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July 7, 2017 :dork:


Not a shocker. At least 99% of us weren't shocked about who was evicted. I know Jillian was shocked . It took her 5 minutes to pick her lower jaw up off the floor :jawdrop:. I kind of felt sorry for her. She was not a good player, schemer, or talker. She had ZERO game. She reminded me of Kathy from season 12. She was a cop but a sloth. And Jillian played the same way. She did let Alex do all her work for her which is a big mistake. If you can't fight for yourself you don't belong in the game. Even Kevin has game as funny as it is, but so far it is working for him. Either way, it was a sad good bye :huh2:. The best part was the word fight between Jessica and Christmas. Don't mess with a holiday! Jessica (why does everyone on twitter call her Jody?) decides it's a good time to call out Christmas  and really got up in her face. I seem to recall Willie Hantz did that to that nasty Chef Joe and it got him booted from the game. I can tell that Jessica has done this before, most likely in bars and I'm surprised I haven't seen her on Judge Judy. Maybe that's her next gig when she sues Cody for dumping her and stealing her phone :angry2:. I can't wait to see that.


Moving on - They played HOH, it was a Candy Crush game using the old Carnival game from BBOTT, but with a candy theme. It was custom made for Paul since he just played the new TV version staring Mario Lopez which airs Sunday. Some will call it "not fair" while others will applaud it. Since Christmas is on crutches the HG's were told they can give their tickets to someone else if they wanted and she wasted no time in giving hers to Paul. Cody was the ticket giver and was so mean spirited and rude I don't know how him mother feels about the way he acts but she can't be proud of this behavior. Someone needs to remove the stick from his A**. After some time, Paul won! Again, not a shocker. I wasn't awake when he got his letter from home, but I heard it was kind of weird. Christmas moved in with him and they seem to be the team to beat at this point.


It really is to early in the game to play this hard don't you think? :juggle: So today is the Temptation which Christmas got. She gets to switch any veto player she wants and it's good till she uses it. She also go to choose who is cursed and of course she chose Cody, Ramses, and Jessica. Right now, the nom's are taking place.


Who do you want to see put up? Do you approve of the way Jessica handled herself? Are you a fan of Cody? Do you think I over use emoji's? Let's talk.


Don't forget to follow us on FB, and Twitter. I can be found at @TweetChik. Remember to enter our meme contest. I upload new pic's everyday for you all to use. Keep it clean and fun.





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