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Saturday August 5, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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Attempting to update from 12:00am-HG going to bed.


12:00amBBT: HGs waiting to eat because the SR hasn't opened yet and the HN's are getting anxious. They can hear noises in the SR, meaning BB is still restocking. at 12:02 the SR is finally open and Alex is going nuts. Raven, Alex, Mark, Jody all in the SR trying to decide what they want to eat. Raven is making Digornio for everyone. Christmas wants to make egg sandwiches for everyone. Cody excited that the turkey is Boar's Head [Boar's Head is amazing quality deli meat. Their Genoa Salami is the best! ~PaganMom] 


12:05amBBT: Still raiding of the SR going on, while Christmas is starting to cook and Raven is tossing the pizzas in the oven. Alex is dancing in the SR while eating an apple. Kevin is going through the cabinets in the SR while singing. This causes all 4 feeds to return to the kitchen. Raven is now cooking eggs for Paul and Mark. Two cameras go back to the SR and Alex hiding a bottle of Coke under the bottom cabinets saying, "America, want to see a trick?". All cameras and HGs are now in the kitchen. A lot of food being cooked and consumed. Alex and Mark run back into the SR for bread. Mark then heads into the HN room. He appears to be looking for Elena.  




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l will be updating until 10amBBT.


7:00amBBT: All of the HGs are huddled under the covers.


8:00amBBT: All four feeds are on sleeping HGs. Raven and Matt move a LOT, so there is noise but not anything interesting.


8:36amBBT: Alex went to SR (I think, camera didn't change) and then back to bed.


9:03amBBT: We have WBRB/Fish.


9:14amBBT: Feeds are back. BB: Good morning houseguests, it is time to get up for the day. (No one moving) There are fresh batteries in the storage room. The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.


9:15amBBT: It seems Jason heard Big Brother, as he has exchanged his battery. Heads back to the DBR while fixing said battery. BB repeats that the lights must remain on during the day so Jason turns on the DBR light before getting back into bed. Kevin decides to get up and the other cameras show Josh moving around in his bed but not getting up.


9:17amBBT: Kevin heads to the WC. Barely wets his hand (yes, one) to wash up after using the BR. 


9:19amBBT: BB: Paul, Josh, Mark, Raven, Jessica, Elena, Cody, Christmas, there are fresh batteries in the storage room. Please change your batteries. Kevin laying in bed. Elena up and off to the SR for a battery change. Two cameras still on Josh in the HoHR, not moving.


9:22amBBT: Elena heads to the WC (Doesn't wash her hands after) Mark up they pass in the KT as he heads to WC and she heads back to HNBR. And there is our first audible fart of the morning from Mark. [Thank goodness Smellavision hasn't been invented yet! ~PaganMom] Mark didn't wash his hands either.


9:25amBBT: Mark off to SR to get a battery then off to the HNBR. BB: Paul, Josh, Raven, Jessica, Cody Christmas, please change your batteries.


9:31amBBT: Houseguests, please report to the lockdown in the HoH Room.


9:32amBBT: Josh emerges from the HOH room to get new batteries, Matt comes from the RBR to the KT. Jason & Kevin are whispering asking if it's a joke about the lock down. Raven to the WCA. Alex up and grumpy. Josh in the SR. Kevin says this is the best room because you can see everyone. Kevin still asking if the lock down is real, Jason & Alex tell him it is.


9:36amBBT: Kevin says he is going to go into the storage room to ask because he doesn't believe that it's a lock down. Everyone up and about between the WC, KT and SR. Kevin making his bed.


9:38amBBT: Kevin doing ADLs in his room, Matt making coffee in the KT, Jody in the RBR, oh no, they went to the HNR. Kevin asks why they went into the HN room and Jessica says because it is time for Have Nots. Jess/Kev in the KT. Josh, Jason, Alex, Raven, Matt and someone else in the HoHR  (can't tell who, they are under the covers).


9:42-9:44amBBT: Christmas called to the DR. Kevin asking Jess & Cody if there was a confirmation to go to the HoHR. Cody asks if he thinks it was just to wake everyone up. Kevin talks about what happened when Jason was called to the DR last night. He got into the first door and before he hit the second door, you hear him yell, come barreling out and grabbed the pitcher of cold water from the fridge and dumps it all over Alex. She painted his finger nails while he was asleep. Xmas asks Kevin to carry some things upstairs for her and he does while she heads to the DR. Everyone else in HoHR now.


9:45amBBT: All 4 cameras on the HoHR room. Camera 4 is on the Bathroom area, and suddenly zooms in on face scrub. Then zooms in on the fish tank.


9:47amBBT: Everyone except for Kevin, Jessica, Cody and Matt are trying to go back to sleep. These four are eating and/or drinking. Christmas is heading up the stairs now to join the HoH crew, just ask Cody asks, "Who are we missing?" Jessica says that Christmas was getting her meds. Jessica gets up and holds the door for Christmas. Matt offers her his seat and she says she is going to take a shower. 


9:49amBBT: Fishies/WBRB.


10:07amBBT: Feeds back. Josh "Houseguests, congratulations. There will be no have nots this week, except for Elena who got the Extention chip last week. Everyone cheers. Cody runs to the HN and takes back all of their stuff and puts it back in the RBR. "Thanks Big Brother, we needed that!" with a big smile on his face.

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4:01PM BBT Paul and Xmas talking to Josh. He is telling Josh that Cody is using his emotions against him. Paul says that nothing he has said to Cody was personal and it was all game related. Josh telling he understands but Paul won't let go. He and Xmas keep going over and over. Xmas says she told Jess it was nothing personal in the game. And we get kitty cam..possible veto time.



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6:28PM BBT Feeds are back. Xmas talking to Josh. She is complaining because Cody didn't hold the door for her and she is on her scooter. She is telling Josh that he may need to put someone else up. Sounds like Mark won the Veto. Alex comes in and says that she thinks "he" won't use the veto. Xmas says that Mark needs to stay on the block to show he is no longer with Cody.


