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Saturday July 15, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:33AM BBT Feeds are back.


12:34AM BBT Alex is in HoHBR saying Jason won PoV as part of the plan, Alex came in second, also as part of the plan.


12:35AM BBT Paul comes in for a sidebar with Alex in the HoH BR before she goes into shower.  Paul says he believes tomorrow is nominations and he thinks there's an eviction Sunday.

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12:32AM BBT Feeds are back. Someone says I got $27. Jason is wearing the Veto.


12:34AM BBT Alex is talking to the cams. She says that Jason won and needed to win to secure the plan. She says everything will be good to go. Paul goes to HOH. Alex tells him Jess coming down. he tries to talk her into putting up Mark. Alex says that she gave her word that she wouldn't put him up.


12:36AM BBT Alex asks Paul if they can discuss it after her shower. Paul says he can't keep coming up to HOH and will not stop talking to her. Telling her she has to think strategically and put up Mark.


12:39AM BBT Christmas and Dom talking. Xmas trying to explain her side of the story on why she didn't talk to her after noms. She says that she wanted to give her space.


12:43 AM BBT DOm is telling Xmas that she is pissed that her team knew she was being nominated and never told her. She says that people were upset about the interview and only Paul was confident enough to come to her.

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12:51AM BBT Paul talking to Mark and Elena. Elena playing with the whip from Paul's costume. Mark is telling Paul that he has already spoken to Alex and made his case. Paul asks him if he is concerned and offers to go talk to her. Mark says no. They discuss Christmas being possibly backdoored.


12:54AM BBT Paul tells Elena and Mark that he is sure there will be an eviction on Sunday. hey both agree with him.



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1:00 AM BBT Dominique and Christmas are in the RBR and Dominique says she hopes she gets called to the DR tonight so she can tell America what they already know. She wants to share what she knows and how it all came together so America can see that she was underestimated. Paul, Mark, Elena, and Matt are discussing whether Jason is going to use veto or not. Elena says she doesn’t think Jason will go against Alex but Paul says Jason doesn’t look sad or concerned. Paul says Dom is not happy but Jess doesn’t give a F. What’s wrong with that? Paul says to wait until tomorrow to assess what happens. Paul says they aren’t in power in this week so they are going to have a hard time swaying votes to get out who they want. Mark wants to keep Josh in the fold, but Paul doesn’t really trust him. Jason is in the HOH with Alex in the HOH WA and Jason says they need a spy in “there” with them.


1:05 AM BBT Jason says he’s going to use the veto on Jessica. Alex says that’s fine, but we can’t help Jessica anymore. Jason says he doesn’t like her, she might make it to jury, but she’s on her own. Jason says after this week Ramses needs to go and Alex asks why and Jason says he doesn’t trust him. Jason wants to put Raven up and then zip their lips. Alex says but we need the numbers, you forget that. Alex says as much as I want to do this all willy-nilly, we can’t just go pissing people off. Alex thinks Mark might self-evict because he feels guilty over Dominique. Alex doesn’t know if Kevin is playing stupid or if he’s doing it on purpose. Jason says you just have to tell him to shut up. Alex says Kevin is playing both sides and he threw the veto competition.


1:10 AM BBT Jason says this is your HOH, do what you want. Alex says but we need to make a strategic move. Jason says you can’t get more strategic than Raven. Alex says we should be looking at Kevin. 2 hinky votes? Alex says votes just don’t happen like that. Jason says so you want to put Kevin up? Alex says no, then well…Paul is downstairs with Dominique, Elena and Mark and he’s wondering why Jessica picked Jason to play in POV.  Jason upstairs says we have to stick with the plan and send her home. Alex says if we leave Jessica up there how many votes do we have? Jason says you can’t do that, it won’t work. Alex says why? Jason says you have to put two of them together to eliminate a vote. Jason says ask Paul if he wants to be a pawn, then says no because they would all cut his throat. Alex says he has safety. Kevin goes up the HOH and asks who she’s thinking about putting up. Alex says Mark and Kevin says ok so do it. Alex says but I promised he was safe this week. Kevin says that would shake their feathers worse than Raven, don’t be afraid.


1:15 AM BBT Alex says she can’t go back on her promise to Elena. Kevin says ok then stick with your work, but put Matt up. Alex says Elena would flip if I did that and it would get ugly and Kevin says I’ll punch someone in the face. Jason says we have two choices, Matt or Raven. Kevin says just do it. Kevin asks if Alex wants him to go get Raven so they can talk about it. Dominique comes upstairs to the HOH and asks if she can take a shower. She tells Jason good job on the POV. Jason is going through the doors in the HOH and looking through them. Alex tells him he can but Jillian did that and they told her to stop. Jason opens a few more and they tell him to stop that!


1:20 AM BBT Kevin asks Alex if it was good that he did what he was told? Alex says yes. Kevin says good cause I’m going to text you when I get home so you can tell my kids I did what I was supposed to do because they are going to laugh that I lost again. Kevin says he’s working on his social game. Raven, Elena, Matt, and Mark are in the WA talking. Paul, Christmas, and Jason are in the BR and Christmas gets called to the DR. Jason goes back to the BR and Paul asks where Alex is and they call her in. They start to talk but Paul hears someone coming. Jason says he’s going to take a shower. Paul goes into the RBR with Matt and Raven and Paul comes to terms and Dominique doesn’t know anything because she’s trying to feed off information.


