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Saturday, July 1, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.

Thank you!

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12:01am BBT: BY opens and Ramses, Elena and Josh go outside on feeds 1/2. Jessica in bed with Cody in the HOH on 3/4 feeds.


12:13am BBT: Jessica telling Cody in the HOH that he was risking a lot. She knew he had a strategy in POV, but want him to second guess it and think more, not to make a stupid game move. She wants not just herself and Cody in the game, but them together.


12:16am BBT: In HOH, Cody tells Jessica that he is really unorthodox, and that she will likely never fully understand him.


12:27am BBT: All HGs in bed.

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Are they going to let them sleep all day.


9:20am You're not missing anything and we're not forgetting to post, they are all still sleeping.

9:48am Alex is up in the SR changing batteries.

10:00am Kevin is up putting on a "show" for the cameras in the Kitchen.

10:05am WBRB = Wake up Call

10:30-45am ADLs and Breakfast


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10:04 am BBT: FotH (wake-up call?)


10:17 am BBT: The HGs are up and doing ADLs for the day.


10:21 am BBT: Kevin and Jason outside in the BY by the pool. Small talk, and then both proceed inside to the kitchen.


10:30 am BBT: Jason using nail polish in the KT to write his name on his cup. Christmas, Paul, Mark, Kevin all exchange “Good mornings.”


10:38 am BBT: feeds 1/2  Alex, Kevin, Jason in the BY. They discover that the washing machine’s door is jammed/stuck. Alex calls it “a piece of sh*t”


10:40 am BBT: Not much to report, Alex is lifting weights and Mark is power-walking in the BY on feeds 1/2. Feeds 3/4 the rest of the HGs making breakfast. ]


[Sorry for the fly-by report, I will update as much as I can throughout the day]

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(TY dream and tina)




11:20am HG are up, some are outside exercising, some are in the KT cooking.


11:33am Back yard crew talking about what day it is. Is it day 11? Is it Saturday? Ramses says he cant keep track. WBRB and talk changes to how Jillian needs to plead her case to Alex. One of the girls (cam not on her so I cant tell which one) says do you know the first time the POV was used the guy used it on the girl and he want home. WBRB again. In KT Kevin tries Paul's French toast...with syrup (for the first time). Alex says if they use up all the bread they don't get anymore until Friday. BB--You are not allowed to talk about production.


11:47am Jessica (outside) says her mom just wants her to get out from in front of the camera and stop embarrassing the family....and stop touching male genitals. Ramses, Jessica and Jillian talk about who Cody will put up as a replacement nom. They also wonder who got the temptation upstairs. WBRB...Ramses says ?? (was said while WBRB) got the 25K cuz he messed up HOH comp, it was him and Ramses and Ramses sure didn't get the money.


 11:53am Mark wants to use Ramses in his squats. Ramses stiffens up with is arms at his side and feet together. Ramses stands up and Mark puts him on his shoulders. Mark does walking squats with him. Ramses says he is a talking weight.




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11:55am Paul still making French toast in the kitchen but now it's called "Friendship Toast". Mark is doing squats in the backyard with Ramses on his back. (across the shoulders)

11:57am Matt and Alex discussing her daily intake of calories. She's up to around 3000 estimated. Now up to 4500... (where does this put this? I want her secret.)

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12:05pm Jessica and Cody in hammock, she starts to tell him something about POV and he says he has a plan. He gets up and walks away.


12:14pm KT crew is complaining about ppl not cleaning up. Alelx and Jillian in SR talking about POV when Dom walks in and talk goes to them doing a lot of praying about the Veto. Jillian says she hasn't pulled out her rosary yet. They leave SR. Alex tells Jillian she has been thinking about using it on Jillian.


 12:18pm Alex says Christmas has daddy issues, why does an adult crawl into grown married men's laps. Why would she do that? Jillian wonders how many votes she would have to stay. (They keep talking about "him" but I don't know who that is.)Alex says its already teams so nobody has a chance. Jillian says that they don't know what the curse is, who got the temptation. Jillian says Ramses told her its not good.


