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October 27th Survivor 11 Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

Episode 7:

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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cool Mo , nice to see there someone alive here besides me , lol. My heart would not allow me to back out even on nights I really want to , they need someone , meet you in the show or in your case the segments

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Segment 1


Night 15 :

We went to tribal council tonight and margrette got voted out says judd , but she kept pushing and pushing my buttons and I kind of went off on her , some one going to bad mouth me I am not going to sit there and take it , I am not going to hit you either but I won't take you.

Jamie says he has a big voice making him want to take him for now , cause he is going to keep blowing up.


Night 15:

BJ hurt his shoulder during the big ball challenge , says got a long way to go though in the game and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Amy says his wounds was disgusting till he pointed out hers.

Brandon says I got open festering wounds and it sucks , but I probably won't feel it.


team work and dexterity

wrap 40 feet of matterial around them selves then move to next spot adding a person , and adding more material till 4 are covered to move to last pole to unwind them selves first tribe to get all unwrapped and to winning mat wins , chocolate , and take part in a zip line canopy tour of guatemala .

Judd sitting out for Nakum

Amy winder for Yaxha , Jaime for Nakum ,

Steph and Jamie ahead moving to lydia

Brandon and Amy now moved to Gary

Steph and Lydia having trouble as Gary and Brandon work together well , having a lead and moving to bobby john , Steph and lydia now moving on

Yaxha slowing down as Nakum makes up alot of ground , now danni is fourth for Yaxha just ahead of Nakum as Nakum moves to fourth

dead even at fourth pole , Nakum is good , jamie done and the team unwinding as Yaxha unwinds and makes up ground as Nakum slows down and takes a tumble , panicing and can not get up , for Yaxha brandon the last one and wins reward.

Yaxha heading to the reward , on the flip side , Nakum you fell down paniced and could not get up , I have nothing for you head back to camp as Jeff said.

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Segment 2:

Yaxha day 16:

we won reward and to just get out of camp and do something new is amazing. Amy is petrified of the hights.

Amy asks , I am going home right , but she takes off on the zip line saying oh my god the whole time asking to get down.

Ask if they are done , unbelievable experiance but for me a once in a life time experiance.

Bobby says is fantastic only seen in the movies as Brandon says is going to be cool , bobby says will never do it again more than likely ,

Brandon says just flying through there was so cool , as they get to end and find a chocolate fest , cakes , cookies , strawberrys , it was all there

Brandon says man I pigged out and I never pigged out on chocalate never , just looking at the ground is looking like chocalate , will remember this as the day I went ripping through a jungle and ate the most chocolate in my life

Nakum day 16:

Steph and Rafe make cards out of tree leaves , Rafe thinking is all cool

Yaxha decides to go invite Nakum over for a little pool party , they arive yelling the tribe name as Nakum looks around

Jamie says is bad idea we should not do this , Judd screams yeahhwwwoo

Danni says is my birthday so thought we would invite you over for a pool party , judd says lets go is danni's birthday after all.

Jamie says I don't like these people why are we going to hang out and cindy says same thing , we want to get rid of them why hang out with them.

Yaxha shares there extra chocolate with them , steph says that the main reason I came hell yeah give me chocolate and a pool , is un real.

Today is just about fellowship , in tribal times they would come together and sit and smoke and later would be at war , this is one of those times as Jamie sits and sulks wondering who is bonding mainly steph.

Nakum says good bye as Jamie says is time to go , and wants to go now . so the tribe goes , Jamie says is getting way to friendly over here , you can vote my self out if you want to . Steph says what is going on with you and there could be a clash between her and him an she can't take it.

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Segment 3

Yaxha day 18:

Bobby john sitting in the water letting the little minnows swim around the sore on his shoulder , snapping his mouth at them , said almost caught one.

Gary says Amy is vulnerable at next immunity , Amy laughing at gary lying says after when I found out , I am going to beat you down like a dog . he says she will never find gary hawkins in grand haven he don't exhist , and they need to win this challenge to avoid discord between them with his lie.

Bobby John says this is the biggest day ever , bigger than any reward , this is it.

Immunity Challenge:

test ability to work together as a team.

three members of each tribe to retrieve puzzle peices from sand trip , and comes back and next person goes all must do it once , when you get them all two more will solve the puzzle , winning this gives you a one in 10 chance of winning , lydia sits out for Nakum

Judd and bobby john just behind jamie and brandon

Nakum got third puzzle peice , danni found it can't lift it and gets help , yaxha has three and Nakum has 5 , bobby john getting a huge piece for yaxha , tied 5 each , have to dig now .

both tribes with 6 pieces , danni comes back with 7 for Yaxha , Judd gets 8 for Nakum , Yaxha with 9 , Jamie has 9 and is tied , danni gets number 10 , Judd finds a big piece both with 10 pieces.

Brandon still looking , jamie has another for Nakum , Nakum with one left , Yaxha with one , Cindy has 12the and final for Nakum begins putting together as Yaxha has 11 pieces and bj searching for last piece and finds it.

Gary and amy start putting puzzle together , steph and rafe have big advantage for Nakum , there puzzle coming together nicely , Nakum getting closer and closer , as Yaxha starts to catch up

Nakum may of figured it out and they have Nakum wins immunity . unlike the reward challenge you did not panick , immunity is yours , Yaxha this time you did not pull it off , one of you is going home tonight in tribal council.

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Segment 4

Yaxha day 18:

Amy says is a devistating lost , to my tribe and to myself and I knew going in if we did not win would be a uphill battle , I had that feeling.

