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Wednesday August 2, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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10:25 AM BBT Wake up call for the HG! Feeds are back and Jason is up making coffee. Cody kisses Jess, slides some boxers on, and gets up. All 4 cameras now on the RBR with the lights off and Matt and Raven and Jessica still asleep.


10:30 AM BBT We hear the BR lights must remain on during the day but no movement going on yet. Paul, Jessica, Elena, and Christmas are told there are fresh batteries in the SR. Still all cams on the RBR and no movement. Cody and Josh are in the KT. Jason walks through and Josh tells him to do the shimmy. He stops, shimmies, and continues on. Jason goes back to the DBR and says he’s going to lay back down for a minute. Kevin asks if they’re building. FotH.


10:35 AM BBT Josh is in the DBR and asking if they want eggs. Jason isn’t hungry. Paul is changing out his batteries. Josh is jumping on Jason’s bed trying to get him to wake-up. Paul says he’s been watching Jason dance in the KT for the last 15 minutes. Paul is going to make French toast and Jason says that’s why he doesn’t want Josh’s eggs. Paul goes into the RBR and says something about French toast to Matt and Raven. FotH. Jason starts sing I’m Too Sexy and we get FotH. Paul is looking for the white bread. Kevin says he’s going to move out to LA and get remarried. Jason laughs and says have your kids come out and visit you. Kevin is talking about how long he has been gone from home. He says he came out June 15.


10:40 AM BBT Paul comes out of the SR and Josh scares him and Paul says Kevin ate all the white bread. They have to make French toast with wheat bread. Kevin says he can’t even get out of bed he’s so hungry. Cody is cooking and Paul is looking through the drawers. Cody is making eggs. Kevin and Jason are talking about Iggy Azalea. Kevin doesn’t know who she is and he says name three songs. Jason tries to think and he says she has a big song. Kevin says so yeah, so big we don’t know he she is. He then asks about The Chainsmokers and asks Jason to name three songs by them and he can’t name any either. Matt comes out and Jason asks him what The Chainsmokers sing and Matt starts singing and we get FotH.


10:45 AM BBT Jason is talking about his truck. He says he hadn’t driven it because he didn’t have a license for three years. Matt is taking the trash out. Josh is playing with a pan and says he’s trying to make eggs. Jessica, Elena, and Christmas are told there are fresh batteries in the SR. Kevin can’t believe it’s August 2. Cody is eating, Paul is stirring batter in a bowl and Josh and Matt are wondering around the KT. Matt says he slept the best in the house when he was a HN and Paul says that’s bizarre, but probably escaped from Raven. Matt says Raven sleeps like a log and Paul says the key is when you can get her to shut up.


10:50 AM BBT Matt says Raven wakes up grump. Paul says she’s a Furby, she’s just mean. Josh says she does wake up in a mood. Jason is talking about how many pictures he has on Facebook. FotH. Jessica is called to the DR. Jason asks Kevin if he can imagine Christmas being a motivational speaker and Kevin says no way. Kevin says he can’t see the one who left being a motivational speaker either. Paul tells Josh not to put a plastic spatula in a hot pan. FotH.


10:55 AM BBT Feeds come back briefly and Josh is singing Lion King songs so we get FotH again. Mark is now up and going through to the KT to the WA. Kevin is talking about being able to do some cool stuff after they get out of the house. Josh is talking about what he’s eating for breakfast. Kevin hears Josh and says he isn’t telling people he’ll have a million snacks throughout the day.

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11:00 AM BBT Jason wants to take a little nap real quick. Paul is yelling at Kevin to get up and eat his French toast. Paul starts singing and we get FotH. Feeds come back and Paul starts singing again and Josh joins in and we get FotH. Jessica and Cody are in the WA and Jessica says tomorrow is the day. Cody says he’s going to keep his speech really short. Matt, Jason, Paul, and Josh are in the KT. Cody is called to the DR. Cody says his good-bye message is going to be see you later! Jess asks if that’s really what they’re making them do? Cody says he’ll be back in two seconds.


11:05 AM BBT Paul yells for Kevin again. Mark is in the WA washing hands. They are talking about coffee and coffee mate. Christmas is up and scoots through the KT to the WA. Mark is talking to Jason about this being his third week straight on slop. He had one day between.


