house. Alex says she will give Paul her vote and tell Jason how hard Paul played. In the KT Josh is trying to talk to Xmas and she tells him stop because Kev walking around. Xmas tells Josh that him chasing Alex around is looking like  a messy breakup.


4:45PM BBT Xmas tells him she doesn't want to talk. Josh say he does. She orders him to the wave room and slams off to it. She waves her crutch at him and tell him shut the f'n door. He tells her to calm down. She is telling him to leave Alex alone.


4:48PM BBT Xmas keeps after Josh about leaving Alex alone. Josh says he needs to talk and Xmas says no. Josh says that he has a heart and can not turn into someone cold like her overnight. Xmas tells him to leave Alex be. Josh says that he is sorry an this is what he needs to do.



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 4:51PM BBT Alex tells Paul that they took out Raven over Kev. Paul says he was outvoted. Alex says it was him and Xmas. Even Josh would have voted Kevin out. Alex still crying.


 4:54PM BBT Paul heads to the wave room and tells Josh he should never have spoken to Alex. He tells Josh he is ruining their game. He says Alex is now crying harder. Paul says he took everything on and Alex hates him now.


4:56PM BBT Paul says Josh gave Alex a little bit of hope. Josh tells Paul to go ahead and save Alex and make it a split vote and he will vote her out.




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