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Wednesday August 23, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:01 AM BBT Matt and Raven having after-sex cuddle session. [I think sometimes the HG, because they're in the dark and can't see, forget the cameras see in the dark. ~GreenMtn]


Alex, Christmas, Josh, Mark, Paul in KT. Most of the talk seems to continue to be centered on Cody and Jessica. Jeeez.


"Hi, I'm Alex!" she says, as she flips her hair back with both hands. "Where's my makup mirror?"


Alex: "Adios"

Josh: "Where you going?"

Alex: "Sleeping"

Paul: I thought you were gonna scare Jason."

Alex: "I know, I am. I have to plan it out, I have to stand in certain places, I have to do certain things."

Josh: "Why?" "Well guys, I made to the end so...."

{Funny how Christmas' scooter doesn't squeak on the Live Feeds like it does on the CBS show.}


Alex jumped out from under the covers in the Green Room and scared the shit out of Jason.


Alex, Jason, Josh, Christmas and Paul in the KT. It's STILL Jody bashing. Beating the old dead horse to a bloody pulp.




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10:22am BBT: Feeds are back and Paul says he is going back to bed, he says what else am i going to do for twelve hours. Jason in the KT walking around saying they have no trash bags then he finds one.

10:24am BBT: Jason looks at the coffee pot and it is flowing all over the counter, He grabs a towel to catch what is running down the counter. Matt walks in and goes to get Coffee.

10:28am BBT: Josh now in the KT stretching as Jason makes himself a cup of coffee. Matt reattaching his mic. Matt then tells Jason they have to be having a physical comp since they have had several mental ones in a row.

10:32am BBT: Matt washing dishes and Jason dries talking about different comps they could have Thursday night. they hope it is not another wall comp. Matt says he did not enjoy that one at all.

10:37am BBT: Mark is now up in the KT. Matt and Jason still doing dishes and talking general talk about trucks.

10:43am BBT: Christmas comes out of the HOHR and heads down stairs she drops her boot over the balcony to Jason who catches it . She then stops on the stairs and shows Jason and Matt her foot. 

 10:49am BBT: Matt and Christmas sitting in the KT having coffee. Matt ask Christmas if she is ready for today and she says yeah they are pinging us today. Matt says we could do the live show today  and then laughs.

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11:04am BBT: Jason in the Kt telling stories about cattle to Christmas, Alex, Matt and raven. Mark goes back to bed in the HNR.

11:13am BBT: Paul, Christmas, Matt and Jason in Kt talking about dog breeds . raven in the WA doing her hair.

11:27am BBT: Paul still talking about dogs in the KT as Matt, Jason and Christmas listen to him and laugh. raven walks through and just looks at Paul. mark in bed sleeping in the HNR.

11:36am BBT: Matt in the LVR working out alone. Christmas and paul still in the KT talking general talk. Raven goes to the WA and mark joins in listening to Paul and Christmas.

11:50am BBT: Christmas and Paul still talking about dogs and  cats in the KT wit mark listening. In the WA is Matt and raven doing ADL's just general talk.

 11:55am BBT: Paul telling mark about his dogs and how trained they are. Christmas in the WA with raven doing ADL's talking general talk.

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12:00pm BBT: Jason in the WA putting eye drops in his eyes, Christmas putting make up on, raven combing her hair again. Mark and Paul still in the KT talking about paul's pets and how they act and are trained.

12:11pm BBT: Kevin is now up getting dressed and making his bed, Jason and Alex look to be sleeping. Christmas and Paul telling Mark that dogs can not eat raw meat or sushi that it will make them sick then they talk about what you need to feed dogs to train them.

12:18pm BBT: Christmas tells mark and Paul she can not wait to get her leggings, Paul then says he just does not like little dogs. 

12:21pm BBT: Paul goes to the HOHR and talks to Matt and raven, he says that mark was campaigning to him about staying in the house and working with him and he told him like nope. Matt says that they was in bed lastnight and  heard Alex talking to Jason about it but then Kevin walked in and they stopped talking. Paul says they think Alex has Josh in her pocket but actually Christmas has Josh in her pockets and i am just a loyal person.

12:24pm BBT: paul says if they all think that we are all tied into them then we are good and we are golden so let them think we are good with them. 

 12:27pm BBT:Paul is telling raven that Kevin had to have moved  her scrunchies yesterday and her bracelet cause it couldn't just have rolled under anything. Raven says yeah he is quick with his  hands. Paul says he is acting weird and  wants to keep mark over you as he points to Matt.

