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The Merge:


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One comment Bobby John made at Tribal council last night was that the only word he knows to go by is the promises he made on day 1, day 2, and 3. So, do you guys think he and stephenie made a promise to each other before they split that if they made it to the merge together they would team up and have an alliance?

Maybe when steph was smiling so much after blake was voted out was the fact that Bobby John was still there. Maybe when she was talking the shit on bobby john, she wanted it to seem like they arent in it together.........hey, its a possibility...haha.

I love merge time!!!! Individual Immunity, awesome reward!!

Looks like jamie and Judd start to get into it.

Who else is rooting for Lydia!!!! Made the merge!!!!

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I've been thinking about the BobbyJon and Stephanie thing for a couple weeks now. It seems that their attitudes towards each other would mean that they don't have any kind of alliance strategy but, it just seems ridiculous that they wouldn't have spoken about that at all.

I think if they were smart they would have said something like... They each have to do what they have to do to make it to the merge. At that point, they each bring their "core" alliances together to form a new alliance... that would most likely give them a 6 person alliance. That would be enough to control the votes. Then of course do their best to keep each other for safe without making it obvious to anyone else that they have each others backs.

But, I will say I doubt this is at all what's going to happen. I think Stephanie is out to win at the cost of anyone that stands in her way... including Bobby Jon. I think Bobby John would do his best to keep Stephanie in the game but, if he had to make a strategic decision he would cut her then and only then.

I think the question is... Is Judd going to stay loyal to his new alliance with Steph or is he going to go back to his old tribe with Bobby Jon? If it's 5 - 5 (original tribe to original tribe) Judd maybe the deciding factor.

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