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Sunday July 16, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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 12:00am BBT: DBR Crew are quizzing Ramses. Raven and Matt go out to the BY and get in to the spa. They talk about Mark, Raven says for now she trusts him, Matt says he’s going to get himself evicted due to his emotional outbursts.


 12:05am BBT: Raven tells Matt that Xmas needs to go home. She says that she understands her fighting and wanting to persevere. Raven says that they thought she originally would only be down three weeks, and now it is 10 weeks for recovery best scenario.  


 12:10am BBT: Ramses and Josh in the KT discussing the pillow situation from earlier, Josh saying that he did get a little heated but held it together. They both agree that they need to get Paul back. Out  in the BY, Matt and Raven go over who probably knew about Cody going after Paul, and that with Mark they would have had the numbers to get Paul out.


 12:20am BBT: In the KT, Josh is making Kevin a grilled cheese sandwich. Out in the BY, Kevin checks the dryer and then sets up pool for himself. Ramses and Jessica are in the WA doing ADLs.


 12:25am BBT: Ramses comes out to the BY to play pool with Kevin. Ramses asks him if he heard anything, if someone else is going up for sure, and Kevin says that was the plan, but it changed because it doesn’t make sense now.


 12:30am BBT: Jason comes out of the DR and joins the group in the BY. Kevin is launching pool balls with Jason trying to catch them. They stop and begin playing pool. Matt and Raven head in to go to bed.


 12:40am BBT: All HGs come in the start getting ready for bed. Kevin and Jason go into the WA and Kevin can’t find his tooth brushes, thinks that Josh moved them as revenge for the pillow situation earlier. He mentions to Jason that she has put herself in the situation she is in [assuming they are referring to Dom].


 12:45am BBT: IN the DBR, Kevin is telling a story to Jessica and Ramses. Jessica begins tickling Ramses on the floor. Matt sneaks into the room and runs up and spanks Jessica with what looks like a paper towel roll. She chases him out into the KT laughing and he runs around the table. She jumps on the table running in circles and then we get FoTH. Feeds come back to Jessica saying she though it was Ramses at first, that that is the thanks she gets for warning him about Ramses trying to scare him at an earlier time.


 12:50am BBT: Jessica goes back into the DBR and starts talking to Kevin. Kevin asks her why she is out of breath Ramses is hiding between her bed and Dom’s. Ramses pops out and scares her, prompting her to chase after Kevin because he was in on it also. Kevin goes back in to bed, and BB calls Jessica to the DR. She turns and tells Ramses, Matt, and Raven, that “this is your fault”. Matt tells her they will be waiting for her when she comes back out.


 1:00am BBT: All HGs in bed, except Jessica in the DR. Kevin and Ramses chatting a bit off and on in the DBR.

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1:55AM BBT Jessica comes into the DBR and Kevin, who has been waiting in his bed asks her, "How was your DR tonight, good?"  She says "Yeah, it was good."  Kevin says "Get some sleep, I'll tell ya the story tomorrow night."  Jessica says "Mmmkay," and Kevin asks "you tired?" as she gets ready to hop into her bed.


1:56AM BBT Kevin fluffing up his blankets, getting settled in now that everyone's accounted for, saying good night and putting his bandanna on as the room gets still and everything is quiet.  Two beats and Big Brother says "Kevin, please come to the diary room." and Kevin immediately says "Must be a mistake" as Jess cracks up, then Kevin's voice pitch raises and he pleads "It's gotta be a mistake!" as Jess continues laughing.  Then, sounding persecuted and confused he asks "Why would they want me to go at this particular hour?"  He gets up and says "It's gotta be a mistake, I'll go and speak to them...this is fuckin' crazy" and keeps mumbling as he heads off to the DR and Jess continues giggling about it. [Seriously - back up and watch this. A naturally funny Kevin 2 minutes for his reel - BBLurkerPlus]


2:24AM BBT Kevin's back from DR. Jess is talking to him.  Kevin says "Go to sleep, why'you up so late? You got school in the morning!"  Then Kevin starts talking about his DR, saying he literally wouldn't answer the questions, instead offering, "Call Josh, motherfucker" to the producer.