12:32pm BBT Matt leaves the HOHR and Paul tells raven they just have to be careful the next few weeks so they can make it farther in this game and raven agrees.They then talk about comps they might have to play and the ones that Paul played his  season and how hard they was.

12:34pm BBT: Christmas heads to the HOHR. Paul says there she is as she comes in. Talk continues about past comps. In the KT Matt and Kevin are making drinks and Kevin says no rat still? Matt says no rat yet i think they hate this. Kevin says them traps have to be placed in the right spot is why.

12:36pm BBT: Josh walking around in the BR says he wants to call people out on crap but realizes it is best to keep the peace. He walks  around saying bunch of liars and rubs his face with a towel.

 12:38pm BBT: Josh now in the WA putting his contacts in as Jason walks around and then tells Jason that she lies on everybody.

12:42pm BBT: Josh talks to the camera and says hi to his family and says it is going to be a great day today and to keep good vibes. In the HOHR Paul and Christmas talk about Paul needing to win this next HOH and Christmas says you have to win it.

 12:54pm BBT: Jason telling stories in the BR to Alec and Kevin. Raven in the KT cooking and Paul walking around.

12:56pm BBT: Kevin ask Paul if he is going to ask for clippers today and Paul says no they will not give them to us till tomorrow, Kevin says we need to vacuum too and Paul says it will be tomorrow before we get them. Matt goes to KT and hugs raven as she is cooking, josh walking around the house doing nothing.

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1:02PM BBT Jason and Kevin talking about where Jason would be on the rodeo circuit if he was home. He says a large auction is coming up.


1:09PM BBT In the KT Josh, Alex, Matt and Raven are eating. Josh says he wonders if Cody is going crazy in the jury house. Josh says Cody hasn't had any air time so probably is. Alex mumbles something abut it.


1:14PM BBT Jason, Kevin and Paul in the wave room. Paul is complaining about how many eggs Mark is eating per day. Jason talking about how cheap the eggs are at home.


1:20PM BBT Xmas in the KT complaining abut the nerves in her foot. She asks Raven why it hurts more now then when she was in her cast. Raven explains it. Xmas thanks her for being her Dr. Raven says she has had every test done to her that she can have.

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1:25PM BBT Raven. Matt and Xmas talking about Cody and weird guys. Xmas says she likes when a guy is a bit wierd. She says she likes when a guy is a gone girl kind of guy. We get FOTH because Matt is talking about Raven and a guy in finals flirting.


1:37PM BBT Paul telling the HG (minus Mark) how he had to go off on Frank. He says Frank was going around the house calling himself a legend. Xmas says that Jason will probably be recruited for BBOTT. Jason says he has to much to d. Paul says it will be Josh. Talk turns to last years season and they are asking Paul about Paulie.


1:43PM BBT Paul holding court in the wave room. Telling the HG how most HG are different outside of the house. Josh says every day he had to wake up defensive in the house because of Cody and how Cody would treat him. Josh says he has become a lot stronger and able to walk away from things now. Paul tells him it will be amplified on the outside.


1:51PM BBT Paul talking about casting and applicants. Paul talking about how these HG made it through more then 100K in applicants etc. We get FOTH.


2:00PM BBT In the wave room, talk turns to tatoos. Josh says he wants to get a tat right after the wrap party. Raven says she wants one but no one in AR. has one she likes. Xmas is picking lint off of her leg with a  tweezers. Paul says tatooing is what he will learn next. Paul says the tatoo artist who did his chest piece earns 10K a week. He says if he is paying $800 for a tat he is tipping $100.


2:06PM BBT Paul telling the HG that he has 25 hours left on his chest tat. Then he wants to finish his leg and other arm. He goes to Sweden for all of his tats. Now he is talking about the girls he dates or dated.



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2:19PM BBT Jason and Alex have headed to the KT to cook. Paul follows them out there. Xmas follows Paul. General talk in the KT as Alex come sin as well..


2:26PM BBT Raven and Matt in the wave room talking about who kissed who. In the KT talk about chicken vs tuna.


2:29PM BBT In the RBR Raven is going through Matt's drawer (clothing). She is pulling out a few different shirts and he says they are not comfortable (so he does own more then 3 shirts!)





