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America's Got Talent (Season 12)


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This thread is for the episode recaps and conversation around America's Got Talent, Season 12.  Please let us know what you think of the acts this season and who you think deserves to win!


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Simon introduces America’s Got Talent’s new host, Tyra Banks, and the show is off and running. We get a quick review of the buzz’s and the golden buzzer. And we immediately get into the first act.


We meet Shannon, Sahi, and Jokgu. Shannon and Sahi have a chicken named Jokgu and they gave her music lessons, and she plays the xylophone and they keyboard and they say she’s a natural. They think she’s a musical protégé and love to watch and listen to her play. They say she’s ready and this is her time to shine!


Simon asks them their names and what they are going to do and they tell him Jokgu is going to play the keyboard and Simon wishes them good luck. The chicken seems to have stage fright and the judges look bored and the crowd boos. They finally get Jokgu’s attention and she plays America, the Beautiful and the crowd begins to cheer.


Heidi says just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a chicken play the keyboard. Howie tells Simon he has a new band of chicks. Simon says this is historic and he calls for a vote. Howie says yes. Mel says yes. Heidi says a definite yes. Simon says it’s the most incredible things he’s ever seen on any of the shows, it’s a yes. Jokgu gets four yes’s and Simon says they’ll never see that on any other show and they’ll never see it again.


Next up is Preacher Lawson, and he’s a standup comedian. He talks about how great his mom was raising four kids by herself and says she’s super creative and she influenced him. He’s been doing comedy for 8 years, but it’s hard to get stage time. He’s says this won’t make all his dream come true because money doesn’t bring you happiness, but yes it does.


Simon has him introduce himself and then asks if he’s single, which he is not. He begins his routine and has a little bit of a slow start. The crowd seems to warm up a little more and then Mel asks for more. Simon asks Preacher for one more joke and Preacher looks surprised but begins one more joke.


Howie says he knocked it out of the park because nothing is harder for a comedian than to be asked for another joke, and he delivered. Mel says he’s brilliant. Heidi says his timing is good and he’s funny and she wants to see more. Simon says the last joke he adlibbed was the best and told him so much. Howie gives a yes. Mel also gives a yes. Heidi says yes. Simon asks if Preacher’s grandmother is still around and Preacher says yes and Simon says to give her his love because he’s got a yes from Simon. Preacher calls his grandmother to tell her the news and thank her for letting him make fun of her on television.


Next is Yoli Mayor and she is going to sing. She doesn’t know who she would be without singing. She’s struggled her whole life being a big girl and she always thought she had to change who she was to be successful. She says at this point in her life she realized life without singing would be devastating and she wants to live her life.


Simon asks Jolie for her name and age and what she’s going to do. She begins to sing I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone. Simon stops her after her first line and says it’s not working for him. Simon says this is feeling very old-fashioned with the cocktail dress and she’s only 21. Tyra yells at her to keep it young. Simon asks if she has a second song and she says Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran.


Tyra comes out and fluffs her hair up and takes her jewelry off. She starts again with her second song and she’s getting a better reception. By the time she finishes she has the crowd cheering and she gets a standing ovation from all four judges.


Simon apologizes for what they went through, but he’s glad they did it. Simon says they may have just found a solid gold star. He says she has something special about her and he thinks she’s fantastic. Heidi says she adores her and she has no doubt she’ll go far in the competition. Mel says this is your time, young lady. Howie says something she has already won. They vote and Howie says yes. Mel says she’s giving her a second yes. Heidi says a definite yes. Simon says four yesses. Simon says she is a dark horse.


Next we have a man of mystery and he can’t reveal what he’s going to do. He says the greatest escapologist they’ll ever see. He says he’s going to bring a little danger, excitement, and mystery. He says it’s only gone wrong once and everything will go right tonight. If not, it will go left.


Howie asks him who he is and what hotels he performs at and the man of mystery responds the ones people stay out. Howie tells him to proceed. He calls Tyra out and Howie up and asks Howie to lock him and asks Tyra to make sure he’s doing a good job. He left the keys backstage and Tyra ropes the Man of Mystery and takes him out. They come back, with the keys and Howie resumes locking his wrists up. Tyra ties him up and the put him in a red bag.


Simon remarks on how long it’s taking and Howie buzzes him. Mel and Heidi both all buzz him. Simon finishes buzzing him and they call for him to come out. He finally emerges and he’s wearing a leopard dress. Simon says he might have buzzed him a little early and he tells them to take his X off. Mel also tells them to take her X off. They both give a yes. Howie says based on what he saw it wasn’t good enough to go on and he says no. It’s up to Heidi. Heidi says he’s funny but she doesn’t know if it’s good enough to be a million dollar act. Everyone is cheering and chanting and Heidi says it’s going to be a no.


We next get a guy named Ruddick and he dances, but not well. He gets 4 X’s and Tyra says she’s never seen anyone so happy about rejection.


Next we have a unicorn dancing and that’s “pooping” balloons and that act did not seem to go over well.


Then we get a group of older ladies called the Kazoo Queens and they are booed and buzzed. They don’t stop despite Howie trying to get their attention.


Next up is Junior and Emily and they are a brother and sister salsa duo. They were raised by their father and he sacrificed everything for them. Junior says he was a troublemaker and their father put them in dance classes to keep them out of trouble. Junior says he was hanging out with a bad crowd and he got arrested. Emily says Junior was destroying his life and she felt like she lost her brother. Junior says he couldn’t see his sister’s dreams because of him and Emily says dance saved both of their lives.


Mel welcomes them and has Junior and Emily introduce themselves. Simon asks why their father put them in dance and Junior explained a little. Mel wishes them good luck. The begin their routine and the crowd seems to really be enjoying them. The judges also seem impressed. They also get a standing ovation.


Mel says wow. Heidi says they were spinning, and spinning, and spinning and she loved it, it was incredible. Howie says they sometimes hear dance is their life, but this is the first time their art form saved their life. Mel says it was so exciting and they were brilliant and so precise. Simon says he’s trying to think of a word beyond sensational. Simon says people like them make the show special. Simon gives them their first yes. Heidi says of course they get a yes. Howie says yes and Mel says I’m going to give you your fourth yes, I can’t wait to see you again.


Up next we have a magician named Will. Simon asks if he has any kids and Will says no and Simon asks if he has pets and Will says yes. Simon asks why America’s Got Talent and Will says this is his dream and he hopes this will be a turning point for his life and he wants to make it happen for his family. His family moved to the United States when he was 16, but the language barrier was difficult and that’s when things went bad. He said for a good period of time, he was homeless. He says normally magician’s do things in a box or under cover, but he’s going to do things out in the open.


Simon asks if it’s something they’ve seen before and Will says it’s something he created just for the show. He has a camera put right in front of him and he’s on a large screen for the audience. The crowd is impressed and the judges look at each other in awe and surprise. The crowd is completely in awe by the end and he gets a huge round of applause and one more time we have a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges.


Howie says this is by far, the best close-up magic he has ever seen in his life. Heidi says it was exciting and she thought it was incredible. Mel says her brain didn’t catch up until halfway through and it was amazing when she got it. Simon says Will doing the act for the first time was even more incredible and he’s with Howie, this is the best magic he’s ever seen on the show. Mel says yes. Heidi says of course, it’s a yes. Howie says his family will be so proud, it’s a yes. Simon says Will has four gigantic yesses.


Our next act comes out and we hear boo’s immediately and Mel hits her buzzer. It’s someone who looks like Donald Trump. He considers himself a native New Yorker, but presently he’s in Washington D.C. for work. He’s trying to make the world a better place. He says the president on AGT, you don’t get better than that. He says he’s there to make America’s Got Talent great again. It’s going to be yuge! Howie asks if he thinks he can win and he knows he can win it. He’s here on a mission of love. Howie says this better be good or they’re going to build a wall around him and the audience is going to pay for it. Mell wishes him good luck.


He’s singing 24K Magic by Bruno Mars and he’s dancing. He stops and the judges wonder if that’s it, but he says wait, there’s more. He then switches to Uptown Funk. The crowd is on their feet clapping and they give a huge cheer. He says if he doesn’t make it to the next round after that, this thing is rigged. Howie thinks it’s funny and in these times this is the kind of performance they need. Heidi says it’s not about like Donald Trump or not liking him, this is about AGT. Mel says it was not enough good singing. Simon thinks Mel is missing the point and that is the thing everyone is going to remember and it was original and what they’re looking for. Howie gives a yes. Heidi says it’s crazy but she’s giving a yes. Mel says no. Simon says he’s won for the second time, three yesses.


We are getting a montage of acts that didn’t make it. We have a male and female dancing and Simon says they needed better choreography. We have a second act, but it’s an aerial act and Simon says it was quite boring.


We meet 12-year old Merrick, and he’s a dancer. He’s really excited but he needs to stay calm because apparently the buzzers are really, really loud. He comes out and Mel has him introduce himself and ask what he’s doing. She asks who influences him on his dance style and he says his grandmother because she takes four dance classes a week.


He’s doing robotic dancing to a slow song. It’s very quiet during his performance so it’s difficult to gauge how the judges and audience are reacting. The audience cheers very loudly at the end and he gets an ovation from the audience and Simon and Howie. Simon says that was one of the best dance performances he’s ever seen on the show and he’s someone he would put in a pop video to tell a story. Simon says it’s clever and very well done. Howie doesn’t think anyone has come on stage and told a story that gets that kind of emotion and he says he’s amazing. Heidi also loved it and Mel says everyone has said it except she wants to add he’s incredible.


Simon says he’s actually going to show his record label a video of Merrick because he thinks it’s meaningful and new so it’s his first yes. Howie says tomorrow he’s going to show this to his wife and he gets a second yes. Heidi says she’s going to show this tape to her children and tell them to get off their iPad and start dancing and it’s a yes from her. Mel says she’s giving the fourth yes and she’ll see him in the next round.


We have a sad clown up next and his act is called Puddle’s Pity Party and he apparently doesn’t talk. Puddle’s comes out and Mel is asking questions and he’s still not talking so Mel turns the stage over to Puddles. He begins singing Chandelier by Sia. He gets a surprised reception initially, but by the time the chorus hits, the crowd is cheering and on their feet.


Simon, Howie, and Mel give ovations. He’s crying and the judges notice he has real tears. Howie says this is not a pity party, this is an envious party. He has so much talent, he’s so original, and it’s amazing. Heidi says it was unexpected and different and she wants to see more. Mel says she thought she’s seen everything on the show and then he comes along and she loved it. Simon says he never, ever wants to know who he is because he has a problem with clowns, but he may have turned Simon. Simon says that was originality at its best and that’s why he loves the show. Howie gives a yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon thinks he’s fantastically brilliant, yes. Mel gives Puddles his fourth yes.


Next up, we have an escape artist named Damien. His wife is there and she’s very scared that something will go wrong. He says one day everything went wrong and he had nails stabbed into hand and he had to go to the hospital. His wife tells him to make sure he re-checks everything. He has to escape in two minutes before all the and he’s under falls and crushes him. They have medics on stand-by and he says the act is dangerous and not to try it at home.


Howie asks how long he’s been doing this and Damien says this is the second time. Howie says so he is risking his life for this and he says yes. Simon wishes him good luck. He has his hands bound in handcuffs, he’s chained to the box and has shackles around his ankles and neck. His wife covers her face and sand begins to pour in with a cover between him and the sand. He has his first arm free.


He has both arms free now and he begins working on the shackle around his neck. He seems to be struggling with it. The cover gives and the sand is dropped and everyone is screaming and Howie gets up and asks if that’s a problem.


We see two men come in and check the box and one takes a sledgehammer and breaks the glass, and that someone is Damien. The crowd is screaming and the judges are amazed. Heidi says he scared the bejeezus out of her and visually it was incredible, it was mind blowing. Mel says it took her a minute to figure out what was going on and he took her on a roller coaster ride, she loved it. Howie says he’s never been so thrilled he’s alive. Howie gives a yes and Mel says it’s a definite yes. Heidi says it’s a yes and Simon says he was ready with the axe and it’s his fourth yes from the panel.

We see some dancers and Simon hits his buzzer. Simon says he thinks they’re talented but he won’t remember them in an hour.


Next is Darcy and she’s 12-years old and she’s a ventriloquist. She’s shy, it’s always been hard to talk to people. She first saw ventriloquism at church and she decided she wanted to do that. She got her first puppet on her 10th birthday and it helped her find her voice. Without her puppet with her, she would never have imagined walking out onto the AGT stage.


Darcy comes out and she introduces Petunia, the bunny. Simon wishes her the best of luck. Petunia decides to sing and Darcy looks nervous. The crowd laughs and applauds and the judges are impressed. Darcy cuts in and starts singing, but Petunia covers her mouth. The crowd and judges seem to love it. The crowd gives a standing ovation, and the judges follow.


Howie asks her how long she’s been doing this and Darcy says two years. Howie says he believes that rabbit is a real separate person and he loves her and he thinks she’ll go far. Mel asks what made her start doing this and she says because she used to be shy and she asked for a puppet and her mom surprised her with one on her tenth birthday. Simon says shortly before Darcy they had an act that he wouldn’t remember. But he will remember her in a day, a week, and a year. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Heidi thinks what she does is really special and it was perfect from beginning to end.


Mel says what’s really sweet is her puppet is exactly like Darcy, very charming and adorable. Mel says they made her heart melt and she’s trying to explain how amazing it was and she hits her golden buzzer sending Darcy straight to the live shows. Darcy’s mom comes out and hugs her and Mel congratulates her. Tyra comes out and says Darcy is going straight to the live show.

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To start the show, we meet Edna from Florida and her dog Mia. Edna thinks Mia was born to be a mathematician and numbers come naturally to her. Edna says Mia is her K-9 Einstein and she thinks Mia can see the world in a different way. Edna says Mia can count any number between 1-50 and she can read flashcards. Simon gives her the greenlight to begin her act.


Howie asks her to count to the number four. After a moment, Mia barks four times. Edna asks for another number and Simon says 16. Mia complies and barks 16 times with the audience counting along. Edna calls Tyra out. Tyra has flashcards and Edna tells her to choose a card with a number on it. Tyra selects the flashcard with the number 20. Mia begins barking and the audience counts along. The crowd gives a standing ovation and Howie says that’s amazing.


Howie asks if Mia has a favorite judge and Mia barks once and Edna says Mia has a crush on Simon. Simon says he has a little crush on Mia as well. He says Mia is like a super dog and he’s really blown away. Mel says she hasn’t seen anything like that before and that’s why she loves America’s Got Talent. Heidi says she loves the act, she loves Mia. She thought the act was a lot of fun and there were a lot of great tricks and they were really good.


Simon says it’s time to vote but he wants Mia to do it for him. Edna asks Mia if she wants four yesses and Mia barks four times. The judges agree and Mia goes through with four yesses.


Simon welcomes the next act, a large group all in white. They are Diavolo: Architecture in Motion. They mix a lot of different movement types together. The leader of their group, the person who came up with the concept, is the creative director Jacque. Jacque says he got his inspiration for this type of act from an earthquake he experienced. Simon tells them best of luck.


The judges are watching the group on a large platform that rocks back and forth and they seem to be in awe. The audience is also excited and they give gasps of shock as Diavolo performs. They get a standing ovation and Simon says he feels they need to bring Jacque out.


Howie says when he sees people dance and do acrobatics he wants them to take it to the next level, and he says they did take it to the next level. Heidi says they brought them something different with the piece they built and it made it dangerous looking and the timing and people flying off of it, it was incredible. Mel says it was so exciting, it was too short and it needed to be longer. Simon says this was something he will remember, it was incredible. They get four yesses and they are through to the next round.


Up next is Chase from Tennessee. He says growing up he was shy until he started taking music lessons and it changed his life. He says he has a love music and it turned into song writing. He’s going to perform an original song about a real-life situation about a friend who is in a bad relationship with a guy who isn’t perfect for her and she should get into a relationship with him, because he is the right guy.


He’s going to sing an original song called Hurt and Simon thanks him and says good luck. The crowd cheers for him and they seem to enjoy the song. He gets a standing ovation from the audience and the judges and Simon says wow and Mel says that was brilliant.


Howie says they look for these moments that excite them and surprise them, and when Chase started rapping he thought it was a unique sound that he will never forget. Heidi says he’s super talented, she loves his confidence, his song, and he’s very cute on top of it. Simon says it was bloody fantastic. Chase did something Simon wasn’t expecting in the middle, he’s a great writer and he thanks him for coming on the show. Mel says he is a great writer because he took a topic that isn’t talked about often and it was spot on. She says that song is going to mean so much to so many people. The judges vote and he gets 4 yesses and he moves on to the next round.


We see a montage of four couples who dance together and one is also a strength act. All four get sent through. Up next is Jimmy from Chicago and he does a hand balancing act with his partner Judy. He says what they do is incredible technical and difficult and this is the break they’ve been waiting for. His partner is not there yet and the producers tell him to call her because at this point it’s now or never.


Mel welcomes Jimmy to the stage and he goes out alone. Simon says he bets the partner is weird. As the act starts, a blow-up doll descends from the ceiling. After a moment, Simon hits his buzzer. Howie is laughing and says he loves it. Heidi says this can’t be it. The audience is laughing. Mel is also chuckling. Heidi also hits her buzzer. Jimmy kicks her at the end of the act and she deflates and floats around and he holds her for the audience to see.


Howie says this was comedy, it was hysterical, and he’s a great character. Howie says his partner seems out of breath and Jimmy says she seems a bit deflated. Heidi says she doesn’t mind that’s his partner, but he needed to so something unbelievable. Howie says No!, this is comedy, this is funny. Mel says it was hilarious and Howie says she gets it. Simon asks when he decided to do a weird dance with a blow-up doll. Howie says yes, Mel says yes, Heidi says no. Howie is upset because Heidi won’t listen to him. Simon asks what would come next and Jimmy says I don’t know, helium? Howie says it’s going to be funny. Simon says categorically never!


We get a little montage about Simon and how he will tell you if you he thinks you are bad. Up next we have two kids, Paige who is 8 and Artyon who is 9 and their act is called Artyon and Paige. They head out to the stage Heidi greets them and says they are so excited and they are smiling from ear to ear. Howie says this looks like Heidi’s wedding photo. They tell the judges they will be dancing.


Simon buzzes the act and Heidi pushes him in the arm and Mel asks what’s wrong with him. The crowd is seeming to enjoy the act and they are cheering. Mel is singing along to the song they danced to which was Barbie Girl by Aqua. The crowd chants put them through.


Heidi says they were so well rehearsed. He swung her around and it reminded her of mornings at home with Seal way back when. Heidi really loved it. Simon says he liked them and they’re talented, but they needed more experience and that song is not fun. He thinks they need experience, but they have great chemistry. Mel says Simon is very grumpy and she loved it, and their song choice, and they were so good. Howie says he loved how expressive they were and it was so exciting to watch and it made him smile the whole time. He actually did like the song.


Mel says they’re going to play the song over and over again in the dressing room for Simon. Heidi and Mel both say yes and Simon says no, even though it’s not going to make him popular. The crowd boos. Howie gives them their third yes and they go through.


Up next is Nick Uhas and he’s a science teacher from Ohio. He went to college for science and he’s a published Chemist. Simon asks Nick why he entered the show and Nick says because he loves science. Simon tells him good luck and he comes to stand before the judges to begin his act. Nick gives the judges balloons to suck in the helium and they are having a blast talking with their voices deeper. The audience is cracking up and the judges had fun. Nick then has Howie and Mel come to the stage to help him.


He explains the chemicals that are on the science table and he says they’re going to mix them and make some reactions go really fast. Nick calls Howie over for a third trick and has him put on a faceguard. Howie is going to boiling hot water with an extremely cold chemical (carbon dioxide?) and they get a big explosion of steam. Howie sucks in the balloon and says he thought it was wonderful and he’s giving him his first yes. Mel sucks in the balloon and gives him a second yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon thought it was absolutely terrible, but it’s a yes from him.


Did you catch the last act? Did he look familiar or the name sound familiar? It was Nick Uhas from Big Brother 15.


We see a “family” montage. We have a family of kids, around 8 kids and they sing We Are Family and Simon really liked them. They get through. We then see the judges arguing like children and siblings. We then have a pair of siblings, a brother and sister and they are on roller skates. They are Emily Billy and they are acrobatic roller skaters.  Emily says they like roller skating because it’s elegant and graceful, like ballet.


Simon says Billy and Emily came on Britain’s Got Talent two years ago and he always hoped they would come over to America one day and show them what they could do. They live in America now. They have a head piece connected to their next as he skates and spins and she rotates. Mel is shocked. Billy then takes Emily by one arm and one leg and spins her and does a headbanger (spins her while moving her in an up and down motion. He then does picks her up by her legs and does the headbanger and Howie can’t believe how close her head is coming to the ground. They get a standing ovation.


Howie says people don’t realize how dangerous that was for them and at any moment she could have flown off and hit them. They blew Howie away. Mel says what just happened? The speed of everything was just crazy, but crazy good. Heidi says she has never seen anything like that before, it was incredible and they are both so nice to look at. Simon says they are incredible and it literally is death defying. He says what they did when he first saw them was good, but this was even better. They get four yesses and move on.


Next we have Angelica who is in fourth grade. She started singing when she was 2 years old. Singing is her dream and her parents are there and they think she’s pretty special. Howie welcomes her to the stage and asks how old she is and she is 9 years old and she just found out she’s going to be a big sister. She wants to be the next Whitney Houston. Howie gives her the green light to begin.


