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Saturday August 26, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT All is quiet around the house. Alex is called to the DR. Kevin says that scared him. He wants to know what’s going on. Matt comes through and Kevin asks him what’s going on and Matt says not a thing.


12:05 AM BBT Matt and Raven are in the red bedroom and Matt changes from his light blue shirt to his dark blue shirt. He tells her to come on and get some ice cream. She says she feels better because she shaved her legs. Kevin is alone in the green bedroom. Jason is in the HOH. Christmas, Paul, and Josh are all still at the chess board. Matt says they asked him when was the last time he voted. Paul says that’s funny. Raven says the last day you voted was day 51? Matt says the last day he voted was Jessica. Christmas says good vote.


12:10 AM BBT Raven wants to go to the lounge room and they head that way. Matt says three more evictions and there will be more people, or as many in the jury house as here. Matt says he’s on track to win the game because by the time he gets to the end he won’t have put anyone in the jury house.


12:15 AM BBT Christmas is going downstairs to her room. Paul asks what time it is and Raven says 12:20 and Josh says he can eat. Paul says let’s hurry up and play this game. Christmas wishes they’d put a slide in and Matt says that’d be fun. Matt is asking if Paul is from Canada and Raven thinks so. Paul says they’re on their fourth game and Raven asks why. Paul says do you have a better idea? Josh says he’s going to sleep if he doesn’t play. Raven says she’s about to lay down and Josh says him too. Christmas is going to lay down too.


12:20 AM BBT Matt goes to the WC and Raven washes her hands. Matt washes his hands and he drinks out of the mouthwash bottle to rinse. Matt says they’re going to lay down and see what happens. He asks if they want the lights off and Raven says leave them on. Christmas is already in bed. Matt starts singing and we get FotH. Raven says if they call Christmas to the DR then they will get up. Alex is out of the DR and yells up that it’s after midnight. Josh says he knows. Alex comes upstairs and asks if Jason is asleep.


12:25 AM BBT Kevin is called to the DR. Alex goes in to scare Jason. Alex sits down at the chess table to watch. Alex offers to get Paul and Josh a snack. Josh asks for cheese-its and Alex brings them out of Jason’s HOH room. We get FotH.

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12:30 AM BBT Raven says she’s tired but she can’t sleep. Alex says she was almost asleep but Kevin was talking and talking and now she’s wide awake. Paul asks why and Alex says because she got called to DR. Raven asks Matt how he sleeps on his back because she can’t and he says he doesn’t know. Alex goes into Jason’s room and he’s back to sleep. Alex is bored and wants to do something entertaining.


12:35 AM BBT Alex says she was up late one night and she switched out the sugar for salt. Josh says no! Alex says someone used it and Josh asks who. Alex says Jason and Kevin used it. Josh dropped a cheez-it and Alex says that’s how the rat comes. Alex is asking how to play dominoes and Josh explains the game. Alex says she doesn’t know how to play Josh’s game, but she plays a different way. Josh says he will teach them. Alex asks if they’ve been doing this the last hour and Paul says we’ve played lots of games.


12:40 AM BBT Alex goes back into the HOH room and Jason scared her this time. Paul tells Alex to go terrorize Kevin and she says he’s in the DR. Alex says let’s break one of your toes and Josh says no. Josh says we can grab pots and pans and run through the house. Alex says they will get in trouble. Kevin is out of the DR.


12:45 AM BBT Jason comes out and offers them something he’s eating. Josh says he’ll eat it later. Christmas is called to the DR. Jason is headed downstairs. Alex thinks there will be a Sunday eviction because they are rushing everything. Kevin pokes his head into the red bedroom and Matt says what’s up. Kevin just waves. We get FotH.


12:50 AM BBT Paul and Josh have finished their chess game. Paul tells Josh to go eat and he has to go to the WC. Paul says veto will be tomorrow as he heads downstairs with Alex. Paul says Alex is hyper and asks if she’ll take his spot in the veto. Paul says let’s go F with people. Paul asks Kevin if he’s going to bed. Paul asks where Christmas is and Kevin says she’s asleep. Paul says what? We have a comp to play tonight. Kevin bets $5 they don’t play tonight. Paul starts messing with Christmas and we get FotH. Paul turns their light out and Matt takes his shirt off. FotH. Alex, Josh, and Paul are running and jumping around the KT clapping their hands and singing Josh’s circus song. Alex needs her sweater. Alex tells Kevin they woke her up and now she’s bored.


