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Drawn Together

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This show is hilarious. It's pretty much on the Family guy level of hilarity. The new season starts next week.

Since the show is the cartoon version of a reality Shows, I guess it could be moved to that forum.

Last season they made fun of everything from The Apprentice (with Richie Rich wearing a jacked up Donald Trump Hairdo) to Joe Schmo (What is going ooon?). They had the Zelda dude coming out the closet and Betty Boop being an overweight washed up star. Last season (which was only a few episodes) was so funny.

I'm sure there will be more cast mates this season. So far I've seen Strawbery Shortcake getting beat up.

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i cant wait for it to start, and i was real glad to see it was comig back!!!

Is a new cast of charecters, or the same ones?

one of my favorite moments of last season when they all went on strike from the producers and they just sat there silent for like 2 minutes, all they were doing was blinking their eyes.

nothing is funnier than silence sometimes.

wednesdays couldnt be any better starting next week, Lost, South Park, Drawn Together, and the daily show, THEN the New Colbert Report after TDS. A Great block of TV

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yeah I think it's the same cast. But just like last season, you'll probably see cartoon guests.

remember when they threw the "Gay Bash" for Xandir's coming out the closet party? Remember all of the gay characters like Elmer Fudd showing up? Man I was crying. Adam Corolla as the pig is too funny.

They replayed the episode with the sit in/eyes blinking last night. Foxy staged the sit in. You know the chick that played Freddie from A Diff'rent World does the voice for Foxy.

I couldn't believe some of the stuff they showed on that show, like Captain Hero getting a hard-on when the princess was talking about how she kissed Foxy...and the pig takin a dump on a pizza then giving it back to the pizza delivery guy...the show is crazy!

I am also excited about the Daily Show/Colbert Report hour.

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