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 2:43PM BBT Raven and Matt hanging out in the HOH room. Raven talking about how much she hates spiders. She says if it was between 500K and a spider crawling on her she is willing to let the spider crawl on her.


2:45PM BBT In the KT Xmas is complaining about how she is cold but she can not find her one pair of leggings. She then tells Alex about how she found a ton of dead skin on her foot while she was in the shower.


2:52PM BBT Kevin and Jason talking. Kevin says he would be happy if any of their 3 won. Jason says of course.


 2:54PM BBT Kevin and Jason talking about how these HG have traveled the World and how they have the money to do all of that. Kevin says that he hasn't left Boston except for a few vacations Kevin says he doesn't know if they have traveled like they said they have. Jason says that Alex says she has no money and yet her Dad is President of a club where you have to earn 5 million a year to belong to it.



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4:00 PM BBT Lots of WBRB as the HGs keep talking about things associated with production.


4:03 PM BBT BB calls Paul to the DR. Paul "What the F***? Why? This not a thing!" Matt "This it totally a thing." Paul "It's Wednesday, they have to have the show ready already." 


4:05 PM BBT Mark is teasing Josh. He quotes him. "I have lost all respect for you, but I respect you. I hate you and what you are about but you are mi familia." 


4:08 PM BBT In the KT Matt is telling Raven that this BB year is a year of firsts. He tells her it is the first year a HG has quit and the first year that a HG found out they were having a baby while in the house. 


4:11 PM Matt and Raven are cooking in the KT. Paul is in the DR. Most of the other HGs are in the green BR. Mark and Josh are talking about jury. They think Elena is getting bombed in the jury. Josh and Mark says they are not going to talk game in the jury until they absolutely have to. 


4:18 PM BBT Josh is talking to the others about how sleep deprived he was right before coming into the house. He had to teach them at home how to run his business while getting a bunch of orders out at the same time. Meanwhile in the KT Christmas sees a reflection of her rear. She says her butt is so small. Raven asks if she wants some of hers. Christmas says yes. 


4:24 PM BBT Christmas has learned she can do some squats while wearing her boot and resting her knee on the cart. She exercises her gluteus maximus in the KT and says that she just really wants to walk. 

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4:30 PM BBT Josh and Christmas are talking in the HOH. Josh is gunning for HOH and wants to target Alex and Jason. He wants them to talk to Paul because he doesn't know if that is smart. Christmas said yes, but Jason is the target first. Josh says this morning he saw Raven, Matt and Kevin talking together. When they saw him, Raven snapped her finger and they started talking about football. That is why they need to get Jason first and then immediately go for Matt. 


4:34 PM BBT Josh and Christmas confirm it with each other that they are locked down with Paul. They are behind the curve though. Others have been together and studying the dates together for much longer. They really need to start memorizing the dates together. 


4:40 PM BBT Jason gets called to the DR by BB. Feeds 1 and 2 are showing Alex, Mark and Kevin in the Green BR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Christmas and Josh up in the HOH studying dates. They disagree on which day was the first day they entered the Den of Temptation. Josh is saying it was Day 10. Christmas said when they were studying last night they decided it was Day 7. 


4:45 PM BBT In the HOH Christmas and Josh are still studying. Josh points out some events that she is missing from around Day 24 and Day 25 so she starts flinging throw pillows at him. BB "Christmas, Stop That." 


4:48 PM BBT Mark "Being inside the house, it is hard to say how good it is and if we are liked. But once we get out of here....you never know." Mark says everyone has gotten huge ovations so he hopes the response to their season is good. Mark says you never can tell though. As much as everyone in the house hated Jessica, he was heading to the bathroom when she went out and the fan response for her was huge.

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 5:07PM BBT Josh and Xmas in the HOH room. Telling each other how they are crushing this thing. Josh wants the next HOH. Xmas tells him she wants him to have it. She doesn't trust any of them as they have all screwed her over.


5:10PM BBT In the GBR The HG are hassling Mark about things he thought etc. They are peppering him with questions about his moves and motives. Mark gets called to DR. Raven says that Mark is obsessed with Cody. Paul says that Cody must have had a magnficent c**k. They all laugh.


5:15PM BBT In the GBR Jason telling Matt how Cody was with him immediately. Paul says Cody made an alliance with 8 of them within minutes of being in the door. Raven whining how Cody said they were the only true showmance. (Rinse and repeat - rinse and repeat)


5:17PM BBT Paul saying Cody tried for F2 with everyone. Raven says that she likes him as a person but his game play sucked. Mark comes back in and tries to explain how he was with Cody when Cody nominated Paul.


