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Let me start by saying I have been a fan of Big Brother from season 1. I have seen every season and when they started live feeds, I signed up for that. I love this show and the potential it has to entertain, madden, amuse, confuse and enlighten anyone who is watching it. Don't take it to seriously. The people who don't like you will not like you it's that simple. That being said: 


Let's start with my 1st impressions of the first 8 of our new crop of houseguests. 

  1. Jason – He's a Rodeo Clown who goes by the name "WhistleNut" <_< I could just stop here but this guy has never watched the show. I don't think that is going to help him since this year they actually cast some people who watched the show. But he should be good for some goofy stuff if you like that sort of thing. When I listen to him talk, I hear shades of Monty from BBOTT and Donny (whom he likes). I think he is going to annoy most and will probably be gone before we get to know him. Remember Cornbread? That's what I thought! This guy is headed in the same direction. He says he is married. My guess, he will be home before his wife has time to miss him... moving on 

  2. Cody – I don't have much to say about him. I think he can be a wild card player. We do have something in common though. He isn't a fan of Paul's from BBOTT and neither was I. I think he was too loud for his and our own good. He says he doesn't want to be famous, just wants a normal life after the game whether he wins or not, well your life will never be normal again. Buckle up my friend, reality tv is a bumpy ride. I think he will be around for awhile. 

  3. Josh – Says he is in hair care sales which seems fitting because he looks like a Paulie to me just from his promo pose. I like that he is a fan and applied for a few years. The girls will love him and he is "eye candy" for the rest of us. He does kind of look like Devin to me just a bit, but I doubt he will implode into crazy town like Devin did. I have hopes for this kid.. 

  1. Cameron – He's a Microbiologist so the "nerd" has been cast. I like him. He seems to love the game and understands the thought behind running a social game. He has a girlfriend so I don't see a showmance in his future. I think he will align with both sides what ever they turn out to be. High hopes for him. 

  1. Ramses – Cosplay? I'm old so I had to look up what that is. OMG, I just did and it seems it is people who dress up in costumes for some reason (don't all you cosplay people come at me, I don't get it) but if it floats his boat, good for him. I think the girls are going to chew him up and spit him out and they will keep him around as a target. He fancies himself as a "Dan" player but I don't see it. I see him more as a "Jason Roy". We will see, I'm still on the fence with this one. 

  1. Kevin – Who? :huh: He has 7 kids. I think his wife applied for him so he would leave her alone for a summer! I'm guessing he is gone in 2 weeks. Bye Kevin, thanks for stopping by.. 

  1. Christmas – I love her name even though I'm Jewish lol.. She is my front runner. She loves the game, seems disciplined and wants to win. She just has to not come on to strong and align with another strong female and we just might get the "Girls Alliance" we have all wanted to see for years. She watched a few episodes of the show and I won't fault her for that.  

  1. Dominique – Girl you are no Davonne. But she is going to try to be. She seems nice, has no clue about the game but for some reason this might help her. She needs to align with someone strong and do as they say until it's her turn to shine. I hope she lasts more than a few weeks. 


Well that's my 1st 8 houseguest and what I think of them. What are your thoughts? Who do you like out of them? Let me know. Tomorrow, the rest of the cast. P.S This is my 1st blog in years, sorry if I am a bit rusty..:unsure:




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u did just fine girl... i spent the whole day watching Interviews from all over and i feel a Lady is going to Win this year... the guys this year i feel will Not do good... the Only Eye Candy the Ladies will have is Josh & Mark... But the Men will have a whole Bunch of Ladies to watch this summer in their Bikinis showing off their Huge Boobs, lol....


my Fav guy is Josh & Fav girl is Jessica... but just to Look at them... playing & winning i Never predict till i see them start to play... i Love that Mark said he plans spending 90% of the time Shirtless... he has some Great Muscles, lol... i feel this will be a Great season... nice to have u Blogging and ur not Rusty at all, just write whatever u feel like writing girlfriend...:D...

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