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Friday August 25, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Thank you!

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12:03 AM BBT Paul is talking to Christmas and Kevin in the green bedroom and he says Mark is probably filling jury in on the comps. Paul says the jury gets to watch HOH, nominations, veto, and veto ceremonies with no volume.  


12:35 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room? Everyone goes for the pictures while Jason goes to his basket. He got Chris Ledoux as his music. They tell Jason to read his letter and start chanting.



I’ve been getting down to the house often. The other day I came down and put hay out for everyone. I took Ike with me to give Holly the rest and we had a hell of a good talk. He told me how to drive the tractor and where to put the hay so if we messed anything up, it’s on him. When Ole saw us he came running to the fence and let us scratch on him for awhile. Think he’s missing the scene so I’m taking him with me to the next rodeo I have. I got the studs moved shortly after you left and that went about like how you can imagine. My last resort was to ride my mare out there and I was fairly certain one of us was going to be bred before it was said and done. But their cotton moved, the rest of the stock is fine as well.


See you buddy,



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Updating until 11AM BBT


10:01AM BBT Matt and Raven in the WCA doing ADLs. In the HOH Kevin, Jason and Alex hear BB "tree voice" Kevin asks if that means noms are soon. Jason tells Kevin he is fine with him.


10:09AM BBT Paul in the wave room talking to the cams. Telling the cam that the HG need him since now Alex and Jason seem unstoppable to them.



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10:14AM BBT Matt and Raven talking. Matt says that he played a more loyal and clean game.


10:23PM BBT Jason and Kevin talking in HOH about the votes. Kevin says he doesn't know why people are saying he voted for Mark. Mark didn't even say goodbye to him with a hug. Kevin tells Jason he should have told him so there was a tie.


 10:37AM BBT In the wave room Paul, Alex, Raven and Matt disecting Mark. Matt says that Mark is a smart guy. Paul saying that he smoked Mark in the last two games.


10:43AM BBT Paul says the men in the house this season were wimps. He says Cody was a wimp, Mark was a wimp. He definitely thinks Matt is a wimp (Matt laughs).


10:54AM BBT Alex sitting outside the RBR door. Jason comes out and she scares the heck out of him. In the wave room Paul is preparing Matt and Raven to be pawns on the block.



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11:00am BBT: Paul leaves the wave rm leaving Matt alone. In the KT Alex, Christmas, Jason and Kevin talking general talk, Paul joins them and they talk about the butter being good. They then talk about the tree being red and how Bb wants someone to take an apple. raven yells from the WA the tree will only stay red for 60 seconds.

11:08am BBT: Paul goes to the red BR and gets in bed with Josh and snuggles with him. Josh turns and sees that it is Paul and Paul laughs then ask  did you think i was Christmas and josh says yeah. Paul leaves the room laughing hysterically.

11:22am BBT: Christmas in the red BR talking to Josh telling him it was nice in the KT talking to Jason, Alex , Paul and even Kevin till raven came in and started asking her to go help pick clothes.

 11:32am BBT: paul and Jason in KT talking  general talk while Matt cooks. Christmas and josh in the red rm studying days and eviction orders.

11:39am BBT: Paul, Alex Jason and Matt in the KT talking about Cody and mark again They are talking about what Cody found out as he was on the block and how he knew things.Paul said Cody tried making deals with everyone and alex says yeah he wanted to get Paul out. In the Red BR Christmas and Josh are still studying.

11:44pm BBT: Paul and Alex still bashing Cody and complaining how he played the comps trying to make people lose.

11:49am BBT Kevin and Christmas in the green br talking , Kevin says he is just upset he can not win anything and everyone else has won. In the KT the same group is still talking about big companies. Josh has now joined them.

11:56am BBT: Matt in the WA doing ADL's most HG still in the KT talking general talk.

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12:05pm BBT: Raven and Matt go to the red br for Matt to get dressed as raven has picked his clothes for the day. She looks at the camera and says America lets see how he looks.

12:09pm BBT: Matt comes out wearing black jeans and a maroon tank top wearing boots. he now  goes to find Raven to show her. Everyone in the KT starts whistling and yelling who is this man. Matt says he hates tank tops. Everyone  says he looks great and Paul says you look less dumpy.

