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Sunday July 30, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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11:27PM BBT Elena and Paul in the KT. Paul helping her prepare slop. Paul talking about Elena not talking game to certain people.


 11:37PM BBT Paul and Jason decide to switch the decaf coffee with the regular coffee. Paul thinks it is hysterical. They are going to tell everyone but Cody and Jess. Paul says he is going to break Cody with his pranks and may his life miserable. Paul says if Cody wants to act like a child this is what he gets (as the grown man exchanges types of coffee in the cans)


11:44PM BBT Paul also put vaseline all over the handle of the coffee pot. He then tells them he is going to bed. Elena making Josh a grilled cheese.


11:49PM BBT Xmas crawls on Kev's bed. Kev and Jason talking about the veto comp. Kev asks Jason if he had fun today and he says he did. General chat going on.

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12:01AM BBT Xmas is rubbing Kev's arm. Alex, Kev. Xmas and Jason just general chatting. In the KT, Josh enjoying his grilled cheese.


12:10PM BBT In the KT Mark and Elena talking. Kind of about feelings and kind of in general.


12:14PM BBT Paul comes out of DR and heads to the BR. Announces proudly that no one has safety for three weeks and heads out.


12:17AM BBT Mark asking Paul that maybe Jess is safe for the week or can make someone safe. Paul says he asked in all sorts of ways. No one has guaranteed safety. He is saying that no one has a safety at all. Paul is saying that the homeboys can't lie.


12:25PM BBT Paul, Mark and Elena talking. Paul says he has enough puzzle pieces now that he doesn't probably need to talk to Jessica. He has confirmed that no one has safety for three weeks in the house.

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 12:31AM BBT Kevin talking to Josh about making a move on Elena. Josh says he is worried Mark will kill him even though Mark says Elena is single. Kev tells him that he should lose out on the best thing they may happen to him. He says that he knows Kev is right.

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0:;06 am all the lights are off in the house but Elena is still up walking around from the HN room  to the other bdr and talking to Josh. While every one else is trying to sleep.


02:15 am  Elena finally lays down ...and starts tossing and turning (unhappy to be in her have not bed)


02:20 am The BB House Guest all appear to be asleep.

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08:55am: All houseguests are sleeping except Mark who is up going to the WA. He lets out a loud fart, comes out the bathroom, and heads to the SR to change out his batteries.


08:59am: Mark climbs back into bed.


09:00am: Alex is getting out of bed and putting on her shoes. She heads to the WA to the bathroom, then to the SR to change her batteries


09:03am: Alex goes back to bed. All houseguests are in bed now.

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I'm surprised no one got this, so I will give you the synopsis. 

This morning, 11:30ish, Paul started hatching a plan to get Cody out. In order to do this he had to go to Jess and convince her to assist with his plan. In order for her to entertain his idea she said she wanted to be safe for two weeks AND Alex needs to go ASAP. Everyone must agree. So Paul set out to make everyone agree. He goes to group after group and explains the plan and everyone agrees, only it's really a ruse, because Paul tells some folks He won't get rid of Alex, and tells other folks Alex is a competitor and must go, might as well be now.

He also plants a seed of doubt with Jess about Cody and his plan week 1 or 2 to keep people that would get rid of Jessica and all the girls.  He tells her that Matt knows it is true if she doubts him. So... Jess goes to Matt to verify and Matt says he doesn't feel comfortable telling her about a conversation between he and Cody that was weeks ago before any of the showmances began. It was back when the Boy Power group was working together. So... she goes to Cody and asks him. This causes him to get angry with her and stomp off. She follows him and he and she have words at 12:24 PM BBT all feeds. He tells her he no longer gives a crap and that he is not happy with her that she doubted his loyalty. He says NO ONE HAS EVER DOUBTED MY LOYALTY. She is trying to get him to calm down and hes all eyes and rage at this point. He goes outside to work out and you can see him huffing and puffing and BB calls him to the DR. 

At 2:15 Paul and Jess are in the HOH alone and the plan is set. She appears to have a agreed. 