Angelica sings Rise Up by Andra Day. She immediately shocks the crowd and the judges. Simon is impressed and he is smiling. Her parents are off to the side and crying. The audience is on their feet. Howie is up and the other judges stand and she gets an ovation. Angelica is overcome with emotion as she finishes.


Howie says OMG! Simon says this shouldn’t actually happen. She’s tiny, her voice is huge and he has a feeling they may be looking at a star of the future. Heidi says wow, she had goosebumps. Mel says she is so special and her voice is so amazing and she thanks for sharing today. Angelica says Mel is her favorite judge and Simon hits his buzzer. Mel goes up to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Howie says he predicts all of her dreams are going to come true. Mel says yes, Heidi says yes, Simon says who did you say your favorite judge is? Simon gives her a third yes and Howie gives her the fourth.


Next we have a pair of brothers, Azeri Brothers, and they are super humans. They have a spokesman and he says they don’t talk very much but one look from them tells them exactly what you need to know. Their act is incredibly dangerous. Mel welcomes to the stage and their spokesman introduces them and says they are going to do something impossible.


One of the Azeri brothers’ stabs four nails into a board while the other two hold them. They have a new board and he has two nails and he hammers them into the board with his head. Next we have a small board of nails and one brother lays down on them and then there is a stick to stand on with nails they put on top of him and one of the brothers stands on it. The judges look away and Heidi hits her buzzer. They ask for a volunteer from the audience. We have a brother laying on the floor and one other brother with a shovel at his neck with pegs to stand on. They have the audience stand on the pegs while it’s at the brother’s neck.


Heidi says that was disgusting, that was horrible to watch. Howie says it was like a buffet of torture. Simon says it was disgusting but he loved it. That’s what he likes about the show, you aren’t going to see this anywhere else. Howie says it’s too much too far, it’s ridiculous, and this was way too dangerous. Mel says she didn’t like it, but she knows there’s a lot of people who did like it. Simon says he needs to see more and he says yes. Heidi says no, it’s a no. Mel says she’s going to give them their second yes. It’s up to Howie. He asks the audience if they enjoyed watching it and they stand and cheer. Howie says he hates it, he doesn’t think they should do it, but he’s a man of the people so it’s their third yes and they move on.


Next is Colin Cloud and he’s been described as the real Sherlock Holmes. What he does is the closest thing to a real life mind reading and today he’s going to show the world what the judges are really thinking. Mel welcomes him to the stage and he explains his act. He gives a quick demonstration and points out a lady in the audience and asks if she is a teacher, and she is. He then says the man next to her by his body language is a police officer, and he is.


Tyra comes out to assist and is holding a prediction that may prove very important. His background is in criminal profiling and he wants to teach them how it works with a simple game he learned as a child. He gives Howie a coin and an anti-bacterial wipe. He is guessing which hand the judges are holding the coin in. He gets them all correct, with the help of a little audience participation. He takes the scroll from Tyra and the scroll wants Tyra to open the lid of the stool she was sitting on and see what’s inside. It corresponds to what the audience yelled out which was white, cat, and Oscar and he pulls out a white cat named Oscar.


How is mesmerized by Colin. Heidi loves him and thinks he’s fantastic. Simon thinks they could become partners and they could take over the world. Mel says she’s not quite sure what she saw but he was mesmerizing. Howie says yes, Heidi says yes, Simon says yes, and Mel gives the fourth yes and we’ll see him in the next round.


Our final act is Mandy and she has an interpreter named Sarah. She’s deaf, she lost all her hearing when she was 19 years old. Simon asked how old she was and she says 29. Simon asked how she lost her hearing. She has a connective tissue disorder and she got sick and her nerves deteriorated. She always wanted to sing and she went to school for vocal music education. She was waiting for a test to start, but she realized she didn’t hear enough to start the test and that was the last day she was a part of the music program.


She’s going to sing a song she wrote called Try. Simon asks her to tell him about it and she says she gave up after she lost her hearing, but she wants to do more with her life than just give up. Simon wishes her good luck. She has a couple of people accompany her on keyboard and guitar. The crowd applauds as she begins. The judges seem impressed and we see a few members of the audience wipe tears away and they applaud and give a standing ovation. Howie also stands before her performance is even over. All the judges stand as she finishes.


Simon says I don’t think you’re going to need a translator for this. He stands and hits his golden buzzer. Her dad runs out to give her a hug and Simon goes on stage to also give her a hug and a thumbs up. He says it was one of the most amazing things he’s ever heard. He says he never thinks he’s going to be surprised or amazed by people, but then she shows up. She is straight through to the live shows. Howie is doing the sign for applause and the audience follows.

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We start the show tonight with Simon asking Tyra how she’s enjoying being on the show and she loves it. We meet Oscar and we hear a little about his backstory. He says his father was a traditional guy who believed guys Oscar’s size should be a football player, but Oscar wants to perform. He meets the judges and Simon tells him good luck. Oscar is a dancer and has a routine to Anaconda by Nikki MInaj.


Mel seems to really like the performance and the crowd is cheering and behind Oscar. Simon is shocked and as Oscar finishes his performance the crowd is on their feet cheering. Simon says well we weren’t expecting that! Howie says it’s like he was possessed by tiny Laker’s girls. Heidi says she likes those moves coming from him than those girls. Mel says he has sass and swagger and he owned the whole entire stage and she was surprised he went into the splits at the end. Simon says that was amazing! Simon says he’s the person that could start a new trend. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a definite yes, Heidi gives a definite yes, and Simon gives the fourth yes.


Up next is Elena and Sasha, she’s American and he’s from the Ukraine. They had to use a translate app to communicate when they first started dating. They’ve been married for almost four years. They explain to another contestant backstage that he balances her on his face. They take the stage and are greeted by Simon. Simon asks how dangerous is the act, has she nearly died and Elena says oh yeah, millions of times.


Sasha has a long pole and Elena climbs it and puts a harness around her neck and he spins her around. She then comes down and gets some hula hoops. He puts the pole on his head and she climbs to the top and Sasha lets go and Elena spins one hula hoop on her arm while holding one leg and then does a hand stand while he continues to keep the pole on his head while not holding it. The crowd seems to enjoy it and the judges give a standing ovation.


Howie says he liked it and it was probably one of the most dangerous things that’s ever been done on his show. Mel did like it and Elena seemed so child while being on his head. Elena says she had to get over her fear of heights to do this. Heidi thinks they are incredible and she loved it. Simon says Elena is kind of nicely stupid, but that makes her human and the act becomes more recognizable. Howie loves it and votes yes. Mel votes yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon gives the fourth yes.


Up next is Shemika who is going to limbo. Her grandmother and mother were both limbo dancers. She grew up watching her mom perform and that’s when she discovered her love for limbo. She starts with a stretch which shows her flexibility. Her mother comes out and sets the limbo bar and she says lower and she slides under it and Howie is impressed and the crowd is too. She then goes under a series of bars while balancing a bar on her face. Heidi is curious how she’s doing it. They then bring out a car and she’s going to limbo underneath the car. The crowd is cheering and the judges are shocked.


Simon has never seen anything like that in his life. Heidi loved it and she thought it was fantastic. Mel says her 9 year old showed her a video of her and she’s going to be so jealous she got to see her live. Howie was amazed when he went through the first one. He says she’s amazing. Simon says obviously he votes yes. Heidi gives the second yes. Mel says yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Howie gives the fourth yes.


Up next is Kechi. She wants to share her voice with AGT and she’s been singing since she was 7 or 8. She was in a plane crash when she was 16 and she was one of two survivors back in Nigeria. Music was her escape and that’s why music means so much to her. Simon turns the stage over to her. She sings Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Everything is quiet for the first verse, but as she gets to the chorus the crowd starts cheering. Howie and Simon gave a standing ovation.


Howie says she’s one of the most beautiful people he’s ever met and she blew him away. Mel says she’s very brave and she’s going to inspire millions of people and she has a great singing voice, but she could feel Kechi was nervous. Heidi loved her energy and she loved her voice and she really enjoyed it. Simon says what he’s most proud about is the show gives people a platform they don’t normally get and he thinks there is more to come from her. He thinks there’s more she can do than she realizes she’s capable of. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a definite yes and Heidi is excited to see her again and she gets her third yes. Simon gives her the fourth yes and says congratulations.


We meet Big Benji, the one and only. She’s been dreaming a long time to get on AGT because she loves Simon. She asks her husband if she can flirt with Simon and he says yeah, he might steal her. She takes the stage and Simon asks how old she is and she says she’s 73-years old. Benji tells Simon he is as handsome as her husband. Heidi asks what she loves about Simon and Benji says he acts tough, but on the inside he’s juicy with love. Simon asks what she’s going to do and she responds she’s going to sing and asks for a kiss later. He says if she does well. She sings L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. The crowd and judges are laughing but giving applause.


Howie says she’s adorable and wonderful but it’s a no from him. Mel says she thinks she got to do what she wanted which would serenade Simon, but it’s a no from her. Heidi also says it’s a no from her. Simon says he would have said yes, but it’s a no. They let her come down and Simon gives her a kiss and Benji says kids, you have your dream and you make your dream come true! Howie tells Benji’s husband if he wants to come kiss Heidi he can. He comes down and Heidi gives him a couple of kisses on his forehead.


We see Joan who is 82 and she is single and loves Simon and asks if Simon loves older women. Howie says you two go get a room and Joan says she’s willing. Joan sings to Simon after taking her long skirt off to reveal a shorter skirt. Mel buzzes Joan and says she didn’t like it and Joan asks if Mel is jealous, but the other three give her yesses and she gets to move on.


We see another woman in a super hero outfit who asks where Simon is from and says he’s gorgeous. We get another group of older women who are sitting and clapping and kicking and apparently either aren’t wearing underwear or you can see their underwear. Simon says they are seeing the ugly side of show business, jealousy from Heidi. Simon says yes, but the others say no. Simon says it’s tough being a heart throb.


Next we have a magician named Tony and he’s 21 and he’s French. He wants to show to America his kind of magic. Simon asks if his parents support him and he says honestly, his parents hate magic. He wants to prove to the judges and his parents that he can become a magician. The crowd is impresses and the judges seem to be enjoying it. The crowd like it and they get an ovation from the crowd and all four judges.


Simon is speechless and goes to Howie. Howie says it’s because of moments like this that he believes they are experiencing the best season ever. Mel asks if they are identical twins and she says they are hilarious and magically brilliant and she absolutely loved it. Heidi says it was amazing, very entertaining, and full of surprises. She thought it was fantastic. Simon says this 100% a Vegas act and it was a really, really special audition. Howie votes Oui! Mel says yeah! Heidi says it’s a definite yes from her. Simon says they have four Ouis.


Next up we meet In the Stairwell which is an a capella group from the United States Air Force Academy. They talk about their future potential to go into battle and protect the country. They want to show the judges something they’ve never seen before with precision and exactitude. They take the stage and are greeted by Simon. He wishes them the best of luck. They perform Nobody Can Drag Me Down by One Direction. Howie buzzes the group. The crowd cheers and gives an ovation, as does Simon and Heidi.


Simon goes to Howie and he is booed by the crowd. Howie thanks them and respects them for their service, but on talent alone he was bored. The crowd boos again and Simon says they aren’t booing him loud enough. Mel says she wasn’t bored but what they did with the harmonies they made it full and fresh and new and she liked that. Heidi thinks they are very talented and tells them well done. Simon thought the choreography was too much, but he thinks people are really going to like them but they have a lot of work to do. Mel gives a yes, Heidi gives a yes, Howie says for the service it’s a yes, but for the talent it’s a no. Simon gives the third yes and they are through to the next round.


We see a montage of no’s. Some of the people backstage are saying the judges must be in a bad mood or having a bad day. Up next is Daniel and Wyatt, two separate acts. Both are talking about how nervous they are. Wyatt is dreading his performance and Daniel has never performed in front of people before. Wyatt is up first and is greeted by Mel. Wyatt is a comedian and the crowd is quiet and isn’t very receptive. Simon buzzes and the crowd is now starting to boo. Wyatt says it’s not going well for him and Heidi also buzzes. He finishes and says he will throw himself on the mercy of the judges. Simon and Heidi both say no and Howie advises him if he really wants to do comedy to not give up and use this experience.


Daniel is up next and he is super, super nervous. He takes the stage and is greeted by Mel. He is going to sing for them and Mel asks if he’s performed a lot and Daniel says this is his first time in front of an audience. Mel advises him to not think about it and just do it. He sings Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, but he does it in character voice. He starts in the Goofy voice and the crowd boos to start and as Daniel continues they start to warm up. His second voice is Scooby-Doo and the crowd is starting to get into a little bit and the judges are laughing. The next voice as he hits the chorus is Kermit the Frog and the crowd loves it. Next is Peter Griffin and then Simon Cowell is performed next. Mel and Heidi are cracking up. Next is Mickey Mouse and the crowd is into it and Heidi is laughing. The crowd gets on their feet and so do the judges.


Mel says she’s never seen anything like that and he killed it, he nailed it. Howie says this is what he loves about the show, it shows the variety they offer and he loves seeing things he’s never seen before. Howie says he is awesome. Heidi says he put the biggest smile on her face. Mel asks Simon if he realized Daniel did an impression of him really well. Simon says thank goodness for him because he was losing the will to live and then Daniel comes out and everyone is going to love this act. Howie loved it, it’s a yes. Heidi gives him a second yes and Simon says obviously yes. Mel gives the fourth yes and we’ll see him in the next round.


Next we have a family with six dogs with them to perform. It’s the Pompeyo family and they are from Florida. They have 18 dogs all together and most of them come from shelters. They love their dogs like their kids. They want their own show in Vegas. Simon wishes them good luck. The crowd immediately cheers for them and the judges are smiling and seem to love it. The crowd and judges love it and they get an ovation.


Mel says the dogs are so excited. She says that made her smile it seemed like they were having a ball. Heidi says she’s never seen a dog do a handstand, it was amazing. Howie says the little girls is just stunning and everyone enjoyed themselves. Simon says this is the natural follow up to Keeping up with Kardashians. He could see this as a reality program. He wants to know if they could get all 18 dogs on next time and the mother says all 18?!? This stage would be crazy! Howie gives a yes. Mel gives a definite yes and Heidi says a definite yes from me as well. Simon gives the fourth yes!


Up next we have Dancing Pumpkin Man. He says dancing is his life and he wants to test himself against the best in the world. He takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon asks for his real name and he says his name is Jack and he’s married and has kids. Simon asks what the dream is and he says to bring the magic of dance to the world. Simon wishes him good luck. Dancing Pumpkin Man dances to Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell. Simon buzzes him pretty quickly. Mel says he’s actually quite good. The crowd is laughing and seem to be enjoying it. Howie is also laughing. Heidi is singing along and dancing in her chair. Mel loved it and she gives a standing ovation and the audience seemed to love it. Simon looks stunned.


Simon asks why Mel would stand up for that and she says that was incredible. She says her tummy hurts because she laughed so much. She wants to see more because it’s brilliant. Simon says it’s not. Heidi says she enjoyed it but to be honest she seen it once and she doesn’t need to see it again. Howie loved it and he loved the way he moved and he loved his repartee with “Simes”. Simon thought it was stupid so he’s obviously saying no. Howie says it was stupid, but he loves that stupid and it’s a yes. Mel says he made her laugh so hard, yes, yes, yes! It’s up to Heidi and the crowd is chanting Heidi. Heidi says it’s going to be a no, sorry. Mel is begging Heidi and she gets up and goes to the stage and says she isn’t leaving until someone changes their mind. The crowd cheers. Simon asks what the audience would say, yes or no. They cheer and Smon says he’s not going to change his mind because it was stupid, but he does have a 3-year old who will get it better than him so he will give Mel the third yes.


Our final act is Christian and he’s 16 from New York, and he’s a singer. His mother is a nurse and his father is a pizza man. His parents met when his mother was in Italy. His mother tells us when he was 6 they knew something was wrong and they were told he was going to completely blind, but he doesn’t give up and the only thing he ever wanted to do was music. They found an experimental therapy when he was 12 and it worked. His mother says it’s a miracle. His dream is to become a singer. He feels nervous.


Simon greets Christian and Christian says he’s nervous and Simon tells him not to be nervous. Simon asks when he first started singing and Christian says he’s been singing for as long as he can remember. Simon wishes him the best of luck. Christian sings Who’s Lovin’ You by The Jackson 5. The crowd is on their feet and cheering and Howie also stands for Christian. He gets a complete ovation and Christian thanks them and is emotional.


Simon says he needs 10 seconds because he’s speechless right now. Mel says what just happened? He was so nervous but then started singing and he was bright light. Heidi thinks he’s incredible and there’s no reason for him to be nervous. Heidi says he’s going to go very far in this competition. Simon asks if he was being funny when he said he was nervous and Christian says no. Simon says he was like a mouse that turned into a lion. Christian is one of Simon’s favorite people he’s met this season. Howie says he agrees with everything Simon said he asks if Christian could make one wish right this second what would it be? Christian says right this second? Probably the golden buzzer. Howie says well your wish just came true!

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Our first act of the night is a gospel choir named Greater Works. They are from all around the country, and people from various careers. They do a lot of rehearsing online and this moment means everything to them. This performance could be life changing.


Simon greets Greater Works and asks a few basic questions about their act and where they are from. Simon asks if they think they could win and the leader says he thinks they will. Simon says he loves choirs and wishes them luck. The choir starts with a soloist who really impresses the crowd and Howie. They are singing This Little Light of Mine. The crowd seems to enjoy it and is really behind them.


Greater works gets a standing ovation and Mel says that hit her in every single way. She says they gave her more purpose. Howie says the soloist’s voice was just insane and she is a star on her own, she’s amazing. Howie generally doesn’t like choirs, but they took this Jew to church. Heidi says in the 5 years she’s been there they are the best choir they have had. She loved their energy. Simon says they were fantastic, he likes them, and they have a little Aretha as a secret weapon. Simon asks her name and says if she ever leaves the choir to get ahold of him. Howie gives them a yes, Mel gives them a yes. Heidi gives them a yes, and Simon gives their fourth yes.


Next we have JJ who is a rock ‘n roll keyboard player. He just broke up with his girlfriend, which really sucked. He’s going to play a song that’s dedicated to the last heartbreak he went through. He thanks God he has his cat and his music. This is his rebirth moment, and when she sees him she’s going to be so jealous.


Simon asks his name and where he’s from and how old he is. Simon wants to hear a little about him and he says he’s a rock ‘n roll keyboardist. JJ says he’s a one-man band and he can put his spin on any song. Simon wishes him best of luck. He starts playing I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett and the audience is enjoying his keyboard playing. Heidi realizes he isn’t singing and she isn’t impressed. Heidi eventually buzzes him and the crowd boos her.


JJ gets a huge round of applause from the crowd. Simon asks Heidi about buzzing him and she says he was good but he didn’t sing and she got bored. Mel says he plays that keyboard really, really good. Howie says on one hand he thinks he’s an amazing musician, but on the other hand it’s so dated and so goofy. Simon says there’s something about him, but what will he do within the act. Howie says he put a smile on everyone’s face and he’ll say yes. Mel also says yes. Heidi says no. Simon says he likes him and he’s really cook, and he compares him to Wayne’s World and he also says yes.


Next we have a dance group called Light Balance Dance Group from the Ukraine. They talk about how people are losing their jobs and it’s difficult to get food for their table. Dance gave them hope for a better life in America and they can change the lives of their families and bring them to America.


They are an illuminated dance group and they dance to 24K by Bruno Mars and the crowd cheers for them as they come out and start. The song switches to 5 More Hours by Chris Brown featuring Deorro. As they finish they get a standing ovation and the crowd seems to have loved it.


Heidi loved it and says she’s seen lighted dance groups, but none as good as they were. Howie says he loved it and people tend to miss the synchronization of the lives, and they were great and they should be proud. Mel loved the whole thing and she says it was perfection. Simon thought the act was incredible, imaginative, it was great! Time to vote. Tyra comes out and says it was incredible and crazy good and she’s going down to hit the golden buzzer.


Next we have Anthony who is a 58 lawyer from Florida. Before he had law as his dream job, he always wanted to be a singer and have a number one pick. He’s the total package. His wife is his muse. He wants to be as large as he can in the short time he has in order to make it into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Simon greets him and begins to ask a few questions.


The name of Anthony’s song is called Young Enough and his wife is 25 years younger than he is. Simon asks if his wife is there and she comes out and he asks if Anthony is good and she says he is awesome. Howie, Mel, Heidi, and Simon all buzz immediately within about 10 seconds and the crowd is booing. Heidi says she thinks he holds the record for fastest to be buzzed. Simon asks if he has a second song and he starts singing and the crowd continues to boo.


Mel and Howie are trying to hit their buzzer again, but it’s still on from the first buzz. Simon says he doesn’t think they need to say too much. Howie says no, but he has a beautiful young lady. Mel and Heidi both say no. Simon says he likes him, and he’s very nice, it didn’t go to well, but thank you. He sings backstage with his wife and Tyra.