11:10 AM BBT Josh wants to see how you make glutton free yogurt. {Lol-yes glutton, not gluten} Josh starts singing Ice Ice Baby and we get FotH. Matt sits next to Jessica in the WA and Matt asks Christmas how she slept. Christmas says they played a lot of songs this morning and Matt says they played Michael Jackson. Jess says they played a Beyonce remix. Christmas and Matt are comparing abs. Kevin, Paul, Josh, and Jason are in the KT eating and talking about being outside. Kevin asks when’s the last time they touched a leaf or went to the beach.


11:15 AM BBT Jessica is called to the DR and Cody is out. Josh is talking about the movie Elf in the KT and Christmas is doing ADL’s. Matt in the HOH getting ready for a shower. General chatter in the KT.


11:20 AM BBT Elena is told her batteries need replaced. KT is talking about movies.


11:25 AM BBT Cody, Jess, Paul, Jason, Christmas, Josh, and Kevin all in the KT still general talk. Mark and Elena in the HN room laying down. Have not seen Alex yet.  

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11:30 AM BBT Paul is telling a story about a car accident he had. Paul says he kissed his mom good-bye and then had the accident and he almost died. Jess asks what he did after that? Paul says he got his first tattoo. Jess says no what did you do in the moment when you realized you could die? He starts to go into the details of the accident that he fishtailed and almost went over a cliff and he couldn’t open his door because he was right next to the guard rail. He says it totaled his car from underneath.


11:35 AM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. Paul says the first thing he did was call his mom and said he didn’t know what happened but said he was in an accident. He says once the shock wore off he remembered he slammed on the brakes and hydroplaned because someone cut him off on the freeway. He says his mom started crying, but he said he was ok and told her to come get him. Josh is telling Jess a story about him punching a window in South Beach. He asks if she knows where it is and she says yes.


11:40 AM BBT Alex is now up in the DBR. Jason comes in and says he was just coming to get her. Jessica is telling them in the KT about an accident she had. Matt is jumping on the bed to get Raven up. Alex and Jason are talking about whether they want to stay with Paul or not and Alex thinks Paul would take her, Jason, and Kevin to the F4.


11:45 AM BBT Jason is talking to Alex about days again. Jessica tells those in the KT that she never knew that people put the Baby on Board sign in their cars so if they had an accident people knew to look for the baby. She thought it was just a novelty sign. Alex is talking about some stuff that is missing and Kevin comes in and asks what’s missing and Alex starts to list it off and we get FotH.


11:50 AM BBT Mark, Kevin, Alex, and Jason in the DBR. Cody, Jess, Paul, Christmas, Elena, Raven, and Josh in the KT. General chatter in both rooms.


11:55 AM BBT Still general chatter.

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1:55PM BBT Christmas, Jason, Paul, Kevin, Josh, Alex are in the green bedroom talking about having kids. Christmas is talking about what happens if she has kids.  She wants the independence and freedom to make whatever choices she needs to make for her kids.  Paul says there's plenty of people who have kids who don't need to have kids.  Paul says if you have kids, take the time and raise the kid.  How your kid is depends on how much time you spend with your kid and what you do for your kid.  No game talk going on here.

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1:57 pm bbt matt and raven are in the hoh room.  matt says he came to the HOH to get quiet time. he's happy Christmas is not on medicine but she hasn't stopped talking since then. and he loves her to death and he's happy she feels better but he can't hear another story about her dog.

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3:07PM BBT In the WCA Xmas is telling Josh to do exactly as she tells him to. She tells him if he doesn't she will whoop him and put him in a dungeon and he will be a unofficial HN. Josh says "yes master" She says it's Master Xmas to you. Josh says is locked in and we get FOTH.


3:15PM BBT Paul and Jason talking. Paul is telling Jason that Cody and Josh, even if they win HOH, now see they are at the bottom. Paul says he isn't dumb and they will be fine. He and Jason leave HOH.


3:18PM BBT Xmas and Jess in the WCA. Xmas says something and Jess asks her what she said. Xmas says she is just thinking what she wants in her HOH basket. Then they discuss it has been almost 3 weeks since Xmas surgery.