1:25 AM BBT Paul says they are dead set on getting her out, there is nothing he can do to get her out. Matt says what do we do? Paul says I think they are going to use veto and pull Dom off. Matt says and put who up and Paul hesitates. Raven says probably one of us. Paul says they are dead set on Dom going home and not to get you out. Paul says he’s jumping ship. He’s not jumping on theirs, but he’s jumping ship because of Christmas and Ramses. Paul feels like he’s caught in the middle. Mark and Elena are in the lounge and she’s asking if Mark has seen anything odd, or if anything sticks out? Mark says does this stay between me and you? Elena says yes! Matt says he’s not risking his game for Dominique. Paul says do we tell Mark? Matt says no. Mark wants to have the conversation after the veto ceremony and Elena says no.

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1:30 AM BBT Mark says Elena doesn’t like it when he criticizes someone she’s close with. Mark says I told you how I was feeling about Christmas when I started feeling that way. Elena asks if he’s going somewhere with this? Mark says he’s close with Dominique. They don’t talk game, but they talk on a personal level. He hesitates and Elena prompts him to go on. Mark says he doesn’t know how to phrase what he needs to tell her. Mark has his own thoughts about what Dom was saying and Elena is going to be upset. Mark says he’s in a tough spot and feeds switch to Dominique and Kevin in the SR. Kevin says he was shocked when Dominique was nominated and it’s because of HER friends, not his. Paul is still in the RBR talking to Raven and Matt about the potential renom situation with Raven being a pawn. Paul says I would never vote for you, and nobody else will etiher. Or they will put Mark up there. Dominique tells Kevin that everyone was offended by the interviews and that’s why she was targeted.


1:35 AM BBT Paul says Alex may have made a deal with Jessica to keep them safe next week and keep her as a number because Alex has her own little group. Matt asks who exactly is in that group? He asks about Kevin. Paul says I don’t think Kevin was that third vote and Matt says no I mean who is that group? Paul says Kevin is tied in with Jason. Dominique comes in and asks to talk to Raven and Matt and Paul go to leave. Mark and Elena are still in the lounge talking and Elena says they need to start working as a team and. Mark feels game wise, Elena may have closer relationships with other people. Elena says that may be true or not, but what does that have to do with us personally or with Dominique in the game? Kevin pokes his head in and says he’s going to bed and they can stop by for a hug. Raven is telling Dominique that her and Paul and Matt were talking about Christmas and her lack of ability to help in the POV.


1:40 AM BBT Dominique asks have you ever betrayed me in any way in this game? Raven says no. Dominique has another questions and she can’t remember. When she remembers she asks why Raven thinks someone would betray her? Raven says she honestly doesn’t know, but maybe it’s paranoia. She says she heard people talking about the interview, so maybe that’s where it came from. She doesn’t know. Dominique asks her if she was weirded out by the interview. Raven says no she just thought she was having fun with her show. Raven says some of her questions may have been awkward. Paul goes to the HN room with Jason and pitches put up Mark as a pawn unless they are leaving noms the same. Paul says you guys are in power, but it makes sense because Elena will not vote to evict Mark. Jason asks if Elena would vote out Raven over Dom? Paul says here’s the thing, Raven is a guaranteed vote to evict Dominique, we aren’t sure about Elena. Dominique says she is asking these questions because she’s trying to piece things together. Raven says I understand, you’re on the block!


1:45 AM BBT Paul tells Jason in the HNR if Mark is on the block with Dominique, she will campaign. But if Mark is not on the block, he will not vote to evict her. Dominique and Raven are still in the RBR and Dominique is still saying she is just talking to everyone to make see where things are. Raven says you have my vote and Dominique says I appreciate that. Paul hears Raven and Dominique leave the RBR and he hides in a corner. Jason says no one comes in here anyway. Paul wants to talk to Alex and asks if Jason can call her in there. Paul leaves the HNR and tells Alex he’d like to talk to her. Dominique asks to talk to Elena in the lounge and Mark leaves. Elena asks if she talked to everyone in the group and Dominique says she’s making her rounds. She says Matt is in the shower so he is next. Elena says she is trying to decide what she wants to say and how she wants to approach it.


1:50 AM BBT Ramses, Kevin, and Josh are all in the BR chatting. Alex is also in there chatting with them. Jason asks Alex if she wants to go to HOH to pow-wow and Alex says Jessica is upstairs in the shower. Kevin asks what pow-wow means? Elena is telling Dominique that she hasn’t betrayed her and she doesn’t know what was said or who might have said it. She’s also trying to figure out who in their group might be saying things. Mark and Paul are in the KT and Mark is filling him on the conversation with Elena, that it was personal and game play and Dominique came in. Alex and Jason walk by and head up the HOH. Dominique in the lounge says to Elena that she is a straight shooter and people appreciate that. She’s asking Elena to be a straight shooter with her and tell her what Elena heard Dom said about her so she can look her in the eye and tell her whether she said it or not because she doesn’t have anything to lose.


