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Friday August 18, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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By A Vote of 7-0, Cody was Evicted
Jason Won HoH
Jason Nominated Mark & Elena
Mark Won PoV

Mark Saved Himself with the PoV
Jason Nominated Matt to Replace Mark

By A Vote of 6-1, Elena was Evicted
The special episode of Big Brother ended without revealing the winner of the HoH competition.

The live feeds are down until 9PM BBT.  When the feeds return, I'll need your help posting updates in the TVFanForums.net, in this thread.
Christmas is the New HoH
Matt was nominated for eviction

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9:19pm BBT: raven and Christmas talking in the HoH room after Christmas won HOH. Painting nails and talking about raven's gastroparesis struggles. 


9:20PM BBT: Kevin, josh, Jason, and Alex talking in the den bedroom about being a dad. Josh says his father wouldn't have the patience to be on this show with his group of people. Kevin frustrated with the BB schedule of going to sleep and waking up at specific times 

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9:25pm BBT: Christmas and raven talking in HOH room about how excited they are to get to top 8. They are excited for zingbot. Glad they have spent so much time together doing nails and makeup. Talking about how different Jessica acted when Cody wasn't around. 

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9:02 PM BBT Feeds are back. Christmas and Raven are in the HOH room talking about Derrick coming into the house. Alex and Jason are at the upstairs campsite. Raven is doing her nails and talking about top coat and Raven says top B for you. Christmas says she likes that. Raven says Matt is a block star right now.


9:05 PM BBT Christmas says that was one of the most peaceful nomination ceremonies. They start talking about the first one and how awful it was. Christmas is talking about they have cabin fever and Raven says when they get out it’s going to be culture shock. Raven is wondering if she remembers how to drive. Josh is talking about wanting to do a shout out to a friend whose birthday it is. Josh is downstairs with Kevin, Jason, and Alex. Kevin is telling them his kids names, first and middle, and they are deciding if they like them. Paul is asleep on the HOH bed.


9:10 PM BBT Raven thinks the top 8 get videos from their family. Christmas is talking about a friend of her who has a dance school for ages 5 and under for ballet. Raven says that’s a fun age though. Raven has moved on to how troublesome dance moms can be. Jason is asking why BB keeps them sequestered and their identity secret from the public and Alex is explaining why. Josh is talking about Derrick and asking where he’s from and Kevin answers.


9:15 PM BBT Josh is saying his father would not have put up and tolerated Josh with the pots and pans. Josh says his sister watches feeds and Kevin says his kids are on at 10:30 every night eating smores watching feeds. Raven is talking to Christmas about a page she has called It’s a Beautiful Journey and she has 6k followers. She posts videos and things after she’s had surgeries. Raven is talking about gastroparesis and it’s more severe. She says what she has hasn’t been named yet and they should name it after her.


9:20 PM BBT Raven is going to Sweden to see a doctor about her disease because she hasn’t had the money. She is saying her disease is hereditary and she will pass it along to her kids, but her brother isn’t a carrier. Raven says it’s rare for men to contract gastroparesis than women. And when men get it, it ravages them more quickly than women. Raven says a support group of 5000 people on Facebook, maybe 80 of them will be men. Josh is whispering to Matt in the KT and saying he trusts him and Raven and Alex and Jason have been acting shady. Josh says crap is going to get crazy. Josh wants to know more so he’s going to keep digging. Matt is tired and Josh is heading back to the green room. Jason is told no napping HG.


9:25 PM BBT Christmas and Raven are talking about Jessica again about how chill she was when Cody was gone, but when he came back she was so different. Kevin wants BB to play a song called Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. Josh, Alex, Jason, and Kevin are talking about how the recordings go off in the house and they are told not to talk about production. Matt has joined the HOH room. Matt starts working out and asks Christmas if Mark had anything to say when he was up to the room earlier. Raven asks Matt if he wants her to sit on him and he says the only time I’ll ever say no. Christmas says that’s an inappropriate answer. Jason is talking about his wife and kids.

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9:39pm BBT: Josh telling Alex, Kevin and Jason how Elena told him he could not have a hug when she was evicted. He wishes she could see it is just a game.(i found this ironic)

Jason said he just hugged her and said I hope you don't hate me for too long.

