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Vampire Bats


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Courtesy of: CBS

Vampire Bats


Lucy Lawless Dylan Neal

Brett Butler Timothy Bottoms

Craig Ferguson

A former USDA voracious insect specialist who is now a college professor, Maddy Rierdon (Lawless), in search of a simpler life, has moved to Louisiana with her husband, Dan Dryer (Dylan Neal), and their two daughters. But her life becomes more complicated when one of her students is found dead with his body covered in mysterious puncture marks and completely depleted of blood.

When two of Rierdon's students are implicated in the boy's death, she immediately gets caught up in the investigation and discovers that the student was killed by a swarm of bats. When other attacks occur and more people are found dead in a similar fashion, evidence leads Rierdon to discover that these are not ordinary bats, but aggressive vampire bats that have mutated due to a tainted water supply. Though she tries to discourage them, several of her students volunteer to help in the investigation, which could put them in grave danger. But Rierdon knows that she doesn't have a choice and must find a way to halt the bats' deadly progress.

Starts Sunday October 30, 2005 on CBS @ 9:00pm Eastern with a 2hr. movie and then will air Sundays @ 8:00pm Eastern....Check local listings in your area.

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Lucy Lawless: From Xena to Katrina

by Danny Spiegel

Lucy Lawless really should go on Fear Factor. The former Xena: Warrior Princess star had to fight off a swarm of gonzo grasshoppers earlier this year in the CBS TV-movie Locusts, and now in the sequel, the imaginatively titled Vampire Bats (Sunday at 9 pm/ET), she's battling a horde of... well, you get the idea. But she also weathered far more real storms this year, as you'll see in TVGuide.com's interview with the Kiwi.

TVGuide.com: Vampire bats, locusts

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Xena takes on 'Vampire Bats'

By Marilyn Moss, Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Vampire Bats" doesn't exactly have the makings of classic horror (or even Halloween) fare, but it's decent enough for a spell or two.

The new CBS teleflick gives Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal the chance to reprise their roles from the television movie "Locusts" as a husband-and-wife team of scientists who get embroiled in weird goings-on in the animal and insect worlds. This time around they're involved, appropriately enough, with maniacal bats who start attacking the community in which they live. What could be more Halloweenish? It's all good enough for one evening but few will be talking about it next morning.

Lawless is Dr. Maddy Rierdon, a college professor (and anyone who mistakes her for one hasn't been to college lately) who along with her husband, Dan Dryer (also a professor), has recently moved to a quiet Louisiana town just in time for a bizarre murder. One of her students is found dead -- and bloodless, at that -- with strange markings all over his body. Maddy gets cooking to find killers. Could they be vampire bats?

The movie has the right stuff to make it seem season: There are flying creatures, a cemetery, drunken students carrying on at a party. It's all here. So, too, are the effects: circular, even off-kilter camera angles (as if we were being watched, or as if some flying apparatus were about to swoop down). There is also some eery music from Doug Cuomo and some embellished editing from Micky Blythe.

Still, it all comes to little, as if the story had been told pretty often. The characters are stock at best, and Lawless and Neal seem somnambulists as they try to dig up the truth behind the town's terror. Casual and hip are one thing, but these two seem slightly asleep. Part of the problem may be the script they've been handed. Writer Doug Prochilo (who also created the characters) doesn't give the story anything unique but instead seems to rehash the Halloween-bat staples that we've been exposed to time and again. Director Eric Bross gives the movie a somewhat upbeat pace but doesn't lift it beyond the ordinary.

It's fun to see Brett Butler as Neal's sister, Timothy Bottoms as the town mayor and Craig Ferguson in a special appearance. For those who like Halloween -- or batty serial animal killers -- "Vampire Bats" will please enough. But you have to like the genre no matter what.


Maddy Rierdon: Lucy Lawless

Dan Dryer: Dylan Neal

Shelly: Brett Butler

Hank: Timothy Bottoms

Director: Eric Bross; Writer: Doug Prochilo; Based on characters by: Doug Prochilo; Producer: Christopher Morgan; Co-producer: Peter Sadowski; Co-executive producers: Malcolm Petal, Kimberly C. Anderson; Executive producer: Jill Tanner; Director of photography: Horacio Marquinez; Production design: Jim Gelarden; Editor: Micky Blythe; Music: Doug Cuomo.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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Oh boy is this ever embarrassing!!!! When I first saw this advertised I was excited...I love Vampires and bats creep me out. so I figured it would be a great combination. I saw that it was on Sundays at 8e and that it was a movie tonight. Today I can't find any mention of it being on every Sunday lilke I found yesterday and befieve me I have looked. It looks to be just a one time thing. *sigh*

**hangs head in shame and disappointment** Sorry all.

Mods you may delet at will.

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