12:24pm Cody comes in and tells Alex that right before the noms they will make a huge deal. He tells Jillian that he is loyal to Alex and he will make Jillian a deal to get them to finals. He leaves and Jillian asks Alex if she trusts him. She says she really doesn't know.


12:29pm Alex says she cant turn her back on Jason he was her first friend in the house. Alex says if you listen to Cody's words carefully he would protect her until Jury. He has to be protecting someone, it has to be a guy.

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12:35pm BBT: Alex and Jillian still talking  and Rameses walks in then Jillian says that Alex told her that the house is going to vote her out. Alex tells her he does not know.we They talk about the temptations then Rameses says he does not know who won it. Alex says i hope it was good as Cody walks in the room.

12:41pm BBT: Rameses and Cody talking and he says next week if you were to win HOH would you come to me and keep my people safe? Cody says if i come to you and tell you who i want kept safe will you do that for me and Rameses agrees. They leave the room and Rameses goes to the KT.

12:43pm BBT: Most HG in the BY talking general talk and working out. Josh is running in the BY.

12:49pm BBT: Alex and Dominique in the KT talking about hair extensions, Alex gets called to the DR. Cody and Mark come to the KT just looking around and trying to hear what Matt and Raven are talking about in the WA. 

12:56pm BBT:Matt, Cody, Mark and Rameses in the KT making drinks and eating. Most HG in the BY just general talk going on and sun bathing.

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1:05pm BBT:Just general talk about lifeguards in the BY as HG lay in the sun. talk then turns to tattoos and comparing them with Christmas and Paul.

1:09pm BBT: BB tells Josh to put on his mic. Kevin head in the house and goes to the BR. Jason is in the KT making a drink. Cody and Mark are just talking general talk in the KT.

1:11pm BBT: Jessica goes to the KT and hugs Cody then starts making lunch. Matt and Elena are in the pool floating on the swans whispering.

1:24pm BBT: Jessica and Cody in the KT drinking coffee. All other HG in the BY swimming and laying in the sun. Just general talk about sports.

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1:40pm BBT:Hg are all in the house now for a LCD. Just general talk going on with everyone.

1:54pm BBT: Dom in the HOH WA talking to Cody about her hair weaves as Cody brushes his teeth. in the WA downstairs Mark and Elena are sitting together as BB tells Mark to move his mic up.

1:57pm BBT: Mark called to the DR. most Hg are heading back out to the BY as they are grabbing drinks.

 1:58pm BBT: Josh, Elena, Christmas and Paul in the lounge rm talking about Christmas and her videos.

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2:02pm BBT: Alex jumps up out of her chair in the KT and says she is going to make deviled eggs with bacon. Raven is fixing Matt's mic for him. just general talk going on with the HG about eating and videos.

2:13pm BBT: Christmas talking to Paul and Josh about her modeling pictures. In the BY Kevin, Elena, Jason and mark are by the pool talking about Kevin's daughter getting ready for work about now. Jessica is laying in the hammock alone listening.

2:31pm BBT: Jillian in the KT telling Alex how jury works then they talk about survivor and how they watch them . Ramses tells them he thinks they follow them with a camera everywhere they go even getting water. Jessica and Paul in the hammock talking how Jillian is saying  she is on the block for to long and Paul says no way she said that Then Jessica says she did say that.

2:34pm BBT: Jessica tells Paul that Alex wants to break up the couples now and paul says of course she wants to do that.

 2:36pm BBT: Paul says next week he needs to win HOH. He tells Jessica that she does not understand he is in here alone since he has played before. He says he is an easy target so he has to watch his own butt too while he watches everyone else.

2:42pm BBT: Paul and Jessica talking about numbers in the game and listening to things. Paul talks about the voting and how most people get the votes from their friends and families for Americas votes.Paul gets up and leaves the hammock. most Hg are still laying in the sun no talking going on. Ramses in the KT making slop.

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 3:07pm BBT: general talk in the KT with Paul, Jason and Mark. most Hg in the BY.

