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Sunday August 13, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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8:58pm BBT the feeds went down for a few minutes and then when they come back up we see the other houseguests are done with their Outback dinner. They did get to drink because Matt is talking about how he is a little tipsy. Elena ate so much that she can't fit into her pants. Alex is up on the landing with Josh and Jason. She is laying down and can't get up because her back pack is so heavy and she looks a little tipsy also.

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6:30 PM BBT Alex and Jason are in the HOH. Elena and Mark are in the green room talking about what they’re wearing for their dinner. Jason is complaining about his helmet. Jason says he actually does like Cody, but what was he trying to do when he got in there? Be a big bad warrior? Alex doesn’t know if he’s really that weird or if it’s just the game. They talk about Matt and the veto. Cody is coming upstairs to the HOH room to talk to Jason and Alex. Cody tells them if Matt pulls Jason off he’s going home this week. Alex says she doesn’t vote this week. Cody asks is there anyone else you can put up? Alex says Mark, but he won safety. Cody says he doesn’t understand why they don’t trust him to go forward with them. Alex says they trust him, but they don’t have numbers. Alex says if we take you on that’s three against the household. Cody says and Kevin. Alex says but Kevin isn’t very good at competitions and they’d be a huge target and they’d throw them right back up there again and try and backdoor again. Cody says so what happens if I’m evicted and one of them wins and comes after you anyways? Alex says right now we’re playing our game because we’re not on anyone’s radar. Cody says if you do the safe route this week, it just screws you the next week.


6:35 PM BBT Cody says they thought they were doing the safe move when Jess was HOH and they still came after them. Alex says that’s because they didn’t like the way she treated us personally. Alex says Jess is the only one she had a personal thing with. Alex says they are just numbers at this point and they are waiting for others to start taking each other out so Alex can do the things she wants to do. Alex says right now no one is looking at us. Cody says you don’t think anyone is looking at you guys? You two are the strongest people in the game right now. Alex says Jason hasn’t won anything except the POV she threw him and Jason says suck it Alex. Alex says she’s been in second in most of the comps. Jason asks what he has in his mind and Cody says we’d be fighting the entire time, there is no safe route. Alex says we like you and would want to keep you is he could help them win the game. But realistically if they go with someone else they aren’t going to vote for them. Cody says how long can you do that though? When are you going to pull the trigger? Alex says after double. Cody says but if you keep me, I’m the bottom of the barrel and they are going to keep going after me. Cody says regardless of whatever red flags it raises for you guys, I’m still the bottom of the barrel. Alex says let’s say you make it to the end they won’t let you win. Cody just doesn’t want to go out this week. Alex says she tried to help by making Elena look like a scumbag in front of everyone. Cody says still, if I go up I’m a juicier target. Alex what Cody’s suggestion would be and he says Josh. Alex says Josh has kept her and Jason in the game. Cody says he doesn’t know who they worked with up to this point. Alex says after Cody left her and Josh got into it. Alex says they would be constantly under fire if they don’t put Cody up. Jason says everyone is afraid of Cody. Cody says he is not with Mark and Elena because they have been disloyal to him from the start. Alex says they went to bat to Cody because they wanted him in jury because he needed the money more than Jess did. Alex says if you have a good suggestion that keeps them out of the fire then sure? Cody says it has to be their choice, he has no idea. He says what would be best for you other than me? Cody says I feel like the worst case, I go home and then they go hey, let’s take a shot at Jason and Alex this week. And then they would be like we could have worked together and got the next HOH. Cody says you keep me, if we win the next HOH, numbers shouldn’t be a problem. Cody says it’s riskier. Alex says right now they have safety and she’s hoping they’ll swing towards Elena, but they are still scared of Cody. Alex says but we have to stay safe because the plan is them next week.