12:20pm BBT: Paul, Kevin, Jason, raven and Josh in the KT talking about Paul's business and how much his shirts sale. Raven rolls her eyes and Kevin gets up and walks  out of the KT. Matt comes in and eats.

12:25pm BBT: Christmas and raven in the WA talking about nail polish colors. as they listen to Paul talk from the KT. Raven then ask if Christmas thinks there will be a Sunday eviction and Christmas says i do not know but they are going to have to do something.

 12:37pm BBT: Matt, Raven and Christmas sitting in silence in the WA while Matt flosses his teeth, Paul, Jason and josh in the Kt still listening to Paul talk about his shirts  he sells.

 12:46pm BBT: Jason and Paul head to the HOHR. Paul talking fast about Alex and everyone feeling supper good then Kevin walks in and Paul goes to the WC and stops asking Jason what he is doing. Kevin says he is eating shrimp without cooking them and Jason says they are good Paul says they are not good to eat that way. Kevin then ask what everyone is waiting on Paul? Paul says i know the tree is red and they are waiting on one of us to come get one but we aint. They all laugh.

12:50pm BBT: Jason and Kevin talking about all the injuries they have all had. Kevin says he needs to go tell her he is sorry. Jason says who you gonna tell your sorry too and Kevin makes a gester with his hand and Jason understood and tells him he will have time.

12:57pm BBT: Matt and raven hugging in the KT, Alex and Kevin in the HOHR with Jason talking about MT dews.

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1:31 PM BBT Josh, Paul and Alex are in the green room. They are discussing the conversations they had Matt and Raven. Paul assures them that Matt and Raven will not be suspicious if they are nominated. In fact, Matt is expecting to be nominated as a pawn again. 


1:42 PM BBT Alex, Josh, Paul and Kevin are in the green BR. They are joking about how paranoid Kevin is. Alex states that Kevin is following her everywhere she goes. Josh "Me too, it's like there's 3 of him." 


1:49 PM BBT In the Green BR Paul is talking to Matt, Raven, Alex and Josh about Mark. Mark tried to appeal to Paul but he literally showed no loyalty to anyone. Why would he ever trust that?

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2:06 PM BBT Josh is responding to everything being said by the others with "Go f**k a goat". He is doing it with a middle eastern accent. He says it to Paul and Paul starts wrestling with him. BB tells them "Safety First. No horsing around." "Stop That...Because I asked nicely." 


2:11 PM BBT Josh is telling everyone "Go F**K a goat." Paul looks at him and asks him how he passed 4th grade. Kevin says "How can anyone not like him?" Josh "Go ask Cody that." 


2:20 PM BBT We are getting frequent WBRB because the HGs are all in the Green BR and talking about their lives and their family outside of the house. 


 2:26 PM BBT Christmas is telling the HG about a family member that ate dog poop when he was a toddler. "Every kid eats poop." 

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2:33 PM BBT Alex is called to the DR. "There's no way. There's no way. I have already been today." Raven starts talking about production and we get WBRB. 


2:37 PM BBT Matt tells Raven that he is exhausted. He says that BB got them up early for the Temple of Tree. Paul goes to take a nap. Meanwhile, off camera, Josh keeps getting disciplined by BB. "Josh, Stop that." Kevin says he is completely alone and getting trouble. We can hear Josh yelling off camera. Raven goes to investigate. Josh is in the shower and screaming that the water is so f*ing cold. He was trying to do something with the faucet to get warmer water for his shower. "Josh, Stop That." 


2:44 PM BBT Paul and Alex are talking about how little the Have Nots have had anything different. They just aren't doing anything Have Not this year. Alex says she keeps thinking about a secret room. Paul says the secret room is the Den of Temptation. He had a secret room during his season and it was just a Boys place to talk. But you had to be careful because you could hear what was said in the HOH room. If he had a showmance he would have banged in there. BB announces that the SR is now closed. 

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2:48 PM BBT Paul goes to the lounge for Friendship Chat. Paul says he is bored. No one is doing anything crazy. Now that all the bozos are out, maybe he can be a little crazy now. Alex and Jason are clear targets because they are winning and winning and talking about jury votes. Gotta let them keep doing that and he will just be silly and non-threatening. 