6:33PM BBT Xmas and Paul talking. Xmas tells Paul that Josh has spoken with Mark and thinks Mark will not use it.


 6:36PM BBT Mark, Josh and Raven in the HOH room. Raven telling Mark that she knew he could do it. All it required was for hi to have a positive attitude. Josh says and being  a man and owning you messed up. Mark says he has to go wash his ears again that they still have mud in them.



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6:47PM BBT Paul goes to HOH and tells Josh congrats on his win (Mark won). He tells Josh to listen to him because he is there to keep Josh straight. He tells Josh to have a Veto speech all ready and send Jess and Cody out how he wants. Don't let Cody interrupt him (Cody isn't on the block) and tell him "I am HOH and you don't speak over me".


6:50PM BBT In the KT Paul has come down and Alex talking quietly. She said she is going to tell Jess not to worry and that she will take care of Cody for her. Raven says she is going to pull out cat ears from under her backside. Paul tells her to wink at her too.


6:53PM BBT Josh and Elena talking. Josh just said they played OTEV and the is one of the biggest comps. Xmas comes in and says sorry she couldn't compete.


6:54PM BBT In the WCA Xmas comes in to Elena and tells her she is confused why Jess will talk to Elena but not her. Raven comes in and says she has the same issue. She says she talks to Jess but it doesn't matter.

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7:01PM BBT In the wave room Josh telling Mark if he doesn't use the veto it will show the house that he is no longer with Cody. He asks Mark what he thinks and as soon as Mark starts talking Josh cuts him off. Mark says he appreciates Josh giving his word but this is Big Brother and he doesn't want to pack and he has never seen someone not use the veto on themselves (hello Marcelles - Kekila). He says he has shown them where he stands when he didn't flinch on being the pawn.


7:15PM BBT Josh and Mark rehash the veto comp. Cody and Jess snuggling in the RBR. Jess is sad that she did not win.


7:20PM BBT Elena comes into the wave room to ask a question. Josh asks her why she is upset. She says she is fine but has a migraine. Josh asked if he can borrow her shirt sometime. She says sure but it's a woman's maternity shirt. He says it will look great with his ripped black jeans.


7:26PM BBT In the KT Raven is cooking. HG coming in to start cooking. Matt working out.

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 7:29PM BBT Kevin telling Xmas and Paul about when he was being watched after his Dad was caught. He says they were constantly harassing him and pulling him over. He explained how they pulled him over in a snow storm and the cams change.


7:33PM BBT COdy has cut up chicken in the KT. HE is washing the cutting board. Raven roaming around. Matt at the counter. She is flirting with Matt.


7:36PM BBT Raven back to stirring the boiling water. Matt throws something at her. She tries to hit him with the spatula she was stirring with (straight out of the water). She then hugs him around the neck and tells him she will take him out.


7:50PM BBT Just general chit chat. No game talk. Raven and Matt still in the KT.

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10:10 AM BBT Mark and Elena go back to the HNR and Mark says Elena is almost there and she says no I’m not. Cody and Jess are in the RBR making up their bed. Cody says he loves this HOH, so far. Cody looks at Matt and Raven’s bed and says gross, they should cover that up. This is a family show. Jessica says every time her and Paul talk she thinks he’s making crap up.


10:15 AM BBT Cody and Jess are making out and general chatter. Mark goes up to the HOH with Josh and is going to take a shower. Matt and Raven in the KT.


10:20 AM BBT Jess and Cody still in RBR not really talking, just the occasional slurpy kiss. Kevin, Mark, Jason, and Alex in the DBR general chatter.


10:25 AM BBT Jess asks if it comes down to Mark and Elena going home, who would you vote for. Cody says if the house is targeting one, he will vote the other way just to spite the house. Jess likes that strategy. Jess thinks this week might be a D/E and Cody says that means it’ll be another luck competition. Jess says it’ll be a true/false.


10:30 AM BBT Kevin is talking about some of our previous wars. Cody pulls Jess into a hug and loops his leg over her. Kevin is talking about World War II. Josh is in the DBR with Mark and Alex and Kevin. Josh doesn’t like staying upstairs by himself. He says he got good sleep though.


10:35 AM BBT Cody hopes they show Josh’s speech. He laughs and starts stuttering and says Jessica ruined his speech. Cody says it’s great they took his power away. Cody says he’s a buffoon. Jess says dear God please let Cody get picked today. Cody says God, sorry for all the cursing. Alex is called to the DR. Kevin says Alex, will you talk to them and see if we can turn the light out for another. Tell them we all voted and it’s ok.


10:40 AM BBT Cody likes the house has isolated them. Cody says he’s happy they are targets. Jess says yeah I’m only losing hair over it and Cody says no you’re not. Jess says she was kidding. Matt and Christmas are in the KT talking about their dating life. Kevin is told to put his microphone on. Cody says it’s funny how they recognize Jessica’s strength and how after they knew she wanted to win on her the anniversary of her father’s death and they were still giving her punishments and saying it was just game. Cody says they wouldn’t have done that with a weaker woman and Jess says they are morons.


10:45 AM BBT Cody goes to the WC and Mark is in the WA. Cody says small victories this week. Mark says it’s going to be a rough week. Cody says Josh is just mad because they stripped him of his power and he doesn’t have any power now. He can’t even vote. Mark says we’ll see what happens with this veto. Cody says they are just trying to pit us all against each other. Matt says they are trying to find out what kind of guys Christmas likes so they can find her a guy in Miami as Josh comes back in to eat his egg sandwich. Alex is out of the DR and in the DBR with Jason and Kevin.


10:50 AM BBT Josh says Christmas is such a strong woman that she needs a strong man who will put her in check. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are talking about the temptation comp and Jason says he was imagining Tonto on a white horse with a crow on his head and Alex asks whose Tonto? Kevin says Tonto wasn’t on a white horse. Kevin asks if guys were jumping at him and Alex asks if they scared Jason at all. Jason says no, he wasn’t actually scared. Alex says she was scared. Cody is called to the DR.


