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I won't bother asking who's ready for the premier of Big Brother tomorrow night since I have a feeling we have all been ready since BBOTT ended. I know I have been. I read somewhere that Allison Grodner tweeted that the houseguests are already pairing:wub: up and fighting:angry:. To me, that's the best news I could hear, I mean after all that's why we watch, plan our vacations, call in sick from work all in the hopes that something juicy happens. 


I was just reading Afterthoughts from PM's poll and I am going to go vote. There is some good questions. Polls are fun :D. So lets all go over and vote just to see how many of us are right. 


I called in sick :sick2:  to work for tomorrow just so I can get all the things I need to do done for tomorrow night. It's pre taped and mostly people running around picking beds, and lying about who they are, but that's ok. I hope they changed it up a bit and someone goes home.. like WhistleNut (oy just saying that makes me gag just a bit). Do you think he brought his rodeo clown outfit?


Well off to eat dinner, and dream of Otev, Chenbot, slop, and all the other wonderful things that bring the summer alive for all us diehards. Please remember to follow us on Twitter, and Facebook, and if you haven't gotten the live feeds yet GET THEM. P.S. BB After Dark is back this year on POP TV so check you local listings. See you on the feeds... 



@TweetChik (follow me) 

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