2:25AM BBT Kevin asks if Jess will be able to sleep. She says she'll try, then she says "Sweet dreams, shithead."  Kevin isn't done talking about his DR.  He says he's requested suntan lotion and the producer said he'd put it on the list. Then he says, "I asked him please play some better fuckin' music."


2:26AM Jess says that she's been asking for superglue for two weeks.  This triggers Kevin with a prison story. He says he used to smuggle superglue into prison on the back of his calves because his father had gotten into a fight and he had false teeth and he couldn't keep them in when he came to the visitors room where you want to look good...[AND CAMERA CUTS AWAY! NOOOOO...I want to hear about Kevin's dad and the prison adhesive contraband! - BBLurkerPlus]


2:38AM BBT Matt puts his shirt on, then gets up to go to the bathroom.  While Matt is in there, Jess gets up and gets some talcum powder to ambush him with.


2:43AM BBT Jess is waiting in the LR for Matt to finish eating cookies in the KT and come back to bed.  As he finally walks around the corner, she squirts talcum powder all over his left arm, neck and head.  He asks, "Why are you still awake, you little psychopath?" then concedes, "That was well executed."  Matt heads back to bed, and Jess goes to SR.


2:46AM BBT Jess heads back to bed, but complains to Kevin that she hurt her toe. 


2:50AM BBT Everyone seems to finally be settled in for the night.

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9:32 AM BBT Paul is up and goes to the WC. He washes his hands and stops to open the door to outside and look out for a minute.


9:37 AM BBT Paul is in the SR looking for something. He heads back to bed.

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 9:35AM BBT HG still sleeping. Paul in the SR and then heads back to bed. All lights are still out.


9:47AM BBT Matt is awake and washing his face in the WCA.


9:58AM BBT Matt in the KT making breakfast. All other HG sleeping.

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10:02AM BBT We have wake up fish


10:13AM BBT HG are up and moving about. Kevin folding towels in the BY.


10:24AM BBT BB keeps saying that the bedroom lights must stay on but the HG ignoring. Matt, Kev and Jason moving about doing ADLs and eating.



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10:30 AM BBT More of the HGs are stirring. Matt is up cooking up a bunch of slop. Jason is in the KT and yells "Get up Mark you P". Kevin is helping Christmas who is crutching her way through ADL's. Jessica and Raven are also now up and about. 


10:38 AM BBT The HGs are much more alert this morning. Probably because they went to bed earlier. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Kevin and Jason outside lowering the awnings. They discuss HOHitis andJason is amazed how everyone just falls in line every time there is a new HOH. Kevin says he thinks the power going to their heads is a design of the game. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Christmas sitting at the round table and Raven in the KT.


10:46 AM BBT Matt and Raven are wrestling in the KT. Christmas and Ramses are watching and laughing. Meanwhile in the BY Kevin and Jason are walking laps while talking about their youth. Jason was driving at the age of 12 and the cops let him because he was doing jobs and they knew it. Kevin rode the train a lot. Some of the tracks ran through the middle of the street and then went underground. He knew exactly which stops to go to when looking for girls. BB tells Raven and Matt to shut it down and Raven is called to the DR for her morning meds.


10:54 AM BBT A jovial crowd.  Jason and Kevin continue walking laps in the BY but now they carry weights while they walk. Jessica, Ramses, Christmas, Raven and Matt are in the KT joking around. Raven and Matt throw food at each other. Josh, Mark and Elena are called to change their batteries. 

