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Sunday July 23, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:25AM BBT Kevin, Paul, Ramses in Den BR.  Jason turns off lights in DenBR then goes to HNBR to join Josh. 


1:26AM BBT All cameras change to HNBR.  Josh and Jason talk for a few minutes in the dark, then settle down for bed.


1:34AM BBT All cameras still in HNBR [This drives me nuts - there are 4 cameras - spread them around, CBS! - BBLurkerPlus] Josh and Jason are now snoozing.


1:48AM BBT Someone wakes up at master control and finally puts two cameras on Cody and Jess in the HoH, still very much awake.


1:51AM BBT Jess makes fun of the black yoga pants Cody has. She says they're girls pants and he accidentally bought girls pants off Amazon.  He swears they're not for girls.


1:53AM BBT Jess says it's okay if you want to dress like a girl, I accept you. 


1:54AM BBT Jess still talking about the pants and saying that she was convinced that they were Alex's pants.


1:56AM BBT Jess strips the pants off Cody then throws them out the HoH door.


1:57AM BBT Lights out and bedtime in HoH.  Cody and Jess just chatting, snuggling, light makeout and talking about how weird it is when the other couples in the house are affectionate. This lasts for about 15-20 mins on and off.


2:16AM BBT Cody burps loudly.  Jess says he burps more than anyone she knows. He says he's just gassy.  She tries to convince him to burp silently.  He says he's not one of those losers who schools his burps.


Still some occasional whispering in HoH bed, but seems like it for the night.







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10:01 AM BBT FotH. Could be wake up time for the HG.


10:15 AM BBT FotH. We’re still waiting for feeds to come back.


10:16 AM BBT Feeds are back. Matt is doing laundry and Josh is talking to him. Josh is talking about wanting to put those “two” up. He noticed how Mark changed when Cody came back in and Matt says he can’t believe it, that Cody is already forgiven. Josh says this girl was being friends with everyone, but when he comes back in she goes back to what she did before. He says when Cody leaves again she should keep that same attitude. Josh says he didn’t care that he went up, he knew he was going to, but he didn’t like that she said he didn’t deserve to be here. Josh says if he stays on Thursday he needs 5 minutes before the HOH comp to go off on Mark. Everyone is still lying in bed. Josh doesn’t like that his family will see him disrespected on television. Josh says if you run your mouth, then you need to be able to take it.


10:20 AM BBT Josh says when the votes come in on Thursday he wants to jump on the couch and say what happened meatball? Kevin, Raven, Jessica, Cody, and Christmas have fresh batteries in the SR. Josh is going to take his dirty clothes outside. Matt and Josh are in the KT and Christmas rolls through and greets them. Matt is taking the trash out. Jason is in the WA doing ADLs.


10:25 AM BBT We see Cody get his battery and Jessica’s. Jason and Christmas in WA. Josh washing dishes. Matt taking clothes out the BY. Jason goes out to the BY as Matt comes in. Cody is called to the DR.

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10:30 AM BBT Matt has changed from his orange shirt to his blue shirt and heads back outside to add his orange shirt to the laundry. They are asked to lower the outside awnings. Josh goes out to help Jason as Matt heads back inside. Christmas and Kevin are in the SR. Christmas goes back to lay down. Raven is called again to get fresh batteries. Cody is out of DR and he is talking to Matt about cleaning. Cody heads upstairs and asks Matt if he’s going to layout and Matt says yeah and he wants to rest today. Cody goes into the HOH and tells Jess he got a BB slap for getting her battery. She says but it’s sweet when he does it. Jess asks if Cody wants to get back in the bed and give her her morning cuddle. Cody says no, well yes, but no.


10:35 AM BBT Cody and Jess are laying down in the HOH. Raven is up. Matt, Josh, and Jason are in the KT. Raven says she needs socks and Matt says she needs to wrap those ratchet feet up.