[please folks, go and watch the whole afternoon because it was the best Sunday yet!-Monadyan]

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2:45 BBT Paul is assembling all the interested parties to the HOH to tell Jess they are ALL on board. Matt, Raven. Mark, Elena, and Paul and Jess are gathered.  Paul details the plan. The details are, Jess is safe for the next two weeks. No one in this room can nominate her or backdoor her. And if we win the HOH, we nominate Alex and vote her out. Paul assures her she has everyone in the room plus Christmas (who hasn't hobbled up the stairs yet) 

Jess says, OK, if I don't use the HEX this week and allow you guys to vote out Cody, I want two weeks of safety in order to not use the hex and I want Alex out. She reiterates that Cody went to war and our government conditioned him in this way. She wants them to know that he is still in that mode and this game has been hard on him and she will stand by and support him to the moon because she has to be fair and kind to him because of what he has been through to protect us.  Paul says, I agree with that and I want to say that this game, this house is not a place that Cody should be. Jess says, please be sensitive to what he has been through and even though it is a game it effects us all in some way and we need to be aware of that. 

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5:42PM BBT Mark and Jessie quietly talking in the KT. Marks tells Jess how great he thought it was that she supported "him" I think they are talking about Cody. Cooking going on in the KT.


 5:45PM BBT Josh goes to talk to Alex and Jason. Jason whispers to them that Jess wants Cody out pre jury so that he can't win the buy back again. Paul comes in and asks what is going on. Josh leaves to unpack.  


5:58PM BBT In the BR Paul, Jason, Xmas and Josh talking about schools. Jason considering what type of school he wants his son to go to.

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6:10PM BBT Mark, Kev and Cody talking outside. Kev wants to do a pool tournament tonight. Cams back and forth to Kev chatting and Jess showering.


6:20PM BBT In the BR, Jason and Paul telling stories from home. The stories are peppered with the f word. No game talk. Raven, Xmas, Alex, Elena and Josh in the room.


6:28PM BBT Cody and Jess talking in the WCA. Jess says that Paul is concerned right now. She says Paul immediately wanted to speak with her this morning. They are talking about the first week and what decisions were made. Cody says the only deal he made with Alex and Jason was to keep them safe.



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6:37PM BBT The HG moved on to telling stories of piercing. Paul tells how his Mom grabbed his nose and threatened to yank it out. Kev comes in and tells them about the pool tournament.


6:43PM BBT In the WCA Jess and Cody talking about his time in the military. He was in the military for about 10 years total. His goal is he wants to give his family a good foundation. He says if he can give his kids a good foundation he will consider it successful.


6:49PM BBT Paul telling a story about when he was a baby that he was so active they would chain his baby walker to the wall so he couldn't get away.


6:51PM BBT Raven telling Jess that she has been a guinea pig for doctors. Raven says that Matt has agreed that he will have a lapo (spelling?) they go in and take a piece of the stomach to check a normal stomach compared to her. She says she has to be opened though because of all of her wires.


 6:54PM BBT Raven telling Jess about a test she had done where they had to stick a needle up her butt and it was as painful as childbirth. She says her mom has been through everything so she is very honest with her and tell her that it's going to hurt etc.


7:03PM BBT Paul telling Xmas about Elena being in the HN room and Elena in "just a bathing suit" (the bottom was yanked up her crack) and Josh was excited. Paul says they tried to yank his pillow away but Josh begged them not to.

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7:06PM BBT Jess talks to Paul. She says she got an answer to her question. She says she doesn't feel comfortable staying on the block. She says that she has to use the hex before the voting. Paul says that no one knows that but him. He says that Cody will go home. Jess says she doesn't know that she trusts that. She says nothing against Paul but it's her safety. Paul telling her that she is safe and it is not an issue.


 7:08PM BBT Paul says that if he takes her down, people will question him. He says that she should feel safe with his word. Jess says that it benefits Paul's game and not hers. She says she will not feel comfortable staying on the block. We gets FOTH.


7:11PM BBT Jess tells Paul that if his veto speech is negative to Cody, she is going to get riled. Paul says he has one comment to make good TV. He says the speech is to uplift Jess. Jess says she doesn't need to be uplifted and we give FOTH. Jess says they are asking her stab someone in the back. Paul says no they are not but they are telling her if she uses the hex, she knows the consequences.


7:25PM BBT Xmas and Josh talking. Josh says he doesn't have a bond with anyone like he does Xmas. He says he trusts Paul because Paul has has his back and kept him safe. Alex walks in. Xmas tells Alex that whenever Xmas says things Alex needs to one up her. They are setting up the "fight" Paul set up earlier so that Jess will think Alex is going soon.

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7:45PM BBT Mark and Jessica are alone in the bathroom.  Jessica says she doesn't understand why Paul and most others are saying a lot of the house guest feel uncomfortable living with cody.  Mark agrees and feels the same thing about him and josh. 

Mark tells Jessica he has her back.  Jessica says she doesn't know what to do about thursday yet (to use the hex or not).  She makes the point that as long as cody is in the house, he's a bigger target. 