6:40 PM BBT Alex says she didn’t want to win this HOH, but she couldn’t let Raven have it because she didn’t trust her. Cody says there are so many non-winners down there, but the three of them? Alex says when it comes down to it no one can beat Cody. Jason says he just messed up yesterday. Cody tells Jason he wants him to think back to when he was in the position and he asked Cody to save him and he did. Jason says he can’t stop thinking about it. Alex says they still don’t know who the other two votes were to keep him. Alex says she had to win that next HOH for Jason because they thought it was him. Cody says Mark has been trying to flip-flop both sides and now they’re at the bottom and they don’t know why. Alex says you have Elena who only wants to be famous. Cody says him and Jess have never been out for Alex and Jason. Cody says if you think you can play out a couple of weeks of safety and take shots, then think about it? Alex says they’re playing their cards and they are basically being betas, but they are doing what’s keeping them alive. Alex says they have Josh who gets a lucky shot, Kevin who hasn’t won anything, and all they can do right now is deflect. FotH.


6:45 PM BBT Kevin interrupts the discussion and asks if they are getting ready for their meal. Kevin says he’d like to stay up there with them but he’s going to go downstairs and get some slop. He starts singing and we get FotH. Alex says he’ll give Cody the same opportunity they gave to Dominique. Alex gave her the chance if she outed the two votes to keep Cody safe Alex would put them on the block. Alex says she wouldn’t do that. Alex says if you bring me a good plan that works for everyone. Cody says I know who voted for me to stay but you’re not going to like it. Cody says he can’t tell them because he promised he wouldn’t say who did it. Alex says we’re trying to be fair, we don’t want to cut people down unnecessarily. Alex says she wants to get numbers down and she wants people out who aren’t pulling their weight, and there are a lot of people don’t playing. Cody says he has a justification for going after Elena now, but who do you put next to her. Alex says Jason is the most honest and loyal in the game and he has her back 100%.


6:50 PM BBT Jason says he wants to side with Cody, but if he does then he’ll be a target right next to Cody. Cody says they have a day to think about it, just reach down in your souls and fight. Cody says you have to decide when you’re going to draw the line in the sand. Alex asks who Cody would take out first? Cody says honestly, to make sure we had control? Paul. Alex says but I wouldn’t go for it and Cody says because we wouldn’t have the numbers. Alex says exactly! Cody says but we have to find a way so he can’t control them anymore because after that, they would run to Alex. Cody says Alex would have control the rest of the time, but who’s going to take that risky move against him. Cody says he’s the only one who can pull it off and he’d have to find a target to put up against him. Alex is concerned if Matt, Raven, Mark, or Elena won they’d put her up against Paul. Cody says Matt is going to do whatever Paul tells him to do. Cody says Christmas and Josh are with Paul. Cody says numbers voting wise, it’s a difficult one. Cody says Paul is playing the greatest F’ing game. Jason says he knew that coming in. Alex says Jason is the only person she won’t turn on in the game and Jason says same. Jason says if Mark had just voted Christmas out, then we would have had it. Jason says when that happened they had to start listening to other ideas.


6:55 PM BBT Alex says she had to win that wall comp because they were going to take Jason away from after being a pawn from them. Jason says he was scared to be HOH. Alex says when Cody came back that’s when people started trusting them and that’s why they couldn’t work Cody and Jessica. Jason says when Mark jumped back to Cody’s side, Jason thought they had something. Cody says he kept telling Jess that he doesn’t trust Mark. Jason says he told Alex he was worried their showmance alliance was going to reassemble. Cody says he hasn’t bought any of what Mark has been selling. Cody says he doesn’t think they are ever safe and they are going to have to alternate HOH’s in order to stay safe. Cody feels like he’s going to go to the jury house and Jason and Alex will follow. Jason says him and Alex aren’t a showmance, they are plotting and gunning. Raven, Matt, Mark, Paul, and Christmas are all in the WA while Christmas is showering and they are just having general chit-chat.