12:55 AM BBT Kevin asks what they’re eating and Alex says food from last night. Alex made shepherd’s pie and he says it was good. Alex says come out if you get bored and he says ok. Paul says the last week he’s going to use nail polish to put ship on the end of the save a friend. He says he’s going to do it the last week and BB says Paul. Paul says what? Josh is eating and says it’s so good. Alex says she usually makes it different and Josh says no this is money. Matt is up and going to the WC. Jason is in the DR.

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1:00 AM BBT Matt is told to put on his microphone since he is up and in the KT. Josh says if they have to run in the comp he’s going to get sick. Josh says do you want to make a bet? Paul says what? Josh says when Matt and Raven realize we’re not backdooring Kevin they are going to turn up. Paul thinks they should use veto on Raven so they can blindside Matt last minute and have Kevin feel the block.


1:05 AM BBT General chatter as they finish eating. They head to the lounge room and Paul starts singing again and we get FotH. Josh and Alex are talking about food. Alex and Josh are talking about hide the veto. Alex says they do it all the seasons.


1:10 AM BBT Paul is asking if they can play the veto. Josh says he didn’t know in the lounge room was live feeds. Alex says she seen a camera behind the window and they get a you are not allowed to talk about production warning. Paul joins Josh and Alex in the lounge room. Paul thinks he sees a fly on the wall and says no pun intended. Josh says he doesn’t get it. Paul explains and Alex asks if he read his contract. Josh says he skimmed it and Paul says that’s a hard no. Paul says they own your life basically. All four cameras switch to the red bedroom where everyone is laying down.


1:15 AM BBT Alex is asking how to say various phrases in Spanish and Paul tosses in some Armenian. They are told stop that! They keep talking and they are told stop that again. Then we get FotH.


1:20 AM BBT Feeds are back. Paul thinks he just heard them call someone and Josh says he’s hearing things. FotH. Josh is talking about Raven asking for HOH thrown to her. Alex is excited for a Sunday eviction. Paul says there will be another eviction Thursday. FotH. Matt is getting up and he joins the lounge room. He says he’s exhausted but can’t fall asleep. Josh asks what Christmas is doing and Matt says she’s out. Alex informs Matt they can’t speak Spanish.


1:25 AM BBT They are talking about eviction speeches. Matt says Jess, Elena, and Cody had the three worst eviction speeches. Matt says Jessica called them idiots as she was getting evicted and Elena forgot her speech. Alex says Elena had only child syndrome and Josh says she was entitled. Paul says she drives a 2016 BMW.  Jason is out of DR and Paul starts yelling for him. Kevin is back up. Kevin goes to the WC. Jason joins the lounge.

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1:30 AM BBT Paul wants them to call Christmas and Jason asks why? Paul says so they can play the veto. Alex tells Jason they got a warning for speaking Spanish and we get FotH. Paul is called to the DR. Josh tells Jason that Alex and Paul wanted to raise hell but he was an angel and wouldn’t let them. Jason says he’s going to bed and Josh says to take him with him. Josh starts singing and we get FotH. Jason is headed upstairs to go to bed. Alex is in the KT. Josh is asking when Labor Day is and Alex says next Monday.


1:35 AM BBT Matt, Josh, and Alex are talking about what day it is. Josh doesn’t think they are going to do veto today and they should just go to sleep. Matt thinks they will do it in the morning and Josh says but they have to tell us something. Josh says he might fall asleep during the veto. Alex is going to lay down. Josh says it feels so weird that it’s just them. Matt says it’s so creepy and he doesn’t like it. Matt says there was a point today where he was just over it. Josh says really? Matt says he doesn’t like being in big spaces that are empty and the house feels massive. Josh says plus they haven’t gotten to go outside and get fresh air. Josh says from here out it’s going to be chill but he hopes they give him something fun to do. Matt says he’s hoping if they do eviction Sunday they’ll have their party tomorrow. Josh thinks they are in bed in jury, then says no Cody is in bed and Mark and Elena are watching Netflix. Josh says Mark had so much potential to do good and Matt says he overplayed it and did way too much.


