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The RealiTea is that after a relatively boring week in the house week 2, Wednesday night brought us some unexpected drama in the final hours of the week.  The end of week 2 during Dom’s usual BBAD talk show. Christmas left the house soon after a 1-1 talk with Cody which becomes a topic after the talk show interviews end and the conflicts begin.  This is relevant since Christmas wasn’t there to steer the perceptions or counter some of the assumptions that make the rounds back to her.  Fortunately, for most of us Xmas’ absence shouldn’t sway her vote since she and Paul both want Cody gone.  Ramses had a rough week between the blowback from banner-gate, questions of loyalty regarding the Jillian vote, and nearly winning the POV he’s now on everyone’s radar. The down side of the week is will be everyone is stuck with Jessica for at least one more week.  By the end of this tea party we will have one less HG, a new HOH, and at least two players who find themselves at the center of controversies that can play into what happens in week 3. 


As most of us know Dom’s weekly talk show provides a welcome relief for HG form the monotony of the routine and being in game mode 24/7.  What I haven’t seen is awareness that doing an activity like this also opens a window into information because people aren’t in game mode and fail to censor their opinions and actions forgetting that we are still in the game.  I applaud Dom for being able to get the majority of the house on board with this but it leaves me wondering why has no one thought that this could in fact be a bad thing.  As you know I love it because when you take players minds off the game we are more likely to see them say and do things they wouldn’t do willingly. Finally Wednesday night after some controversial questions and answers come out of the nightly chats Paul realizes they shouldn’t be doing this!  Paul is correct in his assessment of the potential downside and his fear of what could possibly happen may become a RealiTea sooner than anyone could have expected. Let’s read the tea leaves from this cup of tea.


All day Wednesday, Cody was refusing to be a guest on the talk show when Dom invites the three nominees to be guests on the show. Kevin and Dom have managed to provide some late night entertainment with this idea. Paul was exhausted and had not planned to attend tonight, he explained he wanted to head up to the HOH and catch up on some sleep. However when Cody has a sudden opening in his schedule to be interviewed Paul knows he needs to be there. Paul is looking forward to hearing what Cody has to say.  In reality he wants to be there and hear everything first hand.  This was absolutely the right move.  Paul is not in a position to waste time sifting through versions of what was said long after and then navigating the paranoia and speculations that could potentially occur. Ironically, Cody didn’t really say anything unexpected.  However, Dom’s game oriented questions turned quite a few heads.  


Many of the players have put in a lot of work, as Cody would say, ‘hugging’ players like Jason, Josh, and Alex but the consensus after the show was Dom’s line of questioning planted weeds in a perfectly manicured garden and in all honesty they weren’t wrong.  By the end of the HOH we may see why. Don’t forget this event and the reactions of the players like Matt, Paul, Mark, Elena, and Raven. Even Jessica understands that this was a terrible idea by the end of Cody’s segment although for different reasons.  If she and Cody could consider anything outside of their own POV’s this was an opportunity for them to capitalize on. Instead all they see is it didn’t go the way they planned. I will save these tea leaves because I have a strong inclination we will need to come back to them soon. 


Are you ready to break down the week 2 live eviction and HOH competition?


Jessica heads to the DR and votes to evict Ramses

Kevin votes to evict Ramses

Christmas (remotely from hospital room) votes to evict Ramses

Raven votes to evict Cody

Dom votes to evict Cody

Elena votes to evict Cody

Mark votes to evict Cody

Jason votes to evict Cody

Matt votes to evict Cody

Josh votes to evict Cody


Final Votes

Alex 0        Ramses 3    Cody 7

Cody has been evicted from the BB house!  I may want to add a shot of celebratory spirit to my tea!  As Cody departs the house is calm almost the second the door closes behind him.  Elena, Paul, Ramses are seen offering Jessica some form of comfort.  Paul had asked Kevin to throw a hunky vote to Ramses expecting Jessica to vote to evict Alex. Imagine if the plan to throw a hinky vote in had in fact resulted in Paul masterminding his own blindside? LOL


Cody’s exit interview.  Julie confirms Cody’s parting words to Jessica were asking her to be his GF.  He admits he plans (at this moment) to pursue a relationship with her outside the house.  Cody also tells us he believes Jessica’s game will improve greatly with him out of the house. Cody is then blindsided yet again! Despite the fact he spent time this week encouraging Alex/Jason/Kevin to evict girls the next 2 weeks so he can easily win a spot back in the game is there is a battle back. Julie informs Cody that next week, Friday, the first four evictees (Cameron/Jillian/Cody/+week 3 evictee) will have battle it out and the winner will return to the game and get another shot at the $500k grand prize. 