10:55 AM BBT Jason says he was totally panicked, he’s going to look like a moron. Alex asks if Jason was upset about the have-nots and he says he didn’t give a crap. Christmas is called to the DR.

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11:00 AM BBT Kevin tells Jason Elena is a pain in the butt. He says she thinks the show was made for her and should have been called Big Elena Brother. Cody walks through and they start talking about the lights. Matt is in the WA with Christmas and says yesterday was a tough day. Christmas is trying to get ready for the DR and she calls Josh into the WA.


11:05 AM BBT Christmas said Paul still wants her to use her temptation but Paul doesn’t know Josh knows about her temptation. Josh says Paul didn’t see it before but he sees it now and it was epic. Christmas says if Elena wins veto she will use it on herself and he needs to talk to her about not using it on herself. Christmas says do you want me to tell Paul you don’t want me to use it? Josh says he will say he didn’t want her to use because they might need it down the line. Josh says there are three targets on the block and even if one comes down they can still get another out and go again next week. Josh thinks Paul is seeing it about Elena. Christmas says yeah but Paul has had private conversations with Elena and he’s not giving a lot of information. Josh wants Elena out. Christmas is called to the DR. Matt goes to use Josh’s WC. Josh is going to go lay down. Mark is shaving and doing ADL’s in the HOH WA. Josh goes upstairs and Mark thanks him for letting him use his shower.


11:10 AM BBT All is quiet around the house and we get the HG must be awake from 10am to 10pm. Mark and Josh chatting. Mark says if Jess wins that’s the worst case scenario. Paul is laying in the HOH bed and Josh gets in and puts the headphones on. We can hear the music because it’s so loud.


11:15 AM BBT Raven is in the WA doing her hair. FotH. Matt comes downstairs really quick and Raven says she’s going to wait and wash her hair after she sees who is picked for veto. Raven says she was called out for sleeping. Matt goes through to the RBR and says Raven come here. Then says this is how much production likes you and signals to Alex, Jason, and Kevin, who are all sleeping. FotH. Cams come back and all 4 are on Raven and the memory wall. Raven is looking into a mirror next to the memory wall.


11:20 AM BBT Josh is told to turn his music down. Matt puts Raven on the counter in the KT next to the stools and they make-out. They decide to go upstairs and go into the HOH room. Matt asks Josh if Paul could have taken up any more of the bed. Josh says maybe. Raven gets mouthwash straight out of the bottle and then spits it into the sink without rinsing it. Raven grabs a blanket and lays on the couch. Matt is going to shower.


11:25 AM BBT Cody and Jess are in the RBR. Cody is sitting up and Jess is laying down napping. Alex, Kevin, and Jason are in the DBR all napping. Elena is in the have-not room. Josh and Paul are in bed in the HOH. Paul is napping and Josh is listening to music. Raven is laying on the couch in the HOH and Matt is in the shower and Mark is getting dressed. Christmas is in the DR. Everything is quiet around the house still. Mark is told to put on his microphone. HG must be awake between the house of 10am and 10pm. Mark comes back to HOH and says everyone is sleeping.


11:30 AM BBT Mark asks if Paul is up and he doesn’t move. Mark asks Josh if he knows what Paul puts in his guac or where he keeps his hot sauce and Josh has no idea. Mark heads back out.


11:35 AM BBT Cody and Mark in the WA. Cody says he’s going to get the morning scrub in. They talk about everyone being asleep. Christmas is out of DR and greets Mark. Mark says we’re the only people up right now. Josh is called to the DR.


11:40 AM BBT Christmas is heading upstairs to the HOH and Josh is getting ready to head down and goes back to his HOH room until Christmas gets up there. Josh asks into his microphone if he can get a size 13 slipper, or the biggest size they have because the ones they gave him don’t fit. Mark is in the SR getting a banana.


11:45 AM BBT Mark is cooking himself breakfast. Matt is out of the shower and is dressed. Matt is told to put on his microphone.


11:50 AM BBT Jason is back up. Matt asks Christmas if she needs helps with anything. He helps her with something and then says you’re welcome. Jason asks what time it is and Mark answers.


11:55 AM BBT Mark tells Jason it’s so good to make a plate of eggs again. Jason is going to fix himself something. Jason says he might take a shower too. He wanted to sleep but he couldn’t and he’s starting to get a headache. Mark says coffee is ready, he has his banana but he needs the peanut butter. HG must remain awake between the hours of 10am to 10pm. Jason says everyone is tired today. Mark says especially after yesterday.

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12:00 PM BBT Jason asks if Josh is still in the DR and Mark says yeah. They thought it would be quicker and they’d pick for veto players. Josh is out of the DR and goes to the RBR to tell Jessica good luck. He shakes her hand. Josh goes into the KT with Jason and Mark then heads to the WC. Cody is out of the shower. Jessica is called to the DR. Josh thinks the veto will be after hours. Josh goes to the HOH and asks when he thinks the veto will be. Matt says between 2-4. FotH.


12:05 PM BBT Josh asks Matt if he likes Kanye. Matt says he likes some of the old stuff, but not the newer stuff. Josh says it’s a good album. Josh says new rap has gotten more mainstream. Cody is now cooking breakfast. Jason heads upstairs for his turn at the shower.


12:10 PM BBT Matt lays down on the other end of the HOH couch. Mark says it’s so weird to take vitamins again. Cody says his mind is on the veto. He’s going to lose his mind. Mark says tough situation. Cody says I don’t want to lose her. Mark says he knows. Kevin is up and comes into the KT and remarks on how quiet it is. Christmas is out of the shower. Jess is now up and around. She gives Cody a hug and kiss and he asks if she wants anything to eat and she says no thank you. Mark says Elena and Alex are still asleep and Kevin is in the WA. Mark is called to the DR. Christmas says she is exhausted and wants to know what time they went to bed last night. Matt says maybe 4am.