1:55 AM BBT Jason thinks Paul wants Mark up so they can vote him out. Alex doesn’t think they do and Jason says put Raven up then. Jason says they are looking for cracks in their alliance and there isn’t one, they are winning. Paul comes in and say he will go along with Alex’s plan if she tells Mark beforehand that he might be going up. Paul says you have to bring Mark and Elena up here and explain it to them. Alex says she’s afraid Mark will have a nervous breakdown. Dominique is still talking to Elena and she says swears before God, and you know she don’t play with that, that he gave her the individual’s names who betrayed her. Dom says God knows she’s faithful and she didn’t want to believe but God gave her the names and she says it isn’t her job to seek revenge. She says she was sent there, it is not her job to do that. Paul tells Jason and Alex in the HOH that Dominique is making her own bed. Paul says she talked to Christmas and Christmas has not promised Dominique her vote.

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2:00 AM BBT Paul tells Alex and Jason in HOH that veto ceremony will be tomorrow and someone is going home Sunday. He didn’t want to tell anyone because he didn’t want to get them paranoid. Alex has decided what she wants to say to Mark but she asks Paul if he can get Elena on board. Ramses comes in and Jason asks how he missed him coming up. Alex says they need some time so Ramses leaves. Paul says he’ll be there with her to talk to Mark and Elena. Alex wants to talk to Elena first, but Paul suggests she pitch it to them both at the same time. Dominique tells Elena that whoever did this, it was a personal attack on her, not a game move.


2:05 AM BBT Jason says he’s ok with the plan, but he doesn’t like that Paul is the boss. Alex tells Jason he needs to keep his voice down. Alex says Paul can take the shots so they can stay clean. In the lounge, Dominique is telling Elena she might just be a little jealous of her and Mark’s relationship and maybe that’s why Elena was a little bitter towards her. Raven pulls Paul and Matt into the SR and fills them in on the conversation with Dominique. Jason and Alex are in the HOH and Mark comes in and the pitch to Mark about him being a pawn. Jason says if we don’t put you up and someone doesn’t vote for Dominique, they are going to blame you. They tell Mark Christmas swore to Paul that she would not vote to evict him. Mark is told to get his microphone. Jason tells Alex he doesn’t like this.


2:10 AM BBT Mark comes back to the HOH room with Jason and Alex. Jason tells Mark they are trying to sniff out Kevin and see if he might be the hinky votes. Alex says we want you on board. Alex says we can guarantee your safety, Paul will not vote against you. Mark says that’s one. Jason says I won’t vote against you. Alex says what about Matt and Raven and Mark says how do I trust anyone after this? Alex says they need Elena up there. Mark does not want to be a pawn. In the SR, Paul is irritated by the information Raven gave him and he wants to call out Dom. Matt and Raven talk him out of it and Paul says he is pumped, he has no problem calling someone out. Alex tells Mark that Dominique is making people uncomfortable on both sides.


2:15 AM BBT Matt and Paul are whispering in the WA and Alex, Mark, and Jason are still talking in the HOH. Alex asks Mark who he thinks the hinky vote is. Mark says he doesn’t want to say because he knows he’s close to them and he doesn’t want to seem like he’s coming at him. He wants him in the house. Mark says Kevin just wants to stir the pot and Christmas wanted to stir the pot too, and she admitted it. Mark says he doesn’t think he can trust Matt and Raven. Jason is looking for Paul. Alex says Raven gave me her work and Mark says everyone is going to give you their word. Mark is not comfortable being a pawn. Paul heads up the HOH.


2:20 AM BBT Paul tells Mark about Dominique dropping Paul’s name and he wants to talk to her about it and call her out. But before that, Paul wants to know what is going on and Mark explains that they want to take Jessica down and put him up as a pawn. Mark says they can start talking downstairs and decide to take Mark out and that’s his concern. Paul says Mark, if you were on the block, I would never vote against you. Jason says the same thing. Mark says I trust you two. Mark informs Paul that he doesn’t trust Matt and Raven, and hell no on Christmas. Mark says they are targeting people that are stirring the pot, so why aren’t they putting them up. Why is it better to put him up (Mark) than someone who is stirring the pot?


2:25 AM BBT Mark says he doesn’t know who to trust. He feels like everyone is associating him with Cody because of what he said. Mark says if he is up on the block, and those people don’t want a fair competition, so why would they keep him over Dominique. Paul thinks Christmas is going to be taken out of the game because of her pain level. Alex says if Mark goes on the block and there is a hinky vote, no one can point their fingers at him and blame him. Alex says she wants to talk to Elena anyway before she does this and Paul wants to talk to Dom anyway. Dom is still talking to Elena in the lounge room and saying God is in control and she has faith. Dom says she cried for 2 weeks before she came into the house because she didn’t want to go. She says she was recruited and Elena says she was as well. Alex tells Mark we need to keep our numbers strong and doing this will help with trust.