The new HOH competition is an infamous endurance wall comp.  Remember Paul is outgoing HOH and cannot compete.  However, he has one more week of protection so he cannot be a target this week.  Directly anyways. I would have predicted perhaps Raven may do well even though she’s a bit taller but her dancer background offers an advantage in balance.  However, my foot hurts at the thought of her having to stand there for any length of time with 5 stitches between her toes and a fresh wound she sustained just a little over 24 hours ago. Mark is way too big and with a broken finger that adds a lot more stress to his hands trying to hold up all the weight those bulging muscles add to his hulk like physique.  Alex is one I would expect to do really well, except based on her current status in the house I wouldn’t expect her to want to win.  Paul is safe, she wouldn’t want to target her own side (Jason/Josh/Ramses/Kevin).  She has a solid belief that there is going to be a buy back in the near future.  For these reasons IMO, winning this would be horrible for her game. 



Jason, is a bigger guy in stature but this guy dances with bulls for a living.  Ramses will want this win almost as much as Jessica.  Jessica needs this to guarantee her safety since she failed to build some paths to future relationships with her previous allies.  


Let me pause here for a second.  I want to refill my cup.  My RealiTea is in a perfect world is if Jessica was to win HOH this week she sends the fourth person out (preferably a stronger competitor) to face off with Cody in the battle back. Now while I want Cody to be eliminated more than air to breath… I love some twists and turns that create great drama in the house!  If Cody were to win and re-enter immediately following a Jessica HOH she wouldn’t be allowed to compete in the HOH week 4 upon his return. For the sake of the best feeds Cody returns as she spends week 4 on the block!  Since she wants everyone to have sympathy for her having to endure the worst week (insert victim noises) as HN, Toad, isolated, and losing her man it seems only right she continues the journey of drastic highs followed by emotional lows.  Imagine if this were to happen!  I can dream can’t I? 


On to the actual competition because flies are swarming this pot of RealiTea.  Any guesses who the first to drop from the space themed wall comp?  Of course it was Josh!  He’s useless in nearly every sense of any self directed attempts to play this game.  Now if his mom could have stood on the wall for him he might actually have had a great shot!  Next to go is Mark.  Big guy, bad finger, and lots of pleas for real ice follow.  Poor little Raven and her broken wing soon follow.  Ramses wavered when the wall leaned far forward and I knew he would fall because he leaned so hard into the direction the wall was headed.  After years and years of watching this comp leaning into the leaning wall makes it so much harder to hold yourself up.  It also makes it even more difficult to regain a good hold as the wall returns to an upright because of all the strength you just exuded to sustain your position. As I say aloud, Ramses is going to fall, he does!


At this point I look at the wall and realize Matt, Elena, and Dom are the only ‘cool kids’ left on the wall.  They are going to need to hang tight because Jessica looks relaxed and comfortable.  Alex is constantly moving and wiggling. For now may not seem like a problem but as you tire this is always the player who takes a hand to wipe their eyes or releases a grip to shake out a pain and falls into the loser circle.  I’m sure LF’s recall Justin in BBOTT who got overconfident dancing around and knocked himself out of the comp. Not to say Alex is being overconfident, it’s just one of those elements in the wall comp you need to be weary of.   


Elena surprises me.  I did not expect her to be an endurance contender but she implies her double jointed arms are helpful. Did anyone expect her to be a contender in this competition? Maybe we have Mark to thank for that…wink, wink!  I wasn’t surprised to see Kevin make it halfway through before falling.  I don’t think HG realize he is a much fiercer competitor than he shows.  I was happy to see him put some visible effort in before throwing this competition.  He doesn’t want the power, nor does it appear he really needs it.  However, he showed some muscle and hung in long enough for it to appear he was trying without wasting hours holding on.  I mean he did throw out the idea of taking a big shot week 3 but I am happy to see he didn’t move on this idea for the sake of his own game.


