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Premiere Episode, night 1

Let's discuss night 1 evictions...  

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So normally I would be working from post eviction to post eviction. I would be covering a weeks worth of BB and discuss things that happened not only on the shows, but on the feeds too! As we all know, feeds won't go live until after tomorrow's episode, so I am going to start the season with a bit about tonight and my feelings on opening night evictions.


First off, Paul? REALLY? Really CBS? I couldn't take "your boy" last season, and I'd prefer to not have him this season. As much as I wished for an all new cast this season, if you had to bring someone back, why not Meg? Or even Cowboy or his sister, Nikomas from BB5? If you want people from more recent seasons, Becky from BB17 is a great choice. I really liked her (and I know fans did too). If you insisted on picking someone from BB18, then why not Victor? I think he was a bigger fan favorite than Paul.


I'm straying... 


I loved that we had such a mix up of new house guests. So many different personalities. After reading bios, watching the various interviews (or reading them), I couldn't wait to see what they were going to be like tonight. They didn't disappoint!


The Summer of Temptation started off with a bang!



Now there are going to be recaps EVERYWHERE tonight/tomorrow, but tonight this is mostly going to be my opinion about the events. Feel free to chime in below with your reactions as well! I would LOVE to hear what you all think!


$25,000. Let's think about that for a minute. Guaranteed $25,000. Yeah you can't win the first HoH comp, but most players don't want to, as they don't want to get blood on their hands that early.


I think I would have taken it, or at least tried. Kevin was quick I tell ya! I can see why though. 7 kids, youngest just graduated high school. He has college and weddings for his daughters to think about.


The no-HoH thing was an okay consequence for me, but the "unknown". I don't know. I don't think it would have phased me. However, going forward, I would be a bit leery about it! If I had known that someone would be replaced with a previous house guest if I took the money, I would have been less likely to take it. 


I say that because I never realized before just what the HG's go through pre-season, during the audition process. Multiple trips for interviews. Stacks of paperwork, pre-confirmation sequester that you have to go through and still may not make it into the house. And don't forget, you can't tell anyone. So you vanish for almost two weeks, can't tell anyone, not even your boss and pray you have a job to come back to. Then if you are picked, you have to either quit, or ask for a 3 month furlough, but again, you can't tell them why!


Learning all of that from Evel Dick on his pre-season thoughts, blew me away. Because after going through all of that, getting picked to be on the show, you go home "on the first night". Now I know it wasn't their first night (or maybe it was) but it was our first night seeing them.

They didn't get a chance to play! Remember Jodi? I know we all remember Glenn! (Of course his Twitter escapades last summer may have something to do with us remembering him LOL)


My point is, going through all of that to be sent home within 48 hours, SUCKS! I feel very bad for Cameron. I feel worse knowing that he basically had no chance. Of course they were going to keep the eye candy in the game. They don't want to risk another Ian or Steve.


If as many of these are super-fans as they claim, this could be an interesting season. Paul will have to change up his game. They will do their best to not let him get to the final 2. He almost won. He lost 5-4 to Snacole (Nicole Franzel). And I think the only reason the girls voted for her is because they wanted a girl to win, as it's been too long! We all know why Corey voted for her!


I'm looking forward to a great season and I hope to hear from all of you with your thoughts on the first episode.


Until next time ♥

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My feeling on Kevin's temptation is you've known the other 15 HG for only an hour or so.  Even if he had considered an eviction could be a consequence (and everyone but Kevin probably thought it would be), how bad would it be if it wasn't you?  As long as BB kept it secret that you took the temptation.  Now what would be interesting is if BB offered a secondary temptation - if you want to keep it secret that you took the first one, you have to double down and accept a bigger consequence.  Otherwise, your secret gets revealed in addition to the first consequence.  Hopefully throughout the summer BB will up the ante and make these temptations and consequences more impactful.



Who notes so far the only one more in Cody's space than Paul right now is Jessica...

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