7:00 PM BBT Alex says they are going to see when they watch the show that she wanted to team up with guys because girls are too catty. Jason says he went to Jessica and told her that Cody said he could trust her 1000% and he wanted to know if she could apologize to Alex in good faith for taking her cat ears and her glasses, if you have them, and apologize to her for that. Jason says Jessica told him Raven did it. Cody says Raven did do it. Jason says really? Cody says I kid you not, Jessica was there when Raven F’ing did it. Alex says Elena and Mark said Jessica did it on separate occasions without Raven. Cody says no F’ing way. Cody says it was Raven, she hid it under the couch cushions and he kept telling Jessica to get it and give it back before she finds out. Cody says Raven poured out the coke. He says Jess was there, but Raven did it. Cody says he thought she was the sweetest girl and Jason says she’s Satan. Cody says Raven called Jessica a C and a bitch and he was thinking who is this girl? Cody tells them to take a day and figure it out. Cody says Matt and Raven have done nothing. Jason says the only thing that saved them was when the shipwreck happened, Matt and Raven found a board that was tied on so they could float, where Mark and Elena have been a ball in a pinball machine. Cody tells Alex that Matt is the one who told him he should backdoor Alex and after Alex won veto Matt says that’s why you backdoor her.


7:05 PM BBT Cody says Matt is so dumb he’ll be the only person in big brother history to not use veto on himself just to get rid of me. (There have been a few different people who have not used veto on themselves, Marcellas being the most noteworthy) Matt comes up and interrupts the conversation and Cody says thanks for the shower and letting me use the restroom. Jason asks Matt if Cody has asked Matt to help him. Josh comes in and Alex says Cody asked them to save him. They start going over the conversation and Alex says the cat ears got brought up again. Alex tells Josh that Cody wanted him to be a pawn against Matt and Elena. Alex tells Josh he can’t address him, he can’t repeat this information because they have to think of jury strategy. Alex says it’s not worth the fight at this point. Josh wants to know what else he said and what’s his campaign to stay. Jason says they all three will be targets but they can power through. Jason says Cody said we’d have zero safety, but we could do it. Josh says his plea is horrible.


7:10 PM BBT Matt says if you win every HOH and veto, yeah you could. Josh says he doesn’t have it clear that us 8 are together? Alex says she reiterated they got him to jury, but they can’t do more because even if he makes it to the end he can’t win. Matt says no one and he should be grateful for where he made it to. Alex says Cody did express his distaste for Mark and Elena, which she appreciated. Raven comes in and asks if she can listen to Alex’s music while she’s outside. Discussion has shifted to various topics. Paul has switched with Christmas and given her his outback meal since he got to do it last year. The conversation has shifted to Elena and how vulgar she is and how freely she talks about her body.


7:15 PM BBT Kevin has joined Alex, Matt, Raven, Josh, and Jason in the HOH room. Paul is pulling Christmas around. Alex asks where everyone is and most are getting ready for dinner. Mark and Elena are in the red room. Christmas and Paul have made their way upstairs. Kevin has gone to make up his bed.


7:20 PM BBT Jason wants to know why they aren’t asking for something extreme. Jason is talking to Kevin about their conversation with Cody. Kevin tells Jason Cody has a five-year old daughter. Jason says no he doesn’t. Kevin says that’s what he told me. Jason says then that mother f’er is a piece of crap and I’ll vote him out, I’m over it. Kevin says her name is Basil and she lives with her mom in a small town in Iowa and he only gets to see her two months during the summer and he gave up the summer to come here. Jason says then he’s an F’ing idiot. Kevin says he went back 5 or 6 years ago and he had a baby with the girl and they never got along. Jason says that’s F’ing got to be BS. He told me two of those, two things he wasn’t going to tell anyone else in the house. That his brother died in a motorcycle accident and that he has a baby girl named Basil. Jason says that’s F’ing counterfeit. Kevin says he could have made it up to get sympathy because guess whose brother died? Mine. And guess who has six daughters? Me. Jason says he’s so full of crap. Jason says he’s damn near schizophrenic. Kevin starts ranting about Raven to Jason. Mark comes in and the conversation to switches to whether Kevin should go for the key. Kevin says they have no Josh and no girls, they have it made. Mark says they have Christmas tonight.