The next hopefuls are up and they are dancers. They are a dance group from South Korea and they dedicate themselves to their craft. Synchronization is a big part of their act. Making a career out of dancing in South Korea is unimaginable, but here in America they can change their lives. Howie greets them and asks what their name is and why they decided to come on AGT. The crowd is enjoying the performance and the judges seem impressed. They get a standing ovation from all four judges.


Howie says they are by far the best dance crew he’s seen this season. Mel says they’ve taken the choreography to a place she’s never seen before, they gave it everything and then some. Heidi says they weren’t lying, they have never seen anything like that before. It was in sync and it was so good. Simon says they made themselves standout and they had a great personality. Mel says yes, Heidi loves them and she says yes. Simon asks what yes is in Korean and they tell him. Howie gives them their fourth yes.


Next, we have Celine who is 9-years old and she loves to sing. Her father realized she could sing when they were in the car and he was surprised. They named her Celine because they love Celine Dion very much. She wants to grow up and be like Celine Dion because she’s beautiful and has great singing techniques. Mel greets her and asks her name. Her younger sister’s name is Dion.


Celine sings My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Everyone seems to enjoy her voice and the crowd cheers. Simon is listening intently to her performance. She gets an ovation from the crowd as she hits the big part in the song. As she finishes she gets a standing ovation and she thanks everyone.


Simon says he knows that’s not her singing and she says it’s her and he says there’s no one behind the screen? She says no. Simon says she is incredible. Heidi says she knocked it out of the park. Howie says he can’t get the smile off of his face, that was amazing. Mel was impressed with how confident she was and how she wasn’t nervous, and she controlled her notes. Simon gives a yes, Heidi gives her a yes, Howie says yes, and Mel also says yes.


Up next we have a couple of chefs with an act called Men with Pans. They’ve performed together for ten years. People have said after seeing their act, they never cook the same way again. Simon wishes them luck. Heidi thinks they are going to juggle. The chefs run off and come back out naked with the pans covering their private area and their chest. Simon buzzes them. They turn and have pans over their bottoms. Mel buzzes them. They wind up down to one pan and Howie is cracking up and is on his feet and Heidi seems to have enjoyed it as well. The crowd is laughing and cheering. They head off towards Tyra and she runs on stage because of their nudity.


Heidi says that was the funniest thing she’s seen all day and can’t believe Mel and Simon buzzed. Mel was not amused and it was weird. Simon says no, Heidi says yes, Howie says yes and their fate is in Mel B’s hands. Heidi says it was hilarious and Simon gives them a chance to say something to Mel and they say if they come back they have beautiful things to show them. Mel says she’ll give them another chance and says yes.


As we come back from commercial we have a strength, acrobatic act with guys standing on each other and balancing and doing flips off. They were called the Godfathers and Howie says they kept escalating and it kept getting more dangerous and Mel interrupts and says it was so exciting. They get all the judges to say yes and they advance.


Up next, we have a Robert De Niro look alike. Howie greets him and Howie says he’s very good with the impression. He does a Christopher Walken impression next, followed by John Travolta. The crowd is booing. He moves on to Jack Nicholson and puts on some sun glasses and the crowd is booing even louder. He then reads nursery rhymes and the crowd boos loudly and Simon buzzes him. Mel and Heidi then follow with boos. Howie says he didn’t want to buzz him, but it didn’t go that well. Simon says he’s funny, but the act is terrible. Simon says no, Heidi says no, Mel says no, and Howie says yes because it doesn’t matter.


We have a magician next named Tom and he’s 25. His dad has been his inspiration and if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be able to do what he’s about to do. He wants to try and do something he’s never done before. He asks everyone to hold up their phones. As they hold them up the phones begin flashing red, white, and blue. Tom asks Simon to choose three cell phones that are red and ask those people to join him on stage.


He asks three audience members questions about how many hit artists Simon has had on his label, how many millions of records did Mel B sell while with the Spice Girls, and what year did Heidi began modeling. The audience members say 52, 102, and 1987. Tyra has a calculator and follows Tom’s directions and they come up with the number 73, 928, 547.


Tom plays a video from a few hours earlier and he holds up a board with the number they came up with. Tom then says Simon had 47 artists and circles the last two numbers, Mel B actually had 85 million records and circles those two numbers, and Heidi started modeling in 92, but Howie married his high school sweetheart and has been married to her for 37 years and underlines the first two numbers. He gets a standing ovation.


Mel says she is speechless and she’s so amazed and he’s kind of hot. Heidi loved what he just did. Howie says he’s amazing and he loves the variety and he’s really good. Simon says Tom has taken something that is perceived as old-fashioned and made it current and it was one of the best things they’ve seen today. Howie gives a yes, Mel gives a yes, Heidi gives a yes, and Simon gives the fourth yes.


Next we have Bello Knock and he’s 47. He’s not an average clown, he’s a comic daredevil. He could ride a unicycle before he could ride a bicycle. His act is very unique and it’s something they’ve never seen before. Simon greets him and asks if he’s married. He’s hoping to change everyone’s perspective of a clown because he’s different.


Bello has a 37-foot high pole in front of the stage and he climbs it and as it gets to the top it sways back and forth. He sits on top of it and then does a hand stand. He then stands on it as it sways back and forth. Simon looks uncomfortable. He then hangs from it upside down by his feet. He takes his hands off the pole and slides down with just his legs. The crowd is on their feet cheering loudly.


Howie says sometimes he screamed like he was in trouble and his neck hurts and he was scared. Mel is on the fence because she found it a little bit cheesy, but it was dangerous. Heidi really enjoyed it because he made it fun, but it’s dangerous. Simon likes him, he’s a nice guy, but he finds the act as something he’d like if he were 2-years old. Howie says he’s crazy and dangerous and it’s a yes. Heidi gives him a yes. Simon says no. It’s up to Mel B. Bello asks if they would give him a chance if he doubles the height of the pole. He’s willing to do even more, like getting shot out of a cannon and over a helicopter. Simon changes his mind and gives him a yes and Mel also gives him a yes.


Coming back from commercial we have a young man playing the keyboard and singing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. The crowd cheers and Simon seems to be enjoying it. Heidi gives an ovation and the crowd liked it. Simon says he has an amazing voice and was curious why he chose that song and he says it’s for his dad who flew in from Australia. He moves through to the next round.


The final act of the evening is Evy Claire whose father is her biggest supporter. Simon asks why she came to AGT this year and she says it’s always been her dream and she starts to get emotional. She says her father was diagnosed with cancer and they gave him a 5% chance to live. He continued working and supporting their family and she’s here to sing for him.


Evy is going to sing Arms by Christina Perri. Simon gives her a moment to compose herself and Tyra brings her some water. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says there was so much meaning and he felt like America and everyone from AGT would like to give her a hug. Mel says she’s so special and her voice is so amazing. Heidi thinks she has a beautiful voice. She gets a yes from all four judges and she moves on.

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Up first we have Henry Richardson, and he’s going to be doing some magic. He’s 15 from New York and he started getting interested in magic by watching AGT. He gave up doing magic for awhile because it reminded him of his dad, but he decided to pursue and tonight he’s going to imagine his dad is encouraging him. He comes to stand in front of the judges table to do his act.


He is a success and has impressed the judges and the audience. Simon says a little Harry Potter and he thought it was brilliant. Heidi loved the presentation, his confidence, it was fantastic. Mel says he made it so slick, and he’s so young, it was just great. Howie thinks he is the shining example of their audience and then coming to perform. Time to vote. Simon says yes. Heidi gives him a second yes. Mel says it’s a definite yes. Howie says he made four yesses appear.


Up next is a married couple who attempted to do an act together, but it didn’t work out. They are here to perform individually. Up first is Maksim and he is greeted by Simon. He stacks chairs on a table at odd angles and climbs up on them. He then does a handstand at the top and the crowd applauds and gives a standing ovation. He also gets an ovation from Mel and Heidi.


Mel says he is a true entertainer and he is absolutely brilliant. Heidi says she loved it he was great at showmanship. Howie says he was brilliant. Simon says he’s going to be followed by someone who may be better, his wife. Howie votes yes. Mel says yes. Heidi says it’s a yes from her. Simon gives the final yes.


His wife, Maria is up next. She has a curvy contraption that she climbs on and does a handstand and then slides down the curves. She then climbs back up and does a handstand while contorting her body. She then has a mouth grip that she uses to balance with no hands. She also gets an ovation.


Mel says she is speechless. Heidi says her husband is a very lucky man, but she might be a tiny bit better. Howie says she was good and he can’t believe they couldn’t work together. Simon is interested to see where it’s going to go. Howie votes yes. Mel votes yes. Heidi votes yes. Simon gives the fourth yes and she is through.


Up next we have a trio called The Masqueraders, a group of elderly gentleman who are going to sing. They met in 1959 and they could just never catch a break. They are still dreaming though and AGT could be the step they need to get back where they wanted to go. All the time they’ve been together, this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. They sing A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. The crowd seems to be enjoying, as do the judges. They get an ovation as they finish from the audience.


Heidi says never stop dreaming, she loved them and they did a fantastic job. Mel says they are what she calls the three feel good brothers, she loved it. Howie loved them and he thinks they are the new boys to old men. Simon says he absolutely loved them and he doesn’t understand why they put age limits on talent shows. Howie says yes. Mel asks if they are all single, and two are married. Mel says yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon says they got four yesses.


Up next is Dionte Diggs and he is a law enforcement officer, but the other side of him is a performer. Simon greets him and asks how long he has been a deputy and he answers eight years. He dances to Confident by Demi Lovato. The crowd seems to be enjoying it. The judges laugh and Mel B and Simon buzz him. He continues and Howie and Heidi both also buzz him.


Mel says she thinks he’s a nice guy but his dancing wasn’t up to standard. Simon says Mel could choreograph him. Howie says no. Heidi says she likes him but it’s a no. Mel says for AGT, it’s a no. Simon says Mel isn’t giving him enough credit. Mel throws her drink on Simon, then Heidi offers her drink and Mel throws that too. Simon says no also.


Next we have dancing Dave who is booed by the crowd. Simon, Howie, and Heidi all hit their buzzers and then Simon goes and hits Mel’s buzzer. We then have Harmony and she is a dancer and Mel buzzes her. Mel says she didn’t get it and Simon says she’s jealous. When Mel talks Simon makes cat noises to aggravate her.


Next is Sarah and her dog, Hero. She was shy as a child but she always loved animals. She says performing in front of America is a dream come true. Simon greets her and he asks for their names. She is “sword fighting” with her dog and he is doing some tricks, such as walking on hind legs and jumping through her arms as she holds the sword. The crowd really enjoyed it and Simon gave her an ovation.


Simon says that was fantastic. Howie says it reminded him of medieval times and he didn’t see one unique trick. Heidi would like to see more because she liked the flips. Mel agrees with Howie and if she goes through to the next round she needs to focus on the performance. Simon says he’s never seen anyone have a sword fight with their dog before. Simon loved it.


Howie doesn’t understand and he votes no and gets booed by the audience. Mel says sorry, but no and she also gets booed. Sarah gets emotional and Simon goes up to the stage and asks Mel or Howie to please change their minds. The crowd is chanting Howie and he changes to a yes because he knows people like dogs. Heidi she wanted to see Sarah again in any case and Simon says she got a yes from Howie and Heidi and a no from Mel, boo, but she has a yes from Simon.


Up next is Johnny from Michigan. When he was 14 he recorded a cover of a Run DMC song and he ended up on tour with Lil Bow Wow, but all of the sudden he was just dropped. He’s been building back towards his dreams for years and this is where he is at AGT. Simon greets him and asks a few questions and then wishes him luck. Johnny sings I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. The crowd is skeptical at first, but when he begins to sing they are impressed. He gets a huge round of applause at the chorus and the judges seem impressed. Howie says wow as Johnny finishes the song. He gets an ovation from the crowd and Howie, Mel, and Heidi.


Mel says he is so powerful and she thanks him for showing that. Howie says he was not expecting that and that was a jaw dropping moment on AGT. Heidi says that’s not what it sounds like when she sings that song in the shower, he’s incredible. Simon says he was surprised Johnny is a little diva, but he’s someone who can nail and sell a song. Howie says yes. Mel says she loved it, yes. Heidi says of course it’s a yes from her. Simon says he’s going through with his fourth yes.


Next is The Amazing Hoover. He hopes to bring joy and happiness to people who inspired him when he was a kid, like Howie. He begins by blowing into a turkey baster and gets buzzed by Simon. He then begins making sounds on his arm and gets booed and Heidi also buzzes. He then taps on pots and pans and Howie buzzes. Finally, Mel buzzes. Simon says that was the most annoying act on the show this year.


Up next is a trio, Babham, Emilio, and Ejve. They say they are acrobats and they take the stage. Howie greets them and asks what they do and they say acrobats like they’ve never seen before. They begin their act. One has a “torch” and a megaphone while the other two have ribbons used in gymnastics. They have a “tv” on a screen and they lay on the floor and “run” and “balance on a stick” held by the other two. Simon buzzes the act. Howie and Mel seem to love it and they are laughing. The audience is laughing and seems to enjoy it. The audience loved it and Heidi and Mel give an ovation.


Simon asks if that was a joke and the crowd boos. Simon says that was the worst act they’ve had on this year. Mel boos and says Simon doesn’t get it. Mel says they kept everyone entertained and says they are great. Heidi loved it so much, she says it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. Howie asks if they know who the three stooges are and he says they are the new three stooges. Simon votes no. Heidi gives the first yes. Mel says yes, yes, yes. Howie says like the stooges they need three yesses to move on and he’s giving it to them.


The next act is Final Draft from Atlanta, Georgia. They are a quartet who have been together for six years. They sing It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown. The crowd seems to enjoy the performance. They get an ovation from the crowd and Howie.


Mel says what they’ve got you can’t teach someone. She thinks they have something really, really special. Heidi loved everything about it and they all have great voices. Howie says he feels like this group wants to be here because this is their life and they are really talented and their life will never be the same after tonight. Simon says he thinks it was a great, great audition. Simon says he saw real passion, ambition, and they have absolute talent. He thinks there is a real shot with them. Howie gives them their first yes. Mel says yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon says he’s got a good feeling, this is four yesses.


Next we hear some phones ringing and people checking their phones. We meet three gentlemen, Eduardo, Reuben, and Giome who are representing Oskar and Gaspar and they are twin brothers and the minds behind the performance. They don’t like to be seen in public. The twins sent them because they have something huge they want the world to see. They are going to try and turn a human body into something magical and they want Heidi to join them.


They take Heidi away and when they come back Heidi is in an all-white jump suit with white gloves. She stands in the middle of the stage and the lights go dim and you can see the outline of Hedi and her jumpsuit becomes colored and it changes to different colors or “outfits”. The faces also morph over Heidi’s to the other judges and Tyra. Then we have animals too, a lizard and then space and earth elements. There are also some robotic images and then a superhero like costume with AGT on it. They get a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges.


Mel thought it was incredible. Howie says it was so creative and so phenomenal he could have watched it for much longer. Simon says it was sensational. He says it’s the most original, most beautiful think he’s seen on the show to date. Heidi doesn’t know what went on so she needs help from the audience and they cheer loudly. Howie gives a yes. Simon says obviously it’s a yes. Mel gives the third yes. Heidi asks the audience if they are saying yes, and they are.


We see a montage of a couple of magicians who go through. Then we meet Vinnie who is also a magician. He’s 41 from New York. Simon greets him and wishes him best of luck. He calls Howie up to the stage with him to help him out. He has Howie pull a card out and not look at it and he puts it in his pocket. He gives Howie a flashlight and has him look in his ears for a listening device. Nothing there.


Vinnie then says he could be wearing a wire but he’s not and he takes his suit off and he strips down while standing behind a screen. Tyra comes out to stand behind and look and says motions he’s really wearing nothing. Howie says he’s not wearing a wire and he can’t unsee that. Vinnie then tapes his eyes shut and he’s going to stick his tongue out and he wants Howie to tap the card on his tongue. He licks the card and he says he can tell the card is not just red, but it’s also a heart. It’s the three of hearts and Howie shows the card and he is correct.


Heidi wants to know why he didn’t pick her or Mel. Howie says he’s seen too much tonight. Mel says he’s never seen that combo for a magic trick and he guessed the card. Heidi says he was charming and funny and he did a fantastic job. Simon says he can’t help thinking where does this go? Howie thinks he performed an amazing trick and he votes yes. Mel enjoyed it and votes yes. Heidi says he’s very entertaining and gives a yes. Simon says he was going to say he wanted to see more of him, but he takes that back. But he will give the fourth yes and he moves on.


The final act of the night is Carlos from Florida. He drives a car, but he wants to be a professional singer. He sings for his passengers all the time. He comes out on stage and he looks very excited. Heidi greats him and she asks what he does for a living. She wishes him good luck. He sings Nessun Dorma from Puccini’s Turandot. The crowd loves it and he gets an ovation from the crowd and all four judges. He gets emotional and everyone seems to love it.


Heidi says he’s so good. Howie says that was amazing because his character, he is so giving. Mel says he sings with such passion that comes right from the depth, it was brilliant. Simon says he doesn’t know a lot about classical music, but he loves doing this show because the only people that matter are the audience. Simon says he is one of the most likeable contestants they’ve ever had on the show. Simon would love to vote first so he can be the first person to say yes. Howie says everyone is America I love you and it’s a yes. Mel gives him his third yes. Heidi gives the fourth yes and he moves on.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tonight is the final night of America’s Got Talent auditions for 2017. Is there something you’d like to see tonight that you haven’t seen yet? Let us know!


Up first is Five Alive and they are a boy band from Miami. They sing a medley of two songs, Poison by Bel Biv Devoe and Pony by Ginuwine. Mel B says they sound like the Backstreet Boys. The crowd immediately starts cheering. Mel B loves it. Mel says she is so excited and she says they haven’t had a boy band like this in a very, very long time. Howie doesn’t think it’s a phenomenal act and he doesn’t think it’s worth a million dollars, but he sees the humor. Heidi says it didn’t totally blow her mind, but she loves their confidence and everyone had their own personality and swagger. Simon says it was fun but for him it was like a joke. He says it was horrible, old-fashioned, and terrible. He likes them because they are so bad. Mel B says she’d go to their concert all day long and Simon says he wouldn’t. Howie gives them a yes, Heidi gives them a yes, and Simon says for all the right reasons, it’s a no. Mel B says she has the power to put them through and yes, yes, yes she will do that.


We come back to a montage of dancers that do not impress. Heidi asks for someone good now, please. We have a group of dancers from Argentina and they dance tango, but they also dance a fusion. The crowd seems to be enjoying it and some of the tricks the performers are doing. The audience and all four judges are on their feet.


Mel says they looked like whippersnappers. Howie says they are amazing and proficient. Heidi loved the surprises and it was so much fun to watch. Simon says it felt very contemporary, he could see it as a show, it was incredible. Mel B says she wants to see more and more. Howie gives them a yes, Mel B follows with a yes. Heidi gives a third yes, and Simon gives the fourth.


Next, we have Angelina Green and she just turned 13. Heidi says she can see where she got her smile from because she can see her mom on the side and she’s gorgeous. Angelina says she’s singing since forever, but she started taking it seriously when her parents divorced. She sings I’ll Stand by You by The Pretenders. The crowd cheers and gives an ovation as she finishes. Howie, Heidi, and Simon all give standing ovations too.


Howie tells Angelina he can see how she feels pain and uses music emotionally and he thinks she just moved people. Mel B says she can feel this is very overwhelming for her but she did an amazing job and considering the nerves, she was good. Simon says she has a great voice and this is one of his favorite auditions of the day. She made his goosebumps have goosebumps. He’s genuinely excited because he thinks she’s a really talented person. Heidi really loves what she just did and it feels like there is an old soul inside that body. She loved it so much she’s going to hit the golden buzzer.


The next act is four people dressed as The Village People. They are called the Quiddlers from Nevada. Simon asks them why they look guilty right now and one answers they may have something up their sleeve. They are a comedy dance act of sorts. They turn into “midgets” and dance to YMCA by The Village People.


Mel B says The Quiddlers were hilarious and it’s a definite yes from her. Heidi says it was a surprise and unique and she gives a yes. Simon says it was one of the weirdest things he’s ever seen and he gives a yes also. They move on to the next round.


Next we have a woman named Veronica who uses her feet and legs as puppets and the judges says they’ve never seen anything like that before. Howie says she has a “leg up” on the competition. She goes through.


Then we have another dance group of about 20 young men who are in school. Simon says they are going to have the best day at school after the show airs. They go through as well.


Up next we have a woman named Eileen in a body suit who dances on a pole to Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Howie says he felt like that performance was directed at Simon. She gets put through. Mel B asks Howie if he’s ever tried to do any of those moves on a pole, and he says he’s never had an opportunity. He goes up to dance on the pole and Mel B says he wasn’t very graceful.


Next we have a comedian named Harrison. He says he’s officially the nerdiest nerd and he went Harvard and his family was proud and they thought he would be a lawyer. He graduated from college top of his classes and then he had to break the news to his parents. He wants to do well to prove to his parents he made the right decision. Mel B greets him and asks him how long he’s been doing it. He says 12 years. Simon asks what’s the tipping point to take him to the next level, and Harrison says hopefully this. Mel B gives him the stage.


