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What You Fear You Create


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What a whirlwind week for the HG. Dom heads out but as some had briefly discussed towards the end of week 3, there was a battle back and a HG did re-enter the game. Jessica has the haulting hex, Cody is back in the house, and we have a new HOH and two nominees. The humor in this to me is so many fans felt handing Jessica the greatest power of the season and praying to the BB Gods that Cody will come back was because they want Paul out. You know the saying, what you fear you create? That may be exactly what plays out.


Let's dive in to what's occurred since Thursday’s live show. First, I will tell you that the modified Battle Back was a vast improvement from a pure game perspective. I preferred the more level comp field where all evictees competed together in round 1. A significant improvement over BB 18 where 1st evictee would be forced to battle 4 times to get back in while the last evicted

only needed to face off against one. I always land in favor of the players having the most control over the game and this twist was another step towards production returning to original game format.


The Second round Cameron/Cody face off since they were the First two to complete round 1 against Jillian/Dom and each other. Cody had to work for it and in the end he beat out Cameron for the chance to move on to round 3. It sucks for Cameron he never got to play the game but this was a fair shot to win his way back in and it wasn't in the cards for him.


Even better we find out that Cody will have to play one of the members of the house in round 3 and win or he won't re-enter the game. As a purist I was even happier to realize the HG had a vote in who would go head to head against Cody. Everyone except Paul voted for Paul so it was a unanimous house decision. Paul and Cody go head to head and Cody earns his spot back in the house.


Now, I've considered the idea many fans have argued about Cosy’s advantage having played this maze once and Paul not being given a practice. We don't know if he was or wasn't but…in the big picture this season HG have had more control over the twists than any season in recent years and I approve! I don't like outside interference being forced into the game. The bottom line is HG controlled Paul entering, America controlled handing Paul 3 weeks safety, HG controlled if Cody had the ability to re-enter. Free will. 


When feeds return Friday night we learn that Jessica won HOH. She and Xmas had a battle of wills. Xmas was able to compete and she gave the entire house a run for their money and that's important for everyone to see! Now all these fans who voted who have been hoping and wishing Jessica and Cody would be handed

safety to jury got their wish.


Let me break that down for those who don't realize the numbers. Jessica has HOH now week 4. She and Cody are safe this eviction (which is 2nd eviction under the Hex power). Even if someone else wins HOH week 5 and were to take a shot at one or both of the Jody duo, she will play Haulting Hex and save them. Even if it were only Cody OTB week 5 she will use the power which means we’ve had 2 more weeks of them and will be forced to endure it into week 6 which is the final week of Haulting Hex power (4th eviction) unless by some miracle DE were to happen next week. We are guaranteed to have Jody in the game now for a minimum of 3 weeks. 


Many fans wanted Jess to have the power believing 2 things. 1. Jessica having the power guaranteed someone goes after Paul. 2. Assumed Cody would win his way back in and they love dramatic feeds and believed this duo would shake up the house coming out guns blazing.

LMAO! This is where the be careful what you wish for comes into place. When feeds return those LF who held onto this idea are quickly complaining and all the air comes out of their we love Jess tires! We also quickly learn Jessica has nominated Josh and Ramses?!


I heard many saying oh well she's going to BD Paul. That's not what all signs on the feeds point to. We catch Jody talking in the HOH and it's all about their hate of Josh, how great it will be to send him home. Wait! What? She's actually targeting Josh? Not only is she targeting Josh but she's repeating the exact same mistake Cody did?!


I have to sit my tea cup down as I let this marinade in my mind. Cody’s fatal error week 1 was nominating pawns he wasn't open to losing. He say Xmas next to Jillian. Of course Jillian was always going to go! Even if the betrayal of his own alliance had not been an element that week. Jillian was a non-entity and always going to be the casualty after he named Paul and Paul was safe. I would suggest even if Paul had hit the block the allies were so pissed Jillian still would have gone home. The votes were never there.


Fast forward to Jessica’s nom’s this week. She sits Josh next to Ramses?! Jessica is blind and this is a horrible move. The house has been suspicious and wanting to take out Ramses has been at the top of the hit list for 2 Weeks. This is why she needed to be interacting all the time from the beginning.  If Josh and Ramses remain on the block after Veto Paul and Xmas have already secured the votes to keep Josh and go against Jessica’s target. Ramses is a number for Jessica/Cody! Josh is obnoxious and volatile but he's easily manipulated and a bigger shield

for players like Paul and Alex. Why would she be so dumb?  How does she believe getting her personal grudge on Josh out in the open to everyone to see would automatically mean everyone would support her target? LMAO!  


Ramses is a HUGE threat to Paul, Alex. Kevin, Xmas, even Mark. No one is threatened by Josh. Annoyed? Yes! Threatened? Not one person fears Josh as a player. So Paul and them went to Josh told him they are going to vote Ramses out and Josh just needs to seems sad and emotional all week and they will save him-sending Ramses out. Jessica sat a bigger target next to a pawn no one was ever going to follow that plan.