10:40 AM BBT Cody tells Jessica he doesn’t think anyone can cut his hair because it’s so thick and hard to deal with. Jess says so you’re going to be a werewolf all season and he says I guess. Cody says he found this chick who is good enough, but he still has to fix it at home. Jess says she’ll shave his head and he says that’s not a good look either. Cody doesn’t think it looks good when anyone shave their head. Jason says his whole county is on their way to the fair with their livestock because today is weigh-in day. Cody gets up to feed the fish.


10:45 AM BBT Matt sees Raven has his socks on and he says he’s going to have to ask her to take them off. Raven says good luck with that. Cody says it’s going to be hard for anyone to beat their HOH time in the house. Cody says they need a coffee maker in the HOH. Raven and Jason are talking about derbys and how the cars get crashed and Matt says that doesn’t sound safe.


10:50 AM BBT Jess is talking with Cody about floating. She says if Alex wins HOH they can go with their side, and if Paul’s side wins they can go to his side. She says if Cody wins HOH, then they have to choose a side. Jess says once Josh leaves, everyone has a pair. We get FotH. Jess says from here on out, chances are pairs will go up next to each other. Mark is up. Cody’s only goal is to BD Paul, even if he has to put up a pawn such as Raven because there is no way anyone votes against her. Jess says if he wins HOH, they have to solidify an alliance otherwise you strong arm them. Cody says there is no more solidifying alliance, they are the only two. Jess says they will have to tell them if they won’t work with them, then they will put them up. Cody says Jess will have to tell them about her temptation. Cody says no one will waste their HOH, except maybe Paul.


10:55 AM BBT Jess says she’s going to say her temptation is better than Paul and not only can she control one nomination, she can control both, and the only person who will suffer will be the HOH. Jessica thinks the only punishment will be a reset. Jessica tells Cody not to get his heart set on BD’ing Paul because if Alex and Jason can’t guarantee a deal longer than a week, then they might have to do something different. Cody says he has his heart set on BDing Paul. Cody suggests Christmas as an ally. Jessica says they did make-up together. Cody says he thinks Christmas is getting special treatment and they should use it to their advantage.

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11:00 AM BBT Cody asks Jess what the ingredients are for Alfredo sauce and how to make it. HG are called to the HOH for a lockdown. HG are gathering food and pillows and slowly heading upstairs.


11:10 AM BBT General chatter and HG are still heading upstairs. Everyone is now HOH. FotH.

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11:45 AM BBT The topic of Backdooring Paul is finally being discussed between Jessica and Cody. They are seemingly unaware of the house's plan to vote out Ramses and Keep Josh in order to secure another vote for "their" side. Paul has been going crazy trying to figure out what the last temptation could be. He keeps saying that Cody is not that good at competitions and that he's no threat to him. ( I guess he's already forgot that it's his fault that Cody got back into the house)

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11:30 AM BBT Feeds are still down. Maybe doing have-nots?


11:34 AM BBT Feeds are back and the HG are heading back downstairs. Jessica reads: This weeks have nots are the first three to drop their red lights during the Hold Up HOH competition. Everyone is laughing and Mark doesn’t look happy. Jessica continues that means Kevin, Mark, and Paul you are have-nots for the week. Josh, you took last weeks have-not temptation but received the have-not extension chip, so you will be a have-not again this week. And remember, the have-not temptation is back in play. Only the first person who claims the key in the diary room can accept the temptation. Josh, because you have the extension from last week, you are not eligible to claim the temptation this week. Jessica says sorry guys but she’s really happy she didn’t have to pick anyone.