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2:30 AM BBT Alex tells Mark that Cody told her about Mark and she didn’t believe it. She took it with a grain of salt and she’s still with Mark. Alex says Dominique is rocking the boat in the group. Mark says he understands there is no saving Dominique, but if he were down there and Matt was pawn and they are two weeks from jury, who would he keep Matt. He says they are not about competitive fairness down there. Paul says ok who do you trust. Mark says you, cowboy, and Elena. He’ll even go out on a limb and say Christmas. Paul says yes, Ramses is a better choice, but we are in a situation where Dom is making her bed and you are not at risk. Alex says her and Dom had a good conversation after nominations and it ended on good terms, but Alex made it clear it wasn’t just her decision, it was a group decision.


2:35 AM BBT Paul says Dom is bringing you down and that’s why you are paranoid. Mark agrees. Paul thanks Alex and Jason for including him in the discussion and leaves to get Elena so he can talk to Dominique. Dominique and Elena are in the lounge and Dominique advises Elena, just like she did Alex to pray. Dominique says she got more confirmation from God that she was betrayed by her own people. Paul goes into the RBR to tell Matt to talk to Mark about Dom acting weird and then sticks his head in the lounge to tell Elena she needs to head up to the HOH and Elena says they are wrapping up.


2:40 AM BBT Paul fills Elena in really quickly on the plan. Dom goes to the WA. Jason wonders in HOH where the hell Paul is. Paul waits for Dom while Elena heads upstairs. Alex fills Elena in and she says she won’t make a move until she agrees with it because of their deal. She says Mark is concerned. Alex says it’s the same situation she was in last week in that she didn’t have to vote for Cody and no one could blame her for a hinky vote either. Elena says so you want to use veto and take Jessica down and put up Mark and you want the house to vote out Dominique. Alex says you can think about it and Mark isn’t comfortable with it. Jason says I want to put Raven up. Elena asks who knows about this plan? Alex says us and Paul. Jason says he told Paul he wanted to put Raven up and Paul doesn’t think it will work because he wants to take advantage of the relationship Mark and Dominique have.


2:43 AM BBT Paul and Dom are in the lounge and Paul is telling Dom he’s heard his name has been tossed out in conversations by her and he wanted to come straight to her and find out why. Dom asks if he was told context or conversations and Paul says no and he didn’t dig for further information. Dominique says she didn't. He said that as long as she wasn't dragging his name through the mud he was okay. Like if she was just using his name to suss things out. She said it was never in a bad way. She asks who said it, and he refused to tell her who said it. She asked what context and he told her that he didn't ask, because he didn't want to talk about Dom behind her back and wanted to go straight to her personally.


2:45 AM BBT Alex says there was a red flag because Dom said someone was jealous of relationships she had. Alex says she told Dom that she told Elena what she said. Elena says she is still processing her conversation with Dominique and she wants to know why Alex wants Dom out. Alex says because she has upset the house. Alex says she doesn’t want anyone to look at Mark as throwing a hinky vote, she likes him, he’s ok. Alex tells her to go ahead and process and Elena says it’s been a long day.


2:50 AM BBT Alex, Elena, Jason, and Mark still in HOH. Elena says it’s concerning what Dom told Alex, especially after she went to bat for Dominique. Elena says she wants to go to Dom to give her an opportunity to explain herself. Elena says she heard something from someone else, but didn’t get context or conversation, and she hasn’t talked to Dom about that either. Elena thinks Dom is too intelligent to realize that missed vote doesn’t serve her and she doesn’t think Dom flipped the vote. Elena says the second thing is she doesn’t have any jealousy issues at all, and she didn’t tell anyone she was jealous and never even felt it. She says but even with that what does that have to do with the game? Elena says she can see both sides and she didn’t have any game issues with her until she found out her name was said. Alex says she never said your name, she didn’t name names at all. Elena says no she didn’t name names, but she admitted she implied me to you. After all that, Elena is ok with him putting Mark up as a pawn. Jason says I’d rather put up Raven. Alex tells Mark she’s looking out for you.


2:55 AM BBT Mark is going over who will trust him after this week. He says Alex, Jason, Elena, and Paul he knows. Mark says Ramses, Jessica, and Christmas will not trust me. Mark says Kevin just likes to stir the pot and Josh is sporadic. Mark is trying to figure if the votes can change? Alex says they just need to solidify their votes. Elena is clarifying what Alex is saying about with Mark as a pawn he will look more trustworthy because he can’t vote for Dominique and even if someone doesn’t vote for her, they can’t blame Mark. Mark wants to know who they are making him trustworthy to? Alex says they aren’t naming names, but it’s people on her side. Alex says if they pull Jessica off, she will owe them one. If they leave her up there, then they aren’t safe.

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3:00 AM BBT Paul comes up the HOH with Elena, Alex, Jason, and Mark as Mark heads downstairs to go to the WA. Elena doesn’t feel comfortable with Mark downstairs alone without a handler. Paul asks Elena if she wants to go get him and he’ll get caught up on the convo. Elena goes down to get Mark. As soon as the three are alone, Alex tells Jason he needs to shut up and not offer Raven as a pawn. Paul says you are here to support Alex. You let her talk and then add extra fluff. Jason says if they pull this off they could be a badass group. Alex says don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched and Paul says to relax, kick back, and let it happen naturally.


3:05 AM BBT Dominique is talking to Josh in the lounge room and she is telling him she knows who the snake is. She says she can’t say anything because her team is trying to figure out if she knows who it is. Dominique says God’s will will be done. Josh says he doesn’t know who to believe or trust and no one tells him anything.