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11:00 AM BBT Jason and Kevin are still doing laps. Jason tells him that he has 30,000 followers on Facebook, and most of them are mid-Westerners. Not trend setters. He says no one in the house would follow him because they are trend setters. The more that follow him gives him more job opportunities. Things have quieted down a little inside the house. Everyone inside is about doing their own ADL's. However, every time Matt and Raven get near each other, they pester each other.


11:02 AM BBT Kevin stops his laps long enough to address Jessica who is outside and just finished her breakfast. He asks her if he was 20 years younger, would she hook up with him. "Only if you super-glued your mouth shut."  


11:09 AM BBT Jason and Kevin are still walking laps. Kevin tells him about last night's fight over pillows in the HN room. He said Josh acted like a middle schooler. He is big and probably was big in middle school too. He told him that he can't be yelling at people like that. They may have been afraid of him in middle school but no one is afraid of him now. Jessica could kick his ass now. Get the F outta here. He says it would be different if someone took his personal belongings but F'ing pillows, those belong to the house. Those pillows do not have Josh's name on them. 


11:19 AM BBT Matt it checking on the towels in the dryer. We don't see what instigated it, but he starts wrestling with Jessica. He ends up picking her up and sis popping out and then tells Jason "it was a nice boob, by the way." 


11:24 AM BBT The goofing off and throwing things at each other in the KT is getting to Matt because he has spent the morning cleaning the KT. He tells Jessica to get up and change clothes because she is a mess and for Raven to clean up her mess in the KT. We then see him carry Raven over his shoulders and take her outside, heading towards the pool. She says "My foot, my foot" so instead of the pool, he sets her down outside by the weight bench. 


11:28 AM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are on Jason and Alex in the HOHR. They are, again, debating the pros and cons of using the veto to take down Jessica and put up Mark. Alex says they have no reason to take her down. No one likes her. Jason says all the re-hashing the HGs are doing downstairs is dangerous. He said last night the others said they could save her (Dom) and take out Jess. He said " They were just about to go there." He still feels that Mark being up there is insurance that Dom goes home. BB "Mark, Josh, Elena. Wakey wakey." 

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11:35 AM BBT In the KT, Paul, Raven and Christmas are whispering about Jessica. In the BY, Jessica, Ramses and Kevin are  outside whispering too. Jessica says that on the outside, she could escape this type of drama. In the house, she is stuck with it. 


11:39 AM BBT Christmas and Raven are now in the WA brushing their teeth. Christmas tells her that Jessica apologized to her but this time it was real. Raven says okay, but I had her back and I didn't know about all the people she was talking about behind their backs. Christmas says she does it by never saying any names. She dances all around the subject and that is how she does it. No names, but she still implicates people.  


11:43 AM BBT Paul has joined Alex and Jason in the HOHR. He said Christmas is acting weird and trying to engage Dom now about her talk show. Alex says she knows that Dom implicated her so she is just trying to beat Dom back-handedly. Paul had thought she was really trying to get Dom to do another one. She said no. Jason tells him that the others mentioned keeping Dom last night. 


11:48 AM BBT In the HOHR Paul tells Jason and Alex that last night, he and Kevin took all of Josh's pillows off of his bed in the HN Room and put them on Ramses' bed. Josh flipped out. Tonight he is planning on taking all of his pillows again and either distributing them around the house or putting them all on Ramses' bed again. 


11:52 AM BBT BB "Mark, Elena. I will ask again. No napping during the day."


11:56 AM BBT In the HOH Paul tells Alex and Jason that he doesn't know why Dom is always preaching to him. She already knows he believes in God. He doesn't believe in a religious God. He believes in a single higher power that is so all knowing that you cannot ever understand. He explains it as two computers talking to each other. They will never be able to understand the human brain that created them. 


11:59 AM BBT In the Green BR, Dom is starting to fight to stay in the house. She is telling Mark that if she goes home, it strengthens the numbers for the other side of the house. Her staying will even out those numbers. He admits he has no idea what he is going to do because he doesn't even know if he is going to be on the block or not. 


