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Saturday July 22, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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2:59 pm Alex and Jason in the kitchen. Alex whispers that Jess pulled her aside and asked for her vote (or how she would vote). Jason can't hear so they move to the storage room. Alex relays her convo with Jess to Jason. She tells Jason not to promise her vote. Jason is shocked how did they know. Alex says they don't The plan is to get Ramses out. If Josh goes home then the next target will be Mark. They reenter the kitchen to make cookies. 


3:03 pm Cody comes downstairs and joins them in the kitchen. Foth


3:08 pm Josh pulls Jason in to the room (with all the apples) Josh says it will be an elimination (head to head) competition. He wants to make sure Ramses doesn't get taken off and if he might Josh needs Jason to throw the POV to him Cody or Ramses can't win. He wants Jess, Cody, and Ramses eliminated. Jason only says. Ok. Josh looks at the camera and says "It's game on, F**s" He prays in Spanish and repeats pull yourself off the block get safety. 


3:10 Ramses corners Jason and asks if he would use the veto if he wins it. Jason says uhhh Yeah...(Alex walks by)...No... I mean it depends on...Jason says he thinks they want Josh out. Ramses says just go for it. Jason says he won't throw it. They disperse. 

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3:12 pm Matt whispers to Alex in the kitchen something about HoH. She says always and laughs uncomfortably. They continue to whisper with Raven...


3:15 pm Paul talks downstairs to Matt to talk to Raven. He says he did. Paul says very nice and then he invites him upstairs I guess to clarify. Paul walks in to the HoH bathroom to continue a conversation with Cody. Camera cuts to Alex and Mark. She is changing and talking about veto. 


3:17 pm Camera is back and forth to various HG getting ready for veto and joking around. 


3:19 pm Paul and Cody in HoH bathroom having a friendly discussion about the first HoH comp. 


3:25 pm Time for Veto! 



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5:15 PM BBT the Feeds return. Jessica has won the POV. 

2017-07-22-17.16.20-Cam 4.png


5:15 PM BBT The feeds return and Jessica and Cody are in the HOH room. They are covered in goo and Jessica turns towards us and the POV is wrapped around her neck. Jessica says to Cody "That is the 2nd competition that you threw." 

2017-07-22-17.18.11-Cam 3.png

2017-07-22-17.15.56-Cam 4.png

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5:28 PM BBT Paul has spoken with Raven in the SR. He tells her that they have him (Josh) pinned down now so it is time to strike. After Raven leaves Mark walks in. Mark just wants to make sure that they are still good because he got some mixed signals about Jason earlier Paul tells him that's just Jason. They are fine. 


5:33 PM BBT Jessica tells Cody that she is going to walk around with the POV around her neck because she F'ing earned it. The others are scared to death. We have earned this. She says that Elena is a little salty and wants to win really bad. She threw that wall HOH because she didn't want to take me out but she is going to be all out on the next HOH. 


5:36 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are in the HOH. He retells her about his conversation with Mark earlier. He tells her that Mark stabbed him straight in the back and is no friend of his. She tells him that she will probably really love him outside of the house but he is not a smart game player. 


5:39 PM BBT In the shower, Christmas describes the paint substance as like a combination of glitter and glue. They are literally having to use a dish scrub to scrub it off of them. 


5:41 PM BBT Based on their descriptions, it appears the POV might be the memory comp where they have to have the right answer or it explodes in their face.


5:48 PM BBT All 4 feeds switch to Mark and Elena kissing in the Red BR. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the KT where Cody says "Grass, Go, Grape, Grapefruit, Ginger."
Jessica says they put Grape right next to Grapefruit to F with them.  


5:54 PM BBT Christmas tells Cody and Jessica that instead of tieing the bag around her leg, she tucked it in the cast. She didn't notice getting water in it while she showered. After she walks off Jessica tells Cody in the lounge "No pressure, but you got to do this next week." 


5:58 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are alone in the lounge. Jessica says she appreciates this experience so much but there is this constant underlying tension because they are stuck there. She just wants the ability to walk out the door and go to Starbucks. She said she knows that  makes her sound so spoiled. Cody says "Well, you have me." Jessica says that she is glad she has him. 

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6:00 PM BBT Jessica and Cody are quietly celebrating her POV in the lounge. When he tries to talk serious she plays with his nipples which totally throws him off. Christmas is saying that she is going to have to get her cast replaced. She got water in it because she wrapped it wrong for the shower. She said it isn't just a broken bone. There is an open wound which means the potential for an infection is there. She said at this rate, she is going to end up getting it amputated. 


6:08 PM BBT In the KT there is a debate about whether or to throw out their meal. It appears there may have been some cross contamination with some raw chicken.