11:40 AM BBT The have-nots are setting up their beds and Josh is talking about making Mark’s life miserable. Mark is going to get the key but he’s waiting for Christmas to come out. Paul asks if he got the key and Mark says he’s waiting. Paul says it’s not worth it. Mark says he can’t do another week of slop. Elena says what if you get two weeks? Mark says he probably won’t. Ramses is being Elena’s hands and they are walking around and Mark says he’s not in the mood right now. Jason doesn’t think it’s a good move for Mark to go for the key. Kevin asks Paul if he’s going to hook up their slop dinner and Paul says Josh is. They are talking about what they put in it and Josh says Paul makes a good one with mayonnaise and Kevin says he doesn’t eat mayo. Mark is sitting on the back of the couch by the DR door waiting. Jessica is at the outside door and Elena and Ramses are entertaining her.


11:45 AM BBT Mark isn’t scared of getting two weeks, he just doesn’t want to do it all. Matt comes to look at Elena and Ramses in the BY and he starts cracking up. Ramses is under the back of Elena’s sweatshirt and moving as her hands and she is re-telling about a dream she had and Jessica and Matt and Raven are cracking up. Christmas comes to see the spectacle and Mark is waiting to go to DR. Mark goes in and comes back out and says he has to wait until they call him. Jessica is called to the DR.

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12:00PM BBT Kevin and Jason walking in the BY. Kevin telling Jason that Josh screamed and cried for the first few hours of being on the block and now nothing and doesn't come out to play pool.He says something is up. Jason explains to Kevin about slop and the rules.


12:13PM BBT Raven and Xmas in the WCA putting on make up and doing hair. Talking about their brothers. Xmas says her brother is 6 years younger then her. She says he is 30. Raven says that everything was handed to her brother and she had to work for everything she has.


12:37PM BBT Raven and Matt on all 4 cams. Raven tells Matt that she doesn't know why "he" (not sure which HG) would go for it. It doesn't make sense. Matt asks her "seriously"? (They may be discussing Mark going for the HN key). Raven decides to eat before she goes to lay out.

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12:41PM BBT Elena and Xmas talking. Xmas asks Elena if she is excited Mark is going to try for the HN key. Elena says she has no idea if he asked. She says she is avoiding him. He is moody and making her moody and she has no reason to be moody. She says he is seriously avoiding him.


12:49PM BBT Marka nd Cody working out in the BY. HG are putting on bathing suits and heading out to the sun.


12:55PM BBT Jason asks where Paul is. Hg tell him napping. Jason yells for Paul to get up. Elena looking for her BB towel. Jess comes down from blogging in the HOH.



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@ bbT: (12:16pm)  Jason and Kev talking about how Raven can't eat slop because..

Jason - "she has that thing in her belly"

Kev - "Maybe she should have gone on Amazing Race then"

Jason - "haha right on.. I'm with you"

Kev - "I mean I'm not judging, I hope she is fine but all I know when I came in this house she came in healthy, looking healthier than me. She's actually a real good dancer"

Jason - "yeah she is! She has balance and timing..."


Jason - "Shes always naming off diseases... I'm like what the fuck..."

Kev - "naming what?"

Jason - "diseases! You have ALL that shit?! Like I don't know man...When people get sick where I'm from, they just fucking die" (lmfao omg)

Kev - "or ... they don't walk around looking like that!"

Jason - "and they damn sure don't have they bright of an outcome - outlook. Shes like "ahhh! (happy girl noise)" She is gonna be the spokesperson for gasterporersis, people get sick where I'm from they like lock themselves in their basement

Kevin - " asnwer me this, your telling me in 10 years from now she ain't gonna be here? no way..no way no one acts like that. maybe she got over the intial shock but -"

Jason - "or mayb-mabye MAYBE she been sick so long that she is jus over the gloominess of it like shes liek fuck it ive doing this for 15 ears i just wanna be happy. "

... Then they just start working out and talking about other shit.

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 1:00pm BBT: Jess and Cody in the HOH, discussing the ILD. Jess wonders why they said “immediately”. Cody says he checked the sky and didn’t see anything [guess he doesn’t feel like starting drama]. Numerous HGs in the kitchen making food/ADLs.