3:23M BBT We get the HG outside in the BY. They have something to practice on. Paul is yelling the instructions. They will be hitting a ball into a target and we get FOTH.


 3:31PM BBT The HG are in the BY all practicing their golf comp.

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3:41PM BBT Kevin on the side encouraging and giving play by plays. Xmas going to shoot from her scooter.


 3:46PM BBT Josh and Paul at the wall. Josh saying that they will start before the comp so they can't concentrate on the comp. Elena trying to practice.


4:05PM BBT Kev takes a shot and sinks it. He says he never plays golf. We get FOTH and the HG are now all inside.



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4:16PM BBT In the HOH Matt is eating. raven and Xmas discussing a plan for the comp and how to shoot the ball.


4:22PM BBT Matt tells Xmas and Raven if they see him having a one on one with Elena just leave them be. He is working o something. Xmas telling them that Jess was shaking so bad during the practice.Paul come sin and tells them how the comp really will be. He says that they will not fill Elena and Mark in. Xmas says she is going to give Elena wrong strategies.


4:26PM BBT Paul is telling them that usually people are quiet during golf. Paul says make sure they talk s*** when Cody is going on how he is riding her coat tales. Paul tells Matt and Raven to sleep in HOH tonight. he is going to bang pots and wake up Cody and Jess throughout the night. He says to make them uncomfortable all day.


4:31PM BBT In the HOH most of the HG have arrived. Paul tells them that he was allowed to practice so something is up. Paul says they have to pay attention to the context clue. Xmas asks if it is possible that Jess isn't using the hex. Paul says if they break it down to her Jess will not use it. Round and round they go.

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4:38PM BBT Jason, Alex and Kev talking in the GBR.Jason says something and Alex gets up and hits him over and over with her shoe until he finally tells her to knock it off. General chit chat now.


 4:47PM BBT In the HOH Paul says that he would be happy to take hostility out of the house. He offered french toast to them. Raven says that she offered tacos and is up for hostility out. She says she will not forget what they said to her. Paul says outside the house they should all party. Paul says if they don't want to hang with him outside the house then FU. It's a game and they need to get over it. (He is talking about the HG from last season as well who didn't want to hang with him).


5:0PM BBT In the HOH we get Xmas telling Mark that Cody and Jess doing something. Mark tries to say something and Xmas cuts him off. we go back to the wave room where Alex, Kev and Jason are talking about home and family.



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 5:04PM BBT In the wave room Kev and Josh doing shout outs to Jason's family. They are joking about Jason is getting pedicures each night. They are all laughing.


5:07PM BBT In the HOH room Paul is pacing. They are telling Mark how things are. (rinse and repeat). Paul is complaining about soda Alex drinks and her sugar addiction. Paul says if everyone smoked a joint a day everything would be great Xmas agrees.


5:18PM BBT Cody is making food in the KT. Paul goes out and invites hm and Jess to play Mobsters and Lobsters later. Cody tells him thank you.

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5:45PM BBT HG discussing what is airing tonight. They decide Veto comp. Paul yelling abut that Josh didn't put the guac in the fridge.


 5:56PM BBT In the wave room they are playing their game. Paul telling his story. Mobsters and dreaming and Rams taking 25K. It's a game they play.



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10:01PM BBT Raven and Paul talking in the HOH. Raven suggests Matt for the job. Paul says that Matt needs to talk to Jess about not using the hex. Once she agrees to let Cody go and save her game, they will vote Jess out of the house.


 10:06PM BBT Josh says if he wins HOH then he is going to have everyone up there but Jess and Cody. He says it will be karma and then he will rip Cody a new one. Paul tells Josh hat he has to win to rip anyone. Paul says if they play their cards right they make it to F8 and have a party. Raven says she is confident for tomorrow night. She has her lucky shirt and her Mom necklace.


10:07PM BBT Paul tells the HG in the HOH that when Cody and Jess start to shoot then they start saying things to them. Kev asks if that is allowed and Paul says yes it is all part of the game. Raven says that Jess thought she was an easy target but when Jess realized Raven had balls the size of Texas then she backed out.