7:49: Jessica warned Paul that if he makes a mean speech about cody during the veto, then she will use the hex. She's not going to allow him to bad mouth cody.  Because it's Paul and he and Cody have such a rivalry,  it bothers Jessica to allow cody to go home during paul's hoh.

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7:32PM BBT Paul talking to Kev and Josh in the HOH room. he is telling the that Jess wants to be taken down. Paul says Jess has agreed not to use it. Paul says that he can put up Elena. He says that if Jess feels threatened she will use it. Josh asks permission to say something. He says that Jess already experienced being alone in the house and she had fun. Josh says do they really think that Jess would want to lose her partner and miss going to jury. Josh says she is an idiot to use it.


7:41PM BBT Jess tells Mark that no matter how many people tell her that she is safe she knows she is not safe in this house. She knows that she is not safe in this game. Jess says Paul is freaking out about getting Cody out of the game. She says she doesn't want to give Paul the satisfaction. She says no matter if she uses the hex, she knows that she is not safe. Jess says that everyone telling her how she is liked in the house. Jess says that she didn't come into the house to be liked, she came in to play. She says that it is up to Cody if he wants to stay or not and she will do that.


7:49PM BBT Raven and Matt cooking in the KT (shocking I know). Mark and Jess still talking about the hex. She says that it bothers her to allow Paul to evict Cody. She says they have a rivalry and she doesn't want to participate in this. She says that it's only because she doesn't want to give Paul that satisfaction.


 7:52PM BBT Jess asks Mark if he wins HOH and she uses the hex, does he promise not to put Jess and Cody on the block. Mark says that he would not put them up. He is just tired of the drama in the house and would enjoy the week. He says he knows it's a game but at the same time. He says he promises that if he wins HOH Jess nor Cody would go even as a pawn. He says he can not speak for Elena though.

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7:51 PM BBT Jessica asks mark if she decides not to use the hex and if mark wins hoh next week, will he swear not put Jessica and Cody on the block and keep them safe.  Mark says he swears.  Mark says he's done talking for Elena because she's her own person.

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8:13PM BBT Kevin and Mark are playing pool.  In the kitchen are Alex, jess, Cody, raven, Matt, josh. Josh heads outside. 

8:14 pm BBT Mark wins in pool. Mark asks Josh if he's ready to play Kevin.  Josh needs time because he's full from eating. Josh is talking to the camera from the hammock and whispers,  "I don't know if I'm live or not, but if I am... I think mark realizes it's better to be friends with me than enenemies." 

8:17bbt jess and cody are snuggled together on the couch outside. Cody asks what mark said in the bathroom. Jess tells hims they had a heart to heart and how if mark won hoh that he won't come after cody or Jessica.

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Updating until 10pm BBT


9:10pmBBT: Jess/Cody in hammock in the BY. Jason, Alex, Raven, Matt in the hot tub talking about laying down roots.


9:11pmBBT: HT group talking about mini ponies being mean. Joking that they are mean because they are trying to be a real horse. Jason yells out, "Linda don't you ever die! I think I just burnt my thigh!" Sounds like Linda controls the heat and just turned it on.


9:14pmBBT: After discussing that Cody looks great with facial hair, Jody decide to go into the house and are laughing as they get to the door. Camera follows Cody all the way into the RBR. He walked by Kevin, Josh and Mark in the DBR talking.


9:15pmBBT: Matt telling the others in the HT about a conversation with Jessica about something Cody said week 1. I can't make out what is being said, but apparently Paul told her just before and it wasn't good.


9:19pmBBT: Elena in the KT with Jody and tells Jess that she thinks she fell asleep while talking to Mark. Elena asks where everyone else is and Jess tells her who is in the HT and who is in the DBR. Jess and Cody head out and join the HT group.


9:24pmBBT: Kevin talking to Josh, telling him he is going to gain 15lbs by the end of the week because of all the junk he has been eating.


9:26pmBBT: Raven went in the house and collected a huge pile of clothes for the wash and starts heading towards outside. Keven remembers he needs to pull the clothes out of the wash. Cody called to DR.


9:28pmBBT: Matt put powder on Raven. She is all upset telling him to not touch her. He starts eating chicken out of a pan with his fingers and she starts yelling at him to stop so he chases her around the house with the powder. She runs into Matt on Jason's bed and gets a little bit more powder on her. She is all upset telling Elena to lock Matt up in a cage.