3:10 AM BBT Upstairs, Paul says he doesn’t have any inkling that Matt and Raven would vote out Mark over Dominique. Mark says if that were true, that would be ok. Paul says that’s the way it is. Mark says he’s heard that both sides of the house are associating him with Cody and no one trusts him. That’s his biggest concern. Elena says what if I went up as a pawn. Alex says that would mean going back on her word. Paul says Elena would you do that. Elena says she’d have to think about it and she wouldn’t be comfortable with it, but she would do it. Mark isn’t comfortable with that either.  


3:15 AM BBT Mark is still saying he doesn’t think he has the votes. He says people are made at him because of the BS Cody said and it’s not an opportunity to earn trust, it’s an opportunity to get rid of him. Elena says we need to discuss the concern then. Paul asks if Mark would be comfortable if he went and got Matt and Raven and he says no. Elena says can she talk Matt and Raven and Mark says Raven is awake, he’s not sure if Matt is. Elena tells Mark that she has no reason not to trust Alex and she tells Mark that what Alex told her Dom said, Dom confirmed it to her. Elena says she left the conversation with Dom with some clarity and a little more confusion.


3:20 AM BBT Josh and Dom are still in the lounge room and Dom says she’s not going to beg for anything because children of God don’t beg. Dom says she sees what others don’t see, she’s smart, she listens, and she observes. She can detect who is lying to her because she’s observant. Josh asks who flipped the vote Ramses? Dom says I wish I knew because I’m getting the blame it for it. Dom says she asked Elena if she told Alex that and Elena say she didn’t, and she’s choosing to believe that. Upstairs in HOH, Elena doesn’t understand why her jealousy is a topic of conversations, it’s pretty F’ing stupid because she’s not jealous, but she’ll talk it out if they want. Elena says the fact Dom brought up something that has nothing to do with the game is concerning and why she would bring it up to Alex when Alex promised her safety this week is beyond her.


3:25 AM BBT Elena says she asked Dom to clarify why she brought it up to Alex and Dom didn’t clarify that for her. Downstairs Dom says family, I hope you are voting to tempt me. Elena says she would be campaigning for Dominique if she hadn’t brought her up. Elena says most of their conversation was about God and her purpose here and she thinks it’s genuine. She doesn’t think she would use that to get votes. Paul says he got a hint a few days ago and Elena asks if he wants to share. Paul says everyone has to swear it won’t leave the room because it would put a target on his back. They all say it won’t leave the room.


3:30 AM BBT Paul says Dom pulled him into the SR. Paul says Dom started to speak to him in metaphors because that’s what she does. Paul says Dom was not fully convinced on the idea, but a certain someone, has ulterior motives and has it out for Dominique. Paul thinks it was about Elena because Mark was also in that conversation. Paul says she didn’t say a name, but let’s fill in the blank concerning jealousy, ulterior motives, and intimidated by Dominique. Paul says she never said a name and he didn’t want to say anything because Dominique says she wasn’t fully convinced on it. Paul didn’t feel it was necessary and make her start getting paranoid because she wasn’t 100% certain of this. Paul says Dom said she had an inkling and when she has an inkling God shares that. Paul is called to the DR. Paul says he doesn’t want anyone feel like he is pushing an agenda here, he is here to make them feel comfortable.

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I am watching from a tablet which makes it very hard to go back in time....but I can start now and cover the present time. If anyone wants to flashback to 3:30 AM BBT and skim through for some highlights, Morty would be very grateful to have the information for the Daily Page. I will be covering off and on today.


9:45 AM BBT The house is quiet. The HGs are in still in bed and the lights are out.


10:02 AM BBT WBRB. Wake up call for the HGs.


10:14 AM BBT Feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 are on sleeping HGs in dark bedrooms. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Matt in the kitchen making breakfast. We can hear someone in the WA because the water is running.


10:17 AM BBT BB gives the HGs a friendly reminder that they are supposed to be up and lights on from 10AM to 10 PM. It has zero effect whatsoever. [Reminds me of my own kids-Goldylucks]


10:23 AM BBT Feeds go to WBRB. Feeds return about 4 minutes later and we see Christmas heading towards the WC. 


10:32 AM BBT Kevin is awake and heads to the SR for a new battery. BB reminds the HGs again about the lights being on during the day. Again, it has exactly zero effect. 

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10:35 AM BBT Christmas heads to the SR to replace her battery. Kevin has gone back to bed but followed BB's commands and turned the BR light on. Christmas heads back to bed. The light in the BR she is in is still off. Elena is called to the DR.


10:49 AM BBT Quiet morning. The lights are on but all 4 feeds show HGs sleeping in the BRs. Elena eventually did respond to BB's call and go to the DR. 


10:58 AM BBT BB calls out about 5 of them to go and change their batteries with a new one for the SR. Nobody budges. 

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11:06 AM BBT BB reminds the HGs that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Feeds 1 and 2 are on the Green BR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on the HOHR. So, the dark rooms must be the other bedroom downstairs or the HN room. 


11:18 AM BBT Some of the HGs are stirring as they wake up long enough to change their battery. And then head straight back to bed. 