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12:07 PM BBT Game talk has pretty much stopped because half the house is now in the BY and the other half is in the HOHR. 


12:12 PM BBT It is story telling time in the BY between Christmas, Jessica and Raven and all 4 feeds are focused on them. Christmas was out with a female friend who is a cop. She got to watch her go into cop mode when dealing with a drunk dude that started a fight. She got to watch her friend use a taser on the guy. Meanwhile Raven was at a restaurant/bar with a friend who mistook her mace for breath spray and ended up clearing out the entire restaurant before Raven could stop her. 


12:16 PM BBT Christmas tells Raven and Jessica that she feels sorry for Dom but you determine how you are going to wake up each day. Christmas says she woke up in pain and grumpy but she embraced the grump for just a moment and then let it go. 


12:24 AM BBT Those who slept in, such as Mark, Josh and Alex are up doing ADL's. Mark is still trying to get Elena to get out of bed. jason and Kevin are back to walking laps in the BY. Kevin tells her that Dom made her own bed and now she is spending all day sleeping on it. 

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12:33PM BBT Josh talking to Alex in the HOH. Asking if the POV will be used. Alex says that is up to Jason. Talk changes to Josh thinking he can win. He says he doesn't want the house to see him as a threat. he says he is more confident in his abilities then anyone in the house.


12:38PM BBT XMas calls Mark into the wave room. She tells him that she wants to come clear with Mark. She says that Cody told her that Mark and Dom tried to get her nominated. Xmas tells him that she no longer cares. She says that Mark's actions speak louder now. But it hurt her and affected her.


12:42PM BBT Mark tells Xmas that he told her he was with Cody in the beginning. He says he realized it wasn't right and told her. She says she appreciates it. They go round and round about if Mark campaigned for Xmas to go up.


12:47PM BBT In the KT Matt and Raven doing dishes. Xmas in the wave room telling Mark about her convo with Dom. She says she told Dom she didn't want to throw anyone until the bus but she does want her to be more straight forward. She keeps bringing up that she was out for 2 days and that she needs time to clear her head because she is on pain killers and she needs to figure out what is going on.


12:49PM BBT Xmas tells Mark that she did not vote for Cody to stay. Mark says you didn't? and she says again that she did not vote for Cody to stay.


12:55PM BBT Xmas still talking Mark about trying to understand what happened.It is just kind of repeating.

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 1:06PM BBT Mark and Xmas still in the wave room. Xmas tells Mark that they totally good and she won't keep him any longer.


1:13PM BBT Jess and Dom talking. Dom is explaining how God shows her things. She says it is up to her to believe in God. She says she petitions God for a week and tells something is off. She says she knew she would be the first target. She says she prays upstairs in the bathroom. She says that God said Paul's name three time. She says Paul orchestrated Alex pulling the trigger.


1:22PM BBT Jason, Paul and Elena are talking. Jason explains to Paul that there can not be an eviction tonight because they wouldn't have the BY because there would be an HOH right after. It occurs to Paul that is correct.


 1:31PM BBT In the KT Paul, Alex and Xmas are talking about their dogs and if they would attack an intruder. Xmas says hers would just sit there and wag its tail.



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1:37PM BBT Paul in the KT explaining to Xmas and Alex about dog parks and how people are idiots and let their dogs run and don't pay attention. He is forcefully telling them how his dog King had a dog attempt to hump him. But his dog dominates and his breed even checks his owners. In the BY pool Elena and Ramses quietly talking.


1:42 PM BBT Paul tells another story where her dog was attacked in a dog park as a puppy and so Paul picked up the other dog and hiked him and then told the owner off. Xmas tell how her dog jumped up on her bed and peed so she picked the dog up like a suitcase and carried her over to the dog bed and held her upside down and then put her in her bed. She was pissed.


1:55PM BBT In the BY general chit chat about sunblock and towels. In the KT Paul and Xmas still talking about dogs.