Depending on how Veto goes if Ramses doesn't win and come off the block Ramses will be the one to go home. Ramses is on to Paul. On to Kevin. On to a lot. He's smart and seen as a triple threat even if he hasn't done anything that's how 90% of the house views him and Elena is really the only one who likes him. Jessica will not BD Paul. Hate to be the one that breaks the news but she has to have the votes and as well just witnessed Friday the entire house voted for Paul, who is a strong competitor to take on Cody! I swear I saw Jessica vote and she even names

Paul. So all the fans basing their ideas on the belief Jessica and Cody will take Paul out and they want Paul gone…your strategy is about as savvy as Cosy’s week 1! 


The one smart thing I have seen from Jessica is her telling Cody they need to not isolate themselves from the rest of the house. While it may look to many that Jessica has Cody in line because we are seeing a much more interactive Jody in the house with socializing, we also see Cody alone with others. Now, this morning Cody is feeling out Jason in the KIT. Talking about taking big shots, shaking up the house, screw what these chicks (Jess/Alex) keep Trying to tell us we need to go rogue. Cody said in post eviction interviews he would want to Come back and work with Paul.


Unless you are new to BB or simply a casual fan you had to know that was never going to happen. Cody and Jason chat is interesting to me. Suddenly Jason, Cowboy) finds himself in an amazing spot. He is in an alliance with Paul/Alex and he knows where all the bodies are buried and certainly we see him talking about taking Ramses out over Josh repeatedly last night. This morning as Cody is rambling on telling Jason way too much not knowing the background it hits me! Jason could swing either way. He can play dum-which he's great at naturally with Cody and run valuable intel back to Paul/Alex. Or he could get gas lit by Cody feeding him what deep down he's been wanting

to do for weeks which is take a huge swing and help Cody shake up the house. 


I don't see Jason betraying Alex. Paul maybe, but never Alex. I don't see him convincing Alex to turn on Paul and align with Cody and Jessica. But suddenly Jason finds himself in an amazing position where both alphas want and need him. So now we had Paul/Cody/Alex/Ramses/Josh all as bigger targets than simple minded Jason and if he does play it correctly Jason is all but guaranteed final 6.


Paul doesn't have to do anything to flip the target on Jessica because Ramses was already on everyone’s radar she handed them a target that was always going to be far more enticing than Josh. Xmas is the one we've seen going from pair to pair checking in that people want Ramses out over Josh. Jess, Cody, or Ramses have to win Veto and take Ramses down or he will go home on her HOH again sending out someone who’s agenda aligned with her own.


We've also heard a lot of players saying let's wait until Veto happens then we can discuss a strategy but I've seen all individually say that Ramses is far more dangerous than Josh. This is likely to be a voting blindside on a Jody HOH once again. 


Now, what's the best alternative for Jess if Ramses were to come down? Who could she rally a 6 vote eviction against other than Josh no matter who she would replace Ramses with? Xmas. I can foresee enough votes being had if Xmas were sat next to Josh. People love Kevin. Too many believe they need Paul. Even though the Mark tides have changed I still don't see enough choosing to keep crazy ass Josh over Mark. Christmas is the only player I can see that there is any possibility of a re-nom scenario where Josh doesn't end up being the accidental group pawn to go home. Mark has already pointed out-does anyone want to be stuck in jury with Josh? Lol. This brings me to the last sip of tea. 


Mark and Elena are the only ones that the plan to vote Ramses out over Josh has been agreed upon. Elena has a soft spot for Ramses. Mark hates Josh as much as Cody and Jessica do. Some fans have suggested keeping Elena and Mark out of the loop could be bad for Paul. I however don't think they will remain out of the loop after the veto ceremony if Ramses and Josh remain the nominees. Paul will finesse Elena. He won't blindside her. He knows he has to get her blessing to keep himself on good terms with her. If Elena signs on Mark may not like it but he will agree and won't rock the boat. 


The only other thing I've seen in the last 15 hours that worries me is Kevin. Kevin told Cody he was the hinky vote for Ramses in the Cody eviction week. Why?! This was terribly miscalculated on Kevin's behalf. Cody just proved to the whole house when he's in trouble he will throw anyone and everyone under the bus. Many suspected Kevin but to confirm it to Cody? I don't understand why he would make such a terrible move. He did and we should be watching for this to come back and hurt Kevin in the near future.


The Veto comp is scheduled to happen today. Don't expect some huge shift miraculously turning the house upside down. People are currently playing nice with Jody because she's HOH, but in week 4 when every player is deeply invested in targets they have had on their hit lists for weeks. Ramses, Josh, Xmas have all been on those lists and it's far more likely Jessica’s HOH will not result in some miraculous fall from grace for Paul in HG’s eyes this week.


Jess and Cody are safe for the next 3’weeks but Paul looks to be almost just as safe for at least this week. The RealiTea is like him or not Paul has done the leg work that makes escape routes for him 1-2 weeks ahead in the game. Love him or hate him he is playing a phenomenal game. Jessica could have set nominations that would have been far better for her and Cody but she lacks the inside intel to know how to make moves come to life. Until we have the veto results and the actual ceremony the RealiTea is Ramses is more likely than Josh to leave this week and if not it's going to be a Josh week of meltdowns on the feeds unless Xmas happens to find herself OTB. 


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