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Week 5, Nominations!

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New format, starts now :) 


Quick & Dirty stats:

HoH: Paul
Hex Comp Results:  Mark won (safe) Jason lost (Nominee)
Noms: Jessica & Cody & Jason
PoV Players:  Paul, Jessica, Cody, Jason, Kevin and Raven
PoV Winner: Paul
Post PoV Noms:  Jessica & Cody


Now at the very end of the live show, this happened:


Julie asks Jessica how she feels and she says America gave the temptation and she can keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks.


Now you know Paul wants to know exactly what that last temptation is, and so he is probably going to nominate them. He discussed it all of Thursday night. Friday morning comes around and the first thing they do is play the Temptation Competition (I will be calling it the Hex Comp from here on out). Big Brother Bowlarena! (Loved watching Austin play this one last year, and Matt & Mark this year.) Mark wins and gets safety for the week (There goes Paul's plan B), while Jason comes in last place and becomes the third nominee. Like the third nominee in the past, if he comes off the block with the PoV he will not be replaced (same for all 3rd nominees).


Between the comp and Noms we have Paul discussing his options and speculating on what the power is and does. Plan A is obviously Jody. Plan B was Marlena, but with Mark having safety, he now has to put another strong player in his place. We get puppies and when we get the feeds back we learn that Jessica and Cody were nominated and the Temptation was not revealed [Like we knew it wouldn't be, since it's to be used right before live eviction LOL].


When the feeds come up, Jessica and Cody are really upset. They and Paul head up to the HoH and Jessica starts in saying that Paul did the worst thing possible by nominating them (she is getting very heated and her voice is getting louder). Paul asks her to lower her voice and Cody gets angry and starts dropping F-bombs. Paul asks them to leave his room and Cody tries to pick a fight, "What are you going to do?" Paul responds with "Nothing. Please leave my HoH room." very calmly. It's almost as if Cody is trying to bait Paul but it doesn't work. The three head downstairs and we have Jody head to the RBR and Paul to the KT. Josh is going off of Mark because apparently during the nominations, Mark looked over and smiled a "knowing smile" to Jessica and Cody. Basically he showed that he is still aligned with them. Josh is hollering at Mark, basically saying he should crap on him on live tv, calling him names, dropping a lot of F-bombs. The whole time, Mark is sitting at the back part of the dining table, the one in the corner that faces the KT. Josh picks up his bangin' pans and starts in with those and doing the carnival music and heads towards the table. He appears to be about 10+ feet from Mark when Mark jumps up and moves towards Josh to get the pans from him. Feeds cut to fish.


HOLY CRAP! I am not going to lie, I thought we were going to lose Mark. I was messaging all of my friends on Facebook. I was like "OMG are you seeing this? Did Mark just get expelled?" It really seemed as if he had hit Josh. He didn't and wasn't expelled but the boys were sent to opposite corners of the house. Later that night, Elena started the long process of breaking up with Mark (that she didn't finish until Sunday). 


While this was the end of the major physical excitement of the evening, it wasn't the end of the excitement. Jessica and Cody were fighting. She basically told him that he is messing up her game by flying off the handle like he did with Paul. She decides she needs time alone and leaves the RBR (where they landed after the HoH room fiasco). After the Mark/Josh incident, Mark ended up in the RBR chatting with Cody and we hear Cody say that he is thinking about just telling her to save her power and let him go home. He told Mark that he is no good for her game and it's pointless for him to be there. He doesn't need the money. He can only help her by leaving at this point. [I hope he doesn't. I'm not a big Cody fan but I love the excitement that he brings to the feeds with the other HGs when he is there]  


What are your thoughts on the nominations (just up to Friday night, not beyond.. yet ;) )

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