The crowd seems to enjoy Harrison and the judges seem to enjoy it too. Mel B says she doesn’t want him to stop. He gets an ovation from the crowd and three of the judges. Simon says he’s really funny and naughty and he was so confident and people will really like him. Well done. Heidi says she really like it, he made her laugh and she could tell he had years of experience. Howie says this set just “tipped him” as his tipping point. Mel B says he is incredibly funny and he’s really likable and that will take him a long way. He was great. Simon says it’s an easy yes. Heidi gives his second yes. Howie gives him the moving on yes and Mel gives the fourth yes.


Next, there is a young boy doing a balance act that impresses the judges. We have a couple of more acts that are also balancing acts and they go through. We then have a woman danced in a “spacesuit” who is dancing in air. She’s a wind tunnel and she’s has the audience and judges on their feet by time she’s finished. Howie says the ability to do that in time with music and make it routine was amazing. Mel B says she’s a human female casper the ghost. Heidi says it was so exciting. She gets four yesses and moves on.


Next, we have Jonathon from Argentina and his act has never been done before and no one has ever seen it. He’s there with his wife Caroline. His mother-in-law doesn’t know they are married and they don’t think he is good enough for her daughter. He has a round pipe that he stacks a board on and then four skate boards on top of that and he balances on it and then takes off his black and white suit and he has a white suit on. He then takes some cans and stacks them then the pipe on its side and two more cans and then another pipe on its side, then two more cans and a board on top that he climbs up on. Mel B says there is no way. He balances up there and the crowd loves it and the judges seem frightened but impressed.


Simon says it was the best roller bowler he’s ever seen and there’s something edgy about him that made him nervous. Heidi says she was worried for him a little bit, but he didn’t seem confident. Mel B was so nervous and she got even more nervous and it was whole roller coaster ride. Howie asks what it means to him and he says everything. Simon thought it was brilliant and he got a yes. Heidi gives him a yes. Mel B has to give him a yes because it was very good. Howie gave him the fourth yes on behalf of his in-laws.


Up next is Mike from New York and he’s a subway singer. He says when he sings in the subway sometimes people don’t have money and they give him a hug, and sometimes that’s better because he made someone’s day. Simon greets him and asks what he does for a living. Howie says for 37 years? Mike says that’s a good thing. Simon asks what was the low point and he says on Monday or a Tuesday and you don’t make that much, but people get paid on Thursday or Friday and people make up for it. Simon wishes him good luck. Mike sings Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. He has a lone guitarist on stage with him and the crowd really seems to enjoy the performance. Howie looks surprised by his voice. He gets a huge round of applause and a standing ovation by the audience and Heidi, Simon, and Howie.


Heidi says she liked Mike even thought at times it sounded rough around the edges but she didn’t mind it because she felt every word he sang meant something. Howie says whatever Heidi is referring to as the roughness is what he loved, what enveloped him. If this show can give him the next level of fame, the train has left the building. Mel B says he does have a great, incredible voice but there is a difference between someone singing on the subway and someone singing on the stage. The crowd boos Mel B. Simon says he was listening to something Mel B was listening to during the break that was auto-tuned junk, but this is the real deal. No machines, this is 40 years of going out there and makes him remember what great singers can be. He wouldn’t change a thing. Simon gives him his first yes. Howie says oh, yes. Mel B gets what everyone else is saying but he doesn’t think he’s quite there and says no. She is booed. The crowd starts chanting Heidi. Heidi is on the fence and she agrees a little with Mel B and the crowd chants louder. Heidi would like to see him again and she gives him a yes.


Next we have a dancer with a technology act on a projection screen. The crowd seems to enjoy it and Mel B and the audience are on their feet. Simon thought there were two people and it was just him on the projection screen and he gives a yes. Heidi says he fooled Simon! He moves on to the next round.


Next we have Oscar, who is 8, and Daniel a father and son act. They have been doing this for three years. Howie wishes them luck. They are a dance/contortion/strength act performing to Sax by Fleur East. The crowd seems to enjoy it and they are cheering. The judges seem to be having fun and they all give a standing ovation.


Mel B says it was brilliant. He loved how much they were enjoying it and how flexible he was. Heidi says he was in absolute awe and she loved his winks and facial expressions. Simon says he wasn’t expecting that. He was so shy and then he became a little star. Howie asks how they say amazing and he says ok. He then says how do you says wow! Howie says yes. Mel B says oh, yes, yes, yes. Heidi says yes! Simon says 4 yesses!


Next we have twins, Trent and Colton and their act is called Mirror Image and they are 16. Simon greets them and asks why they decided to audition. They say they’ve been singing since they were in the womb. Simon says they have 90 second to make a massive difference. Simon wishes them the best of luck. Heidi says she hopes they are good because she loves them already. They sing Who’s Lovin’ You by The Jackson 5, then they start dancing to Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas. The crowd loves it and Heidi is screaming. They get a standing ovation from the audience and Howie, Heidi, and Mel B.


Mel B says what just happened?!? They are definitely memorable. She asks if they are both single and one has a girlfriend he’s been dating for four years, and the other is a single pringle. Heidi loved them and she wants to adopt them and take them home with her. She got ten more wrinkles from laughing so much. Howie loved them. Simon says he’s struggling because he doesn’t know what they are. Simon thinks they are funny, he likes them but he didn’t think the singing was great and the dancing was terrible. Howie says yes. Mel B says she’s definitely giving them a yes. Simon says as much as he likes them he’s going to have to say no. Heidi says she predicts they will show him wrong and she gives them a yes.


Next we have a martial arts act with two gentlemen. One says it’s very dangerous and not to try it at home. The name of the act is Blind-folded Veggie Cutting. One guys has is holding cucumbers and has them taped to his body. The other guy is blindfolded and cutting the veggies. He then cuts various fruits and veggies as the one guy is laying down and cutting it on his stomach and then does one on his head, and then one on his throat. Heidi, Mel B, and Howie hit their buzzers. Simon is shocked they got three buzzers. The one guy is bleeding. Mel B says it was so bizarre. Heidi didn’t like it all. Simon says he saw something they didn’t see and he’s never seen anything like it. It was amazing. Howie says no, Mel B says no, and Heidi says it’s a no. Simon apologizes he doesn’t have a golden buzzer. It’s a yes from him but they don’t move on.


Up next is Tony, a stand-up comic and he gets buzzed by everyone except Simon. He says he’s annoyingly funny. Next we have a woman in a black cat suit and she believes she was a cat in a past life. She’s singing Toxic by Britney Spears and she gets buzzed by everyone buy Simon again. Simon says he would have said yes and Mel B says he just has a soft spot for cats. Next we have a woman with a lasso and she’s telling people to have a breath mint and she’s throwing breath mints at everyone. She gets buzzed by everyone but Simon, again. Mel B throws breath mints back. They all says no except Simon.


Finally, we see a notice:  On June 11th one of our contestants, Brandon Rogers, tragically passed away in a car accident. At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you.


Brandon is a doctor from Virginia. When he was 6, he came home from school and found his mom in a pool of blood and that made him want to be a doctor. His way of coping with stress has been music. If he could find a way to combine being a doctor and music, that would be a dream come true. Simon greets him and he asks about his job and what kind of doctor he is and he says he’s a family doctor. Simon wishes him good luck. Brandon sings Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder and the crowd seems to love it. He gets a standing ovation from the audience.


Heidi says the doctor is handsome and the doctor can sing. He really enjoyed that and there’s something so special about his voice. Mel B says he’s good looking, he can sing, and the fact that he helps people? She thinks he’s great. Howie says he has real control and passion, he can be a star. He thinks going to school was a waste of time, but it’s good to have something to fall back on. Simon says his voice was stunning. He’s one of the best singers they’ve had in the competition so far. Howie says yes. Mel B says yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says he has four yesses.


America’s Got Talent posts at the end Brandon Rogers, October 30, 1987-June 11, 2017  Thank you for sharing your talent.

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Tonight, 20 acts will compete for 7 spots in the live shows. We have a special guest job Chris Hardwick. Chris gets a golden buzzer to put any act he wants straight through to the live shows.


Sarah Carson and her dog Hero are next and she said she was devastated when she realized she wasn’t going through, but Simon fought for her and a lot of people don’t believe in her. She wants to prove to her family she can be successful at this. Simon asks her what we’re going to do to make it better this time and she says she added more props, a story line, and tricks.


The crowd so far seems to be enjoying the act and Heidi is laughing. Simon is also enjoying the show. The story line is Hero a burglar and he stole a dog bone. Howie says he didn’t love the last act, he loved tonight. Mel B says that was a brilliant, perfect audition. Chris says the dog is a cat burglar, and he loves the connection they have. Heidi thinks they stepped it up from the last time to today. Simon says to Hero if he gets through to the next round there are things they can do better and he will be fighting for him later. Hero goes to give Simon some love and runs away from Chris Hardwick.


We see the Baker family who perform bluegrass and they sing Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. Chris said he loved it, it made him feel like home. Next, we see Mariachi Nuevo Santader who are sing Larger Than Life by Backstreet Boys. Mel B says the audition couldn’t have gone any better for them.


We have Sam who is 73, Chase is 72, and Harold is 74 and they are the Masqueraders. Things weren’t happening for them and they had to get a job to take care of their families. They are older guys but they still love singing. They worked all their lives to get here for this performance and it might be their last big opportunity. Simon asks them about where they are now and what it would mean to move on. They say they never stopped dreaming.


The Masqueraders sing Bring It On Home to Me by Sam Cooke. Simon says wow and the crowd seems to be enjoying themselves. They get a standing ovation from all 5 judges and the audience. Howie says there are only 7 spots and it’s a hard fought battle for everyone, but he believes they are like a fine wine and he wants another glass. Heidi says she loves that about AGT, that anyone can come young or older, and it’s their moment right now. Chris says they are a testament to anyone if you follow your dream you can get to where you want. Simon says it’s like a movie, the fact they did this all those years ago and they come on the show and they have confidence. Simon thinks America is going to fall in love with them.


Next we have a comedian, Eric Jennifer, who Simon absolutely doesn’t like. He keeps saying Make Some Noise! The audience is booing them and Simon and Heidi both buzz him. Simon finds the thing is uncomfortable. Howie says either you love it or hate it and he loves it. Chris agrees with Howie and he’s making some noise for him.


Next is Harrison Greenbaum, also a comedian. Mel B says she didn’t want it to end. Chris says what he did is not easy and he loved his set. Heidi enjoyed it but she wasn’t like that was the best thing she ever saw. Howie says comedy is subjective but he’s going to fight for him because he thought what he did was brilliant.


Next is Dancing Pumpkin Man who is 42 years old. He had a brush with fame in 2006 when his dancing video went viral. This time around he wants to pop everyone in the mouth with the wow factor. Chris says he knows who this guy is and he’s an internet meme legend. Simon asks what he’s going to do different from the first time and he responds he added a cape.


Dancing Pumpkin Man dances to What is Love? by Haddaway. He takes off his black jumpsuit and has on a purple sparkly jumpsuit. Heidi buzzes him. Chris says do you just want to announce the season winner now? Heidi says her X tells what she thought about the performance. Chris says he gave a standing ovation because he knows who he is from the original viral video. Simon asked him what his dream was and he answered to bring happiness and love to everyone. Chris loves him.


Next, we have Tom London who combines technology and magic. He asks Chris to write down one landmark from around the world and show it to the other judges, but not him. Tom gave Chris a boarding pass to go to Washington DC to see the Lincoln Memorial. He asks the other judges their landmarks and Simon says Big Ben, Heidi says the Statue of Liberty, Mel B says the Trevi Fountain, and Howie said Cairo and the Pyramids.


The crowd really enjoyed Tom London. Chris says they are processing what he did, that was incredible. Simon says what he does magic wise is amazing, but he has to learn how to become a great performer.


Next is Eric Jones and he tells us his father his best friend. He says when he told his father what he wanted to do his father asked him if that’s what made him happy and encouraged him to do it. He says tonight’s performance will literally make him or break him. He wants him to do this more than anything. Simon asks what he’s done to prepare and Eric says he took all their comments into consideration and he hopes they like what they see, especially Simon who gave him a no in the auditions.


Eric comes down and has Chris sign the face of a card and he does a quick trick with it. He does a special trick for Simon with a hammer and Chris’s card and he has Simon move down to the other side of the table. He says when the card vanishes people asks where could it be and he hits Simon’s buzzer and Chris’s card is in the buzzer. Simon says that was brilliant. Howie says people backstage are so happy because he broke Simon’s buzzer. Chris says that was some black magic. Simon says there are 7 places left to go forward and he picked a day where there are lots of good acts and he gave himself a shot.


Next is Angelica Hale and she’s 9 years old. She’s going to sing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. The crowd is cheering for her. She gets a standing ovation and the crowd seemed to love it. The crowd is cheering golden buzzer. Howie says he will never forget her. Mel B says she is a beautiful ray of light. Chris says he is blown away and she looks like an adorable child and he doesn’t understand how those pipes fit in that tiny body. He hits his golden buzzer and she’s straight through to the next round.


Next is Danylo and Oskar, the child who is flexible who is performing with his father. Chris says he wishes he had that kind of fun with his dad when he was a kid. Mel B says it was a whole new act with different tricks. Next we have two girls who are doing an aerial act. Simon says it’s traumatic today because they are up in the air with no net. Heidi says they are little daredevils.


Next is Yosein Chi who is a danger act. He says tonight he is bringing on something much more dangerous because he wants to win over all the judges. He used to it but retired from it 10 years ago but he brought it back to make it to the live shows. He balances his head on three tiers of glass with a crystal bottle on top. He unveils another platform with knives around a balance beam and he places blocks up that he’s going to balance on with the knives on the ground around him and he pushes the blocks out and lands on the beam.


Heidi says she literally held her breath the entire time, and Yosein says me to. Chris says the audience seen him push those blocks out and they didn’t realize it was part of the act and he thanks him for not dying on the show. Simon said he did win him over with that act. Heidi says it will be tough to choose who will go through.


Next is Darcy Callus and he sings Somebody to Love by Queen while playing a keyboard. The crowd is cheering in the background. He gets an ovation from the audience and four of the five judges. Chris says he’s a sensitive piano guy and that was really well done. Mel B says he gave them sexiness and range.


Next is the opera singing cab driver, Carlos De Antonis. He seen America’s Got Talent while he was in the hospital with two broken legs and he knew one day he would be there. Chris greets him and wishes him luck. He sings O Sole Mio by Mario Lanza, also done by Luciano Pavarotti. Heidi thinks he’s lovable but she wonders if it’s good enough for the live shows. Simon doesn’t think he’s the best singer, but he’s likable and more enjoyable. Howie says the moment he walks out to the moment he starts talking everyone has a smile on their face.


The next act is Canion Shijirbat, who uses the projection screen for his act. Heidi buzzes, and Simon follows with his buzzer. Simon says he’s seen this act done a lot of times and he’s seen it done better and it was a let down, but he likes him.


Next is a dance group from South Korea named Just Jerk. The had to look at how they top their audition performance and they’ve been practicing every chance they got. They prepared something more dynamic. They want to prove even if you’re from the other side of the world, you can still achieve the American Dream. Mel B wishes them luck.


The crowd really seems to enjoy Just Jerk and the judges are wowed. They get an ovation for the audience and all five judges. Mel B says she’s never seen that kind of precision on the show before. Simon is impressed the amount of work they put into it. It’s like a machine and it’s brilliant. Howie thinks there are only 6 spots left and they just made this really, really, really tough.


Simon tells Chris that he went through a phase in the auditions where he’s only attractive to 80-year olds and Chris says that’s fantastic. We have Maw Kitty who is singing My Heart Belongs to Daddy by Marilyn Monroe. Mel B says she liked her the first time, but not this time. Simon starts making cat noises into the microphone and Mel B chases him with her drink. Simon says when she was coming towards him he got scared. Simon thought he was amazing as usual.


Next is The Singing Trump and he’s going to win AGT. He says his first audition was spot on and he did it better than Bruno Mars. He says he can sing like anyone and he does a Michael Jackson impersonation. He says they are going to be blown away like his hair on a windy day. He comes out and says he’s going to make AGT great again! Simon asks if he’s going to improve upon the first time and he says yes. He dedicates the next song to the one and only love of his life, him. He sings I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys. The crowd is laughing. He then changes to Everybody and the crowd is on their feet dancing.


The Singing Trump gets a standing ovation. Simon says he loves this show. Chris says this was something he didn’t know he needed in his life. Heidi doesn’t think he has the best voice in the world, but she loves his dancing. Mel B says she is eating her words from the audition because he entertained them with the two best Backstreet songs of all time. Chris says this could be a tour.


Finally, we have the escape artist Demian Aditya. His wife is scared but she supports her husband. He’s going to be buried alive. He says 10% of him is saying don’t do this. His wife is crying and she’s really scared right now. They are outside to watch this act. He has a ten foot hole and he’s going to be tied to a chain, padlocked, and handcuffed and he’s going to buried and they are going to drop the sand. Simon asks if he’s sure he wants to do this. We see a warning that says dangerous stunt, do not attempt.


There’s a timer on the screen of 1:30. The judges are concerned and the tv they are watching, the camera goes out. His wife starts screaming to get him out and the judges start calling for the same and one of the guys who’s putting dirt in the hole turns out to be Demian. Simon says he genuinely thought he was dead and he didn’t know whether to kill him or the producers because he was going to have a heart attack. Howie says 6 spots, they are going to deliberate.


The judges are now deliberating. Chris says it was an honor to be there. Howie says he’s a great host, comedian, and now he’s a great job. The first acts called up are Mariachi Nuevo Santader and Heidi is sorry, they didn’t make it through.


Next is Darcy Callum, The Masqueraders, and Carlos de Antonis. Simon gives them the news and says they sounded good but only one can go through to the next stage. Mel B says this is the worst and Simon says it really is a tough one. The act going through is The Masqueraders.


Next is Danylo and Oskar, Sarah and her dog Hero, Yosein Chi, and the aerial little girl act. Simon explains they can only put 7 acts through and the act going through is Sarah and Hero. She congratulates her.


Next is The Baker family, Harrison Greenbaum, Eric Jennifer, and Canion Shijirbat. Heidi addresses them and she says they felt that none of them stepped it from their previous audition and none of them make it through to the live shows.


Next is The Singing Trump, Maw Kitty, and Dancing Pumpkin Man. Howie says the one act moving on to the live shows is…The Singing Trump.


Next is Demian Aditya and Just Jerk. Simon is thrilled to tell them both of them will be joining them for the live shows.


Last are the two magicians, Tom London and Eric Jones. Mel B gives them the news and the act moving on is…Eric Jones.

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Tonight, we have another 20 acts with only 7 making it through. We have DJ Khaled as our special guest job who will also have a golden buzzer available.


First up is Sammulous and he tells us about his struggles of his music career. He says he didn’t expect the reaction he got during the audition process. He’s not going down without a fight, he really wants to make the live shows. He sings You Make Me Feel Mighty Real by Sylvester and he gets a standing ovation. Howie says he’s kind of interesting because he’s a throwback to the 70s. DJ says he’s from Miami so he can’t do no wrong and he did an incredible job. Mel B says he’s brilliant, she’s going to remember him. Simon says this is better than his first audition, but it’s not the best he’s ever seen. Simon says he’s torn on him and Heidi says she’s not torn and she thinks he has to be in the live shows.


Next is Steven Scott and he’s a stand-up comedian. He’s been doing it for 22 years and it’s time. Tonight, is the doorway that could lead him to his dream come true. The judges really seemed to enjoy him. DJ Khaled says the sound effects made him laugh. Mel B says when they deliberate she’s going to be his champion.


Next is The Quiddlers and for this round they are “upping” their game. They are going to transform to some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The come out as the AGT judges and dance to Wannabe by the Spice Girls. The judges are laughing. DJ Khaled says this is funny, this is amazing, this is entertainment. Simon says it was so wacky the first time and if they could up it, but they did. Howie reminds them only seven can go through. Mel B says they are geniuses. Howie says what more could they possibly do next and Heidi says she wouldn’t mind if they did them again.


We’re back with Str8jcket and Mel B liked how intricate everything was. They are followed by Solto & T Dot and Heidi really likes them. Simon the middle rounds are where you improve from where you were and they stepped up and they were way better than they seen the first time.


Then we have a salsa act Junior and Emily and we hear a little more of their backstory about their father who raised them alone because their parents divorced. Junior says he was getting in trouble and getting arrested and his father says as a parent he needed to redirect Junior, so he put them in salsa class. Junior says it’s their opportunity to give back to their father. They want to up their game and take some risks.


The crowd is cheering for them and they like the routine. When they finish Simon says is that it? Mel B says they were so amazing last time. DJ says it did feel short, but it was great. Simon thinks the routine wasn’t as good as the auditions. Howie says he disagrees, even if it was one spin, who could do that for 90 seconds. Heidi thinks they were really good last time, but it’s going to be tough today. She wishes them good luck. Simon says he thought that was the beginning and the routine was going to start, but that was it.


Our next act is Joku, the chicken. Joku’s owners are talking about how famous Joku became after the audition aired. Tyra asks how they are going to top their audition and they say she’ll have to wait and see. DJ Khaled says he’s never seen a chicken play anything. He needs to see this. He’s excited. We have Joku’s sister and they are going to play a piano duel and show them chickens can rock. The chickens are starting slow again and Howie and Mel B buzz them. Simon follows with a buzzer. DJ Khaled also buzzed and Heidi also buzzed them and said they are breaking her heart right now. Heidi says she has been talking to everyone about the chicken and here they are it didn’t work today. Simon says he feels bad because he’s never buzzed a chicken in his life and he just wanted it to end. DJ Khaled says he’s confused and God bless.