1:40 AM BBT Matt says Cody and Mark both should count themselves as lucky they are even in jury. Josh says the way Mark treated Dominique messed him up. Matt agrees. Matt doesn’t think Dom was here to play Big Brother. Josh says she just lost it. Matt is talking about Elena’s campaign to stay was that the longer she stayed the more opportunities she might have. Josh tells him she wanted more airtime. Matt thinks everyone left has played a good game but he doesn’t think anyone has done anything special, they just weren’t jerks or liars. Matt says he feels like everyone who went home made their own beds and did it to themselves. Except Jillian.


1:45 AM BBT Matt says he will never figure out what Ramses was doing when he didn’t throw that veto. Josh says Ramses told him he promised his mom he would never throw a veto and Matt says that’s likely what got him evicted. But they agree he’s a good dude and he was funny. Matt says him and Josh weren’t even close but he knew Ramses was shady. Josh thought Jess would put him up next to Mark, but when she put him up next to Ramses he thought uhhh….and Matt says thank you? Matt says Jess saved you. Matt says he’ll never forget at that vote when Julie said it was 7-3 and then Josh’s name Mark started celebrating and Josh says Elena was shocked. Matt says Elena asked him before the vote and asked if something fishy was going on and Matt lied his butt off. Josh says Elena played shady and as soon as her back was against the wall she turned against the whole house.


1:50 AM BBT Matt says for Mark just to flip flop back and forth the whole time, that was crazy. Matt says the craziest part was when Josh didn’t get voted out Mark tried to flip back. Matt says it was funny they tried to say they were voting with the whole house and they were just following along. Matt says you have to give Jessica some credit because she went out holding her opinions. Josh says you can respect that she never waivered from Cody and at least she stood by her decisions and didn’t go back on them. He respects that and good for her. Matt thinks at some point she’ll look back and see how Cody was and think what the heck was I thinking. Josh thinks Jessica will come back at the reunion and say they were all right about Cody. Josh says he doesn’t have enemies in real life. Matt likes Jessica and thought she was cool when she wasn’t hanging around Cody. Matt says he hopes Jess would still like to be friends. Josh says they won’t be friends but he’ll be cordial, he doesn’t have hate towards anyone. Josh was worried Cody was going to hit him a few times. Matt thought Cody should have been removed from the game because the threat of violence was too far.


1:55 AM BBT Josh says he told “them” he didn’t want them to remove Cody he wanted to get him out on their turns. Matt just couldn’t believe how physically aggressive Cody was. Josh says he never antagonized Cody. He says Cody would say something to him and Josh would stand up for himself and he wouldn’t back down. Matt says Cody didn’t have control of his emotions. Matt says he straddled that line. Josh wonders if they even aired that Cody threatened him and Matt says he highly doubts it. Josh says his family has seen brutal stuff and Matt says they’ve seen a heck of a turnaround. Matt says he went from nutjob to a different person. Josh says he won’t realize how bad it was until he watches it back. Josh says he was tripping out because he thought Jillian and Raven were cousins and Cody was someone’s brother. We get FotH.

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2:00 AM BBT Matt says he didn’t even realize Josh was having a hard time until the golden apple thing. Josh says he had an anxiety attack and we get FotH. Josh says if they don’t call him in the next 15 he’s going to bed. Matt heads to the WA. Matt goes to the KT and gets something out of the fridge. Matt then goes to the SR and looks in the fridge and freezer and then the cabinets.


2:05 AM BBT Matt comes out with paper towels. Josh is in the KT and Matt says he doesn’t think they’re doing this thing. Josh asks why it’s so late. Matt tells Josh Paul is still in the DR. Josh says he’s going to bed, F this. He’s tired. Matt is straightening up the refrigerator. Paul is out of the DR and he asks if everyone went to sleep and Matt says yeah. Paul asks how long he was in there and Matt says 20 or 30 minutes. Matt says Alex and Jason are upstairs (Alex is not upstairs), and Josh just went to bed. Josh is called to the DR. He’s going to the WC.