Danni and Amy talking , danni says would hate to vote bj out , amy says is that an option and amy says that if as you say is an advantage for him to be here then maybe gary can help us , is not fair to be here twice in the row

Gary says if you have danni you have me , but also said if they ask him to uphold keeping them he has too he won't go against his word.

bobby says he going to feel real bad off if he don't make it to the jury , but if he does that is life , no one gets second chances but if I do , I just don't want to blow it.

Brandon tells danni he was hoping it would not come to this , Brandon says you form alliances and end up voting out people that deserve to be here more than one in your alliance and he thinks Gary and Amy deserve to be here more than bobby who already had his shot.

Tribal Council:

Danni first interviewed at tribal council , Gary second

Amy says this is the bomb right here , I done things that I will never do , you meet people like this , I love these guys.

bobby john does a big double take as Brandon says that is hard when one of your alliance is not as worthy as others that need it , bobby john says only thing matters is the bonds you do make on day one or two don't know about the others but for bobby john that is the only answer.

Jeff goes and talleys votes:

Amy : III

Bobby John: I

Amy 8 th person voted out of survivor Guatemala , Amy the tribe has spoken time for you to go.

well I am convinced that after tonights tribal council that you are united , the 4 of you will go back to a new camp and the two tribes are no more , one tribe new buffs and the 10 of you need to decide on a new tribe name says Jeff

Amy's final words:

I am very proud of myself gettting to this spot , I learned a tremendous amount about myself here and I will continue to learn after I get home . I made great friends here and I would not want it any other way.

Scenes from next show :

Nakum awakes to big surprise and they must choose there fait and tempers flair between the two tribes.

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Sorry. I will fill in any gaps in the show. I always backup writer so if there are no names down I just do the whole show using wolfriders material too.

Again, very sorry. :unsure:

OH! great job wolf!! :D

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Segment 3

Yaxha day 18:

Nakkum heads on back to their camp.....

Yahxa tribe sitting around the pool chatting and relaxing, Bobby Jon letting the minnows swim around his sore shoulder , he is snapping his mouth at them ,laughing and saying i almost caught one.

Gary and Amy are chatting and Gary is saying that Amy is vulnerable at next tribal , Amy is laughing at garyand says if he is lying about been an z football player she is going to kick his ass...She says she will find him when the game is over...He laughingly says she will never find a Gary Hawkins in Grand Haven as no such person exhists, and they need to win this challenge...

Bobby Jon says this is the biggest challenge day ever , this is it.

Off they go to the Immunity Challenge, This challenge tests their abilities to work as a team...

Three members of each tribe must retrieve puzzle peicesburied in a sand trip they go one at a time and return next person goes must do it once , once they have them all two of the others mustl solve the puzzle Lydia sits out for Nakum since their team has the extra member////

The teams started of pretty well neck and neck...

Nakum got third puzzle piece Danni found it but it is to heavy and she can't lift it and needs to get help...

The teams go back and forth and Nakkum has a slight lead.. Cindy finds the last piece for their team and Stephanie and Rafe start putting thier puzzle together it is of an ancient Calender....

bobby Jon is searhcing for the last piece for Yahxa finally he finds it and Gary and Amy start putting thier puzzle together...Stephanie and Rafe have a big head start but soon find themselves starting to slow down and Yahxa is catching up....But finally they figure it out and they winn..... Jubulationa all around....Jeff says

Yaxha this time you did not pull it off , one of you is going home tonight in tribal council. The look on Amys face says it all she knows her time has come... Back at camp she says the loss to the tribe is also a loss to herself... She is talking to Danni and seems near tears she is trying to push to vote Bobby Jon out.... Danni agrees for Amy to talk to Gary and Amy thinks she may have found her angle she thinks if she can get Gary to vote out Bobby Jon Gary says if the rest of the team and Dnni will do it he will agree even though he does have an alliance with BJ...amy is hoping for a miracle and hopes this is it....

Danni saunters down to the waters edge and joins "Cowboy" talks to him about voting out BJ They r conflicted because they both feel trhat Gary and Amy both deserve to be there and bj has already had his shot...

BObby says he just wants to get to the jury says not to many ppl get a second chance and he doesnt want to blow it......


Off to tribal

Day 18

The tribe arrrives at Tribal and Jeff awaits as usual

He starts of with his usual commentary

Says to Danni you have been here 18 days how does it feel

she says it sucks you have to chose betwen someon who deserves to be here and someone who u have made an alliance with earier...Gary says the group is so tight we have been through some tough times and some really great times,,Amy says this is the bomb right here, i love thes guyseveryone questioned has basically the same answer they are all conflicted on whether to vote out someone who deserves to be there over someone who they made an alliance with....

Bobby Jon says he goes by the deals he made on day 1 or day 2 with people thats his only answer

Jeff says tis time to vote so off they go

BObby Jon is up first he votes for Amy,,,, he says she is the strongest most real person he has ever met in his entire life....

on withthe rest of the voting

Jeff says i will tally the votes

Everyone is looking concerned until Jeff comes back Amy looks positiily sick...

First vote out

Amy second vote Bobby Jon third vote Amy

Eight person perosn voted out of survior gutalmala Amy

Bring me your torch it is time for you to go

Hugs all around Gary looking especially sad no one looks happy about AMy getting voted off

Off she goes down the path of shame holding her arm high in the air

Jeff says

I am convinced you have become a very close group but things are going to change you are not going back to your camp you are heading off to the other tribe... thats right folks ... its merge time.... aHere are your new buffs take your torches and head back to Nakkum all your belonging and awards will be taken there for you... Grab your torches it is time for you to gooo...



Day 18

Off to tribal

Jeff awaits with his usual commentary

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