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All My Children


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Week of MARCH 21ST

Tad gives the Eulogy at Edmund's funeral oblivious to the bomb set to go off.

Sam publicly lashes out at Maria blaming her for Edmund's death.

David makes Adam an offer he can't refuse.

Ryan gets everyone out of the chapel due to a bomb threat.

Erica is overheard as she tells Jack that Edmund's murderer was not Zach Slater.

Greenlee's fears get the best of her as Braden challenges Ryan to game of murder in which he accepts.

Erica is convinced that Ethan is lying through his teeth.

Aidan and Tad begin to believe it was Braden who killed Edmund.

JR begins to doubt his own father growing increasingly suspicious of him.

Lily stuns Jack, Erica, Reggie and Greenlee when she blurts out that she saw Edmund walking the night he was killed.

Sam and Maddie inform Maria that they are moving out of Wildwind.

JR frantically rushes little Adam to the hospital.

Maria and Brooke turn a deaf ear to Erica refusing to believe her about Edmund and Ethan.

Brooke decides Maria should be told the truth about Edmund.

Ryan recalls his childhood memories of Braden.

Jack tries to get Ethan to fess up to the truth by catching him in a lie.

Jonathan reassures Simone that he is no longer helping Braden in any way.

Jonathan knows where Ryan is but refuses to tell Greenlee.

Lily spies Jonathan with Braden.

Jack is upset with Erica for what was said to Maria.

Ethan confronts Erica regarding her suspicions about him.

Ethan continues to lie to Kendall.

After finding out the truth from Lily, Erica and Jack fear for Kendall and her safety.

Thinking Adam is backing out of their deal, David vows he will spill everything to JR.

Braden sets a new trap for Aidan, Ryan and Tad

Babe is worried when she learns that little Adam is ill and upset that no one told he

Down The Road

Adam grows closer to finding Liza and Colby.

Di ingratiates herself into Krystal's life becoming her newfound friend.

Lily, Greenlee and Kendall may find their lives in great danger.

JR decides it's Kendall he wants and begins to pursue her.

Ethan wants Kendall to marry him but Erica isn't having it.

JR confronts his father.

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John Callahan Out as AMC's Edmund

Though it has been rumored for well over a year, Soap Opera Central has learned that John Callahan (Edmund Grey) will now officially be ending his 13-year run with All My Children.

Callahan joined the cast of All My Children in April 1992. He and on-and-off-screen wife Eva LaRue (Maria Santos) recently announced their separation.

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JR going after Kendall, that ought to be interesting...I think they will make a trouble making pair for sure, unless Kendall decides to go to the nice side and have JR making peace with Babe..NOT..like that;s gonna happen..lol+


I want to know the Edmund secret..anyone have any theories? Maria hopefully now that Edmund is gone will have a good story, her being a doormat to Edmund sucked bad..so unlike her character.

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This week on AMC 3/28

Erica is threatened by Erica.

Livia helps Zach get out of jail.

Lily sees Jack with Braden but fearing for her safety, Jack tells Lily to leave.

Jack misses Braden when he rushes to Greenlees penthouse. .

Greenlee and Kendall face off again over Ethan.

Ethan's claim of innocence is denied by Erica.

Kendall chooses to believe Ethan over her family.

Police determine that Lily is not a credible witness.

Greenlee is caught off guard by Jonathon off guard at Fusion.

Ethan declares that he will do anything to destroy Zach.

Babe tells David if he helps Adam find Colby and Liza, she will turn her back on him forever.

Greenlee is found in Braden's hideout by Ryan, Aidan and Tad.

Greenlee is persauded to leave and go back to Pine Valley and wait for Tad and Ryan.

Ryan challenges Braden to put his money where his mouth and meet him face to face.

Lily, Greenlee and the Bodyguard have car trouble as they are en route to Lily's school.

Ethan continues his deceit by lying to Maria.

David goes to prison to see Krystal.

Greenlee and Lily find themselves in a very dangerous situation.

A cryptic note is delivered to Ryan by way of messenger.

Adam is confronted by JR demanding to hear the truth.

David visits the Mysterious and intriguing Di.

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'All My Children' newcomer, Bobby Steggert, who joined the cast of the ABC Drama series in mid-March has been placed on contract with the daytime soap. The actor plays Sam Grey, son of deceased Edmund (played by John Callahan) and the living, but in love with another man, Maria (Eva LaRue Callahan; pictured).

Details of the contract are not available to the public, but it is safe to assume the actor was signed to a 3-4 year deal with the show, which is the norm for a newcomer to a soap.


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Kendall is my favorite character but I wish they would stop having her go to bed with everyone. She's becoming as bad as Simone.

If you are interested:

Here's 2 good sites for scoops/spoilers



And 2 good ones for recaps:



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No ....We can not make Pine Valley extinct.....I am taking my vacation to visit my friends..

I am going to the Chandlers, Courlands and the Greys for wonderful buffets of brunch and magical dinner parties. I will visit Maria and see if I can help her with Sam and Maddie...just whip their asses I say..

I have to go shopping at Myrtles and get my hair done by Opal, she 'll do it for old time sake, I mean I've know her for years..

I will go makeup shopping with Erica, then go drinking with Kendall, Greenlee and Simone..we will pick up guys, take them home and seduce them, then meet for an early dinner the next day to compare notes before we go back out to switch guys for the night...oh the fun we will have..

And before I go home I will visit JR to see my wonderful nephew, we will talk about how Babe almost ruined his life, and laugh at how she is now ruining Jamies..oh the fun we will have..

And then as painful as it may be, before I leave town I will go with Tad to see Krystal at Statesville...oh I know I'll cry, I must remain strong though for my friend. I will be strong...I know I will..

So you see Racer they are much to important to die yet...my veins flow with AMC blood...so don't try to take away my friends and family...oh please don't..or I to shall die....

:lol: :twisted:

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