Now we are down to Elena, Jessica, Alex, Jason, and Dom.  Jessica is beginning to waver.  She’s tired, cold and falls at 8:18 p.m.  Dom falls right after her.  Not an accidental fall by any means.  Instead Dom’s departure from the wall was a clear, ‘oh thank you Jesus! Jessica’s out’especially so I don’t need to hang in here any longer.  It is refreshing to see all the players cheering for everyone regardless.  Even Jessica got some pats on the back while on the wall and I prefer this tone in the HOH comps, esespeciallypecially this early on in the game.  I suspect at this point Alex and Elena will hold on tight until Jason falls because he’s a wild card.  Once he falls they will make a deal and hopefully Alex solicits some promises from Elena and allows her to take the win.  Mark needs an Elena win to navigate the drama stirred by Cody.  Alex doesn’t need the win at this point in the game she has a good read on what’s actually happening and she knows that collectively the house wants Ramses and Jessica gone in the near future and neither are a number she can’t survive without.   


8:29 Alex proposes the first deal.  Elena says sure what’s your deal.  Alex says, I don’t care I just want a Coke at this point.  Suddenly she screams “Jason what’s the deal?”  



“You all fall off I ‘ll be HOH.”

This is met with laughter from the viewing gallery and myself in all honesty.


Moments later Jason yells, “No one on this wall is going home.”


Alex, “Ok. We all agree we wont send…we wont put any of us (Jason, Alex, Elena) OTB.

Elena agrees.

Alex, “Ok, what’s the second part of the deal?”

Jason, “Somebody else say.”

Alex, “I get to take a sh*t in your guys’ toilet if you guys win. Whenever I want.”

Jason, “Done!”

Elena, “What do you want?” 

Jason, “Safety”

Elena, “Ok deal you jump down and I wont put you OTB.”

Jason, “Swear?”

Elena, “Swear.”

Jason jumped.  8:29:47 pm

Elena, “Alex?”

Alex, “I won’t put you OTB.”

There’s a long enough pause for comments from Raven, Mark, Jason, and Paul.

Alex, “You’re not my target.”

Elena, “Ok I will jump.  Swear?”

Alex, “Swear.”

Elena stealth whispers, “The people I want protected will be protected?’

Alex, agrees 

8:30:44 Elena drops as I am yelling at the screen telling her not to do it!


Alex is the week 3 HOH with over 90 minutes on the wall.

Alex makes a point to go immediately over to Elena and hug her.  This is a good indication and what she should do whether she intends to keep her word by the end of the week or not.  Jason rushes to hug Alex followed by Kevin.  Everyone congratulates and hugs Elena except Jessica who is going to break a tooth she is clinching her teeth so hard. With an Elena HOH, Jessica could have felt at least a chance going into the week.  Cody is gone and all the hateful venom spewed at Alex the first two weeks in the house this is the last person Jessica needed to win.  8:50 pm HG are inside and we do hear Jessica choke out a congratulations to Alex. 


There you have it!  The RealiTea is I think Alex taking this week's HOH could be a problem for Alex.  She was in a great spot.  Other than Jessica no one was even discussing Alex this week. I know she has some ill feelings about Ramses but Alex is a smart cookie and understood until the numbers on the other side dwindle slightly she needs to preserve the people who think they are aligned with her for because in BB there is some safety in numbers.  Remember we have 13 HG left going into week 3.  With two nominees and the HOH out of the voting pool that leaves 9 people voting if Christmas does return.  There are 6 people on the showmance side of things, 4 on the outsiders which leaves Josh squarely in the middle of voting again this week. Would you want to rely on Josh to make your HOH plans come to life?  I know I wouldn't! Come back tomorrow for a fresh cup of RealiTea Bites on everything that happens overnight and into Friday.  Will Christmas return?  Will the seeds Paul was attempting to cultivate about the votes take root?  




























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