5:20PM BBT Paul says Cody wanted to nominate him because he didn't like hm last season.Paul says nominating due to personal reasons doesn't work. Raven tells the HG that she turned Cody down and she hopes his d*** falls off and that his name doesn't carry on. She says that Cody told her that since she can't have kids he says they won't work out. She says it was the beginning of the season.


5:25PM BBT Alex says when the jury has the F2 questions - she has one for Cody. She wants to know why he is obsessed with her. Raven chimes in that she should ask Cody that. Then they bash Jess for a few minutes and what she would do. Paul says he has been out of the loop obviously for all the drama as he had no idea on all of this. Jason says that he feels this is the average drama for the house.

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5:37PM BBT Kevin giving Mark the 3rd degree about Cody's daughter. questioning age and name and where she lives. Mark says he isn't 100% on age but thought it was 3. Kevin says Cody told him 5. Mark says he may be right that he isn't sure.


5:39PM BBT Paul telling Mark that he standing up for Cody. Mark says that Paul keeps talking about Cody. Paul says that is behavior is wrong. He says Cody was rude, and had a laundry list of faults. Paul says Mark is getting made at him. Paul says that Mark shouldn't be standing up for him. Mark says that Cody is out of the game and it doesn't matter what happens outside the house. Paul tells Mark that he is pulling a Josh. Paul is mad at Mark for standing up for Cody. Mark says Cody is not a s***y guy. Paul says that Cody has attacked everything he (Paul has done). Paul says that he has never been mean to Cody. He says Cody has been nothing but mean and rude to him.


5:43PM BBT Paul says that Mark doesn't know Cody outside of the house so he can't say anything. Paul says that Cody try to take him out and has done nothing but be mean. Paul tells Mark that he shouldn't stand up for Cody. Paul says Mark is standing up for someone who has only spoken down to people and been mean. Mark says that he isn't standing up for Cody and that it is crazy to him that Paul acts on hos s**** of a guy Cody is. Paul says that he is insulting his judgement but telling him how he should feel. Paul says Mark wasn't on the same end of Cody's crap. Paul says he is getting made now. Paul says that Cody threatened him. Mark says it was an argument. Paul going on and on.


5:48PM BBT Paul tells Mark that he can not believe Mark is standing their insulting his judgement. Mark says it is his opinion and never insulted his judgement. Paul says that he has been nothing but nice to Mark. Mark says that he did not insult his judgement and that Paul said the same thing to him. Paul says that he doesn't know why they have to argue about this. Cody is out of the game and he doesn't care about Cody.


5:54PM BBT They continue to harass Mark. Mark says that he just doesn't understand why they are rehashing a HG who is no longer in the house. Paul says that this is their job. To look at everyone's game. Jason, Alex and Paul continue to bash Cody. Paul says to keep standing up for someone who says the things that Cody has said.


5:57PM BBT Mark says he doesn't understand how people can complain about someone's game. Paul says because Cody called him names and that he got in his face. Mark says maybe he is a bigger person and sees it as a game and can let it go. Paul says when Josh got in his face Mark gave it back. Mark says he apologized. Mark says Cody has been gone a week ago and they still have to crap on Cody. Mark says when people say crap to him he can move on and apologize. Paul says he never attacked Cody personally. Mark says he can see it isn't personal.Paul says Cody made it personal. Mark says that it wasn't personal. Paul yells it was and that there is more that they had private convos. Mark says that people just differ in that way. Mark looks at it differently.

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6:03PM BBT Paul still arguing that he doesn't see what Mark isn't angry at Cody. Mark saying that he sees it differently. It is a game.Paul says that he can't see what any one wouldn't be upset at him. Mark says that maybe Cody is an a**hole in the real world and it doesn't matter. Paul says that it does matter because they have to judge on the HG game.


6:07PM BBT Mark says they just look at it differently. Paul says that Mark is acting that Mark is being judgemental about Paul's opinion. He says Cody came at him (Paul) both personally and game wise. Paul says that is fine but continues to go at Mark.


 6:13PM BBT Mark trying to tell them that he just sees Cody differently. Paul says that Cody was not positive to them in any way. Paul says what are they supposed to judge him on except his behavior.


6:27PM BBT Talk has turn to Nicole and what she is doing for a living. Paul says she didn't go back to being a nurse.

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