 2:01PM BBT MArk and Jason talk. Mark asks Jason why Matt can't go up. Jason says he hadn't thought about it. He still thinks best move is Raven.They get interrupted by Elena. Jason leaves with sunblock. Elena asks Mark how his talk was with Christmas. He says good.

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2:07PM BBT Raven, Elena and Matt talking. Raven says that Jess is outside whispering to Josh. They then start talking about a comment Xmas made to Dom about her missing her show.


2:13PM BBT In the WCA Jason, Alex, and Xmas talking about Dom and her hair. Xmas says hat Dom is not an athlete. It appears Dom was worried about her hair in the comp. Xmas says that the comp was part athletic and part wanting it.


2:17PM BBT Paul and Jess in the BY. Paul asking Jess what they were talking about this morning (Jess and Dom) Jess tells him about Dom saying three women she was betrayed by. Paul tells her he doesn't actually care. Then he starts talking about calling Dom out for starting stuff.


2:28PM BBT Josh trying to teach Paul Spanish in the BY and the other cams on Elena lying out.

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2:33 PM BBT Josh and Mark and are in the HOHR. They are discussing how they are in the situation that they are in because they are both loyal people. They hope that down the line they can work together more. Josh asks Mark to always be u front with him. Mark says he loves Dom but he has no choice but to step back. 


2:37 PM BBT In the BY, Paul is telling Alex not to let Jason change his mind. He just needs to use it and not be emotional about Mark. 


2:42 PM BBT Mark tells Josh are talking about exes. Mark says he let one affect him and he won't let that happen again. Josh had a girlfriend who hooked up with his friend. They both feel like they gave the girls what they wanted and got dogged for it. Mark's relationship just ended this past February. He couldn't even count the times that he wanted to break up with her and just couldn't. 


2:51 PM BBT Paul has joined Mark and Josh in the BY. He is telling them that people learn that the person in the house are generally not the same on the outside. Paul says in the house you see me at a 10 all the time. He is a lot more laid back and down to earth when he isn't on a TV show. 


2:56 PM BBT Paul tells Mark and Josh not to let their actions in the house define who they are afterwards. If you are an asshole in the house and present yourself as an asshole outside, then you are just an asshole. 

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3:04 PM BBT More Dom smashing and trash talking followed by WBRB.


3:05 PM BBT Paul, Elena and Alex are in the SR. Alex admits that Dom being about and talking to people and do is Mark which is making her really nervous. Paul tells her not to let other people's actions make her nervous. After Alex walks out, Paul tells Elena that she needs to get a hold of Mark. He tells her he warned Mark that if he keeps approaching people they are going to question him.


3:08 PM BBT It is now Paul, Elena and Mark in the SR. Paul asks Mark if he is okay. Mark so he is. He would be even more okay if he wasn't on the block but he understands. Paul says good because Dom is walking around and smirking at people like she has some kind of plan. 


3:10 PM BBT Paul tells Mark and Elena that Dom may go around and drop bombs on people. Don't freak out. Have faith that the rest of the house is going to stick to the plan. 


3:14 PM BBT  Paul has left Mark and Elena alone in the SR. She tells him that for his own game he needs to stick close to her the rest of the week. He says okay, but that he can't right now because his shorts are too small. They are way too tight for that right now. They make out a little in the SR. 


3:21 PM BBT Mark and Alex and alone in the lounge. Alex reassures him that he hasn't heard his name from anyone. He is good. Keep cruising.He tells Mark that if he wins HOH next week, he will get Ramses out of here. Alex says Mark is good with both Alex and Jason now too. 


3:29 PM BBT Most of the house in hanging around the KT. Just general chit chat. Elena and Mark are in the BY. He is talking to her about his conversation with Dom this morning. She shuts him by telling him to kiss her. 