11:26 AM BBT Elena heads to the WC. BB calls Alex to the DR. 


11:30 AM BBT BB is reminding the HGs again that they are not allowed to nap during the day and that all lights must remain on. He is a bit more stern in tone than previous reminders. Ramses is up and heads to the WA to brush his teeth. 

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11:45 AM BBT Alex is in the DR. Ramses and Matt are up and in the KT. We get WBRB because Ramses "got sunshine on a cloudy day". 


11:51 AM BBT Matt and Ramses are in the KT. Matt tells him that his (Ramses') curse was one hell of a curse. Ramses says yes, he decided he needed to get rid of it ASAP. He couldn't use it last week because he got it after the noms were done. Meanwhile Christmas is up and around. 


11:54 AM BBT Matt is sweeping the KT. He tells Ramses that he is amazed how much his mental well being revolves around the cleanliness of the KT. He and Ramses discuss how Matt is surprised no one in BB history has had a heart attack during noms or the veto ceremony. Ramses "yeah, cuz that is intense." 

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12:05 PM BBT Christmas, Matt and Ramses are up and talking in the KT. They are complaining about how some HGs never contribute to the cleanliness of the house. They think that at some point they are going to have to start assigning someone to dishes who has never contributed to doing the dishes. Kevin is up and in the WA doing ADL's. 


12:11 PM BBT Kevin has joined Matt and Ramses in the KT. Kevin is complaining that BB only plays new music. He doesn't play any older songs. Ramses burps. Kevin jokingly gets on to him for not covering his mouth. Ramses jokingly replies "Hell yes, cuz this is my house". Kevin then goes on to complain about the mental health system in America. He calls it a free for all.




12:17 PM BBT Matt tells Ramses that today has the potential to be a really big day in the BB house. They have the potential for the POV ceremony, Den of Temptation, and find out who the Have's and Have Not's are. 


12:19 PM BBT Kevin is in the WA shaving. He asks Matt if he and Ramses are still the only ones awake. Matt says yes. BB "Wakey Wakey House Guests.


12:21 PM BBT Kevin calls Ramses Home Sizzle. He says Home Sizzle is his new name. Ramses says ok. He tells Ramses to feel his freshly shaved face with the back of his hand. Ramses reaches towards his face. Kevin says "Back of the hand". Ramses touches his cheek with his fingers. Kevin "Back of the hand, what is wrong with you? Ramses "Stop yelling at me". All of this is in jest. 


12:28 PM BBT It is still just Matt, Ramses and Kevin are the only ones up and around. Kevin asked Ramses who the first person to land on the moon is. Ramses answers Louis Armstrong. Kevin reminds him that Louis Armstrong is a famous trumpet player, not an astronaut. Ramses and Kevin have been playfully getting at each other all morning. Ramses does the exact opposite of everything Kevin tells him to do. "Don't touch my drink." He touches his drink. "Don't smell my drink." He smells his drink. 

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12:40 PM BBT Christmas and Dom have joined the land of the living and are doing ADL's. Raven is called to the DR. Ramses has a bad sore throat this morning. Kevin is still fussing at Ramses for being young. Christmas and Kevin are discussing the POV. Christmas tells him that he doesn't think it is going to be used. They both talk to each other like neither of them have any rule clue what is going to happen. Jason is awake now. They are discussing how late everyone stayed up last night. 


12:45 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are in the lounge. Jason tells him that "they" were trying to tell him to take Dom down and to put Mark up. He doesn't specify who "they" are.


12:50 PM BBT Raven is up and limping strongly this morning. Ramses is called to the DR. Christmas is at the KT table trying to wrap her cast in plastic so that she can keep it dry while taking a shower. She tells them she asked the doctor at the hospital if they make cast condoms for showering with a cast. They agree that someone needs to invent that.


12:55 PM BBT The HGs are helping Christmas prepare for the shower. They have wrapped her cast in plastic and her upper thigh in plastic wrap. Ramses is going to put a chair in the shower for her. 



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1:00 PM BBT Jessica is awake in the BR. Kevin goes in there and tells her that they were up really late last night trying to convince Jason to take down Dom. She asks him why and he says he doesn't know but they were up all night and running around like a bunch of kids. He tells her to get her &hit together.


1:10 PM BBT Kevin and Jason are in the LR. They are discussing how some of the HGs were up in the HOH for 4 hours trying to debate what to do. Jason says it was more like 7 hours.


1:15 PM BBT Finally, almost all the HGs are and around. Christmas has gotten her shower. Kevin, Ramses, Jason and Mark are in the LR. Dom has been in the WA putting on makeup. Matt is walking around with a rag and spray cleaner. Raven is still limping from her foot injury. Jessica just left the DR. The only ones we haven't seen this morning are Paul and Josh. 


1:25 PM BBT In the LR Ramses is educating Kevin that there are cameras in the WC but they are only used if the WC is used for people to go in and talk. Otherwise they don't use the cameras in there. Kevin is shocked. He asks if they ever recorded or zoomed in on anyone masturbating. Ramses says he doesn't think so, but don't do it. Kevin says of course not, but there are a lot of people in here for a long time. Ramses "Asking for a friend?"