3:19pm BBT: Raven in the HOH WA looking in the mirror. In the KT is Jason and Paul talking about leg kicks they did yesterday and how Jason's legs hurt today.Jason says he is going to go put his shorts back ion then walks toward the bedroom talking about how long Alex has been in the DR. Paul says she won the POV and is talking about strategies.

3:29pm BBT: Jillian talking to Christmas in the HOH WA about wanting to stay in this house this week and do all the challenges.In the KT Elena and Paul are talking about asking for refill on the milks.

3:39pm BBT: Jason and Cody in the pool watching Alex get her laundry. Jessica is fixing the umbrella so it does not cover her while tanning. Paul comes out and sits down to eat.

3:47pm BBT:Most HG in the BY laying out and eating with just general talk going on. Jillian and Christmas still in HOH WA just general talk as they move to the HOH RM checking the lockers on the wall.they start turning keys to see if there is something in the lockers.

3:51pm BBT: Christmas and Jillian have found two different keys are are trying to open the locked boxes they get one open and there is nothing in it. BB tells them to stop that and they laugh. Jillian then hides the key on top of the lockers over number 14. They leave the HOH rm as Alex ask them what they was doing and Christmas says we were just acting silly and BB got us.

3:54pm BBT: Jillian in the BR telling Alex about the keys they found and how they opened a locker and then they hid the key after BB got onto them. Alex says really?. Jillian laughs and says yes.

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4:05pm BBT: Matt in the KT getting something to eat. Josh says slop time and Christmas is getting water. In the BY Paul is talking to Cody, Jason, Mark and Kevin about the government. He is complaining about the government.

4:15pm BBT: Jillian and Alex talking in the HNBR about next week one of them getting HOH and maybe putting Josh out but then that might not be a good idea maybe we need to get Cody out. Alex says either way they are coming for us. Jillian says yeah i know and if Jessica wins POV she wont use it on Cody cause she does not want to go out.Alex agrees.

4:23pm BBT: Jillian telling Alex that they have to plant seeds and she says she planted some today to Christmas. She said she planted one with Paul also and Paul told her that they would all be stupid to vote her out so she went to Jessica and was just talking to her about her dogs. Kevin walks in and talking stops.

4:26pm BBT: Paul, Cody, Matt , raven and Jessica in HOH rm talking about who might have gotten the temptation they think someone on the other side got it this time. They are trying to figure out how the temptation will effect the rest of the house and if it will be a curse.

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6:17 PM, BBT: Alex and Jillian hanging out in the kitchen. Jillian's got something baking in the oven, looks like a tray of muffins. Alex is eating watermelon, and complaining that Josh didn't clean his dishes.


6:20 PM, BBT: Sounds like Jillian (still a HN) made "slopcakes" in that muffin tray. Ramses (another HN) and Cody joining Jillian in the kitchen to try them. Some are made with thousand island dressing, and others with Italian dressing.


6:28 PM, BBT: Kevin thinks the fridge is broken. Their ice cream is melting. One of the ladies ran off to tell the DR (Jillian?).


6:35 PM, BBT: Ramses managed to break a wooden spoon while stirring a pot of slop on the stove. He's hunting for splinters in the pot. Ruminations on the nature of slop and what makes it so thick.


6:44 PM, BBT: Alex and Jillian off in a bedroom speculating on who got the Temptation. Alex is convinced it's Paul, arguing that viewers already know him. "If you could vote for Britney Spears or twenty strangers," she says. FotH.


6:51 PM, BBT: Jillian, Alex, Christmas, and Ramses back in the kitchen discussing what dance moves they know. Alex asks Jillian to Dougie for her. Jillian says she'll do it, but not in front of everyone; she'll show Alex later. Raven joins in and busts a move.


[Clocking out for a bit, may swing back for a bit around 9:00 PM BBT.]

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4:30-5:00pm BBT: paul says in the HOH RM that if the other side wins HOH next week then they have to get them to put Josh on the block for sure.
 Elana said  she gets sick everytime she sees Josh. She then ask if her breast are on the internet now and paul says all over.