2:49 PM BBT Paul "Let's talk about Boys and Gumpy. Friendship is something everyone should have. You should just get friendship.....it is a universal thing. Boys is next level. Boys is more like private friendship. That special person or doing something over the top. It has to have it's own sect. That's boys. If I use the veto on you, that's boys. If we are both on the block and I use the veto on you, that's boys. Stupid, but boys. Going the extra mile. Girls can get boys. Boys can be boys. Anyone can get boys but you got to be selective to give boys. Everyone can get friendship though. 


2:51 PM BBT You get boys, you do something out of boys, Out of Boys is really asking somebody to do something for you. It's not a sex thing. It's a boys thing. Now Gumpy. Gumpy is like beyond not friendship. If you totally blew it and it is past not being friendship then that is gumpy. A person can be gumpy. An action can be gumpy. Everything can be gumpy. Dom's talk show, Gumpy. Talking game in front of the whole house and talking about the team, gumpy. Josh grabbing the apple week 1, gumpy. Raven agreeing with everything and claiming she knows everything, gumpy. The amount of times Matt showers in a day, gumpy.  


2:53 PM BBT More from Paul and Friendship time in the lounge: Cody, Gumpy. Josh joins friendship chat. Paul "You are gumpy." Jess using the hex and getting the eviction pre-jury was gumpy as f**k. Cameron doing the strip tease on day 1, gumpy. His stomach was so hairy, gumpy as f**K. Paul explains that you can't just say gumpy as f**K. Because that is next level gumpy. Josh says Mark changing loyalties was gumpy as f**k. Paul says it was gumpy, but not to the level of gumpy as f**k. Paul says he doesn't think he has even seen gumpy as f**k in the house so far. 


2:55 PM BBT Josh agrees that Mark was just gumpy then. Tanning his a$$ was gumpy. Matt's laugh is gumpy. Cringe worthy is gumpy. Can be a person, thing, food. Raven thinks she is a good cook but it is just salt. All the salt is gumpy. It's a gumpy meal. Here you have boys, gumpy, friendship. It's layers. Josh "I am still learning, it's hard." BB "Josh, please put on your microphone." Paul "Ahhh, 60 days in the house and still forgetting your microphone, gumpy." 


2:57 PM BBT Paul continues. The have not beds this season suck. The whole pillow fighting between grown ups, gumpy. The bumper cars were worse. They were sh*t. I at least got some sleep in the spike beds. In the bumper cars, pi$$ed, never slept. They boned. Didn't sleep, but they boned. Not sure how they accomplished that feat. Boning in the BB house, very gumpy. Curious to see who boned this season, but I will guarantee you it's gumpy. Who has been proud after boning in the BB house? 

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2:58 PM BBT Paul takes a break from Friendship Chat because Jason walks in. They begin to whisper. Paul tells him that he just had a conversation with Matt and Raven where he confirmed that they are pawns and that Kevin is going to be the target. At that exact moment Alex walks in and immediately starts in on Kevin. when Alex leaves, it is clear that Matt and Raven completely fell for it. They are completely comfortable with Kevin going home. Later Josh told them the same thing. 


3:00 PM BBT Paul and Jason are in the lounge. Paul is saying that Matt and Raven are comfortable with the supposed plan to backdoor Kevin. They just have to be nice to them all week so they don't figure out otherwise. Jason leaves. Raven walks in. Paul asks her what Kevin was doing. She said Kevin was sleeping. Paul "And they didn't wake him up?" Raven "No." Paul (Because BB would not let him nap earlier) "Ok BB, f**k you." 


3:01 PM BBT Raven sits down in the lounge with Paul. Matt joins them. Paul says they are golden. Matt says he thinks so too, but they need to win the veto anyway, just in case. Paul agrees. Josh walks in. Raven says Alex pointed at her and told her she was good. Raven tells BB she has a headache and is getting sick so she would appreciate it if BB would hurry up with the SR. 


3:09 PM BBT Everyone walks out and leaves Josh and Matt alone in the lounge.They are saying that BB does not leave a lot of food for 8 people. At least Mark is gone. That boy would eat. As much as Josh eats, Mark really eats.  


3:20 PM BBT Some of the HGs are napping. Pail, Raven, Matt and Josh are in the lounge. They are talking about fights that took place during Paul's former season. The HGs appear to be pretty bored. 