1:30 PM BBT In the lounge Raven and Matt are whispering. She is explaining why she believes that Dom might have been a part of the plan to get rid of Paul. She said that nothing that Dom says makes any sense. She says that Paul is so good at this. Matt says he is, but not sure how that sort of thing (probably the house meeting) is helpful. He says they put their entire agenda out there last night.  

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1:35 PM BBT Mark has joined Matt and Raven in the lounge. Raven tells them that what happened last night was really sketchy and welcome to big brother. Shortly thereafter Alex joins them. Raven tells them that they can't be put up because they are the votes to get her out. Alex just wants to make sure that they are aware that she was a not a vote to keep Cody. Mark says he doesn't understand why he comes up every time Cody comes up by the entire house. Raven assures Alex she is not going home and that by Mark going up, he is showing how loyal he is to Alex. 


1:42 PM BBT Alex says Paul has half the house mad after last night. She says that Jason is going to her (Jessica) very severely tonight. Alex is worried about the swing votes. Mark tells her that she knows how he feels. 


1:45 PM BBT Mark tells Raven and Alex that he is not comfortable being a pawn. He has seen this show and pawns go home. They try to show him the numbers that Dom would go home if up against him. He says he is not naive and he is not comfortable. Nothing anyone says will make him feel comfortable. There are 3 people that nobody trusts and they are safe. People are okay in keeping snakes in this house. He respects her HOH but he will not agree to be a pawn. 


1:50 PM BBT Alex admits that there are votes from Cody's eviction that she doesn't know so she isn't entirely comfortable with the plan either. Alex leaves and Mark hugs Raven before walking out. He tells her he is glad she understands. The house keeps snakes and pawns go home. Dom is called to the DR. 


1:53 PM BBT Raven and Matt are alone in the lounge. He tells her that they are clearly good with Alex which is good. However, he said it is totally clear that Alex does not have control of Jason. Paul is over-paranoid about how close the other side of the house is. Raven doesn't think it is paranoia. They are a closer than Matt thinks they are. She thinks that Alex, Jessica, Kevin, Josh are all working together. Matt doesn't think it makes sense because Alex put Jessica up. Raven tells him Jessica did not act surprise. Matt says it is pointless for anyone to be a pawn now because everyone flips. At some point down the road they are going to need Jason. 

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2:00 PM BBT Mark, Jason and Alex are in the HOH. They are still trying to convince Mark to be a pawn. Mark says that he doesn't trust that Alex has the votes that she thinks she has. He assures her that if he is allowed to vote, he will vote to get Dom out if that is what she wants. But she underestimating who are working together. 


2:06 PM BBT Alex is still in the HOHR with Jason and Mark. She tells him that they caused all of this. If they had just did what the house wanted and got rid of Christmas, all of this could have been avoided. 


2:08 PM BBT Mark tells them he doesn't know why Cody played as hard as he did. He doesn't know why Dom has become as aggressive as she has. What he does know is you can't win the game in the first few weeks but you sure can lose the game it. He just hates that his name keeps getting thrown around. There are 7 of them now who are working together and if they work together, there is no one that can take them all out in competition. Jason says he wants Ramses out of here too. 


2:12 PM BBT Mark keeps making some great points. If Jason's and Alex's trusted friends are told to just vote out Dom, that is what should happen. They aren't really trusted people if they feel they have to put up a pawn to get it done. He tells them that the they are all letting the pot stirrers effect them and they need to stop that. 


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2:15 PM BBT Christmas and Raven have joined Mark, Jason and Alex in the HOHR. Christmas says she is hoping for some kind of explanation or she is going to have to go off on her own. Alex tells her the she cannot have a one to one conversation with Dom ever again. Dom attacked her. Christmas says she doesn't what the F is going on. She is open to discussion but she wants to know how Dom came on her radar. 


2:20 PM BBT Alex tells Christmas that Dom threw everyone, including her, under the bus. She did some very shady things. Christmas says she told Dom earlier. that she takes information but never gives any and that could be a problem for her. 


2:24 PM BBT Too much going on to keep track off. In the HoH Alex, Christmas, Jason, Raven and Mark are in the HOHR while Alex discusses how and when Dom threw everyone under the bus. Meanwhile in the BR Dom is telling Josh that the entire time she talked to Alex, she never said any names at all and that it is her team that was not loyal to her. 


2:27 PM BBT Dom is telling Josh that Paul exploded last night. He exploded.

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2:30 PM BBT Jessica has joined the others in the HOHR. Mark leaves to go and make some breakfast for Christmas. Conversations switch to the veto meeting. Raven thinks they will have a late night veto ceremony tonight since they are doing everything else early. 


2:36 PM BBT The conversation in the HOHR has changed to general chit chat. Dom and Josh are still talking in the BR. Dom tells him that she talked to Jessica earlier and apologized to her. She admitted that she had said some bad things about her because of the situation they were all in. Dom and Josh agree that Cody and Jessica had seen something that they hadn't.  


2:40 PM BBT Paul, Raven and Ramses are in the SR. Paul asks Ramses if he is going to vote right. Ramses says yes, and he is voting as he was already planning to vote. 


