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Which show is better?


Fishbowl or Housecalls  

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  1. 1. Fishbowl

    • House Calls
    • Both
    • Neither
    • Fishbowl

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I keep missing these shows and wanted check them out. But I don't want to check them both out. From some of the post about both one of them seems to ask hard hitting questions. I can't remember which one was spoken of.

So if can share your opinions (sp?) I would truly appreciate it.

Also, where is the post about James? What site did that come from?

Anywhoo....let me know. Oh if there are other website please let me know those also.


P.S. I put this in the "wrong" section so here it is again.

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I really like both shows. Housecalls is really more about Marcellas and Gretchen and i think there both pretty funny. Not a lot of hard hitting questions though. Fishbowl is actually a lot more about the houseguests. Fishbowl is the one that ask the hard hitting questions even though when Beau was on, it was still really timid. The funny stuff comes when only the sovs are on the show.

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