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Friday August 4, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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8:17am BBT: Christmas and Josh in lounge rm talking, Josh says what ever we talk about is between me and you only. Christmas says i know i trust Paul but i want to know what you want to do and i was like yesterday i was like what do you want to do Josh? Christmas says just tell me what you want to do i am like a sounding board and Josh says i know.

 8:20am BBT: Josh says i am going to tell you this but not Paul cause he wont understand this but i want Elena out she is locked in with Cody and Jessica and others but i need her out she is a liar because i asked her why she voted me out and she lied to me so i need to backdoor Elena. He then tells her if Jessica or Cody saves themselves then Elena is going up and i want her to go.

8:26am BBT: Christmas and Josh still talking he says he is not going to tell Paul that he wants Elena out unless Cody or Jessica take themselves off the block then he will tell Paul that he wants Elena gone.Christmas tells him not to let Paul kick him out of his HOH rm and Josh says i know. Christmas tells him that Elena needs to be back doored.

 8:35am BBT: We get FOTH as BB tries waking the HG again.

8:41am BBT: Christmas and Josh still talking about how many voted they would need to get Elena out. Christmas says we will need 5 votes actually unless it is Jessica and Cody then it would be  four to four and you would break the tie. Josh says yeah that would work.

8:45am BBT: Christmas says she wants Elena out since she  tried getting her on the block with Cody so that people would vote her out. then feeds go to FOTH.

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10:23 AM Raven standing in bathroom talking to Paul Elana Christmas Matt and Mark that she died 2 different times on the operating table

10:25 AM Cody comes out of the bathroom ....Alex is asking if he flushed....Matt says he did and Alex says she didnt hear him...so She sends

Elena to check it out

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10:32 AM Cody Jessica Christmas Jason Josh and Alex are in the kitchen Josh is showing Alex some dance moves.

Josh is talking about how bad Marks Fars smell he said he had to get up and shower after Mark farted in the room saying he felt dirty


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8:27PM BBT Paul in HOH telling Josh that Jessica is the target. Josh says he isn't sure. Paul says 100% the right move. Josh says he wants Elena and Paul telling him no.


8:27PM BBT Paul in HOH telling Josh that Jessica is the target. Josh says he isn't sure. Paul says 100% the right move. Josh says he wants Elena and Paul telling him no.


 8:34PM BBT It appears that Cody may have won the comp. Mark and Elena in HN room.Mark asking who will go up next to him. Elena says she thinks it will be her. No one is confirmed yet on the 3rd nom.


8:38PM BBT Paul telling Josh that once they get Jess out they can BD Cody. He is pushing Josh to send Jess out. Paul tells him Elena after Cody and that is how it has to go.


8:41PM Cody won the competition and Jess lost. She will be the 3rd nominee.


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8:45PM BBT Paul goes downstairs. Josh talks to the cams and says that he is doing what is best for his game and Elena needs to go. He knows Cody and Jess are gunning for him and he is guning for them so ts respected. He says Elena is shady and he doesn't respect that.


8:47PM BBT Mark comes to HOH and Josh tells him that he and Elena are going up as pawns and he tells Mark to play the heck out of the veto.



8:54PM BBT Paul back to HOH. He tells Josh that he told one of the HG that he offered first but Josh had other plans. Josh tells Paul what he talked to Mark about.



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9:01PM BBT Elena in HOH and she tells JOsh he is HOH and can put her up for whatever reason but she isn't buying his "she is the best competitor" excuse. She knows she is a "pawn". She says her life in the house in jeopardy.


9:07PM BBT Elena is telling Josh that his reasoning isn't holding up. She is not the best competitor. She says she will go up as a pawn but she just wanted him to know that if his reasoning that she and Mark were the two votes against him is fair. She says according to math she is not the strongest competitor. Josh tells her that she is defensive and they have the votes.


