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October 20th Survivor 11 Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

Episode 6:

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Okay I already Know I am off next thursday and will be here for the live show . See ya'll then

Well not live but coverage as it is playing

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Segment 1:

Yaxha Day 15 :

Brandon says we were 4 strong and blake got voted off , you never know what can happen. BJ admits he had to do what he had to do , we liked him but he was rubbling alot of peple the wrong way.

Brain says the numbers are even and we have to vote off the Nakum members one by one

Nakume Day 15:

Rafe sleepining as jaimie and judd discuss the mesquito's , jamie sais why don't they just bite me and go , all complaing of the mesquitos and how bad they get after a rain.

Rafe discusses Margretts bad attitude and Judd says her problem is she got stuck with him stead of who she thought

She says she knows that Judd just waiting to get her off , and Judd says she can not grasp the fact that the old tribe not coming back and this is just how it is

Immunity Challenge :


pushing the ball over the goal line two woman first , two men next , then one of each , first that does the most wins feast on food and both tribes goes to tribal council tonight , also wins the chance to compete in the immunity challenge where one person is immune and sits in on both tribal councils.

Steph and Cindy against Amy and Danni , Cindy and streph an advantage , Ami and Danni getting some movement on ball , a searge with a lot of momentum , Amy pushing she wants that bar b que and they score Yaxha 1- 0

Judd and Jaimie against Brandon and Bobby john , judd and jamie picking up ground , bobby john with a big push , making up alot of ground , brandon down , judd and jamie making up alot of ground and score , as jamie and bobby john square off in heated words. Nakum scores

1-1 Gary and Ami , steph and judd making quick manuever and ami is down , she is hurt , big advantage for steph and judd , taking advantage and Nakume scores leading 2-1

Ami going again , with danni , ami has to go again even with the hurt ankle , Margret and cindy and they are doing it even with ami's hurt ankle , Ami and danni with huge momentem and yaxha scores tied 2-2

bobby john and brian taking on judd and jamie , Jamie and judd get momentum going bobby john trying to hold them off , and they have it Nakum wins feast and shot at individual Immunity . Ami came back strong but no help no shot at immunity ,

Nakum bar b que feast , but thats later now time for immunity , one of you gets a shot

race out to field collect three bags of letter tiles , when you get them all empty bags spell out a two word phase first that does so , wins immunity , one bag at a time , bring back get another then open when you have all three.

Stephanie and cindy have there third bag , now all have there bags , working on the tiles , Judd figured it out as he can't get his tiles out and tells rafe ancient ruin , lol , judd has it but cant' get his tiles out , next time I will have to keep my mouth shut , laughing

okay rafe has immunity , ya'll have the feast head out and enjoy.

Segment 2:

Nakum day 19:

way to go Nakum , yeah we are on a winning streak , rafe says was great day and I won the individual immunity , how awesome is that /

talking about bobby johns reaction and steph says he is always like that , jamie mentions that he was affraid it would come to blows , us southern people are wild .

Yaxha day 19:

Brandon says to bj when you got into jamies face , phew ,

BJ says jamie is kind of cocky and arrogant , I had to do something

Ami says it is hurt and swollen but I think I can deal with it , , Brian wants to get rid of bJ and gary says why would i do that if he is one of the stronger players on this team.

of the six of us anyone of us can go home , none have immunity all are vulnerable , I just hope gary and amy stick to our original tribe.

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Segment 3:

Nakum enjoys there bar b que , the only thing that sucks for this day , is that we have to go to tribal council and that just sucks man as judd says .

Judd and jamie and steph discussing Margrette leaving and judd says he thinks she knows it and has not a worry in the world .

Margrette says Judd does what he wants to when he wants to , funny thing is that judd is judds worst enemy and the beer and root beer is not working out , Margrette says when ever judd makes a mistake he makes a big deal of it trying to make him self look good.

Tribal council for Nakum after Judd engaged his mouth today before his brain . Judd gave up his food for beer , Judd you gave up food says jeff , Judd says oh yeah in 100 degree heat I will trade beer for food anyday.

Judd says I am giving it my damn all , jeff says giving it your damn all does not make you a good sport. Judd going off on Margrette.

Margrette says this is what Judd is like now , he gets vocal if you don't do what he likes , jeff says judd you look like if I let you , you would go over and strangle margrette

Margrette says judd don't listen to anyone , he bullys and that is what he does. Rafe is not intimedated by judd he has a temper but is a good guy , steph thinks he is just high strung and he says Margrette accused him of having ADD the first day , he says don't talk to me and I won't talk to you , thats it

Bottom line is the other tribe was not coming back and she was stuck with me , she says was cause he rolled over right away , he said you would do it to

Jeff ask steph how can you trust someone who did roll over so quick for his new tribe , steph says cause it is his tribe , there is no old tribe , is us now we are the team.



6th person voted out of survivor is Margrette, that is enough bring me your torch

Margrette , the tribe has spoken

well to paraphrase your words tonight you got rid of the problem if that is true should be smoth sailing , rafe you earned the right to sit in on the next tribal council , the rest of you head home.

Jeff : lets bring in Yaxha

Segment 4 :

Rafe listening in in a right he earned , bobby john what happened with you and jamie , he says he just got in the heat of the moment , two males alot of testerone , we both want to win

bobby says brian is a kamakazee that is going to bust a wedge , he is one that will a good ole boy he is the man if you want it done.

Ami how is the angle , she says is good , was only a twisted a little bit , Brandon says you have no idea how impressed I am by her , is what I like to see go beyond the odds , cussing and swearing she went on.

Everyone giving 110 % at challenges says bobby john , it is the way it is one has to go.

jeff says Rafe can pic one person to give immunity tells rafe to go right it and put it in the sealed envelope and head back to camp.

rafe's choice will remain a secret till after the vote , Gary you vote first.

Bobby John - I

Brian - IIII

Brian thats 4 votes and enough to vote you out , you have one shot left thats rafes vote , Brian rafe gave immunity to gary , bring me your tourch , Brian the tribe has spoken

You did a great job pumping brian up then cutting his throat says jeff , it happened to him it can happen to you , grab your torches and head back to camp.

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