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YOUR FIRED times 4


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After the first portion of the boardroom and the broke for commercial I told my husband that I thought DT would fire two people tonight... (based on a promo I had seen earlier and the failure of this project)

BUT... whoa, 4 firee's... I about fell to the floor where my jaw was... lol

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Strike Three, Four Out on Apprentice!

by Matt Webb Mitovich

Josh Shaw and Jennifer Murphy

Last week on NBC's The Apprentice, the newly reshuffled Excel team swung for the fences in a sporting-goods task but instead whiff-whiff-whiff-whiffed in short measure, managing to actually lose money for the sponsor retailer. Donald Trump was not happy, so in a boardroom first, he fired a foursome: project manager Josh Shaw, former beauty queen Jennifer Murphy, Mark Lamkin and James Dillon. TVGuide.com spoke with the two bigger drama magnets, Josh and Jennifer, about choking at the plate.

TVGuide.com: On a scale of 1 to 10, how shocked were you to see Trump fire all four of you?

Josh: I'd put it at a 12. [Laughs] It was definitely a shock. With that magnitude of a loss, we expected something drastic to occur, but I don't think anyone expected a foursome to be fired. I was like, "What the heck just happened here?!"

Jennifer: I was off the charts, over a 10. I thought it was between me and Josh. At first I was the one getting most of the heat, but then I think I surprised everyone and really defended myself and made some good points. But you could tell Mr. Trump was pretty livid, and I don't think any amount of arguing was going to change what he was about to do.

TVGuide.com: Who of the four of you took it the hardest?

Josh: I think Jen, because she is a salesperson in real life and the way they portrayed this was as a loss due to sales, rather than the sport we picked. At the end of the day, I think everybody is of the highest caliber. Unfortunately, in the boardroom you sometimes get portrayed in a light that is not the most favorable.

Jennifer: When we got into the elevator, I was really upset and just kinda broke down. I was more upset about them being fired, surprisingly, than I was for myself, because I started to prepare for it as soon as I saw what was happening in the boardroom. When he fired the guys as well, it made me so mad, so I shed some tears in the elevator. I said, "I can't believe they fired all of us," and to Josh, "I know some harsh things were said in there but I really respect you as a project manager, I hope you don't take it personally." I got my emotions out in the elevator

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