The singers are up and first is Dakota Striplin and he sings I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis Presley. Mel B liked it a lot. Heidi thinks he was miles better than last time, but she doesn’t know yet if they’ll remember his performance more than the others.


Dakota is followed by Chase Goehring who is singing another original song called Acapella. DJ Khaled seems to be enjoying Chase’s performance. He gets a standing ovation from three of the judges, one of them DJ Khaled and the audience. Mel B says he has a good voice, he plays the guitar well, and she felt like she was at a private concert. Heidi thought he was fantastic. Simon said he is reminded why he enjoys doing what he does. He says Chase has it all happening and he likes his energy. DJ Khaled says the lyrics were real and authentic and the way he came with his own song, he’s on his way to be a star. He says this show and this stage is going to make him into a superstar. DJ Khaled hits the golden buzzer and Chase is straight through to the live shows.


The Azeri Brothers are next, they are a danger act. DJ Khaled says unbelievable! The Godfathers are up and they are doing new tricks. DJ says that’s the definition of trust. Heidi says they are athletes, it’s insane what they do. Tulga is next and he’s spinning a log with the ends on fire on his back. He then has a log with a swing and has Howie and Heidi get on the swings and he spins them around. Howie says he feels like he’s going to throw up. Simon says it was brilliant. DJ says he has a lot of courage. Heidi thanks him for not dropping them.


Next is Mirror Image, Colton and Trent, the twins. Their goal this time is to win over Simon. They said it’s been crazy since they went back to school. Simon asks them if they still feel confident they can move on and they feel they have something different and special. They sing California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and Papas. They’ve slowed it down and then they switch to dancing to I’ve Got Stamina by Sia. Simon buzzes them. Mel B gives an ovation. Mel B says they are so special and they make her feel good inside and they have her rooting for them. DJ Khaled says he’s trying to figure it out because there is so much going on. His answer would be very interested. Simon thought the whole thing was mad, but that’s why they have five people on the panel.


Evie Clair is next and she is going to sing I Try by Macy Gray. We hear more about her father who has cancer and he is no longer undergoing treatments because they haven’t been working. They don’t know what is going to happen next. Simon asks her if she needs a minute and she says she’s ready to go. She is singing a slower version of the song. She gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Howie says when he listens to her it’s the sound of an angel singing to her dad. He says you can’t ask any more from a performer than to move your heart. Mel B says it made her think of her dad and it really moved her. DJ Khaled says that was beautiful and her family is going to be proud of her. Heidi says that may not have been the most perfect audition, but she’s really special. Simon says that was tough, the first 20-30 second were when she was the best. Simon says she gave them heart and that means a lot.


Kyle Eschen is a magician and he’s next. He’s a magician/comedian and he performs directly in front of the judges. Simon says it genuinely is magic. Next is Xavier Mortimer, and he is an illusionist. Heidi thinks he’s a great illusionist and a great magician.


The judges are explaining the next act to DJ Khaled and it’s Colin Cloud and he says he’s described as a Sherlock Holmes. He’s not a magician, he’s different from other acts that have been on in the past. He says this time he wants to freak them out. He pulls up Mel B and Howie and he licks Mel B’s hand. He tells her what she ate recently and she’s surprised. He gives Howie his phone and tells him to press any six digits and see if it unlocks and Howie says no. He then asks the judges for some digits and he has Howie press them in and he has unlocked the phone. He then whispers a secret to Mel B and he says he couldn’t have found it anywhere and she says no. He has guys hold up cards that spell the word Goddess and he wants Mel B to tell them a word used to describe herself and she says Goddess. DJ says that’s a great talent he has. Simon says it’s extraordinary, it’s more than magic. He’s impressed. Mel B says it’s incredible.


Next is Pelican21, a group of kid singers and they sing Your Makin’ My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates. DJ Khaled says they are great, a family singing together.


Puddles is up next. Puddles holds up a picture and he was in a clown band and the interviewer says he was so happy what happened? Puddles tears the picture he was holding up and the interviewer says you were kicked out? Puddles nods. He heads to the stage and Simon greets him. Simon says the first time they saw him he was very good and very sad. Simon says he still looks sad. He wishes him luck.


Puddles sings All By Myself by Eric Carmen. He has someone accompany him on the piano. The crowd is on their feet as he gets to the chorus. Mel B gives a standing ovation. Mel B says she loves him. Heidi liked it too, but she doesn’t find herself super excited or jumping out of her seat. DJ Khaled says this is his first time witnessing this. He’s confused because he has a beautiful voice, cheer up man. Simon disagrees with DJ because he can’t bear clowns but he comes out and sings these emotional songs and he can connect with him. DJ says he’s just trying to help a brother out. Howie thinks he’s worth a fight.


Yoli Mayor is next and her dream was to be a singer. She was too shy in school because she was given a hard time about her weight. She says there are people that still question if she is right for this industry, but she’s not the kind of person to just give up. She doesn’t want her self-esteem to cost her being there. She sings Love on the Brain by Rihanna. She has slowed it down and the crowd seems to be enjoying it. Simon is listening intently. She gets a standing ovation from all five judges and the crowd.


Heidi says she loves Yoli. She thinks she is one of the best singers, if not the best. DJ Khaled says she’s beautiful, her voice is beautiful, she’s flawless. He says he she doesn’t need that golden buzzer. Simon says he doesn’t think she knows what she’s capable of and he thinks she can get better and better and she can surprise herself. Simon says she is good.


The judges are deliberating over which 6 they are going to put through. The judges are ready to reveal their decision.


First to the stage is Puddles Pity Party, Sammulous, and Dakota Striplin. Simon says there was a case for all of them, but only one is going through. Simon says the person going through is Puddles.


Next is The Quiddlers and Mirror Image and Mel B delivers the news that they can only take one act forward. The act moving forward is Mirror Image.


Next is Pelican212 and a Str8jacket and neither of them go through to the live shows.


Junior and Emily and Solto & T Dot are brought to the stage. Simon thinks Solto & T Dot stepped it up and they didn’t care for Junior and Emily’s act. Simon says the act going through is Junior and Emily.


Next are the three danger acts: Tulga, The Godfathers, and The Azeri Brothers and Howie tells them none of them will be moving on.


Steven Scott and Kyle Escher are up next. Mel B says they thought long and hard over this decision and neither of them went through.


Howie tells Colin Cloud he IS coming back to the live show.


Next is Yoli and Evie are next up. Simon tells them the decision they made they don’t think they should wait a year, they are both going through.

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Tonight’s special guest judge is Laverne Cox, the award winning star of Orange Is The New Black. Tyra asks what she wants to see and Laverne says she wants to be blown away, she wants to see passion and she wants to be moved. Tyra tells her she gets the golden buzzer for the act she wants to send to the live shows.


First up is Oscar Hernandez. He’s a choreographer and he taught himself how to dance. His father didn’t want kids to tease him so he encouraged him to do sports. He says his first audition was amazing and it’s something he’ll never forget. His father says he never thought it would go this far, but he’s not afraid to say he’s proud of him. Simon wishes him luck.


He dances to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj. He brings out 6 cheerleader dancers to dance with him. The crowd really loved it and Simon gives a standing ovation. Simon says Wow Oscar! Laverne says Oscar is large and in charge! She says the good thing about this show is you can hang on to your dreams and pursue them. Mel B says it was so on point, she loved it. Heidi says she’s glad he brought the cheerleaders, it was a lot of fun. Howie says he finds it amazing and he had no idea some of the moves come from him. Simon says he is everything he loves in a contestant. First he’s original and second he stepped up his game.


Next, we have Tony and Jordan and they do a digital magic act. The crowd enjoyed it and Laverne the video game concept. Heidi says they’re amazing.


Next is The Naked Magicians and they call out Tyra. They do an act where she selects a card with an everyday activity and they reveal they have the activity she selected already written on their arms. They take off their shirts and the ladies enjoy that. Laverne says they looked beautiful and Heidi says they deserved to go to the live shows.


We have another magician, Jeki Yoo, who originally did not get a yes from Simon. He’s from South Korea and he came to America to follow his dream because there are no opportunities for magicians. He left his wife behind and she has now flown in to see him perform. This is his chance to make the live shows and move his wife to America.


Jeki comes up to the judges table and says he brought an egg that looks like Howie and he’s preparing to do a card trick. He has Laverne sign her name on the card and then he has Heidi put a yellow sticker on the back of the card. He puts the card in the deck, shuffles it and it appears under the egg. He does this a variety of ways.


Howie likes him, he’s fun and seems to enjoy his act as much as anyone else. Heidi says he was incredible and she loved him. Laverne says we have to believe you’re magic and nothing can stand in your way. That was amazing. Simon says he wasn’t sure if he would actually have a shot at this round, but he stepped it up and was quite impressive.


The next act to take the stage is Herbie Russ and he’s a singer sax man from Michigan. He injured his hand after getting a scholarship and couldn’t play anymore. Herbie has had this dream for a really long time. We also see Mike Yung and he’s a subway singer in New York City. Mike started singing when he was 5 and growing up the dream was to be a singer.


Herbie is going to perform With a Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker. Laverne says everything he has been through in life he just showed that on stage, he’s incredible. Mel B says he sings with so much passion and soul and he’s just got it. Simon says his voice is unbelievable but he wouldn’t have done a Joe Cocker song because he sounds like Joe Cocker.


Mike sings A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. Herbie backstage that makes him nervous. Simon says this is what he loves about this show and he applauds the fact he’s paid his dues. This was amazing. Laverne says she loves him, there’s so much life experience in his voice and anything is possible. That’s what he represents to her. Howie tells him his dreams are already coming true, and his audience will grow if he moves on to the lives.


Five Alive is up next and they sing This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. Simon wasn’t impressed the first time and it doesn’t look like he’s impressed this time. Mel B says she really loves them but she wishes their harmonies were better, but they are so great. Simon says it’s one of those things he couldn’t bear it. Simon says this isn’t the kind of group he likes.


Next is Final Draft and they are a singing group. Simon remembers them and says he loved their first audition and wishes them luck. They sing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Howie says he was more impressed the first time he saw them. Simon says that was too high pitched. He thinks they deserve the live shows but he did not think that was a good audition.


Brobots and Mandriodz are next and Mel B greets them. They tell her that after the first audition three of their members were pulled because their parents don’t see dance as a viable future for them. They are a hip-hop dance group. The crowd really seems to be enjoying their performance. Laverne says that was so hot, she loved it. Incredible. Mel B says they brought such an honesty and a realness, she’s so glad they’re here. Heidi says they brought their A game, it was fantastic. Simon really, really likes them and they have likeability.  


Marisa McKaye takes the stage and sings Broken Wing by Martina McBride. Simon says she has an interesting voice, she has a nice tone, he likes her. Mel B asks her if she’s crying and she says a little bit. Laverne says this is a huge moment, it’s ok to have feelings about it. They tell her she did really good.


Celine is next, she’s 9, and she’s going to sing a song for her sister who is her best friend. She’s been practicing a lot for her performance. She says today she is not going to sing a Celine Dion song. She’s going to sing How Am I Supposed to Live Without You by Michael Bolton. The crowd loved it. Laverne says she wants to eat her up and take her home, she’s so adorable and cute, her voice is amazing. She says she’s so talented. She’s just going to have to hit her golden buzzer.


Next is Aileen George and she’s a school administrator by day and a pole performer by night. She performs to the song Take My Breath Away by Berlin. She receives a lukewarm reception. Laverne says she was rooting for her and she looked beautiful and ummm, yeah. Simon says he’s not sure they seen a step up. Mel B says she was great last time.


Next is Shemika Charles, the limbo lady. She is going to limbo under fire, but it’s only one bar in the middle that is on fire. She then balances plates on sticks and limbos under a bar and the judges don’t seem impressed by the crowd enjoyed it. Mel B thinks she needs to de-cheese the act. Simon says it needs to look better or it looks like a kids party.


Up next is JayJay and he plays they keytar (keyboard guitar). He says he’s going to rock harder than he ever has and he’s been practicing really hard for this. Simon asks how the love life is and he says he put it way in the past and he’s happier now. He plays Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpion. He has fireworks so the crowd likes it. Howie says he gets the sense the rest of the band got in a time machine to go back to the 80s and left him behind. He loved it. Laverne asks how much hairspray he used. Simon says he shouldn’t like him, but he does. Heidi says part of a band, yes. As a solo artist just doing that, no. Simon thinks he would be fun in the live shows.


Next up is Diavolo and they are a unique dance group. The creative director is French and dance is where he can put all his crazy creativity. He says AGT is their big break and this performance tonight he wanted a structure that represented life. This means everything to him and he wants to fight for his dancers who sacrifice everything for this performance. Their performance is set to I Ran (So Far Away) by Flock of Seagulls and the cloud seems to enjoy it and they give a standing ovation. Simon, Heidi, Mel B, and Howie all give a standing ovation as well.


Heidi says talking about trust! She loved it, loved it, loved it. Laverne thought they were incredible and she’s wondering where the space for it is in the marketplace. Howie thinks he creates a show and a spectacle, he found it amazing. Simon says their set pieces are incredible and that’s what defines them. Simon says he even got the story being presented and he normally doesn’t get that stuff.


The danger acts are set to take the page. First is Jonathon Rinny who does the balancing on metal tubes. As he’s balancing the tubes are on a bar that is elevating him higher while he’s still balancing. Howie says hopefully this act will help impress his wife’s mother. Laverne says it was so scary incredible.


Next, is Bello Knock who’s a daredevil. He got made fun of a lot as a child. He says when he got a no from Simon he was stunned and he says he blurted out he would get shot out of a cannon over a helicopter and he can’t believe he did that. The judges greet him and Simon says he looks nervous. Simon says he isn’t taking responsibility for this. Simon asks if the blades will be rotating while he does this. Bello says 48 people in history have tried cannon balling and half of them were successful. His daughter is there watching.


He motions to get the blades spinning. Tyra says there is an ambulance on stand-by in case something goes wrong. Bello gets in the cannon. Heidi feels a little sick and she doesn’t like it. Bello is in the cannon and they are preparing to fire. They count down from 5 and he makes the shot and lands in the air bag. They check to make sure he’s ok and he is helped up and hugs his daughter. Bello says the flip at the end was a little unintentional. Back on stage, Laverne says it was death defying, he literally risked his life. Heidi says he was a daredevil on steroids, he has to go to the live shows. Simon says he has to say he did walk the walk and he gives him credit for that. Simon wants to know what he’ll do next if he makes it through and Bello says let’s both get shot out of the cannon.


Daniel Ferguson is taking the stage and he’s the impressionist who sings. He thinks he can up the game. We see clips of him singing Sugar by Maroon 5 with the impression of Marge Simpson, Gollum (Smeagol) from Lord of the Rings, and Bobby from Bobby’s World. Laverne is amazed that is his second time performing in front of people. Howie talks in Bobby’s voice and we couldn’t understand what he said.


Next is a comedian, Preacher Lawson. He hasn’t seen his mom in three years because she went to China to each. His mom came home to let him know how much she supports him and loves him. She is very proud that she sees her son living his dream. Preacher says this is his one shot to make the live shows. He begins his act and he starts talking about being catfished. The crowd and judges really enjoyed him and he gets an ovation from the crowd and Howie, Mel B, and Simon.


Mel B didn’t want it to stop. She says her jaw is aching because she was laughing so hard. Howie says he’s funny verbally, he’s funny physically, and funny visually. He says his mom should be so proud because this kid is a star. Simon says he has star quality and that’s something he can’t fake. He’s been waiting for someone like Preacher who will be remembered in 5 years. Mel B is going to make sure he goes through.   


Next is Billy and Emily England, they are the danger act that roller skates. They talk about their aunt and uncle who both had accidents during acts and have passed. We see Emily fell during rehearsal. She says they’re taking a huge risk by doing a trick they’ve never done before. He says they haven’t even been able to practice their trick, they just decided to go for it. They do the headbanger trick again. They then do one where he holds one leg of her and one arm. The final trick she holds on to his beard. The crowd loved it and they are all on their feet.


They show some of his beard hair on the platform. Howie says they are amazing, crazy, and they stepped up. Mel B says she turned around but she could see from the audience that what they did was stupid and incredible. Laverne says it was so horrifying and she wonders what do they come back and do next and will America have a heart attack. Heidi is still recovering from what she just saw and it was the best act of the day hands down. Simon says they pushed the boundaries and that’s what stars do. He says this was on a different level.


Time to deliver the news on who goes through! First to the stage Final Draft and Five Alive and neither of them make it through to the live shows.


Next is Brobots and Madroidz and Oscar Hernandez on the stage. Simon says they both go through.


Next are the three magician acts. Howie gives the news and none of them go through.


Diavolo is next on the stage. Heidi gives the news that they liked their act, but did they like it more than the others and the answer is yes, they did. They are through to the lives.


Marisa McKaye is next on stage. Heidi says it’s been a crazy day and she thanks her for her performance but they saw 20 amazing and she will not be going through.


Next are the three danger acts, Jonathon, Bello Knock, and Billy and Emily. Simon gives the news the act going through is Billy and Emily.


Next is JayJay, Shemika, and Aileen and Howie gives the news that all three are going home.


Next are the singers Herbie and Mike. Simon gives the news that the person going through to the live shows is Mike.


Preacher Lawson and Daniel Ferguson are the final two to take the stage and Mel B gives the news that Preacher is moving on.

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The judges arrive and Heidi has the special guest judge in her car. Tyra introduces the Grammy award winning singer and songwriter who has sold 300 million records, Seal. He says he’s honored to be there.


Up first is Artyon and Paige and they are dancers who are ages 8 and 9. Heidi asks about their future and Paige says they’ll grow up together and probably get married. Paige starts listing things she’d like to have and Artyon says those things cost money. Paige says even though Simon buzzed her, he’s still her favorite judge. They are going to dance to Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. The audience seems to be enjoying the performance and the judges are enjoying it. The get a standing ovation from the crowd before it’s over and Mel B, Heidi, and Seal give a standing ovation.


Seal says he now understands why this show is the biggest show in America because they get to see incredible talent like they just witnessed. It was amazing. Mel B says they made everyone stand up and pay attention to them. Howie loves them and thinks they’re amazing but he’s not as bowled over as the others. Simon says they went from annoying to something really, really good. He thinks it was a step up. Heidi loved them from the start and that was very, very good. Howie says remove their size and their age and is it still amazing? Seal says that’s what makes it amazing.


Next is Britt Saasen is next and she’s a singer. She sings Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Seal says it was a beautiful song for her voice and she sounded great, but he could see the nerves. He says she needs to believe in herself. Simon says she did well but is it something they are going to remember? No.


Next is the Air Force Academy’s Acapella group called In The Stairwell. They say they have two big passions, serving their country and singing. They say they’re not only going to sing for America, they’re going to entertain us. Simon asks them if they did this on a dare because when he gave a yes at the audition he says they looked scared. They said yes, but there is nothing they wouldn’t do to go on. They sing Bye Bye Bye by *NSync. Mel B is singing along and the crowd seems to be enjoying it.


Mel B says they’re all awkward but it’s adorable. Seal doesn’t know if people realize how difficult it is to sing together like they do. He says there’s a definite discipline required and it showed through. Howie enjoyed it more, but he doesn’t think it’s a million-dollar act. Simon thinks they will remember them tomorrow morning. Simon likes their energy. Seal says they actually all sound good.


Next is the visual illusionist named Will Tsai. He says he has to deliver an entirely new experience and he hopes what he prepared is enough. Howie this was the best close-up magic he’s ever seen in his life. Simon asks if he can up that and Will says he thinks so. He begins his act. The crowd applauds and Simon doesn’t seem impressed. Heidi says it was hard to see from there and that’s why she’s not reacting to it. Howie says he loved what he did the first time and he loved this and he thought it was amazing. Seal can’t share Howie’s view and he was underwhelmed. Simon doesn’t understand what just happened and he thinks it was a step backwards. Simon says he’ll have to go back to the first audition and judge on that. Howie says he will be fighting for him.


Henry Richardson is the next act and he’s a magician and he’s 15. Being able to get through to the live shows would mean the world to him, but no matter what he thinks his dad will be proud of him. Howie wishes him luck. Henry comes to perform at the judges table. The crowd and judges are impressed with Henry’s act.


Heidi says he’s making it really hard for them today and they have to choose 7 acts and she thought that was fantastic. She says it was incredible. Seal says he actually tried to make it harder for him and he did well. Simon says he thinks Henry will be someone they are talking about later on.


Up on the stage now is Elena and Sasha and it’s a dangerous act. Howie wishes them luck. Elena has a bow and arrow and Sasha has a pole that Elena climbs high into the air and she’s taking the bow and shooting it with her feet at a balloon while balancing on the bar on top of Sasha’s head. Simon doesn’t seem impressed. Simon says they missed the bulls-eye and she says but I hit the balloon. She asks if he’s in a bad mood today.


Lost Legends is next and they are a sword fighting/dancing act. Simon buzzes them. He says he once went into a restaurant called Medieval Nights where people fight while they order dinner. He says that was one of the most bizarre things he’s ever seen.


Nick Uhas is performing next and Howie says he remembers him from last time. Nick says he makes science fun. Simon doesn’t look happy and he buzzes him. Simon says this is why he hated being in school. He says he feels like he’s in the twilight zone.