5:00:6:00pm BBT:Dom in the lounge rm and Josh comes in saying he wanted tro talk. he tells her he did not want to be emotional. Dom tells him when he blew up it caused trust issues and put a target on his back.
Josh says he now realizes that he should have kept his mouth shut and stuck with her and paul. he then says he walks with God everyday so Dom tells him to to let them all see that side of him.

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6:23 pm BBT: Kevin, Jason, and Paul are in the Den Style BR. They are all talking and laughing. Feeds switch to Elena talking to Mark about exfoliating her skin. Mark asks Elena how long it would take her to get ready for a date. Elena says “An hour” and explains how she would “glam” herself out. She adds that she doesn’t like to be rushed, and it could take her up to three hours, depending who you are, and what you were going to do with her. Paul says that shaving makes you age faster and no one believes him. Paul calls out to the feedsters to google it.


6:31 pm BBT: Alex and Jason in Storage Room. Alex is yelling “Aloe Vera!” and getting on her tiptoes looking through cabinets for aloe vera. Jason tells Alex to “zip it” and then begins rubbing aloe vera all over his chest and shoulders.


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6:21pm BBT General chat going on. Eating, doing hair and hanging out.


6:29pm BBT Elena talks about getting dermebrasion and facials every month, it can take her 90 min to do her make up for a date if she really likes you. In SR Jason looks for the aloe Vera in the fridge. (it feels better on burned skin when its cold) Alex wonders who keeps turning the fridge up, its too cold, its going to freeze stuff.


6:36pm BBT Alex debates the pronunciation of aloe vera vs. aloe vara. Ramses breaks a wooden spoon in the slop and cant find it, he finally does. Josh finds out they have been baking slop for a week. In WA Jessica is doing her hair while Paul tells us his cousin does hair transplants, he tried it once and it hurt like heck.


6:46pm BBT Paul talks about his season, how he keeps up with some people and not others. He enjoyed his season, he didn't let their negativity get to him. He says it was stressful, but he had an f'n good time.


 6:53pm BBT Raven shows them how to do "The Dougie" (its a dance move)


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7:08pm BBT: most HG in the KT making food and general talk going on about man crushes and cooking.

7:11pm BBT: Mark and Jason are playing chess. Dinner is ready. All Hg fixing a plate and have nots making slop.

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#bb19 7:24pm BBT Kevin is talking about what he does on Sunday night with his kids. Josh is pretty quiet. He is talking about Living Color and Paul and Josh are too young to remember the show.

#BB19 7:31pm BBT - Mark, Elana, Jason, Cody and Jessica are all in the kitchen. No game talk going on but they are talking about someone in pre interviews who was asking the girls about the summer bodies. Talk has turned to sex. The others are doing dished and chatting.

#BB19 7:38 BBT- Jillian and Alex are in the HN room talking about different strategies. They are talking about who voted for Christmas to go. They seem to think Christmas doesn't like Jillian. They are trying to figure out the votes Jillan can count on. 

#BB19 7:48pm BBT- Alex and Jillian are still trying to figure things out. They are talking about Josh and how he is a wild card. Alex says Josh thought someone was disgusted with him. They are talking damage control. I think they are talking about Christmas. They want Ramsey to tell Christmas that she is the target. They say Elana and Christmas keep complaining that they are not on the episodes enough. Jillian wants to confront her and tell her she is not targeting her and Alex is talking her out of it. 

#BB19 8:00pm - Jillian really doesn't believe she is leaving. She isn't sure who the replacement is but she thinks she won't be leaving. Alex wants Jillian to try and get Christmas on her side. Tells her to ask her about her extensions. Jillian just rolls her eyes. Jillian thinks Christmas won't think she has enough power if she wins HOH to take her out. Says Jason wants to take Cody out. And Alex wants Cody and Jessica out.

#BB19 8:15pm BBT- Dom and Mark are playing chess. Dom is giving Mark advice on trying to figure out if someone (Elana maybe) is playing him. She says to talk game with her and see what happens. Elana just joined them. Game talk has stopped. Everyone else is milling around in the kitchen. No game talk at the moment. Paul has now joined the chess game.
 #BB18 8:20pm BBT- Jessica and Cody discussing what was said with Jillian. Jessica says Jillian said they all are just friends with Paul to become famous. Cody says he owes her no loyalty. They are trying to figure out a way to get Alex to not target them. Jessica says Alex gloating about the veto made her sick. She wanted to throw up. Jessica reminds Cody that Alex wants to break up the showmances. Cody says that makes sense since she is alone. Cody says he thinks he can stop her from doing that. 