Jason telling a story about how a friend of his accidentally killed one of his horses once. The horse bled out when the friend accidentally cut the main artery in the horses back leg.

Jason has never talked to him again.


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9:02pm feeds are bak

9:02pm cams 1-2 Christmas and Raven in HoH talking about how crazy the last 24 hours have been general chit chat

9:02pm cams 3-4 Alex is putting gear away and leaving indoor camp ground with Jason

9:21pm cams 3-4 Kevin says they’ve been up all night sent to bed at 6:30 and made to wake up at 8:30 then saying he doesn’t understand the temptation, doesn’t think it would be good for anybody

9:21:48pm cams 3-4 Josh talking about “these people” being shady, he trusts Raven and Matt though, he told Christmas that they’ve been acting shady for a while says they don’t even need to talk that Matt, Raven, Josh don’t even need to talk, they know they have each other’s back Matt goes to LR to exercise

9:25 3-4 Josh, Alex, Jason, Kevin in Green Room general talk Kevin wants Josh to listen to Tim McGraw’s song Humble and Kind talking about the announcements about sleeping

9:23pm 1-2 Christmas/Raven on couch; Paul in HoH bed with eyes covered: Christmas want’s to sleep but says she probably can’t because her head is all over the place, excited about F8, she and Raven agree they’re excited Zingbot is coming, how nice it was when Cody was gone, liked Jess when he guard was down and they could just talk; never admitted to certain lies; Raven says how Jess said Raven was picking Christmas over Jess; Raven complaining that Jess played on people’s emotion, Christmas doesn’t understand how Jess could just push people away because they didn’t go your way; Matt joins HoH crew; Matt tells Raven to stop picking her nails, she says when she hurts she picks, he says her nails and arms are too pretty for her to be picking them; then her hair came into it too; Matt says he’s surprised how observant Josh is, Christmas says he told her “they’re watching me” and she says that’s what he signed up for; Raven wonders when veto will be; talk about Rameses never admitting he took the $25K; Matt so many things that if they had not happened would have change the game; Matt asked if they ever figured out if Rameses was working with Cody and Christmas said absolutely; just talking about past comps who won who might have gone up if it had been won by someone else;


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9:30 PM BBT Matt says Josh is so much more observant than he thought he was. Christmas says as soon as he stopped being paranoid he was fine. Raven wonders when veto will be and Christmas says I get to play, but I might not get to play. Matt says she could have played last week. Christmas says she’s happy she used the ring when she did. Matt says so many little things going the other way, things would have changed in major ways. Like Josh winning HOH and Christmas using her ring. Josh says the house feels peaceful and Jason says because Cody is gone. Josh says the house felt so tense. Talk in the HOH has turned to Ramses and Matt asks did they ever found out his agenda, was he working with Cody and Christmas says yeah. They are talking about Ramses not throwing the veto.


9:35 PM BBT Raven hopes there will be another wall. Raven says she’ll have both legs, that will be nice. Christmas says for a wall comp? Raven says yeah. Jason asks where Paul is and Josh says upstairs listening to music sleeping. Josh says he’s happy Christmas won because she really wanted an HOH. Josh says he’s happy Jason won too because he got a letter. Jason says D/E couldn’t have gone any better. Jason says Mark is a lot more quiet. Josh is saying he asked Elena for a hug and she said no. Josh says he told her it was just game and not personal and so he grabbed her hand and kissed it and walked out. Kevin says he’s a psychotic madman. Josh starts telling a story about friend who killed one of his horses because he was being reckless.


9:40 PM BBT Paul sits up and asks Christmas if she wants her music back. Matt and Raven just left the room. Paul says Kevin pulled Jason aside right after nominations and suggested if Jason won veto maybe he could stay up there and they could just get Matt out. Christmas says she walked in on a conversation with them in the lounge room and they were talking about Matt not using veto on himself. Paul says Kevin is weird. Christmas is saying the album she’s listening to is so good she could listen to it on repeat. She tells Paul she’s nervous because things are so chill. Paul says someone will find a way to be a F up. Christmas says Kevin has had it out for Matt the last few weeks hardcore. Matt comes back in to look for Raven’s bracelet.