Veronica is up next and she went and got a pedicure to prepare for tonight. She uses her feet to do a puppet act. Simon also buzzes her and he says he feels like he’s on a different show.


The next performers are Sirqus Alfon and they have instruments on the stage. They are trying to get the audience involved with them. Simon did not like them the first time and he does not look like he’s any more impressed this time. Heidi and Mel is enjoying the act. Simon smiles at the end and does clap. Howie says Simon was confused in time with the music. Simon wasn’t listening he thought they were being stupid. Simon says he thought they were horrible the first time he seen them, but this was really funny. Seal thought they were really great and he liked the drummer and he says if this doesn’t pan out he has a gig.


The next group is a choir DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. They want to win so they can give up their jobs and focus on music. They sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Seal is standing up and dancing with the choir and the crowd seems to be enjoying it and some are on their feet as well. They get a standing ovation from the crowd and Seal yells respect at the stage. They get an ovation from all the judges except Howie. Mel B says she loves there weren’t too many voices. She says they are brilliant. Seal says there was a joy that filled the room when they started singing. It got him out of his seat and he loved it. Simon says he think it’s incredible because what he just heard there’s no point in making a comment. Because it’s quite obvious they are amazing.


The next act is The Pompeyo Family Dogs. They have a new scene with a big, crazy trick at the end. Simon says he thinks there are dogs they haven’t seen. They begin and the crowd likes it. They get a standing ovation from the crowd. Simon says it’s chaotic and they have crazy dog hairstyles and it’s different. Simon says it’s the worst dog grooming he’s ever seen. Mel B likes it. Simon says it was fun and original because you can only do that if you love the dogs and the dogs love you. Seal says it’s something he can only see here on America’s Got Talent. Heidi says there was no order and they were all over the place.


We see singer Johnny Manuel and he tells us he was signed when he was 14 but he was dropped when he was 17 and he was devastated. He takes the stage and he says he’s going to fight for this. Simon asks who Johnny would like to be like and he says Stevie Wonder or Donny Hathaway. He sings Lately by Stevie Wonder. The crowd seems to enjoy. Simon’s face is hard to read. Mel B gives a standing ovation. Mel B thinks he’s amazing, it’s just flawless and she wouldn’t change a thing. Heidi says he has such a gift, he’s just born with it and he moved her. It was an amazing performance. Simon says he’s going slightly against the others because he thinks he missed the point by doing a Stevie Wonder song. He says he couldn’t do that song as well as Stevie Wonder and he thought all the trills were annoying.


He asks for 30 seconds of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston and he sings it acapella. He gets a standing ovation for that. Simon says from what he heard there he is one of the best singers in the competition. Seal says he has an incredible voice and he hits notes he only dreamed of. Seal says he was always taught you have to be ready at every situation because you never know when opportunity is going to knock. He says he just gave him an incredible rendition and Seal says he’s just going to have to…he stands and gives him the golden buzzer.


Maria and Maxim are next and they are husband and wife and they are competing against each other. Maria is first and she’s a contortionist. She climbs into a plastic ball that is spinning in the air where she performs her act. It opens up and she does the splits. Simon buzzes her and Mel B says oh come on! She hangs upside at the end. Simon says he kept waiting for something to happen because it was just her in a glass ball and that was it. Seal says he kind of agrees with Simon. He says the bar is set high and he kept waiting to be wowed and it just didn’t happen. Mel B completely disagrees.


Maxim is next and he stacks chairs and stands on them and then he starts moving them. Howie is pointing out that one leg is hanging off the table he is on. Maxim then adds three more chairs at angles and 2 on top straight up and climbs all the way on top of them and does a hand stand. Seal says he was genuinely afraid for him and that was a great performance. Simon says he just balanced on like 22 chairs and his wife was in a plastic ball. Simon says he won the battle between he and his wife.


Next on the stage is German Cornejo Dance Company. They are doing latin dances. Howie says it was sexy, fast, and original. Following them is The Honeybee-z Plus. Mel B says they demanded the stage and they were happy and having fun. She likes them.


Next is Merrick and he’s 12 and he likes to dance. He’s fascinated by robotic movements. He says he definitely needs to up his game to get through judge cuts. His goal is to get to the live shows and show everyone what he can do. Simon tells Seal he really loved this guy on his first audition. He dances to Something Wild by Andrew McMahon. Simon says he really, really loved his first audition. He thought the song choice was better the first time, but he’s relevant and cool and he likes him. Heidi says his movements are so exact and he’ll fight for him. Heidi says everyone is so good and she wishes him good luck.


The last act is Kechi. Simon asks her to share some of her story. She is the sole survivor of a plane crash with 60 other students. Simon wishes her good luck. Kechi sings A Song For You by Donny Hathaway. The crowd really enjoyed it. Howie says she said she was really lucky to be here, but he thinks she got it wrong. The audience is lucky she is there. Simon says she deserves her place there tonight, not because of her story but because of her talent. Seal says strength through vulnerability. That’s the mantra he tries to live by every day and there’s no greater example of that than what she’s shown. He says when you’ve transcended what she has that the true sign of real inner strength. He thanks her from the bottom of his heart and he goes up to give her a hug. He asks her if she knows how beautiful she is right now and he walks her off stage.


The judges have deliberated and it’s time to see who goes through. First to the stage are Nick Uhas, Lost Legends, and Veronica. Howie gives the news that they surprised them the first time, but none of them stepped up. Howie says they decided none of them are going through.


Next to the stage is In the Stairwell and Mel B gives the news they haven’t seen eye to eye on many of the acts tonight. But they are going to like what she says because they are through to the live shows.


The next acts to take the stage are Pompeyo Family Dogs and Sirqus Alfon. Howie delivers the news that after a tough deliberation that only one is going on…and it’s The Pompeyo Family Dogs.


Elena and Sasha, The Honeybee-z Plus, and German Cornejo Dance Company are on stage to get results. Mel B says it wasn’t an easy decision and neither will be going through.


DaNell Daymon & Greater Works are on the stage and Simon is going to deliver the news and he says he’s struggling to understand why choirs don’t do well on the show. He says ultimately we decide what we think America wants and we think America wants to see them in the live finals.


Will Tsai and Henry Richardson are next on the stage. Howie says this is tough, two he thinks great magicians and this was a big fight. He says both of them are going home.


Maria and Maxim are up and Simon delivers the news. Simon says he doesn’t think either of them got better from the first audition and neither of them made it.


Paige and Artyon and Merrick are on the stage and Heidi is delivering the news. Heidi says there were only 6 spots and both of them are going through to the lives.


Last to the stage is Kechi and Britt Saasen. Simon gives the news that only one is going through…and they unanimously decided on Kechi.

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Mandy (Simon’s Golden Buzzer)-Second live show

Christian (Howie’s Golden Buzzer)-First live show

Angelina (Heidi’s Golden Buzzer)-Third live show

Angelica (Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer)-First live show

The Masqueraders-Second live show

Chase (DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer)-Third live show

Yoli-First live show

Evie-Second live show

Celine (Laverne Cox’s Golden Buzzer)-Second live show

Mike-Third live show

Johnny Manuel (Seal’s Golden Buzzer)-Second live show

In The Stairwell-First live show

DaNell Daymon & Greater Works-Third live show

Kechi-Third live show


Variety Act/Danger Act/Comedian:

Darci-ventriloquist (Mel B’s Golden Buzzer)-First live show

Sarah and Hero-Third live show

The Singing Trump-First live show

Puddles Pity Party-First live show

Billy and Emily-First live show

Preacher Lawson-First live show

The Pompeyo Family Dogs-Second live show



Light Balance Dance Group (Tyra Banks Golden Buzzer)-Second live show

Just Jerk-First live show

Mirror Image-Second live show

Junior and Emily-Third live show

Brobots and Mandroids-Second live show

Oscar Hernandez-Third live show

Diavolo-Third live show

Paige and Artyon-First live show

Merrick-Second live show


Magic/Illusionist/Escape Artist:

Demian Aditya-Second live show

Eric Jones-Second live show

Colin Cloud-Third live show


Brought back:

Bello Knock-danger act-First live show

Final Draft-singers-Third live show

Oskar & Gaspar-digital artists-Third live show

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It’s time for the Live Shows! Tyra is excited and nervous and it’s time to introduce the judges. Simon says they are facing the best night of their lives or the worst night of their lives. Simon says this is the point where we find out if someone has star potential.


The first act to hit the stage is Howie’s golden buzzer, Christian Guardino. Christian sings Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran. He gets a standing ovation. Howie says he is so proud and bursting with emotion. He says Christian is magic and he is just wonderful. Mel B says she was worried but when he hit the notes in the middle, he grabbed everyone’s attention. Mel B says well done. Heidi says it is ridiculous how good he is. Heidi says he set the bar so high being the first act. Simon says that was a great choice of song and he thinks Christian will get through. Simon says next time he wants to take on an even riskier song and he wants him in a spotlight because he wants him in an environment where he can really pop. Voting is open and will stay open until 7 am EST tomorrow morning.


The second act to dance onto stage is Artyon and Paige with a tribute to the movie Footloose. Paige starts on the judges table and Artyon starts on stage. They get an ovation from Heidi and Mel B. Mel B says they are just like lightning bolts, they are brilliant dancers and Paige’s facial expressions get her. Well done. Heidi thinks they are an explosion of talent and they put her in the best mood. She loves watching them perform. Simon says he’s never been a massive fan of those two, but what they did tonight was tonight a step-up and he’s never seen anything like Artyon. Simon says well done. Howie says they brought what America wants and he imagines they put a huge smile on people’s faces.


In The Stairwell is up next, the acapella group from The Airforce Academy. They sing Some Nights by Fun. They get a standing ovation from Mel B, Heidi, and Simon. Howie says they stepped it up. Mel B says their harmonies are so yummy. Mel B says they all look really good and she liked they kept the awkward choreography. Heidi thinks they stand for freedom, brotherhood, but they also stand for hotness, because they love a man in uniform. Simon says he had a feeling about them when they first performed, but this to him was such a step-up and he sees how much it means to them. He says they’re great guys and they deserve to be there.


The fourth act is The Singing Trump. He performs Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon. He then switches to U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. He gets a lukewarm reception from the crowd. Mel B she has a love/hate relationship with. She says his timing was so off, but he got her with hammer time and his chorography was on point. Simon says he was sitting there thinking, what’s happening. He says if he had just tuned into the show for the first time he’d be like what they heck? Simon says his advice is cut down on the tweeting and work a little more on the choreography. Heidi says some love Donald Trump, some hate him, but she thinks we can all agree they love THIS Donald Trump. Howie says the singing wasn’t great, the dancing wasn’t great. Howie says as he said earlier in the week there was bad on both sides.


Our next artist is Chris Hardwick’s golden buzzer, Angelica Hale. She sings Clarity by Zedd. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Mel B says she chose an amazing song and she did it so much justice. Heidi says she hit those high notes and she didn’t just hit them she bashed them and knocked them out. Simon says he thinks she’s a special girl. Simon says it was a great choice of song, but she started nervously but then she hit them with a killer high note at the end. Howie says the range, the control and the beauty of who she is and he asks her again why is she in it? She says she’s in it to win it and Howie says and he thinks she could.


Bello Knock is the next act. Simon says they didn’t put him through after judge cuts, but after watching the show back they thought they needed to give him another break. So Bello Knock is back for another shot and he’s excited and then wondered what he would do. Bello says tonight, he’s going to perform the Wheel of Death. He knows 16 people who have died or been severely injured during this act. This is probably one of the most dangerous things that’s been done on the AGT stage. But it won’t stop him, because he’ll do anything to win AGT.


He begins his act by getting into one of the wheels and he does some jumps and tricks while it’s spinning. He then moves to the outside of the wheel and runs on the outside, does a few jumps and then comes off the wheel. Heidi says he just freaked her out, that was so scary. She says it’s so high, no net, and nothing to help him at all and she loved it. She says he’s crazy. Simon says based on what they just saw it was honestly incredible. Simon says just to be clear in case we couldn’t see it at home, there’s no net, no mats or padding, and only 2 five foot guys to catch him just in case he did fall. Howie says he’s a wild card and that was wow. Mel B says she was bored in the beginning because it was repetitive, but he raised the stakes higher and higher and she thought he was going to fall at the end.


Up next is Just Jerk, a Korean dance act. They dance to Turn Up the Music by Chris Brown. They get an ovation from Mel B and Howie. Mel B says oh my gosh! She loves this show much. Their precision, delivery, it was on point! The best dance act. Heidi didn’t think there were as many wow moments that last two times she saw them. She says they were precise. Simon says he was wowed. Technically he thought it was fine and he thinks they’re capable of doing something they’ve never seen before. Howie says the purity, the precision, it’s amazing and Howie reminds people to vote!


Puddle’s Pity Party is next on the stage. He takes the stage and sings Royals by Lourde. Puddle got buzzed by Simon. Puddle’s starts to leave the stage and Tyra calls him back. Simon says he buzzed him because he felt like he couldn’t get in his world tonight. He didn’t understand what was going on and that’s why he got the X and he’s not going to be very popular. Howie loves Puddle’s because he too is a sad clown inside. Howie says he’s unique and different and he thinks people will vote for him. Mel B says he killed it in her eyes and she loves his character and she doesn’t understand what Simon is talking about. Heidi says she has mixed feelings about it and Mel B starts arguing and Howie joins in. Puddles covers his ears.


Preacher Lawson is set to take the stage next. He got a standing ovation Simon, Mel B, and Howie. The crowd seemed to love it. Howie says he’s great, funny, electric and a star. He needs to see him go to the finals. He’s amazing. Mel B just adores Preacher. He comes out and has so much energy and he’s so funny. Mel B wants to make sure the people vote for him. Heidi thinks there is something really, really funny about him. Heidi loves his face because he has so much light about him and she loves his voice. Heidi didn’t love the jokes so much but she does love him. Simon thinks this is an opportunity for him to showcase him, his personality, and his talent and Simon thinks someone could create a show about him.


The next singer on stage is Yoli Mayor. She sings Human by Rag’n’Bone Man. She gets an ovation from Simon and Heidi. Mel B says she adores Yoli as a person and she has incredible, powerful voice, but tonight she felt something was off. She doesn’t know if it was song choice or nerves and she felt something was missing. Heidi loved that and she thought Yoli was fantastic. Heidi thinks she has one of the best voices on the show this year and she hopes America votes. Simon says she has an amazing voice, but he doesn’t think she knows how good she is. He felt everything was overproduced. He says a talent like this can’t be thrown away. Howie says we know you’re talented, you deserve to be here, but America has to vote.


Billy and Emily are next on the stage. They are already on stage and he begins by balancing Emily on his head. They are on a platform and midway through the act, the platform starts to elevate. All four judges gave a standing ovation. Heidi says watching those two never gets old. Heidi loves them. Howie says Emily has had injuries and they still get up there and do that. He says it’s amazing, it’s death defying, and they are amazing. Mel B says what they do is extraordinary and she believes they are superheroes and they have angels watching over them. She says well done. Simon says this was perfection.


The final act of the night is Darci Lynne and she has Oscar, the mouse. Oscar has a crush on Mel B and sings Who’s Loving You by Jackson 5. Darci gets an ovation Howie, Mel B, and Heidi. Heidi says most people can’t even sing with their mouth open and she sings so beautifully with her mouth shut. Heidi says Howie can’t do anything with his mouth shut. Mel B says Darci is just out of this world, and she’ll date Oscar. Oscar tells Mel B she looks fantastic tonight. Simon says Darci and Oscar should get ready for the big time because it’s coming their way. Howie says she’s so talented and he tells America to vote.

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It’s time for the first live results show of the season! We see a recap of the previous night’s acts to start. Did you have a favorite from last night?


All 12 acts are on the stage and only 7 will be going through. We get an introduction to the judges and Tyra asks Heidi how hard does she think it is for people at home to choose a favorite. Heidi says it’s so hard and she thinks it was the best live show they’ve ever had.


5 acts will go straight through the live semi-finals. But there is also the Dunkin Save which will save one more act. In no particular order, these acts came in 6th, 7th, and 8th. Christian Guradino, Just Jerk, and Yoli Mayor. You can save one of these acts now by voting online or with the AGT app. You have 30 minutes to vote and ONE act will be saved by the end of the hour.


9 acts are on stage and one is about to go straight to the semi-finals. Artyon and Paige and In The Stairwell are asked to step forward.


The first act going into the semi-finals is…In The Stairwell!


Simon says In The Stairwell was the most improved act since auditions. And now there are 6 spots left. The Singing Trump and Puddle’s Pity Party and Preacher Lawson are asked to step forward.


The next act moving to the semi-finals is…Preacher Lawson!


The first two acts are through and voting is still open for the Dunkin Save. If you want to save Christian Guardino, Just Jerk, or Yoli Mayor then go vote on the AGT app or online!


Visiting the stage is Grace Vanderwaal and she performs her own original song called Moonlight.


4 acts are still waiting to see if they are straight through to the semi-finals. Next to the stage is Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale.


America has voted and the next act going into the semi-finals is…both of them.


The Dunkin’ Save is now closed, voting is over. Next to the stage is Bello Knock and Billy and Emily England.


The next act moving on is…Billy and Emily England.


Only 2 spots left, but 3 acts are waiting. One of them will be saved by America. We will find out who America saved when they come back.


We have three acts left and 2 spots left in the semi-finals. Christian Guardino, Just Jerk, and Yoli Mayor are all on the stage. America has had an opportunity to save one of these acts.


America has saved…Christian Guardino! He is moving on to the semi-finals!


Simon thinks the American viewers have gotten this 100% right tonight. It is now time for the judges to pick the remaining act to go through. Will it be Just Jerk or Yoli Mayor?


Heidi has chosen to advance Yoli Mayor.


Mel B has chosen to advance Just Jerk.


Simon says both acts are potentially amazing. Simon doesn’t feel good, but he chooses to advance Yoli Mayor.


Howie agrees with everything the other judges said. Howie has chosen to advance Just Jerk.


It’s a tie. It is now America’s choice. Based on the votes from America, the act going through is…Yoli Mayor!

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It’s time for the second of the live shows! Only 7 of tonight’s acts will move on to the semi-finals!


First to the stage is Brobots and Mandroidz. They get a standing ovation from Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Howie says the whole room is standing up, his fellow judges were standing up, and maybe he was in a different room. He thinks they are really, really good, but he wasn’t getting the wow. Mel B says he wasn’t getting a wow because there were so many wows. She says the way they move is just on fire. Heidi loves the energy they have and they brought it to kick the show off right. She says they were really, really good. Well done. Simon says it’s difficult because they have been under pressure from their parents and sometimes you just have to chase the dream. Simon likes them a lot and he thinks this was a step-up but he thinks there is still a progression to go. He congratulates them.


Next up is Celine Tam. She sings When You Believe by Whitney Houston. She gets a standing ovation from Heidi. Mel B says she can’t believe she’s 9 years old and she’s very brave to be up there on the stage. She thinks the song was too big for Celine and she thinks she should have chosen a different song. Heidi says no, forget everything she just said. Heidi says she’s the cutest little thing and her voice is so sweet. She says she can still hear the innocence in her voice and she can see a great future for her. Howie says the beauty of Celine is it isn’t totally polished. Howie says she has a chance. Simon tells Mel B she’s 9 and standing in the theater. Simon says he was impressed because she controlled the song the second half and maybe there were some nerves.


Mirror Image is now ready for the stage. They start by singing Somebody to Love by Queen. They then begin dancing to Poison by Bell Biv Devoe and they have back-up dancers. They then dance to Jump by Kris Kross. Simon buzzes them right at the end. Simon says he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to be judging, he says the singing isn’t great and the dancing was better. He doesn’t know what this act is and Tyra asks if that means it’s new and interesting and he says not to him. Heidi says he’s just a party pooper. Heidi loves them and she feels like her and Mel B are their moms. Heidi says they make her laugh and have a good time. Mel B says they bring the fire and the energy and the excitement. They are thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly entertaining and she hopes America votes for them. Howie says he doesn’t know what he’s watching.


The next act is Johnny Manuel. He sings And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going by Jennifer Hudson. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Simon says Johnny is such a diva. This is what he does so well and he was probably in the wrong lane early on. Simon says this was his moment and if he was producing a Broadway show right now, it would be Johnny he’d be looking for. Howie feels as if tonight’s show just started. He made Howie forget everything that came before him and he thinks he hit it out of the park. Heidi says she doesn’t love it when Seal is right, but boy was he right when he pushed that golden buzzer because he is so amazing. Mel B says Amazing!!!


Merrick Hanna is now ready to perform. He performs to Lost Boy by Ruth B. He gets an ovation from Simon and Mel B. Howie thinks he’s amazing and original and a great entertaining act. Mel B says he is mesmerizing and she sits there in awe of him. She says from start to end it’s just brilliant. Heidi says he definitely left an impression and what he does is memorable. Heidi says what he does is unique and he has something special. Simon wants to congratulate him because so far this is the best act they’ve seen tonight. He says everything else he’s seen before over the years, but he has originality. Simon thinks he’s been overlooked in the competition so far.