2:10 AM BBT Paul says can you let us know if we can sleep or if we’re going to do a 7am veto. Matt thinks it will be an early veto around 9. Paul says if Josh comes out and they still aren’t doing anything, then he’s going to bed. Paul says he has all kinds of energy and if he can’t sleep because he drank all that coffee he’s going to be pissed. Paul asks if Christmas and Raven are asleep and Matt says they are out. Paul says Raven was crying? Is she alright? Matt says yeah, something about her mom. Paul says is she ok? Matt says yes and Paul says no her mom and Matt says oh yeah. Paul says they DR’d everyone right? Matt says half of his was stupid stuff from yesterday. Paul says and stupid stuff. Matt thinks it’s a Sunday eviction and Paul says can you imagine if Sunday eviction and a D/E on Thursday? Matt says yeah, then we’d be down to 5. Paul says that would be gnarly. Matt has gotten another bowl of cereal. He hopes if he eats something he can fall asleep.


2:15 AM BBT Paul wants to go upstairs and see what Jason and Alex are talking about, but at the same time he doesn’t think it will be necessary. He doesn’t want to be annoying. Matt says do you see any scenarios where and Paul says no. Matt says neither do I. Paul says he told Raven it’s better they don’t freak out and get paranoid and give them a reason to target them. Matt says 100%. Matt says there are certain times when you just have to shut up and this is one of them. Paul says let other people act up. Matt says if there is a double then they have to shoot at Jason and Alex because they won’t be able to beat them at the end. Paul says make sure gypsy knows. Alex comes out and Paul says I thought you were upstairs. Alex says he’s asleep. She says she’s been asleep since Paul went to the DR. Paul is going to clean his nose. Paul asks if Alex is going to bed and she says yeah. Paul doesn’t understand why they drew veto players so early. He says it has to be tonight. Matt says you still think it will be tonight? Paul says yes. Paul says when Josh comes out he’ll give it 10 minutes and if they don’t call Christmas Joy then he’s going to pass out. Alex says if she can’t sleep in 20 minutes she’ll come back out. Paul says he’s cleaning his nose.


2:20 AM BBT Matt asks why Paul has to clean his nose so often and Paul says his nose hates him. Paul is in the WA cleaning his nose and Matt is going to try and go to bed.


2:25 AM BBT All HG laying down. Josh in DR. Paul still cleaning his nose. We have a camera shot of clothes all over the floor in the hall leading to the bedrooms.

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2:30 AM BBT All HG still laying down. Paul goes to the rose bedroom for a second and Alex gets up to go to the WC. Paul says if it’s a Sunday eviction it’s perfect. Kevin is up and wants to know what time it is. Paul says once the blob comes out if they don’t call anyone he’s going to sleep. Kevin says what’s the comp going to be whoever drops dead first wins? Kevin goes to the WC because Alex is out. Paul repeats that Sunday eviction is perfect and he and Alex fist bump. Alex heads back to bed and Paul is looking at the memory wall. Kevin says Katy Perry is a fan of the show and he wants to know if he can go to her dentist.


2:35 AM BBT Josh is out of the DR. Paul says he’s going to wait and see if they call them now. Josh says they told him they could go to sleep but they can’t tell him anything. Josh says Katy Perry is his celebrity crush. Alex is called to the DR. Kevin is told to put his microphone on and he runs to go lay back down. Josh says he’s going to sleep and Paul says he’s going to stay up for a bit. Paul tells Josh to go to sleep and he’ll wake him up if anything is going down. Paul goes to rinse with the mouthwash and Josh says he can’t sleep. Josh sees some ants and says it’s gross. Paul says the ants were worse last year. Paul goes to the lounge room. Josh joins him and Paul wants to know if he wants to play another game of chess and Josh is too tired. Josh wants Paul to keep him awake.