6:19 PM BBT Jason tells Kevin he is going to get an agent when he gets out of here. The last time he was able to work at a rodeo finals was in 2008. They tell him that he is too expensive. All he asks for is $3500 a rodeo and a room. They can fill Madison Square Gardens and bring in 2 million dollars a night and can't give $3500 and a room to a rodeo clown. 


6:24 PM BBT In the lounge Jess tells Cody that this has to be the comeback of the season. In the Green BR Paul and Alex are speculating if Jess is going to use the veto. Paul says the word in the house is that she doesn't want to cause anymore waves. That's why he says she won't use it. 


6:26 PM BBT Jessica tells Cody that she is going to wear a hoodie during the veto ceremony and when Josh talks she is going to have fruit loops in her pocket and throw fruit loops at him. F'ing Fruitloop Dingus. 

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6:36 PM BBT The HGs are now back to general chit chat. Feeds 1 and 2 show Jessica and Cody alone in the lounge. Feeds 3 and 4 are in the Green BR with Josh, Alex, Jason, Christmas and Kevin. Alex is cursing because she says has had 3 pairs of her glasses broken in the house. 


6:45 PM BBT Christmas is sitting in the BR with a blow dryer. She is trying to blow the hot air down into her cast. She doesn't want the water from her shower to cause an infection to the wound in her cast. 


6:54 PM BBT Feed 3 shows Josh in the lounge all alone. He starts talking to the cameras. He thinks his votes are Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Raven and Matt. 7 versus the 3 Jess, Cody and Mark. Their egos are going to be so inflated and he is going to let them walk around like that and when he gives his speech he is going to drop a bomb on this house. He plans on standing on the sofa while he goes off. "It is going to be game time baby. They are going to shit their pants." 

2017-07-22-18.54.58-Cam 3.png


6:56 PM BBT Josh says Mark is a flip flopper and he has got to go. He does a raspberry and says Mark's word is Ca-ca. 


6:58 PM BBT Josh says that he doesn't know what we think about Jessica. She is a beautiful girl and has a heart of gold, but that girl is controlled by Cody. She changes the minute that he walks in the room. 

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7:01 PM BBT Josh "God, let your boy win a comp in this house. Your boy needs HOH" 


7:06 PM BBT Alex goes into the SR and hides in a black garbage bag. Mark comes in looking for her and she crawls across the floor. He doesn't miss a beat and says "Alex, where are the cookies you made?" She cracks up. "Why didn't you fall for that?" 

2017-07-22-19.07.03-Cam 1.png

2017-07-22-19.07.55-Cam 2.png

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7:17 PM BBT In the KT Mark, Elena, Paul, Jessica, Cody, Christmas and Ramses are sitting around the counter. They are speculating about the Temptations. Paul feels that it is going to have some kind of expiration date on it. He has never known them to give a privilege that lasts the entire game. Cody says it is probably monetary in nature. Meanwhile, Josh is still talking to us in the lounge. He is telling us that he feels next week is going to be a double eviction. 


7:25 PM BBT Not much is going on in the house right now. The HGs have been on LD all day so they are all awake and confined which limits their game talk. Most of the HGs are either chatting in the KT or in the Green BR. 


7:35 PM BBT Overall goofing off in the house. Jason tells Christmas that her tattoos remind him and take him to when he was at a bull.....she interrupts him and jokingly asks him "You calling me a bull bitch?" 


7:47 PM BBT In the Green BR Paul is talking to Alex, Jason and Kevin. When Jessica opts not to use the veto they are going to blindside Cody and it will immediately be a double eviction because they are too many numbers. Cody will be pissed. They should know exactly what their plan is ahead of time. They will tell Cody that Ramses has been playing everyone and Josh can go home anytime. Paul says they can't be mad at all 7 of us if we all tell the same story. They know that if Josh wins HOH he would never put any of them up. Why would they get him out? 


7:58 PM BBT Christmas has been called to the DR. The HGs are still just sitting around and talking/telling stories. 

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Huge thanks to GoldyLucks for her hours of coverage and bebeJM for her awesome updates, but now it's Goldy's bedtime and the HGs are still going strong, won't someone please jump in and help?  No experience necessary, if you're logged in you're good to go!


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I'm sorry that I can't update tonight. I was hoping I could but have been having issues with sleep lately. I did catch this tidbit though!


9:26pmBBT: Jess & Cody in the HoHR. Jess: You really need to win the HoH next week. I want to be able to save the hex for the fourth week.

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9:17 PM BBT Raven and Matt sitting in bed talking about who to vote out. Matt is leaning towards Josh and Raven towards Ramses...