The next act is Eric Jones, a magician. He is down in front of the judges and he has Mel B and Heidi standing off to the side. He gives Mel B a poker chip and asks her to hold it. He has Howie sign a card and Simon inspects a piece of glass to make sure it’s solid. He takes the chip back from Mel B and has her and Heidi each hold the piece of glass. His first illusion is to put the poker chip through solid glass. He then has Howie follow him to the stage where a larger piece of glass is and he has Howie confirm that it’s solid. Howie has been holding the cards the entire time. He has Howie put the cards against the glass and smear them over the glass and he pulls the card Howie signed through the glass. He then has Howie hand him a curtain and step off to the side and he raises the curtain and appears on the other side of the glass with Howie standing next to him.


Eric comes forward to hear the judge’s comments. Mel B says she got a bit panicky because he asked Howie to help him. She says what he did was incredible and he’s amazing. Heidi says he is amazing and she liked he picked a theme of putting things through glass and it was incredible. Simon says he thinks he’s great but he still thinks if he wants to get to the next level he still needs to work on his showmanship, but he’s done better each time. Howie says he loves the low-key, anti-showmanship.


The Masqueraders are set to take the stage next. They are going to sing the song they never got released 50 years prior. They get an ovation from Heidi and Simon. Mel B says they have the feel good effect on everyone and their harmonies are super solid. She thought it was too overproduced. Simon asks if that was the record they never put out and they answer 1969. Simon congratulates them and he loves them and everything they stand for. Howie says one word comes to mind when he listens to them and it’s classic. He says they just watched a dream come true because they got their song heard. Heidi feels really bad for all of them because they didn’t get to listen to them for all those years, but better late than never.


The next act to take the stage is Light Balance from the Ukraine and Tyra’s golden buzzer. They have a technical problem so they are going to hold because they can’t transmit the lights right now. We’re going to check out their dress rehearsal. They get an ovation from all four judges. Simon says that’s what happens when you make live tv. He says they have to judge based on what they just saw and it was phenomenal. He’s glad they decided to come onto AGT and he’s sorry for the mistake, but they were amazing. Howie says they are lucky because they got to watch it on the screen the way we see it at home and it was exciting and it was his favorite act of the night. Mel B says she can tell they are disappointed but don’t be because they are original and creative because she wants to see them again and again and again. Heidi is also sorry they have a technical problem and the work they have to do before they even hit the stage she can’t imagine and they did a fantastic job.


Up next is Evie Claire. She begins by playing the piano as she sings Wings by Birdy. Howie says she’s living through a story all of America can relate to. He says she makes him speechless and wow and he thinks America is touched. Mel B says she was a little worried at first and she likes to be able to identify with something, but she listened to the words and the voice and she was like a singing angel. Heidi says she’s so very proud of her and she sounds so much more amazing on the tv than she does live. Simon says she is one heck of a brave young lady and she did fantastic on the piano. Simon sends love to her father.


The next act is Demian Aditya and he says no one in the world has tried to do what he’s going to attempt tonight. He’s going to attempt his most death-defying escape yet. He’s going to climb into a wooden box that’s suspended over the stage. He is going have his hands cuffed and the box is being held by a rope that has a blow torch pointed at it. His hands are through the top of the box and handcuffed outside of the box and they use a nail gun to seal the box. There are also spikes under the box that they light on fire. He must escape before the rope burns through. The blow torch burned through the rope but the box did not fall. Mel B hits her X. Demian appears behind the judges. Simon hits his X also. The crowd has started booing.


Tyra says there was a technical problem that was not Demian’s fault. Mel B didn’t understand it and then when she did understand it, it went wrong. She understands it wasn’t his fault, but she wasn’t feeling the anticipation. Heidi says she feels bad because he was fantastic the first two times and he tried to do something bigger and better and something went wrong. Simon says he imagines it was like Mel B’s wedding night, lots of promise of anticipation, but not much delivery. Howie says something just went wrong, but it’s live TV. America has to vote.


Next is the The Pompeyo Family Dogs. They get an ovation from Simon and Mel B. Heidi says it’s so very cute and she thinks the grooming has improved. She loves the act and she loved the jump roping trick. Simon says he would have bet this act would have gone wrong, but they just saved the show. His son is going to love that. He really, really loved it and it made him feel good. Howie says this is the first time he’s ever seen a lion doodle. He thinks they should do Noah’s Ark if they come back. Mel B says tonight has been a roller coaster and thankfully they came along and they made her smile so much and made her heart feel so good. She says they were brilliant.  


The final act to take the stage is Simon’s golden buzzer, Mandy Harvey. She sings an original song. She gets an ovation from all four judges and they make the sign for applause. Simon says his emotions tonight…there’s so much he could say but her music says it all. He says she will make a difference and that was stunning. Heidi enjoyed how real and raw that was. She says it was very powerful. Mel B says she makes the impossible possible and she took her on an emotional journey. Mel B says her voice is just like an angel. Howie says she makes them feel music because she feels it and he asks how to sign and say vote and the translator shows him the sign and Howie tries to mimic it.

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It’s time for the results from last night’s live show! Don’t forget there is a Dunkin’ Save and if you would like to vote you can go to their website or use the AGT app. I will announce the three contestants and let you know when voting is open when they are announced!


Simon says last night was one of the nuttiest nights she ever had in his life. He says good things are going to happen tonight, he can feel it. The top 7 acts will be moving. The acts that came in 6th, 7th, and 8th are still in jeopardy and they can be saved with the live Dunkin’ Save. The acts are Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders. The vote is now open! You can vote for 30 minutes.


We have the first results of the night. They pull forward Brobots and Mandroidz and Light Balance. America has voted and the first act going into the semi-finals is…Light Balance!


We are now pulling forward Mandy Harvey and The Pompeyo Familly Dogs. The next act going through to the semi-finals is…Mandy Harvey!


The Dunkin’ Save is still open. You can save Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders.


They have Circus 1903 on the stage as the entertainment.


Johnny Manuel and Damien Aditya are next to step forward. America has voted and the next act going through is…Johnny Manuel!


Merrick Hanna, Mirror Image, and Celine Tam are the last three acts to learn their fates. America has voted and the next act going into the semi-finals is…Celine Tam!


Merrick Hanna and Mirror Image are told to stay there because they aren’t done yet. America has saved one more of these last two acts. America has saved…Merrick Hanna!


Voting is now closed for the Dunkin’ Save!


Eric Jones, Evie Claire, and The Masqueraders are all on the stage now to learn their fate. The act America put through with the Dunkin’ Save is…Evie Claire!


It’s now time for the judges to decide who of the last two acts will move on…Eric Jones or The Masqueraders.


Heidi is first and she says she loves both of them. She says Eric blew her away with his magic and The Masqueraders have been waiting for this moment for so long and she wants them to have that moment. Heidi chooses The Masqueraders.


Mel B says she agrees that The Masqueraders have been waiting a long time and she says Eric’s magic was flawless. Mel B votes for Eric.


Simon says he likes Eric but he likes The Masqueraders even more and his vote is for The Masqueraders.


Howie says he saw the magic closer than anyone else and he was flawless. He says The Masqueraders were good last night and they are deserving. Howie selects Eric Jones.


It’s a tie! America will decide and America has decided to send Eric Jones!

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It’s time for the final 12 acts to compete for the last 7 spots for the semi-finals. We jump right in and and begin with the gospel choir called DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. They sing You’re The One That I Want from the musical Grease. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it and they get a standing ovation from all four judges.


Mel B says Oh My God! That was electrifying, on point, and uplifting. Amazing! Heidi says the voices and the volume they create is enormous and it grabs them. She also loves they keep surprising them with their song choices. Howie says he’s never been to church, but he feels like he’s been anointed and he wants to pass the basket all across America and fill it with votes. Simon says when he heard they were going to do that song he was worried, but half way through it was more than a performance, it was a spectacle. It says it was inspirational and different and they are going to stand out.


Next are Junior and Emily and they are dancers. The crowd approved of their performance and Heidi and Mel B give a standing ovation. Mel B says can the talent on this show get any better! She says they mixed it up and still entertained them and gave them something different. She says brilliant! Speechless again. Heidi says it was dynamic, it was modern, and she can see they stepped up their choreography big time. Simon says this was by far the most powerful performance they have done so far and in terms of their creative, they deserve a place in the semi-finals. Howie says he agrees with everything his fellow judges said and they were creative, and they took their input from last time and made it beautiful.


Tyra says the last time we seen this next act they were going home from judge cuts. Simon says they looked at the tapes and thought they had potential so they decided to bring them back. Final Draft has been brought back and they are a group of singers. They sing a slower version of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The crowd really seems to like the performance. They get a standing ovation from Mel B.


Simon says they did good, but there were two parts to the performance. He didn’t think the first part worked and he gets booed. He thought the second part was better and the harmonies were clever and he’d like to see them go forward. Heidi is excited they got a second shot. She says the performances need to be memorable and she thought it was good but let’s see how America feels. Howie thinks they are brilliantly talented but he didn’t like this rendition, he found it kind of boring, but he likes them. He says it’s not up to him, it’s up to America. Mel B says they stepped it up so much and they give her a Boyz II Men feel and they keep getting better and better.


The next act is a dancer who is ready to take his turn at the spotlight. Oscar Hernandez is ready to take the stage. He starts in a cage elevated above the floor. He dances to Milf Money by Fergie. He gets an ovation from Simon and Mel B and the crowd loved it.


Heidi says he definitely gave it all he got, he was like a disco ball and he gave everything. Mel B asks if he forgot the choreography in the middle? She wants to know because she could tell if he did and she wanted to commend him for carrying on. She says he killed it. Simon says first he thought he was dead and he says America, let’s break the mold and put Oscar through to the semi-finals. He thinks what Oscar does is sensational! Big is beautiful and he wants to see him in the next round. Howie says he is the epitome of not judging a book by a cover and it’s the first time he’s seen the splits and a twerk, it’s a splerk.


Next is a 13-year old singer named Angelina Green and she is Heidi’s golden buzzer. She sings Gravity by Sara Bareilles. She gets a standing ovation from Mel B and Heidi. Heidi says she stands 100% behind her and she was so very proud. Heidi says she did hear some nerves but she reigned it back in. Heidi says it seems that for being only 13 she seems to understand every word she’s singing. Simon says she has an amazing voice and the biggest compliment he can pay her is he thought she controlled the song really well. Mel B says music is everything and speaks to people and that’s what she did there, she’s amazing!


Colin Cloud is next and is preparing to take the stage. He is ready to share with America his most impressive performance yet. Simon is on stage with Colin. He’s going to solve the murder of Simon Cowell. He has Mel B stand up and point to anyone at random and join them on stage. He asks everyone to hold a naughty memory from their childhood and think about it. He hands the audience member a piece of paper and fill it in and don’t let anyone see it. He asks Simon to tell him when to stop moving his hand and he moves his hand and Simon says stop. Colin has an audience member stand up and he’s questioning her about her memory and he guesses that a dog has bitten her on her bottom and he asks if he’s right and she says yes. Colin then says the guy in front was thinking the same thing.


Colin goes back to the audience member on stage throw her pen into the audience and he has her select one of 5 potential murder weapons and he covers them and has her select one. He has Mel B join them and stand right behind Simon. He wants the audience member to select a knife and put it behind her back and he begins by guessing her name is…Kirstie. He has her think of what she’s studying and he guesses therapy and she says yes. He then guesses the color of the knife she selected and why she wanted to murder Simon, which was Simon stole her collection of Justin Bieber CD’s. He tells Mel B to plunge the knife into Simon’s chest and it was a rubber knife. Colin gives Mel B the paper from the audience member confirming what she wrote down. He then has Simon slide to the left and there has been a plaque behind him all along that says what was written on the paper. He also shows Mel B that the other four knives were all real and the audience member selected the one rubber knife.


Heidi says that was a lot to take in and a little long, but glad she didn’t sit there on the park bench and she tells kids at home not to play with knives. Howie thinks what he did was great, but it was long and drawn out and confusing. Mel B loves him, but this time why the fake knife for her? She says he is incredible. Simon says he needed to collect himself and he saw what he did and none of it was fake but his showmanship needs to get a little better.


Mike Yung, the subway singer, is next to take the stage. He is accompanied by a band on stage and he sings Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. The crowd is on their feet clapping along. He gets an ovation from all four judges. Heidi says this was his best performance, she’s happy for him. Simon always wonders why people put an age limit on talent, but you can’t and he deserves to be there. Simon says it was a great song choice and he performed it really well. Howie says he’s the best singer tonight and he doesn’t care about his age. Mel B says she’s on a roller coaster ride with him. She thinks he has an incredible voice but she isn’t sure he feels it from deep down, but that’s her opinion. She says his voice is technically hands down the best.


Up next is Oskar & Gaspar and they are digital artists. They have two individuals on the stage to start. When the female touches the male artwork appears on his body and eventually, they hold hands and graphics appear on both of them. They get an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Simon. Howie this is so original and amazing and this is what America should vote for. He says you can sing dancers and singers anywhere, but you can’t see this anywhere else. Simon says he was thinking the same thing Howie just said. Simon thinks it’s unique and different and brilliant. Heidi likes their imagination and she thought it was very pretty, but she thought the pace was a little slow.


Sarah and Hero are up next and she has brought along a third dog, Loki. Hero comes running to the stage from the audience. Mel B doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it, but Heidi and Simon seem intrigued. Loki comes and does some of the tricks with Hero and Simon is smiling. Sarah jump roped with Loki and then Sarah and Hero both spun the rope for Loki to jump. She gets a standing ovation from Simon and Heidi and Mel B.


Howie says that’s amazing and he asks who the new dog is. He says America has to vote, this is what people love. Mel B says she’s glad it got better as it went along and her dogs make her smile. She says it was a good feeling. Heidi says she was skeptical about this act but tonight it all came together. Simon says she has gotten better and it was better than some of the human dances they’ve seen. He says she one billion percent belongs in the semi-finals.


The next act to take the stage is Chase Goehring and he is going to sing another original song called Illusion. He gets an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Simon. Mel B says it takes something so deep inside to be able to express himself the way he has. She says his lyrics are on point and he’s just brilliant. Heidi thinks he has a lot of talent and she’s loved his song, but today wasn’t her most favorite song. She’s still fan. Simon thinks he’s a little star and he likes that he hasn’t compromised himself for the show. Howie says everybody has to vote he loves him, he’s a star.


Diavolo is next and is preparing to take the stage for their performance. Tonight’s performance is a space themed performance. Their performance is set to Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. They get a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire crowd. Heidi says Wow! What a spectacle! She says they bring something so amazing and different every time. Simon says he’s going to be honest with them, he liked them the first, didn’t love them the second time, and tonight he fell back in love with them. He tells them congratulations. Howie says this is amazing and original and he’s going to beg America to vote. He says this is something he has never seen. Mel B thinks they are so different and she’s never seen anything like it before and she’d buy a ticket right now and watch them over and over.


The final act of the night is a singer, Kechi. She takes the stage and sings By The Grace of God by Katy Perry. The crowd really enjoyed the performance and she gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. She gets emotional when she finishes. Heidi says she looks lovely tonight and it makes her happy to sit there and watch her on the big stage and fulfill her dream. Well done. Mel B says she was pitch perfect and has an amazing voice and she is a survivor and she gives people belief. Simon says he will always remember when they first met and he thought the first time he heard her she was great. He says tonight she came out and was the person she was meant to be, the song choice, the voice, and she is an important person and he’s so happy it went great. Howie says when he listens to her and he sees her he thinks she is a beacon of beauty and it’s serendipitous that she is from Houston.

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It’s time for the results to see who will fill out the rest of the semi-finals. Plus, tonight we have the Dunkin’ Save. If you would like to vote visit their website or use the AGT app. We get a recap of the previous night’s show and meet the judges.


The three acts in jeopardy and up for the Dunkin’ Save are Angelina Green, Colin Cloud, and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works. One of these acts can be saved with the Dunkin’ Save and voting is open NOW.


Time for the first results. We have Diavolo and Oskar & Gaspar read to hear who moves on. The first act to go to the semi-finals is…Diavolo!


Next to find out their results is Final Draft and Kechi. America has voted and the next act moving on to the semi-finals is…Kechi!


Matt Franco takes the stage to perform some magic.


The Dunkin’ Save is still open. If you wish to vote, vote while you can at their website or using the AGT app.


The next two acts to learn their fate are Chase Goehring and Mike Yung. America has voted and the act going through…is both of them!


The next acts to step forward are Oscar Hernandez, Junior and Emily, and Sarah and Hero. The next act going on to the semi-finals is…Sarah and Hero.


The Dunkin’ Save is now closed! We’re about to find out who will be moving on!


Piff the Magic Dragon has come to visit and Heidi joins him for his act with Mr. Piffles.


Angelina Green, Colin Cloud and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works are back on stage. The act America has saved is…Colin Cloud.


Angelina Green and DaNell Daymon & Greater Works are left for the judges to choose from. It’s time to find out who they will choose.


Mel B says it’s so difficult because they are both so good. Mel B has to choose DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.


Heidi says she love Greater Works, but she has to stick with her golden buzzer. She selects Angelina Green.


Simon says he can make a case for both acts. Simon says they are one of the best choirs he’s genuinely ever heard. He absolutely has to go with the act that did it for him on the night. He has to go with DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.


Howie says oh my God! He can only pick one and he doesn’t know how to do it. He selects DaNell Daymon & Greater Works.

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The 21 acts that will be in the semi-finals are:





In The Stairwell

Angelica Hale-Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer

Christian Guardino-Howie’s Golden Buzzer

Yoli Mayor-First semi-final show

Mandy Harvey-Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Johnny Manuel-Seal’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show

Celine Tam-Laverne Cox’s Golden Buzzer

Evie Claire-First semi-final show


Chase Goehring-DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show

Mike Yung-First semi-final show

DaNell Daymon & Greater Works-First semi-final show



Preacher Lawson-First semi-final show



Darci Lynne-Mel B’s Golden Buzzer-First semi-final show


Danger/Roller skaters:

Billy and Emily England-First semi-final show



Light Balance-Tyra Bank’s Golden Buzzer

Merrick Hanna




Eric Jones-First semi-final show

Colin Cloud




Sarah and Hero-First semi-final show


Bring Back Act:

The Pompeyo Family Dogs

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It’s time for the semi-finals! There will be 11 acts and only 5 will move on to the finals. The judges are settled in and we are ready to begin!


The first act to take the stage is Yoli Mayor. She sings Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. The crowd seems to be enjoying the performance and she gets a standing ovation from Mel B, Heidi, and Simon. Simon says she is back! Simon says what a beautiful performance, and a beautiful song, and ironically the guy who wrote the song started on a Got Talent show. Mel B says well done, well done, well bloody done. She says Yoli stripped it back and she went back to her roots and she thinks she has more to give. Heidi says she made people emotional and she brought a tear to her eye. Howie says holy moly, Yoli. He thinks her talent is pure and evident and he hopes America agrees.


Next to take the stage is Eric Jones. He comes out and all four judges are on the stage with him. Eric does a coin trick with each judge and all of them seem to be very impressed. The crowd also seems to be very impressed and as he finishes the judges go back to their panel. Howie says that was wow, wow, wow! He says this is the kind of stuff this show is about and he is worth going to the finals. Mel B says he is truly, truly a superhero. Heidi says he is so cool and his delivery is so easy and it was really mind blowing. Simon says he did step up his stage presence and they didn’t know they were going to be up there, they didn’t rehearse. Simon thinks Eric is ready for the finals.


DaNell Daymon & the Greater Works are ready to perform for the judges. They sing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. They receive a standing ovation from the crowd with huge applause and Howie, Mel B, and Heidi. Heidi says they are so amazing and they make her feel amazing. Simon says he doesn’t know what it is about them but they get him every single time. Simon says the arrangement was great and he thinks they are the life and soul of the show. Howie loves their selections and what they do to it. Mel B says Jesus, take the wheel! She says it’s their whole performance from start to end, they tell a story, and they make them feel good.


The next act is Preacher Lawson. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the crowd as well. Simon says he doesn’t know why Preacher hasn’t had a big break yet because he comes on stage and makes everyone laugh and he has it. Howie says he is about to get everything he ever dreamed of. Howie says he shows up with a mic, personality, talent, and America has to recognize that and they have to vote. Mel B says it’s such a hard job to be a comedian but he kills it every single time and he’s so, so, so funny. Heidi really liked him. She didn’t feel it was as rushed and today she really, really loved it and she loves his physical comedy. She thinks he’s very handsome and has a great set of lips.


Next up is Johnny Manuel. Johnny sang an original song and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Howie thinks he’s technically one of the best singers he’s ever heard, but he might have made a mistake by doing an original. Howie thinks he should have stayed in the “Diva” lane. Mel B kind of agrees because he is an incredible singer, but she feels he peaked too soon. Heidi says she admires him for bringing an original, but she felt he oversang a little bit. She loves him so much. Simon says there is only one risk being a performer and that is mediocrity but he respects him showing who he is.


Billy and Emily England take the stage next to perform. He finishes by tossing her off the back of the stage and Howie and Simon are on their feet and the crowd loves it. All four judges give an ovation as both Billy and Emily join Tyra. Heidi asks if Emily is ok and she says they are the definition of the most amazing duo. She says they make such an impact every time. Howie says you’re nuts! He says he has heard all his life do not throw your sister, and he did it. Mel B says her heart is beating out of her chest and she is speechless. She says they are both amazing. Simon says it was stunning. He says it was everything he dreamt the show would be and it was terrifying and amazing.