9:45 PM BBT Whoever Christmas is listening to she says the artist is big in Europe and just starting to get big in the U.S. Christmas says she’d have to go to Europe to see her in concert. Paul says he’s down. Christmas is called to the DR. Paul asks what time it might be and Christmas says 10:30 or 9:30. Christmas asks Paul if he wants the zapper and says the head phones are beside him. We have all four cams on Paul alone in the HOH laying on the bed.


9:51 PM BBT All four cams have now switched to Raven and Matt in the KT. Matt is talking about Raven’s butt in the pants she’s wearing. Raven was trying to get into the SR and production was messing with her by flickering the light that says she can get in the SR. Matt says to a cam that it’s gastroparesis month. Kevin is talking in the green room with Josh, Mark, Alex, and Jason and they are talking about Gregory Peck playing Atticus Finch. Matt is getting some ice cream and Raven asks if there is any whip cream left. She wants some bourbon.

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9:42pm cams 1-2 Christmas Paul: Christmas says it makes her nervous things are all chill; talking about Kevin having it out for Matt and Paul says Kevin shouldn’t have stuck his nose in; Matt comes back looking for Raven’s bracelet and conversation stops

9:46pm Christmas gets called to DR Paul stays in HoH bed with hat over his face

9:54pm Matt/Raven Raven getting ice cream she asks Matt if there was any whipped cream, says she wishes they had bourbon, says bourbon goes nice with ice cream; Raven says they don’t need the $5K bounty, can they just put the money on food Raven says they made it to 10 o’clock; gives ice cream to Matt and has him help her open peanut butter, and puts it on her ice cream; wonders what Zingbot will zing her on, maybe how much she has hurt herself; Matt says it’s tough there is nothing to Zing her on; adds Cool Whip to the ice cream and peanut butter, takes it to APSR and talks to camera about how good the ice cream, peanut butter, cookie dough and whipped cream is; Raven says they were basically the only 2 people who didn’t shun Jess; Matt tells Raven about when Josh was in kitchen they were by themselves Matt asked if Mark had anything interesting to say; Josh said yeah Mark was explaining about all of Cody’s plans, and everything Cody said about Whistlenut; Josh said some they already knew, some was interesting; Josh said Alex and Jason had been acting shady lately, they’ve been shady for a while now, Josh said they didn’t need to talk but let Matt know he was good with Matt and Raven; Josh will try to learn more; Raven says this week doesn’t matter, next week will matter, when Mark leaves this week Matt says that is what we want; Matt at the end of the day we want Alex out before Whistlenut, she the best competitor in house, Raven says besides Paul, Matt worst case scenario it will be Paul, Josh Raven would vote for Jason and Alex, Kevin Mark vote to evict Matt and Christmas breaks the tie if Matt/Raven get HoH next week put Kevin up against Jason and if someone wins veto take Kevin off and put Alex up; Raven says she really wants to win and Matt tells her to stop she needs to relax, she just doesn’t want people to say she was carried through the game

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10:08pm cams 1-2 Raven says 3 people are not playing veto tomorrow Matt says for purposes of draw 1 in 9 chance to be picked, no one will pick Mark; if Jason get HG choice he will pick Alex; if Christmas gets HG choice she will pick Paul and if Matt gets HG choice he will pick Raven; Raven hatted everything about the puzzle comp they notice the camera on them wave and talk to Derrick’ Raven apologizes for jumping in Derrick’s arms soooo sorry; tell Frankie they want him to come too; now they start flirty talk; then dumb stuff he’s done and then his trouble with the last HoH comp; make fun of Paul for the way he talks about relationships with women, talk is all over the place now but not on strategy

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10:19pm Matt says he's ready for bed, Raven says they've had about 4 hours of sleep today, they leave APSR go to kitchen to rinse dishes, and then to bathroom to brush teeth then head to Green Rm to say good night and then to Red BR and get into bed

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10:24pm cameras 3-4 Mark, Josh, Kevin, Jason asleep on his bed: Mark and Josh talking to Kevin about watching show, Josh doesn't think that in American, on national tv there has been anyone like Kevin on reality tv; trying to figure out when show ends; Josh didn't realize what a huge fan Jess was until her speech when she talked about watching it with her dad; Josh talking about being hard being away from his family in the beginning; then original sleeping arrangements; Josh said the one piece of advice he'd give someone applying to be on the game would be don't watch the show, thinks Meagan being a super fan was too intense; Kevin figures the game ends September 27th; 5 weeks as of Wednesday (35 days left)  and I've lost feeds for the 3rd time tonight so am calling it a night


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10:25 pm BBT Raven and Matt in bed in Rose BR. 