3:25 PM BBt Raven, Matt and Josh are in the lounge talking about previous BB seasons and examples of terrible game play. Meanwhile Paul and Jason are in the HOH. Jason is telling Paul that he doesn't know how he got so lucky that he got Paul to work with him. Paul says Jason has scratched his back. Who else has scratched his back? Paul says he stuck to his word so he is working with him like this as a thank you. 

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3:30 PM BBT In the HOH Jason, Paul and Raven are talking about Kevin. Kevin thinks he has played a great social game and has openly talked about it. They discuss that if Jason slapped Kevin on the block right now he would completely lose it. Paul says Kevin has done nothing this entire game. He won't try to win anything. Jason says Kevin doesn't get to ride with all the winners if he never wins anything.


3:33 PM BBT Jason says that Kevin blames a bunch of wrist surgeries as why he did so poorly on the wall. He wants to look at his wrist and see if he can see any scars. Jason tells Paul that if you split them (Matt and Raven) they will fall apart. Paul tells him that even if Matt wins veto, he will probably pull Raven off. 


3:36 PM BBT Paul and Jason are in the HOH. They just have to keep Matt calm and thinking he is safe. If he feels unsafe, he will turn it up. Nothing makes you focus more than fearing your safety in the house. On the other hand, Raven crashes under pressure.


3:38 PM BBT Jason tells Paul that he is just thankful that he has a posse. He, Paul and Alex are solid. Every posse needs a shot caller. 


3:44 PM BBT Jason and Paul are still talking in the HOH room. Jason was impressed with Paul during his season, though he hasn't seen much of BB from the past. Paul says at the end of the day, he had to go back and forth just to stay in the house. The one person he was absolutely loyal to was Victor. 


3:47 PM BBT Kevin joins Paul and Jason in the HOH. Kevin says Raven is driving him nuts. She is a female Josh. She eats more calories than anyone else and she is hanging on the SR door telling BB she has to eat. Everyone in the house can f*ing starve but Raven has to eat. 


3:50 PM BBT Alex, Christmas and Josh are in the Green BR. Christmas and Alex are speculating how much of Raven's family medical issues are real. Christmas says she will say one day that her mom may have breast cancer and then on another day she will say that her mom does have breast cancer. There is a big difference between the two. 


3:54 PM BBT In the KT Matt and Raven are talking to Paul about the two votes to evict him. Raven thinks Mark got sympathy votes for jury. One of them was Alex. Paul says that is a waste of a vote. Matt says he would rather leave on a unanimous vote so he knows there is nothing he could have done. 


3:56 PM BBT Josh, Alex and Christmas are in the Green BR. Christmas and Alex are telling Josh that Raven has been gunning for him for weeks. She is not nice. Josh says that she is nice so Christmas throws a pillow at him and Alex calls him an idiot. 

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6:44 pm BBT.  Raven and Paul in the SR.  Raven leaves and Paul turns to the camera and says "F**king go away!  F**k!"  Josh comes into the SR and Paul tells him they (Matt and Raven) are both so f**king stupid, they think they are so good.   Josh asks Paul what they should do if they are picked to play in the Veto comp.  He asks Paul if they should gun for it and try to win.  Paul says yes, then we'll take Raven down and put up Kevin.  Josh asks Paul if he would really do that, Paul says yes.  

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6:52 pm BBT.  Josh and Xmas are playing chess.  Xmas says she hasn't played since 7th grade.  Josh tells Xmas that Kevin went into the SR and asked "What was that about?  That's no way to act about ice cream".  (I'm not sure what happened with the ice cream).  Most of the other houseguests are making food in the kitchen.  

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7:03 pm BBT.  Raven and Matt in the HOH room.  Matt says "Do you really think if he (Jason) or Alex win the veto they will pull one of us off?"  Raven says if not, then one of us is going home.   Raven tells Matt she will pick Paul to play in the veto if she gets the choice.  Matt says he will pick Josh.  Then he says maybe he should pick Alex as a sign of...you know.  Matt says at least the have the votes to keep Raven.  Raven says she wouldn't campaign against Matt, if she goes to jury, then she goes to jury.   Then, she says if I go to jury, you better win this thing!  Matt says the beauty of this thing is at least we can control the way Josh, Paul and Xmas vote (not sure what planet he's living on!).  He says he'd rather go out on those terms.  Raven says he'd (Jason) would be stupid not to do that after that speech he gave because then everyone will know he lies (not sure what Jason said in his speech).   Raven says there will be hell to pay if he (Jason) doesn't do what he said he would do.   She tells Matt the house has their agenda (they think the whole house wants Kevin out this eviction).  She then tells Matt they need to step it up!