12:15 PM BBT Christmas is coming downstairs to take her medicine. Cody is still cooking. Josh starts singing and we get FotH. Josh comes down and goes to the WA. Kevin is saying he’s going shave and then they can go and talk. Jess is doing something to her face in the mirror. Josh asks Jess how she feels. Jess says she feels like she has once chance to save herself in the game. It’s do or die now. No pressure. She’s going to go out and give it her all and if she loses that’s what was meant to happen. She’s fine. Josh says he wouldn’t have backdoored Cody, he would have put him straight out. He’s not one to do things cowardly. Jess says this game has the power to separate from the one person I care about for a couple of months and that’s what I’m fighting for right now. Jess says she doesn’t want to see any of the ones on the block go home this week so no matter who goes home it’s a loss for her. Josh says he gets it.


12:20 PM BBT Josh says it’s just a game and she’s a smart girl. And a smart girl. Woman. Josh says if he had went home the week he was on the block he thinks America wouldn’t have seen how strong he was. He says he and Cody are different and if he’s wrong he’ll admit it. He tells Jess he genuinely likes her and when she watches back she’ll see. But she stands by her man and who’s not going to respect that. Kevin is talking about people being paranoid and talking too much. Josh asks again if she’s ok and Jess says she’s fine. She’s come to terms with everything. Kevin and Christmas are talking in the RBR and Christmas says Elena tried to suggest other people as pawns who are better players. Josh tells Jess she’s been great and Jess says she wants to go out on a positive note. Josh says Jess came at him straight on and didn’t try to BS him and made it clear he was gunning for him. Kevin says it’s amazing Christmas has lasted as long as she has with a broken foot, especially after being on the block the first night and the first eviction. Josh asks Jess to go into the lounge room with him. Josh tells Jess he likes her but she crossed a line. He knew he was going to get nominated and he knew it from the moment she won, but she wanted him to hear it out. Josh lets Jess know he was going to put her up and it wasn’t for personal reason or what she said, he knows he deserves to be there and he made a mistake. But what happened between him and Cody didn’t happen between him and Jessica. He isn’t telling her not to stand by her boyfriend, she’s not playing him and going behind his back and he respects that.


12:25 PM BBT Josh says I don’t know what else to say. Jess says you don’t have to say anything, what happens in veto happens. Josh says he feels bad, the whole pots and pans thing and dancing around he was doing it on a game level. His intent was to make Cody not want to live with him. Cody says the attacks and words he doesn’t stand by. Jess says everyone says things they don’t mean and then use the game as an excuse and if the entire house has to go after 2 people, well I’m proud I was one of the two. Josh says he was by himself in the game, he was crying when he was on the block and people were making fun of him. He says he didn’t want to get out of bed, but he forced himself to do so for his parents. Kevin says the only thing scary in the haunted house was Josh being the HOH. Jess says Josh put two people on the block who are friends with them, but are not allies. Jess says they are being punished for not isolating them and she doesn’t agree with this horsecrap if someone is nominated don’t talk to them. Jess says Josh apologized and then went back on his word. Jess says the horsecrap of not talking to people who are on the block is pathetic and she doesn’t agree with that and then they punish people for talking to those nominated. Josh says they are nominated for his game that he’s not going to discuss with her. Jess says everyone wanted them nominated because they decided to be friends with Cody and Jess. Josh says he isn’t doing what everyone wants, he’s doing what he wants.


12:30 PM BBT Matt goes to the RBR and he says he just got out of the DR. Josh says Jess and Cody drew the line and Cody won’t talk to him, but they made it personal. Not Jess, but Cody said things to him on a personal level that will hurt his family. Josh says he could tell by his mom’s letter that he’s been getting bombed in the house. Mark goes into the RBR and talks with Kevin and Christmas. Jess says Cody is an old school kind of guy and Josh went for a golden apple and everyone hated him for that decision and in then attacked a female and Cody didn’t like that. Jess says Josh betrayed his entire team to be selfish and keep himself safe and he already had his agenda and he took away everyone else’s ability to be safe and that’s why Cody doesn’t like him and she thinks that’s two very good reasons not to like someone. Josh says it’s 45 days later and it was a game move. Jess says you can say it’s just a game, but it’s a cop out over and over. Jess says at the end of the day your character is what follows you outside of the house and your decisions represent your character, and that is not a game. Jess says she doesn’t want to get riled up she just wants to focus on veto. Josh tells her not to get riled up and focus on veto. Josh says me and him, it’s between us. Jess says boys will be boys. Josh says that’s all he wanted to hear. He tells her to clear her mind and do her thing and he asks for a hug and says if he’s asking for too much and she gives him a hug.


12:35 PM BBT Josh tells the camera that Jess and Cody are playing the game way too personal with him and he’s trying to make her feel comfortable and let her know she has a chance to save herself and they are coming at him with personal, personal, personal. Josh says this is why he steps back and lets the week play out, the veto play out. He wants the veto so he has control and Jess doesn’t want her closest friends out, but he doesn’t give two craps. He says she and her friends are shady and now one of them has to go. Josh says she wants to talk about my character and he’s loyal and if they don’t have his loyalty then they are getting played. Josh can’t stand Cody. Josh says we’ll see what happens when we have veto. Kevin, Christmas, and Mark are in the RBR talking. Kevin says apparently Josh’s meatball is going over because even Julie said it. Kevin says Josh called him meatball and Kevin told him he’s not Italian, he’s German and Irish. Josh wants to talk to Christmas. Kevin says upstairs? Josh says Paul is asleep and Kevin tells him to throw Paul out. They start to clear out of the RBR and Cody and Jess go back to their bed in the RBR.