Kevin, Mark, Josh and Jason in Den BR; Jason asleep in his bed.  Kevin discussing how much time is left, then how many who have not been HOH and Mark naming the super fans in the house.  Kevin surprised Cody watched the show. Mark mentioned how BB is going out and looking at peoples instagram, facebook etc now and recruiting people to be on next seasons show, Kevin says hold on, I'm an anomaly again, I must be an anomaly again then tells the story of how he got to audition, he went to pick up daughter at work, she was 2 hrs late so he decided to try out,  he got number 262 waited a couple hours, Josh asked if it was an open audition in Boston, Kevin said yeah there were 490 people there.  12 people got called the next day, then the next day 3 then Kev went to LA went to a hotel and Fing saw him there "the Miami Sound Machine" there pointing at Josh.  Ate in the hotel was there a month and a half and went home. Josh mentioned Elena and whistle nut, and Cody (they may have been there). Josh talking how the interviews made his anxiety go through the roof. Told not to talk about production...continue to discuss how many people applied, Josh thinks 30,000.


10:40 pm BBT  We hear BB say "Jason is doing some extreme sleeping"; Jason puts on his hat and says "that's because I'm so extreme" then lays back down on his bed. 

Josh wants ice cream and Kevin says he's going to the HOH room to see what Christmas and Paul are doing. But Paul has come down stairs and says he fell asleep listening to Christmas' music. Now they are wondering where everyone is, Christmas in DR no one knows where Alex is. General chit chat between Mark, Josh and Paul while Kevin goes to get olive oil for his feet. He comes back and says Olive oil is good for everything, you can can with it, you can use it for nails, cuticles, you can do your toes with it, you can sun tan lotion with it. Says it has to be EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil, not just Virgin; Josh questions the sun tan lotion application as Kevin looked pretty sun burned when he used it the other day.  Kevin puts the olive oil on his feet and Josh tells him it's disgusting.  


10:48 pm BBT Guys are waiting for midnight so they can eat real food. General chit chat about food and Jason snoring loudly, very loudly.  Alex joins them she was in HOHR shower. Alex and Mark talking about Survivor and Kevin asking questions about it, asking if it rains do you get to go inside...he was surprised they had to stay out in the elements, said he couldn't do that. Kevin asks everyone what their parents do on a Friday night. Then he starts talking about the snow storm Boston got in the last blizzard.


11:26 PM BBT Josh and Paul in SR saying someone needs to be reeled in, then discussing Jason and Mark becoming very close, Josh mentions Alex in a whisper can't hear exactly what they are saying, Paul doesn't think she will work with Kevin (?) Paul says she is smarter than that. Josh thinks Alex is going to "turn it up" and start winning comps, and Kevin will too, that he is a huge fan even though he acts like he's not. 

Kevin gives shout out to people in Boston.


11:38 PM BBT Mark still in shower in WA; Kevin, Josh, Paul and Jason in KT making food and Kevin telling a story about in his neighborhood they would go up the street and play spin the bottle in an empty area with tall grass, how they would push the grass down and sit in a circle boy/girl, boy/girl.  He demonstrates how they spun the bottle, explains how those two had to kiss; He's explaining/demonstrating this to Paul and Josh like they don't know how to play it. Goes on to say across the street is a house where this lady lives, Mrs. O'Leary, Every Thursday she would go to the market, she would wear a hat, long jacket and shoes that laced up. Kevin then demonstrates how she walked carrying the bags by her side...all feeds switch to Mark in the shower.-


11:45 PM BBT Cameras 3 and 4 back on the KT Christmas has returned from DR. Discussing grocery stores and fixing food. Kevin tells how Cody cut up chicken cooked it and ate it all, says he called out Cody for gaining weight and Cody grumbled at him and admitted he gained 10 lbs. Goes on to say Cody ate a dozen eggs at one time and ate every one purposely. Jokes about Cody's cholesterol being high. Ready to eat when the clock strikes 12....




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