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9:30pmBBT: Matt comes out of the RBR after putting a shirt on and whispers to Elena that he got Raven worked up and that he likes this part. He then goes to the kitchen and they start kissing before she tells him to go away.


9:32pmBBT: Mark & Elena sitting in the DBR on opposite sides of the room saying nothing. Not even looking at each other. Other cams on Raven cooking.


9:34pmBBT: Cody comes out of DR and tells Raven that their hot tub time is over. The temperature is not at a safe level. Feeds jump all to Marlena. Talking about how long she was asleep. She asks if he is ok and he said she is fine.


9:37pmBBT: Camera moves to Paul asleep in the HoH room with a baseball cap over his face that says "Best Dad Ever". Then all 4 back to Mark & Elena talking about how they are guaranteed jury after this week and Mark says "Maybe'. He doesn't want to be locked up in the jury that long. Josh walks in chugging his water saying he just wants to be in bed and take a nap.


9:38pmBBT: Mark says he needs fresh air and heads outside. Josh & Elena talking about slop and her body adjusting. He asks if she has gone to the bathroom yet and she says no. He says before you know it, it will be Friday and you will be done. She reminds him she has the extension.


9:38pmBBT: Feeds go to Cody/Jessica in the hammock talking about having sex on camera. He says that its more difficult in the RBR because every time he stops her, someone walks in. Talki‌ng about how live feeders were watching the clock when they had HoH. Jessica says she doesn't believe that because she has never seen any BBUS sex videos and she has looked (not hard enough! google April & Ollie! ~PaganMom).


9:45pmBBT: Jess has been recounting to Cody the "scandal" of BB when Jeff from The Amazing Race was pleasuring himself in the HoH bed with Julia or Liz in the bed and it appearing that he wiped something on her shirt. She said that fans called in for him to be expelled and BB rewound video to find out that it was there before he touched her shoulder. Elena & Josh in the SR and he is asking if things are ok wit her and Mark. She asks why he wants to know.


9:48pmBBT: Cody thinking the house is great. Basically that its the first time you are going to be unplugged for this long. Says that when he got on the computer for the blog, he was like, "I don't even need the computer" Jess says that she had to get her typing under control. Other two cams are Josh & Elena still talking about the Marlena situation. She says that Mark was interested in her and they were in the same house but it isn't easy to explore a relationship in the house.


9:51pmBBT: Josh tells Elena that he will stop joking with Mark and will be nicer. Elena says she thinks Mark is okay, but there has just been a lot going on the last few days. Josh says he won't say anything to anyone. He won't even mention this conversation. Jody talking about hating to wear seat belts. Cody says he bought his truck because it doesn't ding when he doesn't have his seat belt on. Jess said she hates when riding with someone else and they make her put it on.


9:55pmBBT: Cody talking about opening the back window of his truck and turning up the radio. Jessica yells "There is a God!" Raven comes out with cookies on a cookie sheet. Jessica pulls the center out of hers and is trying to make Cody eat it, then smashes it on his face.

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10:32PM BBT Raven is playing with Xmas hair as they sit in the WCA. Elena is chatting with them. They are discussing the comp and what scores HG got.


10:37PM BBT In the WCA, Elena and Raven discussing that Elena isn't farting being on slop. They are discussing which of the guys were bad. Cody and Jess still on the hammock.


10:45PM BBT Josh telling the cams. He wants to take Elena's 2 weeks of slops. He has told Elena that he will go to DR and ask. He says he is declaring his love and Elena giggles. Josh says never mind - he is gong to go have a cookie.


10:47PM BBT The DR light goes off and Josh and Elena go into DR to see if he can take her slop shift.


10:49PM BBT Xmas and Alex is whining about Mark eating the slop that is prepared. Xmas says that he ate the slop cookies. Alex says he doesn't make any and probably doesn't do the dishes.


10:54PM BBT Mark on the hammock telling Cody and Jess that Josh is in the DR asking to switch slop with Elena. Jess says if she pulls that off she is a genius.

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11:05 PM BBT Mark is talking to Jess and Cody about Elena and how disappointed he is about their situation. Cody says he saw them as a more sincere couple than Matt and Raven. Mark doesn’t understand where Elena’s sudden change of attitude has come from. Cody says he suspects its direction from Paul because he likes to tell people what to do in the game. Mark says it just hurts and it’s hard to keep emotion out of this and remember it’s just a game. Cody says it’s not just a game. Jessica says well it is a game, but there are things in the game that aren’t a game. Cody says but if we were here a year, would it still be just a game? Elena comes out and sits on the hammock.