7:25 PM BBT Jason is doing some extreme lounging! Jason says that’s because I’m extreme! Alex is still talking about their convo with Cody and him says he likes Mark and Elena personally, but he doesn’t trust them and hates them in the game. Kevin asks Mark if Cody has said anything to him and Mark says no, he knows it’s inevitable. Mark says he told Cody he was just glad he was talking with people. Mark says there will probably be two people in jury next week. Alex says Cody tried to throw Jason under the bus. Matt is confused why Jessica pulled them up there to have that conversation about Alex. Alex says Jessica says Mark and Elena talked her into it. Matt says that was the one thing he never understood. Paul says he forgot to call Jessica out on her saying that he set himself up so if Cody came back they could work together.


7:30 PM BBT Kevin says while they are having steak and beer, he’ll be eating slop. Matt says Mark is playing the crappiest game he’s ever seen. Josh says he called that week two. Josh says Mark came up to him when he was HOH and says he doesn’t care who he puts up from their side, just please don’t put up Mark and Elena. Josh says if they could get Cody to talk in front of Mark and Elena about how disloyal they are, that would be awesome. FotH.


7:55-8:58 PM BBT Feeds are back. The veto players, minus Paul plus Christmas, are doing their Outback dinner. Paul gave his dinner to Christmas. Kevin is taking a shower. Raven, Paul, Cody, and Josh are just wandering the house. They shower, dance, listen to music, general chatter about various topics, including messages from home. FotH.


9:00 PM BBT The HG are back from the Outback dinner. Mark had two beers and he says he’s never had two beers in his life. Mark says he’s tipsy and he asks Elena what her thoughts are. Elena doesn’t think he could hang with her for 10 minutes. Elena is told to put her microphone on and she says please suck my asshole. We hear Elena and Elena says production!  Alex goes up to the campsite area and lays down on her back and now she can’t get up because of her backpacks. She says she’s a turtle and asks Jason to help her. Jason says he’s too full and they should just lay there for a minute. We get intermittent FotH. Matt says his beer was gone in a combined 9 seconds.


9:05 PM BBT Mark says he’s drunk and he overate. Christmas asks Paul if he showered and he says not yet and apologizes. Paul asks what the set-up was like and Mark explains it. Christmas says the waitress wouldn’t talk to them. Josh is talking to Jason and Alex about their meal. Alex says they ate a blooming onion and lists the other stuff they ate. Plus their two beers. Josh says that’s a lot of food in one hour. Alex says they rushed them. Alex asked Josh what he did. He says he ate before they went out but he showered and that was about it. Josh is teaching Jason some Spanish.


9:10 PM BBT Josh helps Alex up and she heads into the HOH. Jason says she left her hat, they should take it to her. Jason says his belly hurts. Jason says it was Samuel Adams beer and the steak was good. Elena, Mark, Christmas, and Paul are in the WA. Paul is grooming and he asks if they are drunk because their conversation is boring. They are talking about how their bodies adapt to different living environments. Alex is back out and she’s dancing and Josh says she’s lit.


9:15 PM BBT Paul is debating on growing his hair out. Alex shouts out to Outback for a “lit” night. Josh asks why they rushed them and Alex says because they’re on a TV schedule. Alex says now they will make her do hot dogs. Jason grabbed Josh’s hand and was pulling his fingers and Josh is yelling. Mark comes upstairs to see what’s going on. Josh says no horsing around, where’s the call? We hear Jason, stop that! Cody has joined them upstairs. Christmas asks Paul while he’s showering what he did all night and he says not much. He says they did chat upstairs for a little bit and Cody tried to bake something.


9:20 PM BBT Christmas says Mark had to go to the WC halfway through the dinner. She also says Jason got caught trying to bring some blooming onion back. General chatter has ensued.


9:25 PM BBT Cody says ever since Jess left the cameras don’t follow him anymore. Alex says they were singing outside and they didn’t tell them to stop. Kevin asks Josh and Jason if tiger has a soft spot for Cody? Jason says she’s just trying to freak out Elena. Kevin says he’ll get involved too.

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