2:40 AM BBT Paul asks Josh what his favorite meal is. Josh asks Paul what his favorite home cooked meal is. Paul says they grill out every other Sunday. Josh says family Sundays? They do that too. Paul thinks they’re trying to get everyone’s DR’s. He thinks Alex just came out. Josh says he might have to drink another cup of coffee. Alex walks by and Paul asks if anyone else got called. Alex closed the door and Paul asks her to open it so they can hear if someone else gets called. Alex is going to the WC.


2:45 AM BBT Paul says he’s going to give it 10-15 more minutes and if they don’t call Christmas he’s going to hit the hay. Paul says they will never tell you when they do vetos. Paul wants to know why they’d make them do the veto ceremony when they could have woken them up 20-30 minutes before playing veto and done the shot then. Paul says if they plan on doing it in the early morning, they could have just waited. Josh says maybe they just wanted to get it done. Alex says they are really particular about the way they do stuff. All four cams go to the rose bedroom. Josh asks Alex what her favorite home cooked meal is. Alex says sushi. Paul says he misses sushi so much.


2:50 AM BBT Paul thinks they are waiting for everyone to fall asleep. Josh says Zingbot them. Alex says Matt touches his face all the time. Josh says his brother is a goofball and he told him if anyone gives him the side eye, he’s not trustworthy. Alex thinks Matt is as flat as flatwater goes. Josh thinks Matt is very observant and Paul says he is. Alex says they are bandwagoners. Josh says they are nice people though. Paul thinks if they ever had a shot, they’d take a big shot. Alex doesn’t know. Paul says that’s what you do and lay low and then strike.


2:55 AM BBT Josh tells them about Matt saying Alex and Jason were good competitors while Paul was in the DR. Josh says he wondered why he was saying that and Paul says he was inadvertently putting the target on Alex and Jason. Josh basically repeats his conversation with Matt. Josh says Matt does it in subtle way. Alex wants to know why Matt asks Paul such weird questions and Josh says it’s to point out Paul has played before. Alex thinks he’s trying to get away from Raven because he’s annoyed with her. Paul says Raven is a little cuckoo. Paul says she is going to go nuts. Josh says she better not get nuts with me. Paul says she physically changes color. Alex says she’s slash your tires crazy. Paul says what do you guys think? Alex says they’re going to wait until we fall asleep and then wake us up. Josh asks if it’s going to be mental because he is going to be fried. Paul says all vetos are physical. Josh says they are probably just trying to mess with us. Alex says I just said that, are you repeating what I said. Josh says he doesn’t listen sometimes, he zones out. Alex thinks Josh has been kicked one too many times in the head. FotH.


3:00 AM BBT Paul says he’s calling it. At least go lay down. He tells Josh to go to bed. Alex says at least we know we’re going to play veto. Paul says he drank so much coffee and Alex says they kept calling her and now she can’t sleep. Paul says at least he’s sleeping with Christmas so if they call her then he’ll know. Paul says if we take Josh to Coachella, he’ll lose his mind. Josh says he’s like that on Horror nights. Josh asks do you think we’ll get recognized and Paul says yes and Alex says no. Paul says when he goes to Universal Studios he’s recognizable. Paul says again he’s going to call it. Alex is going to the WC again. Josh doesn’t know how they get used to the cameras. Alex is out of the WC. Paul says no way she went that fast! Josh says what, was it a waterfall and Paul says girls are weird. They all start heading to bed and they are talking about Coachella. Alex notes the dirty dishes.


3:05 AM BBT More talk about Coachella as they slowly make their way to bed. Paul goes to see what time it is. Kevin is awake and says look out there’s a rat at your feet! They all say good night. Matt and Raven are in one bed in the red bedroom, Paul and Christmas are in the second bed and she says she’s sweating because it’s hot in there and Paul says it’s freezing in there. Josh is in the round bed in the red bedroom. Paul says the lights went out behind them so he thinks they will wake them up in 30 minutes. Paul says they called like 40 people to the DR except Christmas. Alex and Kevin are in the green bedroom. Jason is in the HOH.


3:08 AM BBT All HG are now tucked in bed.