12:40 PM BBT Jess doesn’t know if she just wants to enjoy the ignorance of not knowing what is going to happen or if she just wants to get this road on the show. Cody says show on the road and Jess says she always says it backwards. Josh tells Mark in the KT that he leaned down on slop and Mark doesn’t think so. Josh went to get his clean clothes from the SR. He goes back to the lounge. Jess wants a spelling comp and Cody says let me play! Cody says there are three words he can think of: strengthlessness, revolution, victorious. Jess was thinking of breathlessness. Christmas joins Josh in the lounge room.


12:45 PM BBT Christmas says she thought it was good for Jess to talk to Josh before things. Cody says Jess’s word is good. Christmas tells Josh she didn’t tell Jess the plan or clue her in but she wanted them to clear things with Josh. Cody starts to think of more lessness words, like ruthlessness. Josh tells Christmas he pulled Jess into the lounge room and he couldn’t tell her his agenda and he told her it’s not personal, it’s all game. He says he apologized and Christmas says stop doing that, you don’t have to apologize. Josh says Jess started bringing up personal stuff and Christmas says you need to shut that down. Josh says she keep making it personal and Christmas says she does that. Josh says when she went personal he just told her good luck, clear your mind, and go for veto. Josh says he can’t talk to her anymore or him anymore because they are still the targets of the house. Christmas says he needs to go to everyone in the house and ask them if they have his back next week. She says he needs to start asking for favors.


12:50 PM BBT Josh reiterates to Christmas he doesn’t want her temptation used. Christmas says they don’t need it this week and she thinks him and Mark are getting along well enough. Christmas feels there are more important players and if Elena isn’t there Mark is going to her or Alex. Jess asks what Cody is thinking about and Cody says he’s just thinking about the veto. Jess says that’s good. Jess says it’s only fair. Paul has a dog but his dog chases his own tail and eats his own crap and I have a dog, but he’s a pitbull and eats blood. Cody says he only eats things that used to have a mother. Josh wants Elena out so bad because she’s trying to make him look like a liar. Josh is re-hashing Jessica’s conversation again. Jess says if Cody’s name gets picked, she’ll feel like she has it in the bag. Cody says we do good when we compete together. Jess says 4 out of 5 and Cody says phenomenal. Cody says the F’ing golf game doesn’t count. We knew beforehand that a chance competition is just a chance competition. Christmas thinks Matt and Raven will vote for Elena and Josh says he will flip Paul.


12:55 PM BBT Christmas tells Josh to not exclude Paul from conversations but see what he wants to do. Christmas trusts Paul, but she thinks Paul is protecting Elena. Josh says yeah because Elena isn’t coming after Paul. Josh says he’ll tell Paul he has his back 1000% and she’s targeting me and that’s not good for my game. Christmas says and she’s not trustworthy. Christmas asks Josh what Alex had to say yesterday and Josh tells her Alex was making it personal and he starts to re-hash a very personal story Alex told him and we get FotH. When we come all four cameras are on Jess and Cody. Christmas tells Josh that Kevin is up for voting Elena out. Josh thinks he’ll be ok next week. Christmas says there is still a house full of targets. Christmas says just wait until after veto though because he can’t expose his agenda yet. Josh doesn’t think Paul sees that Elena is working with them. Josh says they’ll tell Paul he doesn’t want the temptation used because Josh has three targets on the block. Christmas says if Paul starts spitting out scenarios then they’ll just shut it down.

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1:00 PM BBT Josh says Paul wants Jess out for his game but that’s not my agenda. Christmas says make it clear Josh supported Paul what his agenda was and he should do the same for Josh. Christmas says it’s a win-win no matter what. Cody says he’s better than a pitbull. He says in World War I the Germans faced off against the marines and they were so fierce they called them Teufel-Hundin which means Devil Dog and that’s where the term devil dog comes from. (True story in case you’re interested) Jess says so I have a devil dog. She likes it. Christmas asks Josh if Paul walked in on Elena and Jessica in the WA. Cody says we’ll have a kid, a devil pup. Jess says that’s so bad to call a baby, but also kind of cute. Cody hopes his name will be pulled just because of the sheer terror it will cause them.


1:05 PM BBT Jess says there are 12 names in there, no HG choice. Cody thinks it’s a 16.66% chance of one of their names being drawn. Josh asks Christmas when she thinks it will go down, maybe 5? Christmas says it will depend on what it is. Paul is awake and Josh is going to talk to Paul about Christmas’s temptation. Josh says he doesn’t want it to be used because he has three targets on the block and to be honest he’s gunning for Jess and Elena. He doesn’t think it’s ideal to use it when he has people who are gunning for him. Josh says Elena and Jess are his targets this week, he wants Jess and Cody out of the game and they are still making it personal with him. Josh says Elena lied, tried to make him look like a liar, she’s manipulative, and she’s not trustworthy. Josh says at this point he doesn’t give a crap because they voted to evict him. Paul says yeah, it’s your HOH do what the F you want.


1:10 PM BBT Josh says what do you think. Paul says he personally thinks if Jess went home this week that’s the best move and the back-up move is ring. But if she uses the ring it makes the chances of Jess going higher, and if you ask him that’s the best move. Paul says and if you look at jury Jess would vote against you out of spite, as will Cody, but he thinks Elena will make a fair decision. Paul thinks about that stuff when no one else sees that because he watched it happen last year. Christmas says that’s a fair point. Paul says Jessica and Cody will vote the same just because they think as one, which is stupid in his opinion. Paul says Jess is a stronger player than Elena and Josh says no she isn’t. Josh says Elena has the power to manipulate words and Paul says so does Jess and Josh says no she doesn’t. Josh says Elena is disloyal because she throws Paul’s name out at the drop of a hat when her game is in jeopardy, and she turned on Jess and Cody and that makes her disloyal. Christmas tells Josh to think about, think through options, and thing about jury and if you want me to use it look at me and blink real hard or give me a sign. Paul says look at it this way, if we win POV and Jess is still on the block, so is Elena. Josh says he has their votes 1000% and if the house turns against them, Josh will stand with them. Josh says they made it personal with me.