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3:40 PM BBT Elena and Mark are still snuggling in the BY. Jason, Alex and Raven are in the KT. Just chit chat. 


3:43 PM BBT In the heat of the outdoors, Mark gets up and wraps a blanket around himself to cover his "excitement" from snuggling with Elena. Mark "It is a little chilly out here." The rest laugh at him because they know exactly what he is doing.


4:04 PM BBT Dom makes an appearance. She is out of the BR and taking some clothes to the laundry. She then goes and sits in the lounge. Jessica is also in there laying down. They are not saying a word to each other. Dom starts to sing and we get WBRB. 


4:08 PM BBT Dom is in the lounge where Jessica is laying down. Dom talks to us directly. She mentions the song "You are so Beautiful." She says she is doing a remake in her mind. She says it "You are so Blind right now". She says the house is letting "him" run everything. She said "he" has shared some detailed information that she had told him and for that, he is now coming after her. "It is easier to stab me in the back than to compete against me."


4:11 PM BBT Dom tells us that Paul is actually genius. He has the entire house afraid to talk to her. It is brilliant because it is easier to cover up lies if no one talks to her. "Please watch his gestures. Look at his posture....he is putting on a show." "I came in her as Dominique and I am leaving here as Dominique."


4:15 PM BBT Dom tells us that Paul disrespected God. She don't play disrespect to her Father. Because of that he has a lot a substantial amount of respect in her book. 


4:21 PM BBT Dom is still in the middle of her rant to the cameras when Jessica suddenly sits up. Her back is really hurting her. Dom offers her some Icy Hot. Jessica politely declines and walks out. Dom resumes her rant. 


4:23 PM BBT Dom "Keep your enemies close but something about your friends close....nevermind. I murdered that." 


4:28 PM BBT Mark and Elena are on the hammock in the BY. Paul is sitting down near them in the shade. He tells them that Meech, from his last season, would just say shit to say shit. No way Josh could handle being on the show with her. He would absolutely lose it.

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4:40PM BBT Laundry day continues in the house. No game talk. Elena talks about her chest. Josh in the KT cooing.


4:45PM BBT Mark and Elena kissing on the hammock. Elena says she needs laundry - she is out of underwear and wants a pair. She walks towards Raven. Raven tells Paul that "she" (not sure which HG) put her laundry on the longest time. Raven says she is going to run around naked because she can't get her laundry done.


 4:53PM BBT Xmas was packing her pants that she can't wear this summer. Elena asks her if she can borrow her clothes. She starts trying on clothes.


4:59PM BBT Cam goes to SR. Dom is talking to the camera about staying true to God and that the HG didn't decide and walks out.

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5:09PM BBT Paul joins Jess and Elena in the WCA . He says he is going to wear a dress that is a snake dress and wear leggings. (They are Xmas')He is going to wear them for Veto and live show. He says that you don't say things about him and get away with it. The girls laugh.


5:17PM BBT Paul puts on Xmas' snake romper and leggings. He is calling in different HG and they all tell him how hysterical he looks and that this will be amazing. He tries on a leather jacket of Elena's. He thinks it will be funny and really upset Dom.


5:26PM BBT Alex and Jason go to HOH. She says Paul is worrying her. She says that she feels they may have the votes to keep Dom. Alex says she thinks about putting Kevin up. Jason says that will be great. Alex says that she needs to tell Kevin first.


 5:36PM BBT Alex and Jason going round and round in the HOH room. They are practicing what to say at Veto. There doesn't seem to be specific who is going up but Jess coming down.

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 5:47PM BBT Alex calls Jess to the HOH. She says that Jason is taking her off the block and Mark going up. They want Jess vote for Dom. Jess ays he only concerned is if there is a hinky vote she wants them to know it is not her. They tell her they understand and they want to protect her.


5:57PM BBT DOm and Josh talking. Dom tells him that she doesn't feel she is staying past Thursday but if she does they discuss what she would do if she won HOH.

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