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6:30 AM BBT Christmas heads to the WC and then goes back to bed. 


7:00 AM BBT Matt is awake and heads into the SR to change out his battery. Kevin follows behind him and does the same. Matt heads to the WC and Kevin heads back to the BR. 


7:05 PM BBT Matt goes back to bed. All 4 feeds once again showing HGs in bed.


7:12 AM BBT Matt and Raven are in bed but awake and whispering. Because neither of them are wearing their mics while whispering, I can hear them talking about the veto but not what they are saying about it. 

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8:44 am BBT.  Jason is in the HOH room getting dressed.  It appears that the other houseguests are in bed.  


8:45 am BBT.  Jason goes downstairs & goes into the green bedroom & says something to Alex, (Kevin may be snoring).  Jason goes into the kitchen & dumps the old coffee grounds & starts fresh coffee.  The houseguests are being told the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.  


8:53 am BBT.  Matt walks into the kitchen & Jason tells him he made coffee.  Jason tells him he thought they would have the veto this morning but BB doesn't seem that persistent.  He asks Matt what time they went to bed, Matt tells him he was up til 3 am.    

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8:54 am BBT.  Matt goes to the WC.  Jason  is still waiting for the coffee to brew.  Matt is called to the DR.  Jason says "busted!"   


8:56 am BBT.  Jason goes to the SR & looks in the garbage, then leaves & goes back to the kitchen & adds coffee grounds into the coffee maker.  F1/F2, Alex & Kevin are sleeping in the green bedroom with the lights on.  Alex has her sleep mask on.  


8:58 am BBT.  Jason is sitting alone in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to be done.  


8:59 am BBT.  Jason is still messing with the coffee maker.

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9:05am BBT: Jason up in the KT drinking coffee, everyone else appears to still be in bed sleeping.

9:06am BBT: Josh comes in and Jason tells him  he better go to the WC, Josh hugs Jason and heads to the WC. BB calls Alex to the DR.

 9:15am BBT: Jason goes to the STR then comes out asking Alex and Kevin if they want coffee. Kevin says he does not want to get up and Jason says he can bring him some in bed. BB calls Christmas to the DR.

9:28am BBT: Christmas cooking  talking to Jason  about songs. She then goes to whisper to Jason at the counter about Kevin thinking he is in good with Jason and thinks he is safe and Christmas says i think he looks at Matt as the target. Jason says why does he do that and Christmas says because this is big brother. they then talk about how people hated everyone that has left already.

 9:31am BBT: Christmas and Jason talk about Ramses and how he threw that first comp they played in and She said if he hadn't thrown it they might have won and it would be different. Then talk goes to Jessica. Christmas said Jessica wanted to be good with the house but she messed that up for herself.

9:33am BBT: Christmas goes rolling around in circles as she says she needs to make eggs then she says i am going to make eggs and gets a cup of coffee. as she says she needs to put herself together after looking in the mirror.

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9:07 am BBT.  Josh out of the DR & Jason tells him he better take a piss & says he knew that's where Josh was headed.  


9:08 am BBT.  Alex is called to the DR.  Matt & Raven and Paul & Xmas sleeping in the rose bedroom.  


9:09 am BBT.  Josh tells Jason he's foing nack to bed.  Jason says to himself I might as well have a f**kin' (stops talking)...then says I suppose I'll ended up washing these mother f**kers (the dishes).  Jason is still mumbling to himself.  

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9:28 am BBT.  Xmas & Jason are in the kitchen talking.  Xmas says she had a rough start.  Jason asks her if she really thought he would put her up.  She says no but it is big brother.  She tells Jason she felt bad about the end of Zingbot's song.  


Xmas asks if Jason has said anything to Kevin or is he just letting everyone panic.  He says yeah.  Jason asks if she thinks Kevin is cooling down.  Cmas says she thinks Kevin thinks he is so good with Jason & sees Matt as a target for almost a month now.  Jason asks why Kevin is harassing everyone.  Xmas says because it's big brother.  They say they don't count Megan because she wasn't evicted.  They say everybody hated Cody & Xmas says Cody was a dick & Jason says he was a c**ksucker.  Xmas says she's glad Cody did what he did when he did it because he was gonna do it sooner or later & just s**t on everybody.  Xmas says Alex was the only one nice to him the whole time.  Jason says he doesn't think he was ever on his radar & he was just using that against him.  