 9:09PM BBT It's kitty cam time. Time for Noms. According to Josh it will be Elena and Mark on the block as pawns as he feels they are the strong competitors in the house (His words o them but Elena isn't buying what he is selling. So no sense guessing who will be nominated - lets guess how long noms will take?

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Josh says he needs Elena to be a pawn. She says it's his HoH. Josh calls Paul up to HoH. Josh tells Paul and Elena that he doesn't want to risk putting Paul on the block. Paul asks what Elena's suggestions. She has none, just concerns about flaws in his strategy. Paul says he's not HoH and not making game moves for ppl.


Josh implies she suggested nominating Alex and Paul. Elena denies this. She only explained the flaw in his reasoning - she's not a good competitor based on the results. She said repeatedly she is not more entitled to be in the game. Josh says either her or Paul going on the block.


Josh says Elena told him Paul and Alex were stronger competitors. She denies it. Elena admits she said Paul and Alex were strong competitors but never said they should go on the block.             


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10:24PM BBT Puppies. (looks like they're alternating between puppy and kitten rooms)


10:41PM BBT Feeds are back.  Mark and Elena were nominated to be on the block next to Jess.


10:44PM BBT Josh in SR talking to Paul, Matt, Raven saying "I want her out" (talking about Elena)


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10:42PM BBT We are back. Josh saying "you took a shot and missed" Mark gets a hug from Jess in the WCA. Josh in the SR with Raven., Paul and Matt. Josh is saying Elena has to go and Paul is telling him not before Jess.


10:45PM BBT Paul and Elena in the wave room. Elena tells Paul that she didn't have to talk to Josh but she will not allow him to say she said something when she didn't. Paul says that he doesn't want it to look like he has a hand in something.


10:49PM BBT Josh heads into the WCA and tells Jess that he wants to talk. Jess says that he needs to pick a mood and stay there. Josh say that he didn't say anything personal. He says when he was nominated she said he didn't deserve to be there. He says that Cody ruined her game and it is his opinion. Jess tells him she is fine. She is calm and taking and Josh tells her when she calms down then they can talk. Cody tells Josh that they do not need to talk. Josh keeps trying to Jess and Jess says that this is a game and she is fine. Josh keeps trying to tell her he is respectful and if she wants to talk.


10:59PM BBT Josh tells Jess if she felt disrespected he is sorry she felt that way but the HOH comp was strategy. Jess says she is fine and knows it was a game but that his behavior during the comp was not acceptable to her. He says it was strategy. He leaves for the KT.

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(Catching up from 11pm-12am here.)



11:10pmBBT: Alex makes her way up to HoHR as does Paul. Paul says that he just finished doing maaaaaaajor damage control. Says Mark is crapping himself but is keeping his cool, Elena is not. Paul rehashes the entire conversation. Then Josh tells the HoHR crew about Elena suggesting Paul go on the block. Josh tells everyone that he doesn't want a repeat of Monday. [He is the one that asked in the BY seating area if they should stop, before Paul came out and said that Production said to tone it down.  ~PaganMom]


11:15pmBBT: Paul and Matt mention how calm Josh has been today. They are discussing Jessica trying to play the sympathy card about her father dying. Paul asks who knew before Jessica won HoHR that it was the anniversary of her dad's passing and Raven & Josh say they did. Alex explaining to Josh that you don't get a pass for the crap that happens. Josh said that his hope for this week is that everyone leaves Jessica and Cody alone. Don't talk to them, don't harass them, just ignore them and send them home. Paul tells him that he is a soft hearted person and the others (Jody) are taking advantage of that. Paul keeps telling Josh he is talking too loud. 


11:20pmBBT: Josh says that if it comes down to it, he wants Elena & Jessica on the block. Matt reminds him that if Mark comes down, he has to replace him, but likes where Josh's head is at. The HoHR group agrees that if any of them get the veto they will not use it. Mark joins the group in HoHR and says if he gets HG choice in PoV draw he will pick Paul or Alex. Josh: When Jessica leaves I'm going to torment the (crap) out of him (Cody). I'm going to rip his head off. Paul: Don't say that. Josh: I mean in a light-hearted way.