10:13PM BBT Matt, Markand Xmas in the KT. Discussing about Jess not using the hex. Matt says Cody and Jess were going up no matter what because Paul won HOH. They are trying to decide what is happening for the live show tomorrow night.

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10:16PM BBT In the KT Elena has joined in. Matt is telling her that Cody and Jess have packed and it makes no sense. Mark says that there has to be a deadline and it wouldn't be at eviction. They feel Jess has to tell BB by midnight. They are trying to figure out why the 3 person couch is still in the living room.


10:19PM BBT They feel someone is going home no matter what tomorrow night. Elena then starts talking about how she needs food and ice cream. She starts asking if she still has her curves and hikes her shorts up over her butt cheeks towards Matt and Mark. They don't say anything.


10:26PM BBT Matt comes to HOH and they discuss that Cody and Jess lying on the LR couch is weird. Paul says that Cody is the talk of the town and everyone still wants him out. Matt says that the reality is setting in. Unless they have agreed to split money (Paul right away says they can't) then they have to realize they can't both make jury. Paul asks Matt to last ditch effort to Jess that she let Cody go.


10:32PM BBT Paul says that they need to make Jess understand that she needs to not use the hex and save herself. Paul says then they will send her home and Cody will be rattled and won't win HOH. Xmas comes into the HOH room and sits by Jason. She tells Jason that even though he broke her foot she likes him. (Xmas must have gotten her meds). Jess and Cody on the HOH screen. They are looking at the memory wall and Paul says that they are getting camera time.

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10:42PM BBT In the HOH Xmas asks who they have to vote Jess out. They count off the votes. Xmas asks if Jess and Cody will be blinded sided then. In the KT Josh is banging pots and pans as Mark and Elena dance. They are trying to keep Jess and Cody awake. In the HOH they are mocking Ramses.


10:45PM BBT In the HOH room Paul says that Mark is like Humpty Dumpty on a wall. He tips one way and then tips the other (Paul is making mocking noises). He says that he doesn't understand. Right before Veto he told Jess he wasn't going to use it on her and she said she understood. Raven now retelling the story of offering then french toast.


10:54PM BBT Josh and Elena having a convo. Elena explaining hwo she always looks nice on her Instagram and how she always dress well. She says she tries hard and doesn't just put on a t-shirt and a poytail.


10:58PM BBT In the HOH room discussion on how Cody could do so well when he didn't study. Paul says maybe Jess knew he swamped the competition last year. They still feel there is something else to the hex. They are going in circles. Paul insists there. Matt thinks maybe only Jess is safe. Xmas says that Jess is trying to go back into the house. They feel if Paul had used the veto on Jess then she would have been able to get Cody off. They still feel there is something else going on.

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11:02PM BBT In the HOH they feel they have figured it out. They feel the hex can only be used on one person. Paul says that Jess told him that Jess has until eviction to use the hex. Paul say it is impeding on his game and he needs to get clarification. Xmas feels that Jess can only do a block switch. They also feel there is a negative to the hex.


11:04PM BBT Paul says he has figured it out. Jess can save one of them. Paul says Jess has to use it but one of them will go home. He says this is why Jess hasn't been clear.


11:08 PM BBT Paul says he has figured it out. He knows now that she has to use the hex because she can't keep them both safe. Paul says Jess and Cody have hit the wasp hive with a bat. If she doesn't use the hex, she isn't safe so she is paranoid. She is using context words. Paul says if he is correct he will suck his own d***.


11:11PM BBT In the HOH Paul has figured it out and Xmas agrees. Jess can only use it once and on one person. If she doesn't use the hex they will only send Cody out. If she uses it, then they vote her out. Paul says no one is guaranteed safety for the house. We are rinsing and repeating in the house.


11:21PM BBT Paul sends Mark out to get intel from Jess and Cody. Paul says he figured it out and tells the remaining HG in HOH to vote Jess out. He says he has it all figured out. He says if they were both safe Paul says when he put them both up they would have called him an idiot. Paul says the only way they would have both been safe is if he had taken her down. Paul says he called their bluff and now one of them gong home.


11:25PM BBT In the GBR Cody, Elena and Mark talking.They are trying to discuss the show tomorrow night. Marks asks Cody if Jess is holding up. Cody says she is good. They are just waiting for Thursday.



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