2:44 PM BBT Paul and Jason are in the lounge. Paul tells him that he wouldn't trust the others to vote out Dom. Personally, he wouldn't trust them but they are the ones in power. Paul and Jason agree that Alex has to pull the trigger. She has to. 


2:46 PM BBT Alex and Jessica are in the HOHR. Alex tells her that no one in the house is comfortable going up on the block to replace her. Alex says that she has talked to them and everyone is on board to get rid of Dom since she went and got crazy last night. Jessica says okay, but this had better not be a ploy to keep Jessica quiet this week.Jessica says she understands why she would want to keep the noms the same. Alex says Jessica is 100% safe. Jessica says she isn't counting her chickens before they hatch. Alex says Dom has gone up to everyone with accusations and name callings and they all want her gone now. Jessica says she isn't asking for a handout because of Alex's loyalty to Cody. However, she has things she wants to accomplish and she is going to be a strong player that they can use. 


2:52 PM BBT Jessica has left the HOHR and Ramses goes in there to talk to Alex. Alex tells him to be prepared because Dom is probably going to call him out very soon. Ramses says Dom can bring it. Meanwhile Mark and Paul are in the lounge. Paul tells him that they might still put him up as a pawn. This could all be just an attempt to save Jessica. Not to guarantee Dom's exit. 


2:57 PM BBT Paul asks Mark to please tell him that Kevin is not behind all of this. Mark tells Paul that he knows for a fact that Kevin has changed his vote twice. Paul looks shocked. Mark "For a fact." 

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3:00 PM BBT Josh, Jason and Alex are in the HOHR They have Josh promise that regardless of who is up on the block besides Dom, Dom goes home. He agrees 100%.Josh leaves. Alex is curious why some of the house are so adamant that Mark go up as a pawn.  Alex tells Jason that she is certain that leaving Jessica up there means Dom goes home. Alex says they are to play it safe and that if these people turn on them they are screwed. Alex is asking him why he was so gung ho about Mark not going up as  a pawn but now he wants Mark up there and is panicking. Jason does not believe that they all want Dom to go home. He feels like all of them are going to vote to evict Jessica instead. Alex says they have assured her that Jessica is the lesser of two evils. Why is he so paranoid about this?


3:10 PM BBT Jason asks Alex if she wants him to not use the veto. She says yes.  Alex tells Jason to go downstairs and ask people for himself and to ask for their word. If he doesn't use the POV will they swear to him that Dom goes home. Jason then leaves to go downstairs and approaches Matt and Elena. They both swear to honor the wishes of the HOHR if noms stay the same. He doesn't care if it is 5-4 as long as Dom goes home. 


3:15 PM BBT Paul goes up to the HOHR to talk to Alex. They instantly high five. They congratulate themselves and putting the house in chaos and Alex and Paul come out looking the most trust worthy afterwards. Alex expresses she doesn't entirely trust Kevin. Paul says Kevin has always been straight up with him. Alex says eventually Kevin is going to screw them. Paul says, eventually yes, but it wasn't Kevin who voted to keep Cody. It was Dom who switched her vote for Cody. Not Kevin. He tells her that someone is trying to throw this on Kevin and he is a sneaky smart SOB. However there are bigger fish to fry because he doesn't compete well. 


3:25 PM BBT Paul says point 1 is Kevin isn't the hinky vote. They are going to point it at him because he is old and clueless. Point 2, Mark still needs to go up there. The others have an agenda and can't be trusted. Alex wants Paul to explain the votes they will have to ensure Mark will not go home. Paul so they have the votes. Paul is going to talk to Mark to ensure him and Alex will talk to Jason. Their next step will be to put outJessica and Ramses and they make it to jury.

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3:38 PM BBT In the HOHR we now have Mark and Josh. Josh is on board to vote out Dom. Josh is saying that if anyone is going to cry in the house he is going to try to console them. That is just who he is. He doesn't have to explain that to anyone. He doesn't want his willingness to listen to her when she is upset mean he is no longer trustworthy. 


3:41 PM BBT Alex asks Josh to leave the room leaving it her, Mark and Jason. Alex tells Mark that she doesn't want to blindside him but she is going to ask him again to go up as a pawn. She says that she has the votes to keep him or she wouldn't do it. Mark says he isn't going to sit there and say he is comfortable. She is HOH and he can see she is concerned about putting him up and he trusts her. However he watches BB and he is not comfortable. She says the house wants Dom out, even Josh. Mark doesn't understand why Jess has to come down for that to happen. Alex says because they may be convinced to get rid of Jessica instead. Mark won't make it easy for her. 


3:58 PM BBT Mark never would give Alex the okay to be a pawn. Alex told him that if Jason uses it, he has to be the nom and it is not anything personal. Her hands are tied. Mark leaves and goes downstairs and talks to Jason. Jason says screw it, he isn't using the POV and he doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. They shake on it and Mark thanks him.

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4:10 PM BBT Still on WBRB. No kitties or puppies though. 


4:25 PM BBT Still WBRB


4:29 PM BBT Feeds return. It looks like everyone has been locked up in the HOHR. They start to head downstairs only to see that BB has left them slop on the KT table and a blue envelope. Ramses says "Ahhh why is it just slop." Paul says that "he" is going for the key. We don't hear who "he" is. WBRB


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