1:15 PM BBT Paul says he can’t see a scenario where it’s better to use Christmas’ temptation more than now to secure jury. Christmas says it’s highly unlikely Cody or Jess will get pulled, but it’s Big Brother you never know. Paul says if they get pulled and Christmas stands up and takes it away it will shake them. Christmas says Jess or Elena could still win veto. Paul still thinks Jess is far more of a threat than Elena. Paul says Jess and Cody are a power couple and they can steam roll and we’ve seen it. Josh says but even if Jess stays the whole house still wants them out. Paul says yeah but then we target them again instead of just one. Cody says Jessica needs to get sustenance in her. Cody just likes standing side by side in competitions with her because everyone is terrified of them. Paul says it’s your HOH do what you want. Josh says he doesn’t want it used because he has three people personally for his game that can go.


1:20 PM BBT Jess and Cody are in the SR looking for what Jess wants to eat. Christmas says it would really be fun to see all three of them stay up there. She kind of hope Cody does get picked so she can use it just to stir the pot. Christmas, Josh, and Paul are now talking in circles and just repeating themselves.


1:25 PM BBT Christmas, Paul, and Josh are still talking. Christmas says if Mark and Elena were smart, they’d pick her to increase their own chances on winning. Paul says he has heard they will pick him or Alex so they have strong players. Kevin, Josh, and Jason are in the lounge room talking. Kevin is telling Alex they should get rid of Jessica and pull in Cody with him, Alex, Jason, and Paul and they can get rid of Mark and Elena, then Matt and Raven, then Christmas and Josh and they can be top 5 and then they can take Cody out. Alex doesn’t want Cody around that long. Kevin says well after those 4, Matt, Raven, Mark, and Elena, then they can get rid of him. Jason doesn’t think Cody will agree to not go after Paul and Kevin says he will because he’s got Cody’s trust. Jason says Matt doesn’t care about being there, he just wants to make jury. Alex says that’s what he’s saying but Matt told Christmas after jury he’s going to switch his game up.


1:30 PM BBT Kevin says when Matt wins HOH it will be three seasons from now. Kevin asks Alex do you think Matt is going to beat you and Alex says I think he’s been throwing comps. Kevin says he’s not that intelligent, the man has the mannerisms of a sociopath. Mark says he’s as hit as a bird and Kevin says he can’t hit a golf ball. Kevin says F Elena, we’ll get Jess this week and Matt next week and then you don’t have to worry about. Kevin thinks it will be good television and America will be freaked out that Cody is with them. Alex says this game is not made to make an error. The first time you slip the whole game changes. Kevin says Cody is only going to stick around for 4 evictions. Alex says the longer Cody stays the more he can learn and that can be dangerous. Josh is called to the DR. Mark goes into the lounge. Christmas, Josh, Paul, and Matt are in the HOH and Christmas says we might be doing Jess a favor if we send her out. Matt says not to be mean, but what is there to like about him? Christmas says Cody and Jessica don’t agree on anything. Everything Cody likes, Jess thinks is gross. Christmas says Jess told her every conversation they don’t agree on anything, they are opposites.


1:35 PM BBT Paul says Cody claims to be a tough guy but yesterday Jess was going 3rd and Cody was going 7th and Cody whispered to her this is the longest we are going to be separated and he almost vomited. Matt says oh my God. Christmas says that is codependency. Christmas says what are they going to do when they get out? Christmas says Jess it just too L.A. and it hurts her heart that his is going to get broken. Matt says it doesn’t hurt mine because he’s just not a nice person. Paul doesn’t understand. He says every year it happens how you can throw an opportunity away for someone you didn’t know existed 2 months ago. Christmas says she threw away jury because she used her hex to stay together for one additional week. Matt says he ruined her game not once but twice. Paul says it’s just so bizarre. Paul says Jess says Cody is the only one who keeps her safe in the game and Paul says false, he’s the reason she’s in danger. Christmas says that was their strategy so she didn’t get backdoored. Kevin is talking about his daughters and says they are ladies. They would not act like the women in the house. He says except Alex.


1:40 PM BBT Alex can’t believe they had sex on TV. Kevin starts talking again about pulling Cody in. Kevin says Cody will be lost without Jessica and he can go to Cody and as long as he agrees not to put up Kevin, Jason, Alex, and Paul, then they can work together and if doesn’t agree he won’t let Cody rest. Kevin says he thinks they were bad? Cody will go to the DR and say Kevin was threatening him. Matt, Raven, Christmas, and Paul are in the HOH room talking. Paul says he walked in on Jess and Cody and they were making out and making noises and Christmas says they do it everywhere. Raven says when she grabbed his cock she was just like ok. Paul says have you never had intimacy before? Christmas says they’re literally humping on live feeds. Paul says they legitimately bang right? Raven says since like day 4. Christmas says yeah first week and then she said the other day he was holding out. Paul says Cody has such weird mannerisms. Christmas says it’s very militant, a lot of the military is like that. Matt says some of them and he has a friend who’s a green beret and he’s been in combat several times and he’s the happiest person he knows. He shouts out to Mark. Paul says Jessica says the government conditioned him to be that way, what does she even mean? Matt says it’s not like we’re cranking emotionless soldiers. Christmas says she has friends who were excellent military men and earned awards for doing their jobs so well, and that’s rare and they are normal. They start talking about Mark and Paul says Mark and his ex-girlfriend were abusive towards each other.


1:45 PM BBT Matt says Christmas and Raven are twinning right now, it’s kind of turning him on. Christmas says if she were a boy and wanted to pleasure herself she then proceeds to bring her legs up and tries to put her head down and she falls back and hits her head. Paul says that’s exactly what would happen. Jason and Mark are alone in the lounge room and Jason says he thinks Josh is going to shake the tree. Raven wants to know if veto will be a night competition. Paul thinks it will be OTEV or spelling. We get a camera on the DR door and then FotH. Time to pick players for the veto competition.

