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What do you really think about censorship on US TV?

Brekkie Boy

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Well, if you visit the Big Brother forums regularly, you'll know I'm from the UK. If you don't, hello - I'm Brekkie Boy, I'm from the UK! :D

I just want to ask you what you think about censorship on network TV in the US.

To me, and the average UK viewer, it's ridiculous! Strong language, any nudity - even if it's just a bottom - is virtually none existant on US TV.

In the UK we have a much more realistic attitude, and even though not as liberal as some European countries, there are few restrictions on what can and can't be shown on TV. The only major taboo is the erect penis!

The principle of the UK system is the 9pm Watershed. There are restrictions on strong language, violence and nudity before 9pm - while after 9pm, scenes of violence, full frontal nudity and incredible strong language are permitted, though broadcasters do have to show some sensitivity in the first hour, with more freedom after 10pm. Things like the naked bottom, pixelated on US networks, can be shown anytime during the day here in the UK - and was even the opening scene when C5 launched a few years ago!

The biggest issue in the UK this year (and ever) was the broadcast of Jerry Springer: The Opera in January. It contained hundreds of swear words, what some perceived as blasphemy and even someone calling Jesus a C***. 50,000 complaints were made, most from small Christian groups who made most complaints before the broadcast. In fact, something like 95% of complaints came in before the show aired. Shown at 10pm with numerous warnings before and during the programme - as well as in the acres of press coverage prior to airing, the complaints were rejected.

Now alot of the big US shows on UK TV in the last few years have come from HBO - where network restrictions do not apply. Six Feet Under, The Sopranos and Rome all feature much more adult content, are huge hits for HBO and critically acclaimed, yet the restrictions on network TV seem to be as tough as ever, especially after the nipplegate incident!

I notice than NYPD Blue, which aired regularly at 10pm on ABC, did have stronger content from the outset, with some nudity (but not full frontal!). They opened with the words "This police drama contains adult language and scenes with partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised", but despite initial protests, the series went on to become popular with viewers and critics alike - yet didn't seem to pave the way for more liberal guidelines around network TV.

To many people outside the US it seems very strange that while shows where estranged children have to guess who is their daddy from a line up of strangers, or shows where couples compete to adopt a child, make it to air, networks still won't air a naked bottom!

So what do you, the TV viewer, think about censorship on American TV?

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Its all part of the conservative movement. I cant stand it. It all started with Janet Jackson at the super bowl with her wardrobe malfunction (which i was there for in Reliant Stadium and i saw it on the Big Screen!!)

Its just been taken to such a far level, and this conservative movement is quite scary.

The conservatives are threating a boycott on a popular girls doll called "american Girl' because portions of the sales are donated to Girls Inc. And Girls Inc supports something that supports a womens right to choose and a book or pamphlet about growing up being a lesbian, and that its ok

Give me a break!!!

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In Canada our censorship is probably closest to Britain's in that almost anything goes. We also get all American networks and super channels.

I watched all of Dumb & Dumber on TBS just for the bathroom scene which brings me to tears everytime. They cut it after the first bit of gas passing. Now most will say that's a good thing but really, what's the point?

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