Raven - Josh is not a threat, he's not a competitor

Matt - This is what's going to happen, Jess and Cody are going to ask us who we're going to vote out. We're going to lie to their faces

Raven - I don't think they'll ask us

Matt - If we vote Ramses to go home and one of the three of them win HOH next week one of us are going home, 100%, when we are already going to send Ramses home next week. I'm down with the plan, but if we do this it increases our chances of going home next week 100%

Raven -  I don't think it matters what we do, if we follow them or not. Jess and Cody are just spinning it this week to appease the house. They're gonna do what they want to do to get in everyone's good graces and then backstab who they need to backstab later, they're that type of players

Matt - So you think next week if we vote to keep Ramses and Cody wins HOH he is going to put us up.

Raven - Yes, one of us. Not maybe us but definitely someone else.

Matt - I disagree with that, I'm down to do it but it's a much riskier play the week before jury. For the group this is a good move. For us as individuals it's not. If Mark, Elena, or Cody win HOH next week I think there is a difference depending on this vote.

Raven - I don't think they are gonna ask me about how I'm voting. They're not talking game with us. I'm pretty sure.

Matt - They're just gonna assume we're voting for Josh? (Matt doesn't look convinced) 

Raven - Yes, after the vote I can just say you didn't ask me. Ramses personally threw me under the bus to Alex and he won $25,000


In comes Paul...


Matt - I'm down with plan but, I'm voting how the group votes, but you guys have to realize if we do this in increases the chances one of us are going home next week, triples it.

Paul - But Cody is the only one who can win HOH. Mark sucks at comps and Elena wouldn't make that move. Elena wouldn't even want to win the HOH

Raven - Elena said she doesn't even want the HOH and said she would throw it to me.

Matt - Now your trusting Elena?

Paul - Out of the people up there (Cody, Jess, Mark, and Elena are in HOHR) Elena is the only one I trust. Mark is garbage at comps. Cody is the only one to worry about and he's not that good.


Matt then list all the comps Cody has been in and won or been competitive.


Matt - I want Josh to stay, let me be clear in saying that. But if we do this it %1000 increases the chance that one of us three are going home.

Paul - It's probably me and I'm willing to take that heat because if we get steamrolled it's fucked. I'll take that heat, I don't give a shit.

Matt - Paul I understand that but I don't want you to go home!

Paul - I'm not going to go home because I can beat Cody in a competition. For other reasons, that I have not disclosed, I know I can beat Cody in a competition.


Kevin comes in blabbering about something and is shushed.


Kevin - There's no one here.

Matt - Do you see what I'm saying?

Paul - Yes, but here's the thing, it's easy avoidable. We can say, look guys few a few weeks has been on the whole teams radar for the past few weeks. This is strategically a better move. Josh can go at any time, and Ramses has the $25,000. They're (Jess & Cody) are not in a place to be offended by that. The whole house is against them. When they see a 7-3 vote they are not in a majority. (Kevin walks back out) So either they act on it, but then what? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Matt - I understand exactly what your saying, but right now I feel like these are both two players who are going home regardless. I feel like we're just flip-flopping. Ramses can just as easily go home next week.

Paul - No he can't. What about Mark, what about Cody, what about Jess? Do you want to keep them in the game longer?

Raven - No

Matt - What!

Paul - What! 

Matt - Your both misunderstanding what I'm saying. This is the better move for the group, as individuals it's not

Paul - I'd don't think your right dude. Ramses is the better competitor then Josh.

Matt - You think we are gonna be able to legit swing that to Cody and Jess after directly lying to their faces?

Paul - It doesn't matter.

Matt - Sure it does.

Paul - Dude there is the off chance that Cody can win and put two people up, but does he want to fight against 7 people, no.

Matt - We're you not at this last comp?

Paul - I was, that was hobunk(?) bullshit, we're not going to have another one of those. That was the same as the string comp. I can see the pattern.

Matt - It almost happened in the HOH before that. Dude we are not dominating in the comps.

Paul - If your not dominating them now do you think you will dominating them in the future. Josh is a vote for us, Ramses for them.

Raven - Yeah

Paul - We save Josh and kick Ramses out.

Matt - I'm just offering a different angle.

Paul - I'm here to play the game, this is a risky move.


Commercial break, I'm watching BBAD


Paul - I don't care about taking that shot. Josh wouldn't be afraid, he's made his agenda clear. And you need to keep a player like that. Just like Christmas. She hates Mark. She hate Cody. She's like a pitbull. They are two shields in front of us that will always be first to go.

Matt- That's assuming they continue to be stupid. Sooner or later they are gonna be smart. If I were them I'd put Raven and you up or Raven and me up.


In comes Ramses and talks turns to what may be the temptation. Paul, Raven, and Matt (mostly Paul) begins to work on him to not be worried, Josh is probably going.And more talk of the temptation and curse.




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