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8:23 PM BBT Feeds are back. They have drawn players for the veto competition. Jason has gone back to the HOH room to listen to his music. Paul and Christmas are in the KT. Paul, Kevin, and Josh have been picked to play in the veto.  


8:25 PM BBT Paul talks to Raven and Matt while Matt is in the WC. Paul wants to know if they want him to try and win and then pull Raven off. Raven says Matt said if he won then he would pull her down. Paul heads upstairs to the HOH room to talk with Jason. Paul says he just confirmed that Matt would pull down Raven. Paul wants to know if they want him to throw it or try for it. Jason says yeah, just go for it. Paul says and do what with it and Jason says take Raven off. Jason thinks they should stress Kevin. Paul says it will put Kevin on his toes a little bit because he’s feeling too comfortable. Paul thinks Raven might be a better competitor than Matt, but he’s not sure because they may not have seen Matt’s full capabilities. Paul says Matt keeps saying he will win when he has to. Alex says when Matt talks about evictions he says when I get evicted, not if. Alex thinks Raven believes she can win but Matt doesn’t think he can. Paul wants to know if anyone would vote for Raven and she would pull out all the sympathy and victim cards. Alex thinks Josh might, and Cody would.


8:30 PM BBT Paul says it’s just a hypothetical, it’s not going to happen that Matt and Raven will be F2. Josh has joined the HOH room. Paul tells him they’re golden and there is no worst case scenario. Jason says there really isn’t. Jason says if Kevin wins Matt and Raven can’t be mad at them because Kevin didn’t use it. Paul says how can we orchestrate that. They are discussing maybe throwing it to Kevin. Paul says he’s going to talk so much crap if it’s black box. Paul says if it’s the black box, Josh will be the first one out. He says he won’t get scared.



8:35 PM BBT Jason thinks Matt and Raven are a “twist”. Paul disagrees and he doesn’t think Matt wants to date her out of the show. Jason says Matt told Kevin he got the hottest girl of the season and Paul says not a chance pal. Jason says it’s definitely not Alex. Paul says Raven said she’s a 30D and he doesn’t believe it. Alex is talking about hers compared to Raven’s and Jason asks if Alex will just show them to the guys right now? Alex says she hopes his wife is watching live feeds right now. Alex says if she hears in one more HOH that Raven needs a letter from home, she just wants to send her home. Paul says he hates people who beg for HOH’s. He says someone did that a lot last season and he hated it. He won’t mention who though. Paul says if Kevin makes F2, then he will win.


8:40 PM BBT Paul says he thinks the conspiracy theorists are interesting and how it’s just a bunch of nerds who think things are rigged. Alex says it’s not rigged. Paul says like Cody’s name getting pulled out of the box for veto. Kevin joins the HOH room and general chatter going on. Matt and Raven are in the red bedroom talking and making out.


8:45 PM BBT Raven wants to know what Matt likes about her and he says she’s quiet. General chatter in HOH and rose bedroom. Christmas has joined the HOH too.


8:50 PM BBT Paul, Matt, and Raven are in the WA and Paul is saying Kevin is just so relaxed. Paul confirmed with Matt if he wins HOH does he pull gypsy down and Matt says yes. Josh in the KT singing so all four cameras go to HOH. Christmas wants to know if the fish were fed and Jason says yeah. Jason, Kevin, Alex, and Christmas are all upstairs. Paul, Josh, Matt, and Raven are all downstairs.


8:55 PM BBT Josh thinks there’s something fishy about Alex being upset she can’t compete. He tells Paul in the green bedroom he’s concerned her and Jason might be targeting him or Paul as a backdoor option. Paul thinks she just wanted to compete. Josh says we just have to win and keep nominations the same. Josh is going to lay down and asks if he should take a nap and Paul says no. Christmas and Alex are in the HOH with Kevin and Jason and they are complaining about Raven again and her accent. Alex thinks Dominique was popular in the outside world. Paul goes back to comfort Josh and says he doesn’t think there is a backdoor plan for him or Josh because they wouldn’t have put up Matt and Raven.

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