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The RealiTea is that last night the BB house exploded in drama!  Veto took place early.  Christmas, Jason, and Kevin were selected to play.  Jason won.  When the feeds returned just after 12:30 a.m. Alex asks Paul when Eviction will happen? Paul speculates Saturday. It would make sense. Nom's were early. Veto was early. HN's just finally happened. Veto ceremony today. Remember the temptation voting doesn't close until Wednesday. Based on Julie's announcement BB would happen Friday. 


Production has to reveal the temptation for a curse to come into play. Wednesday is usually when the Veto comp airs, but same day this week that voting ends. In order for curse to result in a Battle Back they have to air that as well.


If voting ends  Wednesday BB would have to do temptation right after voting ends and include in Wednesday night episode or Thursday episode. With all of the other things that would happen if winner of popular vote accepts temptation (curse releases battle back) it's hard to conceive BB would want to cram DOT into Thursday LE episode. Maybe Sunday we will get a recorded eviction not a live one also showcasing another HOH comp? HOH/Nom/Veto/Eviction between Sun-Thursday? Seems like a lot. The RealiTea is we should expect the unexpected. I am kinda enjoying that everything isn't as predictable as usual. This is true for both HG's and fans. 


However, the Veto comp occuring late night Friday into Sat morning brings the cards tumbling down all over the house. As I sift through all the teas to choose from let this resinate.  At 6:30 am the showmance alliance is gathered in the HOH with Alex and Jason and it's clear there has been a fight brewing all night and at this point Dom and Paul are going head to head.  Mark is upset because his name has been thrown in the ring of replacement nominees.  


12:36 a.m. this seems to be where the largest pot of tea began to brew post veto.  Dom is digging.  Xmas isn't offering any real help.  Dom asks is Xmas will be loyal to her.  Xmas says she has been loyal to her.  Dom says that's not what I asked, I asked will you be loyal to me.  Xmas said I'm not sure.  Dom insists that this sudden target on her back came from the the interview and it's BS.  Dom asks Xmas if she has her vote and Xmas says I can't commit to that, I need to think, I don't know who else is going up.  


If you have the LF's get you cup and some biscuits and flashback to 12:30 a.m. when this all begins.  I'm dredging through all of this and will return later today with a complete run down of all the RealiTea bites that were served up in the BB house overnight!

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