Next to the stage is Evie Claire. She sings Yours by Ella Henderson. The crowd is on their feet with Heidi and Simon. Simon says she is gutsy and that song was beautiful and her voice was beautiful. Simon says her tone and pitch were stunning. Heidi says she made it very intimate and personal and she’s proud of her. Mel B commends her on her courage and her confidence and her voice is beautiful.


Sarah and Hero are up next to perform. She has a beach theme this time with the dog “saving her life” to start. They are performing to Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. She gets a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges. The dogs are fighting over a Frisbee and everyone loves it. Simon says America, we need these dogs in the finals. He loves them and they are a star. Howie says keep in mind America, they put this together in five days. Mel B says they make her feel so happy and they thoroughly enjoy themselves. Mel B thinks they are brilliant and well done. Heidi says this act is beyond cute and you can see how much fun the dogs are having.


The next act to take the stage is Chase Goehring. He sings another original and he gets an ovation from the crowd and Simon. Simon says he is such a special person, singer, and he’s a great songwriter. Simon prays he’s in the finals. Mel B says he’s different and he’s always taken risks and she respects him for that. She hopes America votes for him because he deserves to be there. Heidi thinks there are so many girls at home that have a crush on him. Howie says he’s staying the course. He says if Ed Sheeran and Logic had a child it would be him.


Darci Lynne is the next act to take the stage. She has a new puppet named Edna Doorknocker and Edna has a crush on Simon. Edna sings (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Edna has Darci take her down to Simon and the crowd is on their feet and they love it. She gets an ovation from Howie, Mel B, and Heidi and Simon is blushing. Simon says he has a bit of crush on Edna. Simon says that was brilliant because she’s funny and she’s got a wicked sense of humor. Simon can see a Sesame Street type of show for her. Mel B says she was mesmerized the first time she walked on the stage and Darci just has what it takes. Heidi says she really is a class act and she’s bringing ventriloquism to the next level. Howie says this is amazing. What a night! He says she has a great chance of winning it.


The final act of the night is subway singer, Mike Yung. He sings Don’t Give Up On Me by Joe Cocker. The crowd gives an ovation as do Mel B, Heidi, and Simon. Simon says he’s not going to give up on Mike. Simon says last week he felt he lost him a little bit but he came back stronger. He says it was raw, authentic, and it meant something and he’s going to remember that performance. He says that was great. Heidi says she’s not giving up on him when he sings like that. He’s a very special man. Mel B says she had given up on him back and she didn’t understand why everyone loved him, but tonight she got it and it was his best performance ever. Howie says and now the show is over and that was an amazing closing. Howie says what a night, he’s woke and America has to vote. Simon adds tonight they all put on one of the best shows he’s ever seen.

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It’s time for the live results to see which 5 acts of the 11 will be moving onto the finals! Do you have a favorite from last night you would like to see go through?


The acts that came in 4th, 5th, and 6th will face being sent home, but one of them will be saved with the Dunkin’ Save. The three acts in jeopardy are Chase Goehring, Eric Jones, and Evie Claire. You have 30 minutes to save ONE act with the Dunkin’ Save. You can vote from their website or with the AGT app and voting is now open!


We’re about to see which act will take the first spot in the finals. DaNell Daymon & Greater Works and Preacher Lawson are the first two to step forward. America has voted and the first act going into the finals is…Preacher Lawson.


There are four spots left and we’re going to see who else makes it. Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor are the next called forward. America has voted and the next act going into the finals is…neither of them. They are both going home.


We get a clip to see how well the judges “know each other”. It was guys against girls and Heidi and Mel B won. After that we have a visit from the Clairavoyants from last season. They have Howie and Mel B on stage to help them out.


The Dunkin’ Save vote is now closed!


We’re about to see the next act that will be moving on. We pull forward Darci Lynne and Mike Yung. America has voted and the next act going to the finals is…Darci Lynne.


We’re down to the last two acts and only one of them will be moving on. Sarah and Hero and Billy and Emily England are the last two. America has voted and the act moving into the finals is…Sarah and Hero.


It is now time to find out who America voted to instantly save with the Dunkin’ Save. Chase Goehring, Eric Jones, and Evie Claire return to the stage. America has saved…Evie Claire.


It is now time for the judges to decide between Chase Goehring and Eric Jones. The judges get a moment to consider their decision.


Heidi says she hates this part of the show. She loves both of them. She has chosen to put through…Eric Jones.


Mel B congratulates them both on coming this far. She says this is the tough part. Mel B has chosen to put through…Chase Goehring.


Simon thinks Eric has gotten better and he deserves to be where he is tonight. Simon likes both of them and with Chase the first two songs he did were better than the last two. Simon chooses…Chase Goehring.


Howie says Chase blows them away every time. He says Eric brings magic to the stage every time and this show is for variety. He is going with his instinct and he goes with…Chase Goehring.

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Tonight is the second show of the live semi-finals. 11 more acts will perform for the final 5 spots in the finale. Do you have a favorite you’d like to see go through?


The first act to take the stage for the night is Celine Tam. She sings How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara from Moana. She gets a standing ovation from Heidi and the audience seemed to like it. Simon says that was unbelievable and he wants to send everyone affected by the hurricanes their love and support. But back to Celine, that was a massive step up and that song was perfect for her. His little boy is going to be watching this performance for the next week. Mel B says well done and she conquered the stage like a well-seasoned performer. She thought the song was way too musical for her and she doesn’t think it showcased her voice. Mel B gets booed. Heidi thinks she is a shining bright star and she sang crystal clear and pitch perfect and she is so cute. She loved it. Howie says he thinks she’s adorable and he hopes things go well and her dreams come true.


Up next is Colin Cloud. He says tonight for the semi-final he wants to step up his act and do something with everyone. He gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire audience. Mel B says oh my God! This is absolutely mind blowing. She says this is absolutely insane and he has got it spot on. Heidi says he is a sneaky little bugger and he’s starting to freak her out but she loves it. Simon says he has goosebumps on his goosebumps on his goosebumps. He says it was a massive step up and that was one of the unbelievable, spooky, creepy things he’s seen. Howie says he’s never seen anything in his life like this. Howie says this is exactly what AGT is all about.


Christian Guardino is set to perform next. He performs What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says this is his golden buzzer and he’s going on. Howie says he needs to be here and he should be here and he’s so inspirational. Mel B says that’s how you kill it on AGT. She says he laid it all out there in the song and he did everything and much more and should be proud. Heidi thinks it was a great sound choice and she loves him, his voice, and his story. She wants to see him at the finals next week. Simon says the vocal was fantastic and a perfect song choice.


The next act is In The Stairwell. They sing Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. The crowd is cheering for them. They get an ovation from all four judges and the crowd. Mel B thanks them for their service. She says as a group that sings so well together it brought emotion out. She says they deserve to be here and they sound incredible. Simon says this is such an improvement from their first audition. He says this time he genuinely felt they meant it and every time he sees them he feels good. Simon thinks we’ll see them in the finals. Howie says he loved what they just did. Heidi says they did the best they could, gave 100%, and they should be very, very proud of themselves.


Merrick Hanna is the next ready to perform. He performs to iRobot (The Human Condition) by Jon Bellion. Heidi says he has come so far and he’s all on his own on the stage and he really commands the stage. She says he raised the bar even higher today. Simon says he likes that he’s a really fun guy and he’s something unique. He really, really, really hopes he’s in the finals. He’s done amazing. Howie says for him to show such expression with his body is an amazing journey.


The next act is Simon’s golden buzzer, Mandy Harvey. She sings an original called Release Me. She gets an ovation from Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Simon says wants to judge her as an artist, the vocal, the song, the delivery, and the performance was breathtaking and like as good as anything he’s ever seen on the show. It reminds him of the first time he heard Adele sing. Howie says she transcends hearing and she makes music more powerful than it is. Mel B says she thinks what Mandy did was so powerful. The words, the way she presents herself, the way she performs, everything and much more. Heidi thinks this was the perfect song for her voice and her best song yet. Heidi enjoyed she used sign language because it made it extra special.


The Pompeyo Family Dogs is next to perform. They have a winter themed set with igloos and thee music is Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. The dogs are wearing penguin costumes and one large one wearing a polar bear costume. Simon gives a standing ovation. Simon says it was like watching a movie 101 polar bears. Simon says the whole thing was insane but he would still give them a vote because he loves animals. Heidi says it was great and she loved the winter wonderland. It was a lot of fun. Howie thinks it was chaotic. Mel B says it was messy but their dogs are just adorable and how can they not like them. She says it was all over the place, but they look happy and their dogs look happy.


The next act to take the stage is Diavolo. They have another different set-up and they are performing to Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Heidi says wow! Heidi says they came to win! This is a million dollar act! She says every time they see them they come with a new concept and new choreography. Fabulous! Mel B says she’s trying to get her brain straight. Her eyes are popping out of her head. She says the way they come together is just seamless, perfection. Simon is gobsmacked and he says they come every time was different and their music choices are amazing. Simon says almost perfection.


Kechi is set to perform. She is going to sing Don’t Worry About Me by Frances. She got an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he’s never speechless but he doesn’t have words. Mel B says she is so special and she is amazing. She says she gives people hope and inspiration and her voice speaks wonders to so many people. She’s incredible. Simon says that was her best performance by a clear mile. Simon says we’ve seen the past three weeks when things are tough people rise above it, and she is evidence of that. Simon says it was a magic moment. Heidi says she comes on with so much confidence with her singing and stage performance and she rules the stage and she loved it so much.


Next is Tyra’s golden buzzer, Light Balance. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he doesn’t know what’s happening tonight but this is one of the best live shows he’s ever seen. He says it was really, really special and stunning. Amazing. Howie says this is one of the best shows, he’d buy a ticket right now. This is an amazing headline million dollar act. Mel B says she’s glad she got a front row ticket for this, it was absolutely brilliant.


The final act of the night is Angelica Hale. She sings Without You by David Guetta featuring Usher. Mel B says she has the voice of an absolute angel. She says that was a really brave choice and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t but she owned it. Heidi thinks she is a phenomenon and she hopes America agrees with her. Simon says she is fantastic and she’s the sweetest little thing. He says she took a risk and she deserves to be there next week. Howie says another wow moment, she made tonight tougher than it ever could be.

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It’s time for the final results semi-final results show to see who will be the last 5 acts moving on to the finals!


The first three acts in danger and available for the Dunkin’ Save are Diavolo, Colin Cloud, and Kechi. If you’d like to vote to save one, then you can do so by going to their website or using the AGT app. Voting is open now!


It’s time to see who the first act is that will be moving on. They bring forward Christian Guardino, Merrick Hanna, and Angelica Hale. The first act going into the finals is…Angelica Hale.


Four spots left! Here is the next results: They pull forward Celine Tam, Mandy Harvey, and The Pompeyo Family. America has voted and the next act going into the finals is…Mandy Harvey.


We see an act called Absinthe take the stage to perform.


Back to the results with only three spots left. We pull forward Light Balance and In the Stairwell. The act going into next week’s finals is…Light Balance.


The Dunkin’ Save vote is closed and we’ll soon find out who America saved!


Colin Cloud, Diavolo, and Kechi are on stage. The act America put through to the live finals next week is…Kechi.


And then there were two. Colin Cloud and Diavolo stand before the judges waiting for the judges to consider who they want to send to the finals.


Simon speaks first and he says he could make a case for both. He gives his vote to Diavolo.


Mel B says both acts are so amazing. But she has to decide and she chooses Diavolo.


Howie says Colin did great last week but Diavolo is amazing with their props. He has to go with what is different and he chooses Diavolo!

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The 10 acts in this year’s America’s Got Talent finale:



Angelica Hale-Chris Hardwick’s Golden Buzzer

Mandy Harvey-Simon’s Golden Buzzer

Evie Claire


Chase Goehring-DJ Khaled’s Golden Buzzer



Preacher Lawson



Darci Lynne-Mel B’s Golden Buzzer




Sarah and Hero



Light Balance-Tyra’s Golden Buzzer

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Tonight, the Best of teh Best in a final fight for the million dollar prize! Who will win? It's America's Got Talent, the Final!  Here's your host, Tyra Banks!

There are 10 top acts from the season and each will perform one time, and waiting for one of them is $1,000,000.  And here are the 4 judges who have helped and advised these acts since Day 1. Please welcome your AGT Judges!

Tomorrow night we will have a new winner. The season has been off the chain from the start. Check this out!  <roll package>

Your Top 10 performing tonight are singer Angelica Hale, singer Chase Goehring, Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, dance crew Diavolo, singer Evie Clair, singer Kechi Okwuchi, dance crew Light Balance, singer Mandy Harvey, comedian Preacher Lawson and dog act Sara and Hero!

Our first finalist is 10 year old Angelic Hale, who became a big sister in the past week. Singing Symphony by Clean Bandit, featuring Zara Larsson, her staging is simple yet effective, her voice strong and pure, well beyond her age. Clad in a gold dress and white tennis shoes, she handles the range with ease, adding in dynamics and depth like a seasoned pro.  

Heidi says OMG, you're only 4' tall but you're a giant! You are the best singer in the competition. Howie says what a way to open the show, the finale, that was the finale, that's how you close a show. You're in it to <win it, Angelica completes>.  Mel B says you look so comfortable and confident, no ounce of nervousness, you took the stage and controlled every note. Simon says I'm gobsmacked, this feels like it's your choice, not what your parents or adult told you to sing.  Years from now we'll look back on this as the moment your career started.

This next act has sung an original song for every performance on AGT and tonight will be no different.  Here's Chase Goehring, singing his new song and playing an acoustic guitar inside a yellow ring bathed in red lights.  "Mirror mirror on the wall, you know that it's all your fault".  He lets lose a rapid fire rap in the middle of the song before returning to his clear, soulful vocal.

Heidi said you did that thing I love, when you go that fast. A lot of people connect with your music and I'm sure I'll hear you on the radio someday very soon. Simon says I bloody loved it because you haven't compromised, this song was brilliant, the lyric, the message, you are the next generation of these kinds of shows, you're personal and relevant, amazing job throughout.

Howie says it has to be authentic and you are one of the most authentic we've ever seen, not singing what you think we'll like but what works for you. And what works for you is something we like. Mel B says you're incredible, I didn't get it at the beginning, but you're a very intelligent songwriter to takes on every day things that are both dark and uplifting that helps so many people.

The next finalist is Sara & Hero, this is a story of best friends who have traveled the country over the last 3 years to reach this point. We open with Hero releasing Sara from a chamber by pressing a button and then the non-stop dog tricks begin to the music of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now. The only mistake was a slight jump rope mishap by Lucky.  The climax of the act has Hero diving into pit of balls.

Simon says if this were humans this would be an amazing act, stunning, magic, speechless at the end - the dog flew! I can't even get my dogs to sit. Mel B says Sarah you look gorgeous and that was so fast and furious, exciting, not perfect, but thoroughly enjoyable. Heidi says mine won't even roll over. You're really the hero for rescuing and training the dogs. Howie says where else can you see a dog act that's so exciting, launching a dog through the air.

Simon says Woof Woof, Woof Woff, which Howie translates as Go vote, in Dog.

The next performers push our minds and their buddies so hard, here's Diavolo! For them, dance is an obsession and sacrifice. Performing to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins, the performance opens with a door, segues to mobile ramps and finally a rocking platform.  Through it all, the acrobats are jumping and flipping and twirling and defying gravity and personal safety in an incredibly athletic and intricately choreographed dance.

Mel B says OMGosh, where to start! Every time it's extra ordinary, extraordinary, and tonight you topped yourself beyond. You're a force that personifies teamwork, it was amazing! Heidi says everyone in America should watch you live at least once, you're amazing. Simon says the amount of work and precision is so precise, like watching the internal workings of a watch. Any casino in Vegas should book these guys. Howie says the height and precision, that was so dangerous, that prop could roll and crush someone, you just don't get the feeling of danger on television.

This next 13 year old singer has a personal motivation. Evie Clair's happiest memories are her family singing around the piano, even in the hardest times. Her dad was her inspiration and her support, and his passing is the saddest she's ever been, but she's fighting to the end, just like he did.  

Singing What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, her voice is tender and melancholy, accompanied by a simple piano. The performance is so soft and sweet, sad and sincere. It was a raw,  gutsy, emotional performance and when it was done, you could hear a pin drop in the audience.

Howie says our hearts and souls go out to you, and I cannot believe the strength in this beautiful, young girl. This is a dark time and what gets us through is that light at the end of the tunnel and tonight your voice and presence is that light. Mel B says you look stunningly gorgeous, your dad is so proud looking on you. That was so beautiful, so pure and raw, well done.

Heidi says I can't imagine what you and your family are going through, and you're one brave young lady and an amazing singer. Simon says I won't judge you but will tell you how much I respect you, your strength, this was a perfect tribute to your dad. The fact there was total silence means everyone was listening to you.

This next act once performed in a laundromat and now he's on the Finale of AGT. And you're still not funny, his brother adds. It's Preacher Lawson! His routine starts out with a white naked dude dancing on a trash can talking about black power and asking to borrow $75 for a soda. It's a terrific piece of physical comedy

Howie says you are absolutely everything that inspires me about comedy, Richard Pryor speaking your truth, Charlie Chaplin with the physicality, the charisma of Eddie Murphy. You are everything that makes them funny all rolled into one. Mel B says my cheeks are killing me because I couldn't stop laughing, your energy is always on fire and you're really good to look at, and funny too!  I could watch you all night long.  You nasty, Mel B, Preacher says back.

Simon says tonight is going to change your life, because you came out and took a risk, but it wasn't a risk because it was edgy, more than funny. You have the ability to light up a room like a star. Big time. If you're not signed up for some show or movie in the next 8 weeks, I'll literally eat my hand. Did y'all get that on video, Preacher asks?

You are crazy, Heidi says, the material I didn't love (boos) but the physical comedy was great.  We'll play it back for her later, Howie teases, and dub it into German. She'll love it!

This next singer is carrying the hopes and dreams of the families of the 60 lost in the plane crash that Kechi Okwuchi survived. Called a walking miracle, she's singing Conqueror by Estelle in a beautiful jewel-encrusted gown, backed by a strings, percussion, and background vocals.  The performance is inspirational and emotional, the vocal powerful and brave, strong and proud.

Simon says I just love you. Everything about you. That wasn't a song, that was an anthem. We are only as good the people who come on the show and you define us, everything I hoped and prayed the show would be. You made a difference to us and to the people from home, and hopefully for you as well. You've become an artist, not just a contestant, and you just did it on the Finale.

Heidi says I loved your performance, you I will never forget. Howie says life is about choices, this contest is about who America will choose. This song was the perfect choice. But more-so, you made the choice to survive, that's so much more important than this contest. Mel B says you've inspired so many and are loved and adored, the song came together at the chorus, so powerful and moving.

Darci Lynne Farmer has inspired kids, teens and adults across the country to try ventriloquism. From the ABCs to the finals of AGT, she is joined by Oscar the mouse and Petunia the bunny, who are more nervous than she is. After debating who is the better singer, they sing a duet With A Little Help From My Friends by Paul McCartney. It would have been a trio but Oscar and Petunia told Darci Lynne her role was silent.

Mel B says you are just, hands down, incredible, self taught at 12, you are so poised and professional. Heidi says it has been amazing watching you all season, you have that special something. Simon says we're being complimentary for all the right reasons but everybody has raised their game. The best part of doing this job is to be able to say I was there when a career began and tonight, your star emerged, incredible, funny and talented. Howie says you're the most popular on the internet from the show, and you delivered.

The next act is a unique singer who has overcome the toughest obstacle for any person, the loss of her hearing, but made the difficult decision to stand up and run. Here's Mandy Harvey, singing an original and playing the ukulele. With the lyrics imaged on the screen behind her, the vocal is soft and determined, lilting and honest, and reminiscent of Carly Simon. She hits a soft power note and the mesmerized audience comes to life.

Simon says this was seriously incredible, you haven't heard Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, yet your songs and voice are so current and amazing. Putting your story aside and judging you just as a singer, it was amazing, really amazing, remarkable. Howie says what you've overcome, the vibe I'm getting from everybody is #Strength, for someone without hearing to pursue singing, it makes me feel so weak.

Mel B says I have to remind myself you can't hear how pitch perfect and beautiful your voice is.  Last week was better than this week but I love you.

The final act of the Finale traveled halfway around the earth from Ukraine to show off their talents in America. Here is Light Balance, chasing their dream to bring light into darkness. The theater goes dark and images scroll across the stage in comic book style before stopping on one character, who pops off and onto the stage. He's instantly joined by electric light companions and a wolf who swap heads, defy gravity and mesmerize the audience.

Simon says this is like the Super-bowl, just when you think so someone's won it, it changes in the last 5 minutes. What you've just done is so much better than what you've done previously, this works in the dance and entertainment worlds, someone needs to book these guys because this was incredible.

That was perfection, Heidi says, you know how to put on a show. I'm buying tickets. Mel B says tonight was your best performance hands down, you left everything on the dance floor. Howie says you guys were amazing, magic.

So there you have it, your 10 AGT Finalists for Season 12.  If you want your favorite to win $1,000,000, you have until 7am ET Wednesday to cast your votes!

Angelica Hale, Chase Goehring, Sara and Hero, Diavolo, Evie Clair, Preacher Lawson, Kechi Okwuchi, Darci Lynne Farmer, Mandy Harvey, or Light Balance - who do you think will win?

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