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America's Got Talent (Season 12)


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This is it! The America’s Got Talent finale! One act is about to win one million dollars! Tyra tells us last night they had the biggest vote in AGT history. Tyra says Simon, this is going to be huge for the winner, life changing. Simon says last night was really incredible and any one of them could win tonight. He wishes them all the best of luck.


We’re about to hear the judges takes on Howie. Heidi says Howie is always telling jokes. Simon says some days he loves the jokes and some days he doesn’t want to hear another joke and he knows that. Mel B says she tells Howie to test the jokes out on them because sometimes they aren’t funny. Howie says he was told when he went in to comedy he was told if he could make one person laugh, then he was successful. Howie says sometimes he just finds that person he makes laugh is him.


Tonight, we will be seeing all of the top 10 doing what they love with some of our biggest favorite stars in the world. Up first is Kechi and Angelica Hale. They sing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson joins them as they hit the chorus. After they perform together, Kelly Clarkson sings Love So Soft, one of her new releases.


Tyra asks Kelly what she would tell Kechi and Angelica because she’s been in a similar situation. Kelly says it doesn’t matter, they made it this far. She says it’s about getting on television and getting people to see them. Her new album Meaning of Life will be available October 27.


We’re about to get the judges thoughts on Mel B. Howie says it’s weird their show is live and Mel B is on delay and Simon says yeah, a day’s delay. Mel B says she gets confused sometimes and has to get things explained to her. Heidi says Howie has to explain most jokes to Mel B. Howie says she seems happy. Simon says they might be happier if they were more like her and didn’t know what was going on half the time. Howie agrees.


The next two acts have stunned us with their creativity and their innovation every week. With a special performance for the finale, here are Light Balance and Diavolo. We see Diavolo first performing to A Sign of the Time by Harry Styles with their half-moon prop and then Light Balance takes the stage and performs to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. Derrick Hough was part of the Light Balance act in costume and pulls it off after they finish their performance. Derek says it’s very hot in that costume, those guys are amazing.  


Marlee Matlin is a guest to introduce the next act, Mandy Harvey. Marlee tells us Mandy is going to perform with a superstar, Shania Twain. Mandy begins to sing You’re Still the One and Shania joins her at the chorus. After they finish, Shania sings Life’s About to Get Good. Shania’s new album is out September 29th. We are now just minutes away from the first results.


Time to see what the judges find annoying about Heidi. Heidi says she’s someone who points things out, like if you have spinach in your teeth. Mel B says she does it right before they go live. Mel B says she’s not very gentle with it. Simon thinks Heidi is obsessed with him. Heidi says there is never a moment when she isn’t a judge.


Heidi asks Mel B if she sees the girls screaming for Simon and Mel B says she doesn’t get it. Mel B thinks Simon has a thing for the older ladies and Heidi says any ladies. Heidi says and he feeds them and Mel B says he throws oranges and Heidi says they are tangerines. Mel B says he’s a soft teddy bear. Howie says Simon is not only entertaining America, he’s feeding America.


This next act had everyone talking, Darci Lynne. She sees Jeff Dunham and Walter and they chat for a minute. Tyra tells us tomorrow Jeff is getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Darci Lynne is on stage with Petunia and joining them is Terry Fator with Winston the Impersonating Turtle. They then sing back and forth Anything You can Do. Darci Lynne makes a small mistake at the beginning of the song but recovers very well.


Next, Preacher and Howie were sent out to the club to talk comedy. Howie says every time he’s there it takes him back to 1978 and Hollywood was the mecca of comedy. Howie says anybody who is anybody was seen in the clubs including Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. He says it was so exciting and electric he still gets the same feeling when he goes into a comedy club. Howie says Preacher Lawson is a star, he’s lovable and energetic and funny. Preacher sits and talks to Howie and Kevin Nealon. Howie tells Preacher he’s one of the best he’s seen in a decade.


Our next special finale performance is Evie Claire and Chase Goehring and they will be joined by James Arthur. Evie starts with an original song and James joins her on stage to sing the last part with her. James then sings Say You Won’t Let Go. He then introduces Chase who joins him on stage to sing the second verse.


Tonight, one act is going to win a million dollars and tomorrow morning they’ll be starting a brand new life. In no particular order, we’ll find out who made it into the top 5. Mandy Harvey and Chase Goehring are the first two acts called forward. America has voted and the act taking the first spot in the Top 5 is…Mandy Harvey.


Evie Claire and Sarah and Hero are pulled forward. Only one act is going through. America has voted and…Sarah and Hero.


Two acts have moved on to the Top 5 and two acts have left the competition. The next two acts are Diavolo and Light Balance and they step forward and the crowd is booing. America has voted…the act taking the third spot in the top 5 is…Light Balance.


Next is Preacher Lawson and Darci Lynne and they both step forward. The act taking the fourth spot in the Top 5 is…Darci Lynne.


Angelica Hale and Kechi are the remaining two acts to find out their fate. They both step forward. America has voted…the act taking the last spot in the Top 5 is…Angelica Hale.


We have our Top 5 and after the break we’re going to reveal the Top 3.


The act finishing in fifth place and leaving the competition is…Sarah and Hero.


The act finishing in fourth place and leaving the competition is…Mandy Harvey.


Now we have the top 3: Darci Lynne, Light Balance, and Angelica Hale. One more act is about to leave. America has voted. The act finishing in third place and leaving the competition is…Light Balance.


We have your Top 2 America! Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale. One of them is about to win a million dollars.


It’s time! America, here is your winner. America has voted…the winner of the one million dollar and the star of their headline show in Las Vegas is…Darci Lynne!


Darci’s brother’s run to the stage and give her a big hug. Thank you for joining us for Season 12 of America’s Got Talent!

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