9:31 am BBT.  Xmas says she was wondering why they weren't going after Ramses.  She says she didn't know that Cody already had him working for him.  They say that's why he didn't put him on the block.  Jason says he wants to beat that little twirp's (Ramses) a**.   Xmas says I want to also.   She says he cost them that first competition & Jason says they would've won it.  They say things would've been different.  Then Xmas says he (Cody) would've f**ked it up sooner or later.  


9:32 am BBT.  Jason says what f**ked them up was the first week because they were up there (HOH room) so long.  

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9:33 am BBT.  Jason says in his opinion what was the turning point in the whole game, when there was no turning back was when Jess won "hold up" & put up f**kin' Josh & Ramses.  Xmas says she did that because she was trying to get in good graces with the rest of the house.  Jason says "god bless her!".  Xmas says she had a talk with her & Jess was upset & said nobody wanted to work with her.  Xmas told her that people remember what you did & it was too much too soon & people were gun-shy with them.  


9:34 am BBT.  They says Matt & Raven are driving them nuta.  Xmas says can they just have a dinner without them hootin' & hollerin' & piercing them with their voices.   Xmas says she needs to get herself together.  Jason asks what Xmas thinks is going on with Matt & Raven.  She says they're coasting & trying to stay under the radar.  Xmas says Matt & Kevin have the same strategy.  Jason says if you don't win anything you look like a caboose.  Xmas says they don't give a f**k.  Jason says so they think they can coast without aggravating everyone.  Xmas says they think if they cook & clean & support the team (by Matt going on the block) they are good.  Xmas says Matt told her early on he just wanted to make it to jury & then help support Raven to get as far as possible.  Xmas says Matt's muscles aren't functional, they're for looks.  

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9:38 am BBT.  Xmas says she thinks Raven had a different strategy coming in.  Jason says they don't do anything. Jason asks what is Raven's game?  Xmas says something but I can't hear.  Jason asks if she believes her.  Xmas says she believes her disease is legit.  Xmas says she's had a rough life but thinks Raven has gotten more blessings in life than they are aware of.  Xmas says she almost punched Raven in the face when she said "I had to do that comp with one leg!"   Jason says have you ever seen anyone so sick be so healthy & she has to remind herslf not to eat beef.  Xmas says she says she can't process meat & fresh fruit but she can have ice cream & chips & caramel.  Xmas says if she eats junk she feels like crap.  Jason says he's not eating another thing that b**ch makes.  Xmas says Raven gets upset if nobody eats her food.  



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9:42 am BBT.  Xmas says Raven constantly goes through her stuff & now some of her make-up is almost gone.  Jason thinks they have an entitlement issue & they need to regulate themselves f**king once .  Jason doesn't think Matt is like this on the outside.  Xmas thinks Matt may be former military, Jason says or a homosexual & laughs [I do not support this, I am just writing it as it was said!!].  Jason says he doesn't know about military, he thinks he comes from a wealthy family. Xmas says again she thinks he was miltary, Jason says it's almost OCD the way he clips his beard with a nail clipper.  

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9:50 am BBT.  Jason says he saw Alex & Kevin take a whole handful of vitamins & swallow them all at once without anything to drink.  Xmas says that a girl Alex, that a girl.  Jason laughs & says he said damn Alex!  He says he usually has to drink a whole glass of water to take one pill.  He said he I have a big mouth & figured if Alex could do it so could he.  He tried it & then starts beating on his chest to show them he had to help them get down his throat.  

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7 minutes ago, MonkeyGirl44 said:

I'll be updating for the next 15 min or so.  Can someone else take over?  I'll be in & out most of the day.  I'll try to fill in gaps in coverage if I see them.  

Thanks MonkeyGirl44.  I really appreciate your updates, and your timing is great.  Two of our regular updaters ran into problems, one has her computer disassembled on her dining room table. :)


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