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2:13 PM BBT Feeds are back. Christmas and Elena are in the lounge room talking. Cody and Jessica are in the RBR and Cody is crying and Jessica is upset. She whispers it’s not over. Elena is telling Christmas she thinks they’re alike in a lot of ways and someone she can look up to. Elena says I know you used the temptation as a team thing. *CHRISTMAS HAS USED HER RING OF REPLACEMENT* Christmas knows she might be on the block next week if Cody wins HOH.


2:15 PM BBT Jess says it’s us against the house, it always has been. She says we knew if they couldn’t get you they’d come for me, we prepared for that. Elena says everything would have been different last week if they had made it different. Elena tells Christmas she made it clear to Jessica she couldn’t be associated with her or align with her. Cody is called to the DR and he says F you. Elena says she is 100% on board with getting them out. Christmas just felt they weren’t willing to work with anyone, they had their own agenda. Christmas says she used her safety to buy them one more week. Christmas says she could still win and Elena says she could and that puts me and Mark in a difficult situation and I could go home. Paul and Jason are in the SR and Jason says well we know it’s not the spelling comp if Christmas is in it. Christmas says she just wanted some excitement. Kevin talks to Jess and says he could take Cody in and look out for him if he wants to work with him if Jess leaves. Kevin thinks Cody deserves a chance.


2:20 PM BBT Jess thinks Cody has earned more than half of these people. Kevin says more than half. Kevin tells Jess even though you see people talking it doesn’t mean they are running things. Kevin says Cody and Alex are the top two players here and if Cody agrees to not put up him and the three others and none of them will put Cody up for four weeks straight. Kevin says if he gives me his word and I give him my word, my word is true. Mark is upstairs with Alex and Josh and they are talking about the strategy if it’s an over/under comp (a counting comp). Alex explains the strategy to Mark on having one play against Jess. Elena comes in and helps explain how the counting comps work.


2:25 PM BBT Christmas is in the WA with Jessica says she doesn’t have anything to say to Christmas and Christmas says I just want you to know it’s not personal. Jessica says to me it is personal because she used very sincere sweet things to her and you used your gift to take me out of this game instead of using it to defend yourself. Christmas says I told you what was going to happen if you used your gift and you used it and I get to use mine as I please. Christmas says I like you personal, but game-wise I think you have to learn how to separate the two. Jessica says she doesn’t have personal relationships with people who are two-faced. Christmas turns around and scoots away. She tells those in the KT, Paul, Kevin, Jason, Raven, and Matt showtime is over. Christmas says she doesn’t know how to separate personal and game. Christmas says she personally loved her but game wise it’s been awful. She says I told her if she used her hex what would happen and she used it and now it’s happening. Christmas says if she deserves to stay here over Mark and Elena, well I don’t know. Kevin talks to Jessica in the WA. Josh is now re-hashing his conversation with Jessica earlier in the HOH room with Alex, Elena, and Mark. Josh says she’s already thrown off and Cody’s emotional because he got thrown off. FotH.


2:30 PM BBT Christmas has joined the HOH room and she fills them in on her brief conversation with Jessica. Christmas says Cody locked eyes with her and he looked away first. Mark is grateful that Christmas pulled that out. Josh says she wasn’t my target! Christmas tells them Jessica was implying Mark and Elena weren’t saving. Christmas says Jessica is a great person and she’d hang out with her after the game, even though Jessica won’t want to hang out with her. Christmas says she has nothing more to say to Jessica game wise. Christmas says Jessica verbally attacked Josh, lied about everyone in the game, and both in jury will vote the same way. Josh says Jessica is playing the victim role so don’t mess with her in the veto and let her play and they can play for the win so she can’t play victim.


2:35 PM BBT Alex says Jessica is on the block because of her strategy. They start going over the veto comp again if it’s a counting game. Jess and Cody are in the WA and Kevin is getting ready to take a shower. Jess tells Cody that Christmas came in to talk to her and Jess said she had nothing to say to her and Christmas got upset about it. Cody says it’s funny how they always come to you. Cody says after taking a shot. Jess mimics can’t we all just get along. Cody says that’s what they want. Jess asks Cody if he’s ok and he says yeah. Kevin is now in the shower.


2:40 PM BBT Kevin is in the shower. Jess is doing her make-up and Cody is just sitting there. Alex, Elena, Mark, Christmas, and Josh are in the HOH still talking strategy for a counting game. Matt joins the HOH room. Kevin asks Cody if he wants to have kids one day and how many? Cody says as many as he can. Kevin says no kidding! He’s never had anyone say that to him. Cody says he wants as many as he can. Jason is called to the DR.


2:45 PM BBT Jess asks again if Cody is ok and he says he’s angry. She says she’s numb to it which is sad. Getting stabbed in the back is not something one should become accustomed to. Cody says that’s the thing, all she had to do was nothing like she’s been doing. Kevin is talking about their schedule with comps and days off. Paul and Raven join the HOH crew and they continue to strategize for a counting comp. Cody is in the WA drinking out of a 2-liter. Kevin says something about a burn or a mark. Jess says she has a mark on her shoulder from Christmas. Then says oh the irony. Cody says and a knife wound in the back. Jess says from the girl who wanted to get an apartment together. FotH. Jess is done with her make-up and her and Cody go back to the RBR. Jess says everyone in the HOH room plotting and talking crap again on Day 45. Cody says grown ass men afraid of a woman. Then he says but they should be.