11:10 PM BBT Jessica, Elena, Mark, and Cody all on the hammock and all four feeds are on them and they are discussing farting and picking their noses. Jessica picked Cody’s nose before nominations because he always does it for her and she felt obligated. She says she’ll touch his butthole all day. Cody says he’s not into that and if she tried he’d break her fingers because he has incredible butt muscles. Jessica says he’s putting on a show because she’s already been up in there. She says two fingers in, curled, and twisted. Cody says she’s just showing off for her friends. Matt is in the shower and Raven is talking to him.


11:20 PM BBT Jessica says she sometimes calls Cody “Daddy”. He says she could never sugar daddy. Cody says what’s the opposite of sugar daddy and Elena says Stevia daddy. She also suggests artificial sweetner daddy and Splenda daddy and Jessica laughs and calls Cody her Splenda daddy. Jess gets up to go inside and she kisses Mark on the head and he says thank you Jess. Elena gives Mark a kiss on the head and she says nothing. Jess says don’t watch me pick my wedgie and Elena says she’ll pick hers. Jess says we’re doing “gay stuff”. Cody and Mark are talking about Cody’s argument with Jess from the morning when Cody felt she was questioning his loyalty. Mark says she mentioned it to him and he told her it was crazy for her to think anything of it. [They are talking about Cody saying they wanted to take Alex and Jason along to take out the girls]


11:25 PM BBT Cody says he was aggravated with Jess and he told her not to use the hex on him if she thought he wasn’t loyal. He says he only has Jess in the game and if he doesn’t have her, then he might as well go out the door. Mark says I get it’s just a game and Cody says it’s not a game, it’s real life. Mark says he wants HOH so bad. Mark is shocked by how fast Matt, Raven, and Elena jumped ship. Cody says no one sympathized with the fact that he had to nominate 5 people his first week. Mark is upset he apologized to everyone for the fight with Josh to not hurt Elena’s game and she doesn’t appreciate it. Mark talks about Dominique and how he treated her the week she was nominated and how he tried to give her a hug and she pushed him away. Cody says he hopes Jess sees how he was loyal this last week by playing her game, he kissed butt and didn’t play in the competition and it ripped his soul out. He doesn’t have a social game so he has to compete and he doesn’t sit on the sidelines. Meanwhile, inside Matt is finishing the shower and Jess and Elena come in and Jess pours baby powder on Matt so he has to shower again.

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11:30 PM BBT Mark says if they can win back to back HOH’s that’d be great. Cody asks who he should put up if he wins, Matt and Raven to get them squirming? Mark says there will be three nominees so it will be a shooting range for you. Cody says yeah, we’ll have to see how that goes. Mark says he needs Josh out of this house. Cody says he would love to take him out and Mark says it’s just a waste, he’s not doing anything in competitions. Cody says if they just continue to take HOH’s. He prays the next one is physical. Mark says this has to be a physical one. Mark is hoping Jess and Elena get a connection this week. Josh is trying to find out if he can take Elena’s spot as a have not. Kevin and Mark are going to play pool.


11:36 PM BBT Jess and Cody are in the SR and he fills her in on his conversation with Mark about Elena. Jess is out of the SR and changing her shirt and she isn’t fast enough to cover quickly enough and Cody is upset. Jess laughs it off and says it was accident. Jessica goes to get her microphone from the WA and she sprays hair spray on Matt as he’s in the shower. Matt then gets more powder on him and Raven has lotion or shampoo on her. Raven wants to take Matt to the DR. There is powder all over the floor. They were told to stop that. Raven tells Matt to turn the water off. She is yelling at Matt.


11:45 PM BBT Raven says she’s going to clean the bathroom when she’s done. Mark asks Paul if it was this crazy last year and he says no. Kevin says imagine, you’d have to be drinking every single night to be with her. It is shampoo that is on Raven. Josh and Elena did their first DR together. Josh says he enjoyed it.


11:50 PM BBT Josh says they told him he wasn’t Caleb so he couldn’t take Elena’s week of have not. Mark asks Paul if he can listen to Radiohead and Paul says yeah. Everyone keeps asking what is on Raven and she keeps saying don’t ask. She’s talking about cleaning up the WA and that it’s going to be immaculate. They are told to clean the mirrors above the WA sink.


11:55 PM BBT Elena and Jess are in the RBR and she is tweezing her eyebrows. Jess is talking about how Raven and Matt have an aggressive relationship and it’s getting on people’s nerves. Paul is grilling Christmas about whether Jessica is going to use the hex or not and Christmas doesn’t know yet.

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