 1:05pm BBT: Jess discussing with Cody getting a new tattoo. She also mentions that she will be getting the snapchat glasses this week. Jess then goes in to her HOH blog, where she mentioned how much it meant for them to be back in the HOH room, why she put Josh on the block, and that Cody is working on improving his social game.


 1:10pm BBT: In the HOH, Cody tells Jess that he wrote and rewrote his HOH blog numerous times. In the KT, Xmas discusses that her scooter is the most fun she can have with a broken foot. Elena tries it and almost falls off. Matt and Raven start play fighting in the KT, BB tells them to “stop that”. Jess comments on them in the HOH room, says they treat each other like brother/sister, but then bang. Cody tells Jess that Elena is stringing Mark along, and says “poor Mark”.


 1:15pm BBT: BB tells the HGs that the LD is over. Jessica packs an outdoor bag and head downstairs. Cody jokes that they are going to leave. Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena are head outside.


 1:25pm BBT: Jason and Kevin head outside, Kevin mentions how nice it is outside. He talks to Jess and asks why she has cuts on her legs. She says she had moles removed that may have been skin cancer.


 1:30pm BBT: Matt and Raven talking in the KT, discussing Josh and Mark being HNs again for a second week in a row. Matt says it would be hilarious if they go at it again.


 1:35pm BBT: In the KT, Matt tells Raven that she needs to be careful, since she knows Victor (BB18) and him and Paul are close.


 1:45pm BBT: Cody and Xmas talking in the backyard, Cody talking about how he used his GI bill to get an Associate’s degree in Business. Ramses says he is still in school, currently a junior. He says he’ll probably take the rest of the year off so he has two more years.


 1:50pm BBT: Xmas talks about wanting to go back to school. She talks about wanting to get an MBA, and to blend her businesses into a corporate wellness program. She says that her mom was the first to go to college, and that she graduated with her Associate’s degree when Xmas graduated high school. They discuss people not needing an education as much as experience and common sense. Cody asks her if she could ever work for someone else and she says no. She says she paved her own path.


 2:00pm BBT: All feeds on Jason, Alex, and Raven talking in the KT. Jason talks about how hot headed the Mark/Josh are. Jason tells Raven that she is not the typical sick person, that she has the best outlook considering her disease.

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 2:15pm BBT: Kevin goes in the HN room, tells Paul and Josh to get up. Tells them the LA sun is beautiful, not too humid. Josh says he was up all night and that he couldn’t sleep. Feeds follow Kevin back to the KT, where Jason, Alex, Ramses, and Mark chatting/eating.


 2:20pm BBT: Xmas and Cody talking about passive income in the BY. Xmas talks about owning a convenience store and how much money it makes. Cody says he wants to start more passive income, so he has more freedom.


 2:30pm BBT: All feeds on Mark and Jason playing pool.


 2:50pm BBT: Feeds still on the BY, Mark and Jason playing pool with Matt and Ramses watching, Elena, Jess, and Raven are sunbathing.

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5:31PM BBT In the BY Paul telling Jess and Cody about internships. In the KT Josh and Rams cleaning up dishes.


 5:34PM BBT Elena and Rams talk. Rams talking about how pawns can go home. Elena trying to reassure Rams that Jess had a hard time putting hm up and she has no interest in sending him home.


 5:42PM BBT In the BY Kev, Paul, Xmas, and Jason just general chit chatting. Elena and Rams joking in the house. Elena says that she should joke about the HG getting her vote by washing her dishes.


5:51PM BBT In the KT Raven is making mac and cheese. Paul comes in and tells Raven he talked to Cody and Jess and there is no plan to use the Veto. He asks Xmas is she agrees (He calls her Christ). She agrees.

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6:01PM BBT Raven making a version of mac and cheese (looks like mac with milk). Jess comes down from HOH and she and Raven talk about everyone is getting along. Raven then tops the mac and cheese with processed cheese slices. Mark comes in. Raven asks him if he really got 2 weeks of slop. He says he did. She gives him advice for dealing with a slop diet.


