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Monday August 7, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Start: 9:15amBBT.



9:15am-9:30amBBT: Feeds return from a 10 minute fish break and we have HGs milling about in the SR and HoHR. Christmas and Josh in the SR talking about how they slept while changing batteries. He asks if the veto ceremony is today and she says yeah, they usually get us up earlier for that. She says Mark will be using the Veto and that's BS. She then says she has a great idea. Put her up instead of Raven. Josh gives her a look. "Listen. I had a really good speech. Mark walks in and their chat stops. Josh says, "I don't think so" then Christmas says she has to pee, so bad. Josh holds the door for her as they exit the SR leaving Mark behind. Christmas thanks him and says that this is the hardest door to open for her. Meanwhile, Cody in the KT drinking water. BB tells Paul and Jess that there are fresh batteries in the SR. Jessica is up and off to get her battery.. Paul down from HoHR to get his. Kevin & Jason talking about how long they have been in the house. Jason is shocked and says it's crazy. Feeds switch to Christmas and Josh in the WCA. We come in mid-convo:

Christmas: They will use it against you.
Josh: I know.

Christmas: And it's like too soon for her to go up as a pawn. 

Josh: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know because in the DR they are like, "Is she disposable to you? (Raven)

Christmas: That's so funny because like 2 days ago, before Elena changed her attitude, Elena said "Just going up as a pawn makes me feel disposable" She used that word exactly.

Josh: That's funny. And then they say that in there. I don't know. No I don't want to put you up. I don't feel comfortable doing that.

Christmas: Going up against Elena and Jess? Like-

Josh: Yeah but I don't feel comfortable doing that. I mean, Raven. I know Raven is going to use that against me, and Matt but I know she wants to go up now because it's completely safe.

Christmas: She wants to go up now because it's safer now than later.

Josh: Yeah they like want to go up. How stupid would it look if I put my closest ally up on the block?
Christmas: But does everyone need to know we're closest allies?

Josh:I need to take a deuce.

Christmas: Okay. I'm proud of you.

Josh: Yeah we'll think of something. Either Matt or Raven, I really don't care. Paul's sick and tired of them too. We were talking about it last night.

Christmas: Dude! Paul Mark and ELena were playing in that HN room last night. 

Josh: Really?
Christmas: Yeah! 

Josh: I was like, "I really really want Elena out, bad" and they were like "It's just Sunday night now. 

Cody comes in to use the WC and convo starts breaking up.

Josh: In the APSR (What we call the lounge/wave room) for a long time. Him, Mark and Elena. Josh heads upstairs.


9:30am-9:45amBBT: In the DBR, Jason tells Kevin, "Well they would be having lunch in Boston right now. Kevin says who he thinks would be at the beach and who wouldn't in his family. Christmas scoots on into the room and Kevin asks, "How you doing, Tree?" She says she is tired. He told her to go back in there and she says she can't because the Veto meeting will be at like 11 and she has to make breakfast. Asks Kevin if he wants his birthday breakfast. She offers to make him an egg sandwich. He asks if she wants him to wait here or go to the KT with her. Christmas asks if he wants coffee too. "Black, 2 sugars" says Kevin. Christmas heads off to make Kevin his birthday breakfast. Kevin says he is going to try to get 5 more minutes of sleep before she comes back. Kevin, Jason and Alex are all laying in bed. Christmas is starting Kevin's food and Cody is getting coffee. Chatter in DBR talking about after the game and outside the house. Cody takes his coffee to the RBR.  Christmas brings Kevin his coffee and heads back to the kitchen. Cody is in the KT drinking his coffee and there is silence between he and Christmas. BB getting more stern with Jess & Maven about the bedroom lights. Cody heads outside with his food and coffee. Feeds are now on a very quiet DBR and Cody outside.