2:50 PM BBT Jessica tells Cody that Christmas came into the WA and told her she needed to learn to separate game from personal and Cody says shut the F up and she said America gave her a gift and instead of using it to save herself she’s using it to send her home. And instead of using it to save her game and end hers, cool. Conversation over, move along. Paul says if it’s OTEV someone should follow her and try not to give her her own side. Josh says he doesn’t want to do that because he doesn’t want to mess with her. Cody asks Jessica how she performs better in comps? Relaxed? Jess says it doesn’t matter when it starts her nerves will go through the roof. Jess tells Cody Kevin wants to make a deal with him and explains the deal. She says Kevin wants Cody to walk the yard with him tomorrow to discuss it. Cody says he guesses his side is Jason, Alex and Jessica said Paul. Cody says no, he’s playing both sides. Cody says he will always be a target so he’s going to take out whoever he can. He’s not taking that deal and it will only put Kevin’s name in jeopardy. Cody says he will be their pawn if he takes that deal and he won’t do that. Cody says he has one chance to win HOH and after that they will try and backdoor him. Jess says yeah, pretty much. Cody says he essentially has two more weeks left.


2:55 PM BBT Cody just wants to take out Paul, Raven, Matt, Alex, Josh, or Christmas. Cody says figures that witch would conjure up her sorcery. So smug. Cody says she always tries to do this manly F’ing stare down with him. So dumb, yeah you’re so F’ing tough Christmas. He gets that she has to overcompensate because she thinks she’s a dude. Jess says her defense was Christmas told her if she used her temptation people were going to come after her and then she scooted away. Jess says she said people, not her. She said she didn’t look her in the eye and say if she used the temptation they were over. Cody says they do the same crap as Jess and Cody and they are cowards and they try to bully her. Cody says they wouldn’t do it if there was retaliation to be had. Cody says it takes a team to even attempt to take her out. Josh is upstairs in HOH telling them not to verbally abuse Jess, but he’s not going to allow them on his HOH and allow her to play the victim. Josh says she’s already blindsided. Jess says Christmas probably won’t be able to compete so she just has to go against Josh, Elena, Mark, and Alex and that gives her a 20% chance. Cody says she’s stronger than all of them in competitions.

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3:00 PM BBT Kevin comes into the RBR and asks where everyone is and Jess says the HOH. Kevin says why and Jess says because it takes them all to plot and plan the same thing for 45 days. Kevin is told to put his microphone on. Cody says he smells something burning on the stove, those F’ing idiots. Jess says good let it burn, let it all burn. Cody says the number of times he’s seen those idiots burn something like Josh leave something on the stove and go to DR. Jess says the funny thing is Christmas is going to need that ring at some point and she’s not going to have it. Christmas listened to Paul and thought it was a good idea to prove a point. It wasn’t strategy. Cody says it wasn’t from a position of strength, it was from a position of weakness. Upstairs in the HOH, Paul throws out a strategy if it’s a word comp. Paul says have one person looking for letters and the others can get their letters from him.


3:05 PM BBT Paul says one person should be finding letters and keeping an eye on Jess’s point value. Because if she locks in first and has more points she will win. Paul says spectators are not allowed to help. Mark says I don’t believe in verbally bullying people, you know how I feel about that, but for letters in a comp? I’m three times her size and will take a letter from her. Cody says he won’t talk game with anyone after this and for them to imply for him to help take out Mark and Elena? He’s not doing that. Paul suggests the comp could also be the black box and explains the comp to them.


3:10 PM BBT Alex heads out to get something to eat. Paul says if it’s none of those he doesn’t know what other veto it would be. Paul hopes it’s not OTEV because he wants to play in it. He says he will be crushed if it’s OTEV. Jess says no matter what happens she’s proud of everything they’ve accomplished there. Cody says same.


3:15 PM BBT Cody and Jess kiss some more and he wants to know how her lipstick isn’t coming off and she says I’m having a good day. Jess says it’s not over yet and Cody says he has faith in her, he just wanted to help her out. He doesn’t want to lose her. Cody says every time they go against something, it’s against all odds and she handles it like a champ and it makes his super proud to be her boyfriend. Jess says her mom will love how much he defends her. Cody asks if Jess thinks her mom is saying nasty things about the other people and she says oh yeah. Cody is sure support for Jess will be overwhelming.


3:20 PM BBT Cody says he got a small glimpse of outside the game and it just seemed more favorable for them than anyone else. Jess said that Kevin told her Josh was only going to make one of them a have-not but it doesn’t matter because they are the only couple in the house that when one of them is a have-not they are both have-nots. Josh is called to the DR and Jess says oh this is veto. Then says no they’ll call in Kevin. Josh tells Christmas he doesn’t want Mark or Elena to win and he wants to gun for it. Cody wants to come out of this and everyone on the outside be like those F’ing idiots. Christmas says if we don’t get Jessica out just know you and I are going up. Jessica feels like their relationship can hold a lot. Jess says when the world is trying to tear them apart, that’s when they are at their best. Josh wants the noms to stay the same. Jess says if she were watching the show she would love them because she’s a sucker for power couples. Jess says shocker! Raven is burning something. Cody says if Raven asks him to try something he will try it and spit it on the floor and say it tastes like crap. He says the only reason he’s kept the peace in the house is because of her. Jess says God help them.


3:25 PM BBT Jess says it smells so bad she can’t even pinpoint what that would be. Cody says it’s never been good on anything he’s watched to see a whole group attacking one person. Ever. He’s never said in any situation he hopes that army takes out that one F’ing dude. He laughs and says can you imagine the movie 300 if it was about a million Persians killed 300 men and the celebrated it? Well of course they should, it was a million men. Instead it was 300 men refusing to bow or kneel to a God king. One Spartan betraying other Spartans just to have more gold but losing his honor. All cams are on Jess and Cody. Jess says her bills are paid until the end of the show, so that’s nice. She says when she gets home she won’t have to worry about money for awhile. Jess says 9pm every night she’ll be watching live feeds. She’ll watch all the time but she’ll be watching to see what he’s doing. Cody says he won’t be in the RBR he’ll be in the HN room. Jess says she’ll watch 300 and Troy and Inglorious Bastards and think of him. Jess she’s glad it’s him staying in the house. She doesn’t care what anyone says.

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