11:25pmBBT: Paul says tomorrow is PoV, who is going to keep Jessica up all night? Christmas volunteers since she is going to be up late (she gets food at midnight) and will be sleeping in the RBR. Josh starts asking for wine and Paul tells him that the more you ask, the less chance you have to get it. (Elena is fixing HN bed while everyone else, minus Jody, are in the HoH) They begin discussing what type of comp it is. They are debating on if it's Otev, spelling or black box. Mark hopes it's black box, Paul says they don't want it to be that because that comp sucks.  He explains the goop and the decoy circles stuck under the goop. 


11:30pmBBT: Everyone clears out of the HoHR when Josh says he wants to talk to Elena. Alex asks if she can talk to him first. Paul stays behind to talk about how sketch Mark & Elena are. Alex is telling Josh that Jessica is using psychological warfare against Josh. It's the only reason she would tell someone that her dad died right before a comp is to get the sympathy advantage. Alex says that she can break Jessica mentally but she won't because this is a game. Alex says she doesn't like it when Jessica sticks her finger up her backside or touches her vagina because her cousin was raped and murdered. Feeds move to the loud kitchen.


11:35pmBBT: All four feeds on the kitchen. Lots of chatter about food and Paul saying he loves when someone is HoH for the first time because they get nervous for nominations. Feeds switch back and forth to Alex/Josh and then back to the kitchen. Alex is calling Jessica a sexual predator. They don't watch it for Jessica to rub his junk (Cody) during her ceremony. Says again she can mentally destroy Jessica but she wont because it's just a game and she doesn't want to go that far. Alex says that when Jessica brought up her father in the WCA after noms, she told Kevin to go in there because if she had gone in, she would have taken her out. Alex says that Jessica is manipulative and using Josh's heart against him. Jessica uses her dad's death to get to you. Has Mark? He lost both parents. Josh agrees he doesn't.


11:40pmBBT: Whistle-Nut joins Alex & Josh in the HoHR. Jason complains about Maven and Josh tells Jason that he needs to relax with them and pretend that they are cool with Matt & Alex. Alex tells Alex that she is proud of how much he has grown in the last 45 days. Still misc food talk in the KT. Josh tells Alex & Jason that his target is Elena, not Jessica. Josh says that Jody is isolating and that won't change until one they both go home but Elena is playing everyone and trying to make Josh look dumb.


11:45pmBBT: Josh explains that yes he wants Jessica out, a lot, and knows that Alex and Jason does too however Jess/Cody are isolated and that isn't going to change. Elena is smart, very intelligent, and is playing with Jody, Mark, Paul, him (Josh), and the whole house. She is manipulative and he wants her out first. Alex and Jason agree to vote that way, but they want the week to play out first because look at her (Alex') HoH when everyone was all "Jessica, Jessica, Jessica" but then they flopped to Dominique. Alex is trying to explain to Josh that yes, she gets it that he wants Elena but here is what happens. This week is the last eviction before jury. If Jody's in jury together, they will never vote for Josh to win the game. However if Jessica goes home and Cody goes to jury, those coming in after would have a better chance of getting through to Cody and get Josh votes.

11:55pmBBT: Kevin pulls Paul into the lounge. Kevin says that he (Cody) is not going home, you can use him to get people out. Paul doesn't think he will ever work with Paul. Kevin says he will talk to him after Jessica leaves. Seems to have a good rapport with Cody. Paul tells him to feel free to try. Kevin says if we can get him to put up Mark and Matt and get them out then it's just us 3 and Jason vs the girls and the only girl that can beat you in comps is on our side. They both agree that this is a contingency if Cody wins HoH. Kevin will talk to Cody and then bring Paul up and they say they can decimate the house if the 3 team up. Paul says that if you can make that happen, let's do it. [I don't think anyone realizes just how smart Kevin is when it comes to game. ~PaganMom]


(Next update will be on Saturday's thread)

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