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Opening credits spoiler


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I found this on another site... I thought it was interesting and that you all might like to see it... They said they have picked the winner every season for the past several seasons using this theory...

Although each season has its own tricks and unique attributes to the opening there is a basic framework that stands throught the seasons. Ever since thailand, the show intro has become formulized - every character has an action shot followed by a still photo. what the editors do with the action and still shot is the most telling.

Water - maybe its the whole "fire represents life" metaphor, but when the action shot is of the survivor swimming, they're toast. Examples of this is Eliza from Vanuatu (F4), Shawn from Pearl Islands (screwed by outcast twist) and Caryn from Palau (F5). The winner has never been shown swimming.

The Marooning - When the survivor's action shot is from the marooning, that is not good sign. Examples of this is Jolanda from Palau (first voted out), Burton from Pearl Islands (Outcast & F5) and Julie from Vanuatu (F5).

Challenge shots - There are two types of actions shots that editors use for the survivors' action shots. the first type of shots are blatently in challenge. examples of these are Leanne from Vanuatu (F7), Jenn from Palau (F4) and T from Pearl Islands (F7). this type of action shots are cursed as well. The other type of challenge shots are not cursed. these are the shots that at first glance do not seem to be in challenge, but through further investigation, they are. Sandra from Pearl Islands is an example of this. Her action shot is her walking cautiously through the jungle. At first I didnt recognize this to be in challenge but after watching the premier again, I realized that it was taken during the first reward challenge. My theory is that these shots do not high light the challenge themselves, but the character instead, so they are exceptions to the rule.

So what constitutes as a promising action shot?

Camp life - this is the most promising. Mark Burnett likes his winners to excell in the challenges, in the manipulation and in the survival aspects. Individuals who are shown in camp life shots are are usually fan favorites and the winner. examples are Steph from Palau (F7), Matt from Amazon (F2), Jenna from Amazon (winner), Chris from Vanuatu (Winner) and Tom from Palau (Winner). of course there are some exceptions, but these types are usually out really early: Brook from Vanuatu and Kim from Palau.

Still shots

for some seasons the still photos have been focused on infront of two different backgrounds:

Outback - Rocks/survivor logo

Thailand - Water running over photo/fire

Pearl Islands - Skull and cross bones/map

Vanuatu - Tiki/survivor logo on torch

When this occurs the winner is always in the minority of the two types. Tina was in the survivor logo group, Brian's picture was focused on infront of flames, Sandra's pic was infront of a map of the pearl islands and chris' pic was aken with a torch behind it.

Throughout the opening there are animal, scenery and tribe shots. these play a role according to the season as well. one rule that is always consistant since Marquesas is the "16 castaways" rule. When the opening credits show the "16/18 castaways" it is juxtaposed infront of the marooning of one of the tribes. The winner does not come from that tribe.

Marquesas - Rotu rowing to shore

Thailand - Sook Jai rowing to shore

Amazon - (Exception) first shows Tambaqui rowing then Jaburu

Pearl Islands - Morgan jumping off of the boat

All-Stars - Saboga walking onto shore

Vanuatu and Palau had the whole cast marooned together although the winner is except from these shots.

Now each season is unique and so are the openings. This is where the past can't help you find clues. only the season's themes can.


Amazon - the Animal imagery

throughout the opening credits there are shots of birds catching fish. this is significant because Jaburu is the name of a bird in the amazon and Tambaqui is a type of fish. this imagery implies that a woman from jaburu will win the season. Which woman? Jenna is the only female who's action shot is her fishing. This is completely unique to the amazon, but that is what convinced me that she was the winner.

Pearl Islands - comparison of the first bootee and the winner

Nicole and Sandra's action shots are very similar. Both women are walking cautiously through the jungle in the first imunity challenge. The difference between the two is their still photo. sandra has the special background and nicole has the skull and cross bones.

All-Stars - Inversion

The usual order of the survivor's introduction is action shot and then photo. Tina, the first bootee, had her introduction inverted. Amber and Rob (Final 2) also had their's inverted. this gave away that one of these two would win the game. Amber is pegged the winner through this theory because Rob's action shot is mid-challenge while Amber's is a post challenge victory.

Vanuatu - comparison of the first bootee and the winner

The opening for Vanuatu is the best example of opening credits spoiling. nearly every survivor's placement of this season can be analyzed through the credits. Why Chris won is because of his comparison to Brook, the first bootee. of all the survivors, these are the only two shown in camp life shots which is unusual of a season. Chris is also shown with the logo behind his name along with Eliza, Lisa and Chad. Eliza wasn't a contender because her action shot is her swimming, Lisa's is her mid challenge and Chad is swimming as well.

Palau - The Pairs

During Koror's only pre-merge tribal council Katie revealed the tribes pairs. the opening credits did so as well. the pairs of the tribe are revealed as: Coby/Janu, Willard/Caryn, Tom/Wanda, Katie/Ian, Gregg/Jenn. Now, Tom and Wanda were never a pair. The credits imply that Tom is alone since Wanda never even made it onto the tribe. Even though the pairs were revealed differently in ep 5 (Ian/Tom with Katie alone) at the end of the season Ian clearly showed his devotion to Katie over Tom, giving her his place in the final two.

So what about Guatemala?

I don't know who is going to win yet, but I know who isn't gong to for sure.

Water - the following are shown swimming in their action shots:

Gary, Steph, Brandon

Challenge - the following are shown CLEARLY mid-challenge

Brianna, Jamie, Morgan, Lydia, Blake, Cindy and Bobby Jon

Camp Life - Camp life is a good sign - Brian is shown collecting branches, Brooke is shown trekking through the jungle and Jim is shown trying to get the flint to work.

Special Background -

The majority of survivor's have their pics infront of some plants with reeds running over their pic. Gary, Brian, Brandon and Judd instead have water running over their photos. This is not as bold as the special backgrounds of the past seasons so I don't really know how much validity this holds for this season.

the 16 castaways rule - this season the sixteen castaways is shown over Nakum. The winner is not from nakum. so who does that leave as possible canidates?

The editing of the opening credits favor Brian, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rafe or Amy won either.

Brian's action shot is of camp life which is a very good sign. his still pic is in the minority group whcih is promising as well.

Rafe's action shot, although techniqually in challenge, is more like Sandra's, where the challenge is not part of the shot, it just happens to be during the challenge (to see the opposite of this look at Lydia).

Amy's action shot is her post challenge drinking water. Her still photo is very unique in that it is the only one that starts far away from the pic and then zooms in. Leanne from Vanuatu had a similar intro where her pic fell from the screen, but in that case it was used as foreshadowing of her downfall leading to chris' win. I don't know what Amy's zoom in implies.

I strongly believe that the opening credits are a valuable resource for information and I stand by my picks for the season's win: Brian is my first pick with Rafe or Amy support too.

Survivorphoenix.com has a great archive of past season's opening credits. check them out.

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