#BB19 8:25pm BBT- Jillian and Ramses are in the lounge and Jillian is telling him everything. She is trying to get Ramses to do her dirty work. She tells him that Christmas is telling everyone that Jillian is targeting her. She wants Ramses to tell her that she isn't targeting her. He tells her that if she asks him he will tell her that. Jillian is freaking out. Ramses leaves and heads back to the kitchen.Alex has joined her in the lounge. She says they can't talk to Josh because he will have a breakdown.

#BB19 9:00pm - Paul, Mark and Matt are in the HOH room. Paul thinks the girls are WAY to emotional. He says they are good as long as the 4 of them have the next 4 HOH's. They are talking about Ramses. All agree that he doesn't talk game with any of them. Paul tell them that he knows Ramses and his brother are SUPER fans. They don't know who he is talking game with but it's not them. They are questioning Kevin's gameplay and wondering if he can win anything. Paul says he is a number for their side. Mark wonders if he can keep up in any comp. They agree he isn't a threat. Matt says he hasn't talked game with him. Jessica walks in and boy time is over. Raven has joined them too. They are talking about Josh.

#BB19 9:15pm BBT- They are all talking about Josh. They think he is crazy. They say he keeps looking at the cameras and apologizing to America. Jessica is calling him ignorant. Paul says that if he becomes HOH, he will lock the door so Josh can't come in. They don't like that he keeps complaining about not seeing his family. They just want him to relax. Downstairs, Alex and Jillian are in the lounge talking. Paul is getting fed up with him. Matt says at this point they can keep Jillian and Josh around to use. Paul says he has seen Jillian talking to herself. Paul wants to use them both as pawns. 

#BB19 9:30pm BBT- Josh, Ramses, Alex and Jillian and Jason are all in the lounge. Everyone else is still upstairs. Raven is inching closer and closer to Matt who really has no place to move on the couch. They are still making fun of Josh. Paul says that Josh looks like the Hulk. Paul calls Josh the scapegoat. They are planing to us him and Jillian as a pawn. 


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BBT 7:10

Jessica and Cody in kitchen whispering softly about getting together to watch a movie (Huh?) and they kiss quickly. 


Paul is holding court in HOH talking to people about he was given grief for not kissing butt enough to win the money last year. However he doesn't regret how he played. "Some things are more important than money." The party (Josh, Jason, Paul, not sure who else) breaks up and  everyone heads to the kitchen to join the majority of the house making food. 




Elena and Josh in bathroom while Elena complains about her hair. 


Kevin and Paul now in the lounge with Josh. Kevin talking about a cracked  tooth and how they are going to have to pull his tooth out. He is wondering if they will give him novacaine or not. Paul wants the BY to open up so he can work out. They are joking about how who signed Kevin's release for the show. Kevin says his wife did his.  "She f**kin signed my death warrant." Kevin complaining about how slowly he texts in comparison with his wife and kids. 



Kevin is now telling a story about 3 day weekends with his kids and how they would 'play sick' so they didn't have to go to school  the next day. The conversation turns to an old sitcom that ran on Sunday nights after Married With Children and the Wayans starred in it. They finally figure out it was "In Living Color". They were excited because Jennifer Lopez used to dance on that show. 



Elena and Mark in the kitcthen together. She is leaning on him while they joke with Jessica and Cody who are kissing again. They talk about how they are the people that they hate outside of the show. (They are talking about showmances. So they all consider themselves in showmances?) Now they are discussing someone who interviewed them. Elena talks about how she was questioned about her body and how comfortable she was in a bikini. She loves her body but says it is not the "American Standard". Mark whole heartily agrees while he nuzzles behind her. 