6:12PM BBT Raven walks into the WCA saying Matt likes her hairstyle. She says he can't stay away from her. She calls him a  psycho and laughs. She tells Jess that Matt tried to DTR her last night. She told him she won't talk about it right now. She says that she is going to Sweden after the show to cure her disease. 


6:22PM BBT Jess talks to Rams. Jess says that if she has a suspicion that someone may vote the other way she will take him off. She says that there hasn't been any red flags. He says he feels the same but he is concerned.


6:23PM BBT Jess tells Rams she has a plan B if she feels he may be in trouble. Rams says he is concerned because he did get two votes. Rams says that he would be a vote to vote Josh out.


 6:36PM BBT Jess and Cody talking. She tells Cody that she is getting paranoid about the vote. She says Ramses isn't with the other side of the house. She says she is considering putting Alex up. She doesn't care who goes home then. She prefers Josh though. She says that she prefers to have two people up who she has no ties to. She says that Raven wasn't convincing. She says that it would not surprise her that Rams went home if she kept it the same.

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6:39PM BBT Cody tells her that she should let it ride. He says worst case the use the hex next week. Jess says that she doesn't want to look back on her HOH and say it was a waste. She says that she would rather have up two people who she cares if they leave. She wants to see Rams continue in the game. Jess says she doesn't trust anyone.


6:43PM BBT Jess says that she wants to take charge and put up two people who both could go. She doesn't want to waste the HOH. Cody trying to talk her out of the plan. Jess says she wants to take  chance instead of watch something happen that she could change. She tells Cody that if the HG are planning on stabbing them in the back it doesn't matter next week. They are the targets. Cody telling her that Rams may be a snake. He thinks Jess is being paranoid.


6:50PM BBT Cody tells Jess he would leave the noms the same but he has been wrong in this game before. She says she has a feeling in her gut that something is off.


6:57PM BBT Cody tells Jess to put up Alex. He says part of him will appreciate the risk. He says put up Paul. Jess says they don't have the votes for Paul.



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6:59PM BBT Jess asks Elena. Elena says that she hadn't heard anything about changing the vote. Jess tells her she is hearing things and a feeling. Jess tells Elena that the guilt she will feel if she costs Rams his game.


7:05PM BBT Elena is saying that she was surprised Alex wasn't the second nominee. Jess says that it was considered. Elena tells Jess that even if there were a few rogue voters she still has the numbers. Jess says that she would not be able to deal if Rams left over this.


7:13PM BBT Raven is teaching Matt ballet in the yard. the HG are watching and laughing.


 7:17PM BBT Raven explaining to Matt that you have to work with your glutes and points to her calves. Mat says those are calves..not glutes.


7:25PM BBT Jess heads to HOH. Cody asks what the verdict is. She says she talked to Elena. She says that Elena assures her that the vote is going as planned. She is going to leave the noms.

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10:30PM BBT: Josh is in the cabana room by himself talking to the cameras. He says he's gotten himself into too much trouble by running his mouth. He says he will have to start playing nice with everyone if he wants to make it past this week. He's willing to play nice with everyone except Mark & Cody. He thinks Cody is shady and is being fake nice since he came back into the game to change his image in the house. He thinks it's crazy that Mark forgave Cody so easily and doesn't see Mark as a loyal player.


10:35PM BBT: Josh gets startled by a noise outside the room & hides underneath a blanket. He lays there with it over his head for a moment. Then he pops his head out and says to the camera, "Sorry, I thought one of those meatballs were coming in." and continues talking to the cameras. He says he is blown away by Matt and Raven. He says they told him they are voting to keep him this week, even though he's not close friends with either of them in the house. He doesn't know if he can fully trust them, but says he will have their backs going forward if they do vote to keep him this week. 

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