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TC Votes

Bobby Jon (Votes Blake): (barely audible) Blake, this is something I really didn't want to do. But, even with the way the votes are going tonight, you'd be going home anyway. So therefore, the only thing I can do, is stick with an alliance, so that's what you'd want me to do, and that's what I'd want you to do.

Danni (Votes Blake): This is a really hard decision for me, you're a great guy, but I think there's so many things you've experienced that you've shared in life that others haven't had a chance yet, and that's why I want to give them the opportunity to play the game further.

Gary (Votes Blake): Blake, one too many rich kid stories for me. I'm sure you'll turn out to be a great youg man once you get rid of your wild side. I just hope you start treating women as equal, not as an object.

Brian (Votes Blake): You may be the golden boy, but I'm P L A T I N U M. I'm just tryin' to keep my chances in the game alive. Hope it's you.

Blake (Votes Brian): Brian, you're an extremely compassionate kid, and you've been an amazing part of our team. I did form a lot of bonds with my original tribe..um, I think that the three people from the original Yaxha team are the weakest right now. Nothing personal, these things happen.

Amy (Votes Blake): I'm voting for you, Blake, anything to deflect the heat off of me. I'm really gonna miss your stories, but I think some of your stories, your extravagent stories, made some people think you've already got a lot of money. Good luck.

Brandon (Votes Brian): Brian, don't take offense, man. I'm just happy to keep my word to another person.



Description: Fed up with Blake's irritating stories, Danni explains why she turned against her tribemate.

(Confessional) Danni: Well when we got back from the immunity challenge, immidiately we just started talking. Everybody's pretty much on the same page, we all kind of decided Blake needs to go home. Only problem Brandon and BobbyJon actually have already given him his word that they wouldn't vote for him, and so, it kind of comes down to my vote. And, they all agree that he needs to go they just don't want to look bad, obviously, which I totally understand, so I said I'd go ahead and vote - cause I'd never promised him that I would never write his name down or anything, so


Blake needs to go home, because, ugh, he's irritating everybody. Obviously you want to keep a person who's good in challenges, smart, and Blake is, but it can also turn the team down, having him around camp, and irritating everybody. With all his stories, and everything's about partying, and the alcohol, ugh, it's really wearing on some of our team members, so um I think it's just the best decision that he goes home, and plus, I think there's people that deserve a better shot at winning the whole thing than he does. So, I think it's just fair to give them that shot.


The hard part about voting Blake out is that he is so good at challenges, and that is so important, but physically we still really match up against the other team, against uh Nakum, but as you can see that doesn't always turn out to be the case, strategy plays more of an important role. It's just when you have to live with someone everyday, eat, sleep, drink with these people, you need someone who keeps the morale around camp up, and he doesn't, so that was pretty much the deciding factor, he was really starting to irritate everyone.


I think Blake might even have an idea that something's going on, cause he's been quiet. He keeps asking me "is it going to be Brian, is it Brian", and I'm like, "uh, Brandon said, yeah, Brian", cause I think that's who Brandon's putting down, cause I was trying to skirt around it so I didn't have to lie to him.


Well, um, the original four Nakum members, the ones that have the tight bond are BobbyJon, Brandon, and myself, the three of us, and Blake is kind of the odd man out. But, coming into this, you automatically think they're going to be against you, you're going to be against them, but, I really trust Gary's word, and that he hasn't really started any alliances over there, and that he's in with us, so, you know, I have to trust that, and sometimes it bites ya in the butt in this game but, you know, you gotta take your chances.


Final Words

Transcribed by DCReads56


DC Notes: Blake mentions in Survivor Live that Nakum suspected it was Judd who turned on Brooke, and lists him last in Stephenie

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Oh, cool thanks. The more I thought about what Danni and Bobby Jon might have been thinking, the more I started to wonder whether Gary factored into their decision more than they really showed on the show.

He seems to have a lot more pull over people than what comes across on the show. When this season first started it seemed like he might turn out to be kind of annoying the way they kept showing him talking about his ex-NFL career and how he was going to lie about it to people. But, he really seems to earn peoples respect very quickly. Danni and Bobby Jon are already kind of deferring to him. That's amazing.

Are a lot of quarterbacks like this? I wonder if that's what makes a quarterback good - like there's more to it than just a strong arm, quick thinking, and a good aim. I know Steve Young is like a god in the Bay Area (very nice guy apparently), and wasn't Troy Aikman thought of in the same way around Dallas. They're the only 2 I know - not much of a pattern. Surely there are others who don't fit the superstar mold :)

But once they merge he might have the same problem Tom the fireman had - seen as a major threat, and needing to win every comp to avoid getting voted out. :(

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