Jason now joins the E/M/J/C conversation and it turns to NC-17 discussion of "vinegar strokes". Mark says he has never seen boobs? (I am so confused.These people are more ADD than me LOL) Mark says they want to put a bigger brace on his finger because it's so swollen and it's pissing him off. 



Same foursome talking about Elena's hair and how it looks darker up top and lighter at the tips. Mark doesn't get how her roots are so much darker than the ends. Jessica and Elena are trying to explain it to him without much success.  


7:43 to 8:00 BBT

Alex and Jillian talking in a bedroom about confronting someone. Going through various scenarios and outcomes about something that happened earlier. Jillian says that there is no way to win by confronting him and they should leave it. "He's stupid, and he will got back and run his mouth." They agree they will get caught in the crossfire. They whisper who the next HOH might take out and who might go this week. I think they are talking about Josh. "He's a loose cannon and he can't play." - Alex


They are rehashing Josh's confrontation with Megan in the kitchen. Now they are talking about confronting a girl but they are whispering so much I can't figure out a lot of it. They keep mentioning her love for Jesus and discussing using Ramses to talk to her. Whoever it is they are saying she acts "like a queen" and complains that she and Elena probably aren't on the show a lot. They want Ramses to talk to this person and tell her that Jillian isn't coming after them. (I think it might be Dominique but don't quote me)


Wondering if they bring Christmas to their side and how someone screwed them over (Josh). 


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8:15 BBT

Kevin talking to Jillian in the lounge. She tells him about a conversation she had with Josh. She tried to give him a heads up that people were complaining about him and he was annoying people. Josh then went and told Dominique that Jillian was out to get her and now Jillian is freaking out that she's going to get voted out. (Ahh, that earlier convo makes so much more sense.) Kevin tells her not to worry she is safe. 


Josh comes in the room looking for people and the conversation switches to New York. Jillian's mother is from New York and she misses the food there. Josh asks if she ate the slop-joes and she says No. Kevin leaves and Josh and Jillian have an uncomfortable moment before they head out as well.  

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9:04 PM, BBT: General Josh-bashing up in the HoH room among Paul, Raven, Matthew, Mark, Jessica, and Cody. They're tired of his unpredictability; he'll badmouth you one minute and try to be your best friend the next, they say. Group thinks if Josh gets put on the block he might just quit. Paul referencing an earlier incident (unclear exactly when) where Josh dropped an "r-bomb" to him in the kitchen. [Sounds from context like it was "retarded."] Paul says Josh almost immediately realized what he said and spent ten minutes apologizing to the camera before crawling under the table.


9:16 PM, BBT: Same HoH bedroom group sans Cody weighing keeping Jillian around as a pawn. Back to Josh-bashing, now mixed with Kevin-praising. Mark: "So who's the ideal 11? The nine of us, Kevin, [and] Ramses?" Some discussion over this. Talk turns to the replacement nom. Jessica, relaying Cody's mindset: "I would say it's 85% Jason's gonna go up." Paul making the devil's advocate case for putting up Ramses. Earlier in this conversation he was relaying that he found out Ramses is a superfan. Paul concerned about Ramses slipping through the cracks and getting deep into the game. Shushing because Ramses was passing by the HoH room door. Kevin walks in. 


9:33 PM, BBT: Kevin, now downstairs in the kitchen with Cody, Jason, and Jillian, really getting antsy to go outside. Considering going into the DR to ask them to open the door. Talk turns to being impressed by how well Alex did in the first night comp, and that she'd probably win if the next HoH comp were straight endurance. Cody says she eats about 10,000 calories a day and drinks nothing but Coca-Cola; jokes that the way to beat her might be to hide the Coke. 


9:37 PM, BBT: Paul, Jessica, Matt, Mark, and Raven still up in the HoH bedroom, flipping around the CCTV channels. Looking to the next cycle, Paul and Jessica want to put up Jillian and Josh, with an eye on backdooring Alex. Jessica's input is to take Josh down so no one's tempted to vote for him just to get rid of the annoyance. In walks Elena. They pitch the plan of getting rid of Alex next cycle to Elena, and she quickly agrees.

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