9:45am-10:00amBBT: Christmas brings Kevin his birthday breakfast sandwich and because he was asleep, she asks if he wants her to wrap it up. He says, "No no no no no. Man that was quick." He offers to split it with her and she says no she will make her own later. Cody heads into the RBR after rinsing his dishes to wake up Jessica. Kevin starts singing so we have 4 cameras of Cody and Jess in RBR for a second before they go back to DBR. General chatter in the DBR with Christmas and Kevin talking about how they slept and such. Cody heads back out and hits the exercise bike with his coffee. Kevin gives Christmas half of his sandwich and they eat and jabber a bit about the weather.Jessica comes out and Kevin asks for a hug. He mentions that for his birthday all he wants is everyone to eat together tonight at 7pm,, spaghetti and meatballs. Jess says "Count me in". Christmas heads over to RBR to grab something and Kevin mentions how well she is driving the scooter. Christmas says that it's getting better. Cody called to the DR. Christmas back in the DBR and sitting with Kevin on his bed. He asks how her foot is and she says it's a little sore but she will go take her meds when Cody comes out of the DR. She asks if he is going to play pool today. He says that he won't during the day because it gets too cold. Other feeds show WCA and Jessica messing with her face. Kevin is singing while finishing his sandwich with Christmas. They talk about Paul sleeping upstairs with Josh. Jessica is now sitting on the floor in front of the mirror popping zits before putting on her makeup. Kevin talking again about how he wants everyone to sit around the table eating together, for the memory. Says he is going to tell them that they are the dirty dozen and then he is going to go around and tell everyone the nick name he has for them, He asks her if she wants him to tell them his private nickname for her or his game nickname. She says she doesn't know which is which. Tree and Carolina are the ones he calls her all the time. He runs down possible nicknames for each HG.


Finish: 10:00amBBT


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10:08PM BBT All 4 cams on Elena telling a story about a drink that is made with sperm.


10:15PM BBT Elena saying she can't wait to be back on regular food so she can get her curves back. Josh and Kev move to play pool.


10:25PM BBT Elena gets out of the HT and shows Mark and Paul her pooch (she is pushing her stomach out). She announces she doesn't have a towel and Mark offers to get her one.


10:32PM BBT At the HT Jason is asking Josh if he has seen The Princess Bride. Jason says that Josh sounds like Andre the Giant. Paul is dropping names of people he hangs out with.



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10:40 PM BBT Alex, Matt, Mark, Raven in kitchen. Alex trying to remember some details from How I Met Your Mother, but she is making no sense, and others have started other conversations while she continues on. No one is listening to her.

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10:45 PM BBT Cody and Jessica in the Storage Room. Looks nice and restocked. Jessica asks if Cody cares one way or another about fake nails. He says it doesn't matter, that's just stuff girls do that girls care about and most guys don't care.


Cody says he values his privacy, but there's none here in the house. (duh) 

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10:55 PM BBT Elena may or may not have eaten a very small piece of a cookie. Production said "Elena!" 


She licked her fingers after handling the cookies. I think that was all she got. Elena is the only one in the house that's a have-not.

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10:37PM BBT Paul complaining that he has hit the peak in the game and the other half he will just be an a**hole. He tells Josh to go feed the fish.


10:43PM BBT Alex is explaining how the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" ended to raven and Matt. Matt grunts a few uh-huh at her. In the HT Elena is saying she wants to go to bed because she doesn't want to think about food. Elena says the only one who got off of HN was Paul. She got 2 weeks.


10:56PM BBT Mark and Elena in the KT. Mark asks her if she just ate crumbs off of the counter. She says no but he laughs and says she did.



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11:07PM BBT Raven fixing up her hair in the WCA. Elena has a face mask. No game talk.


11:26PM BBT Alex tells Kevin that Raven is looking for info. Kev tells her that Cody has no interest in putting her up if he wins HOH. He says that Cody promised he wouldn't put up Alex, Jason, Paul or Kev. He says let's have a couple of good weeks.


11:38PM BBT Cody and Jess in the hammock. In the WCA Jason is getting ready for bed. Elena, Raven and Mark gen chit chat.


11:44PM BBT Alex, Jason and Kevin in the GBR. Jason hides something from Alex and she hits him on the side. She leaves the room. Kevin talks to Jason about the deal with Cody.



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