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'The Dresden Files' (New Sci-Fi Series)


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Sci Fi Channel 'Cages' Wizard

by Denise Martin


Nicolas Cage

Making his first foray into television, Nicolas Cage has set up and will executive produce a two-hour pilot, "The Dresden Files" for the Sci Fi Channel. The science fiction cable network has greenlit production on the project, based on Jim Butcher's bestselling novels. Lions Gate Television is on board to produce in association with Cage's Saturn Films.

"The Dresden Files" follows Harry Dresden, a wizard who makes his living as a Chicago-based private eye. Using his extraordinary abilities to see the paranormal forces behind crimes, Dresden helps the police solve their more baffling cases.

Hans Beimler ("The District") and Robert Wolfe ("The 4400") will bring their expertise as writers and executive producers to the project alongside Cage. Saturn Films' Norm Golightly and Morgan Gendel will also join the creative team as executive producers.

Mark Stern, Sci Fi Channel Executive Vice President of Programming, said that unlike the channel's other original dramas, 'Dresden' will pursue a more procedural-style of storytelling. "It's very much a detective procedural with a speculative sci-fi spin -- a first for us and something we've been looking to do for a while," Stern reported.

"What the script did so well was to make the fantasy elements integral to (rather than superimposed on) the plot," Stern commented. "There's this 'Rockford Files' quality to it that I love."

'Dresden Files' is one of two pilots under series consideration at the Sci Fi Channel. The other is "Painkiller Jane," a comic book adaptation about a young woman exposed to a biochemical weapon that gives her self-healing powers. Production on 'Jane' wrapped early this year. Last month, the Sci Fi Channel ordered the series "Eureka," a quirky drama about a man who stumbles upon a small town of geniuses working for the government.

'Dresden' has been sent out to directors and casting. Production will begin in Toronto this fall for a target summer 2006 premiere. Next, Cage will produce and star in "The Wicker Man" for writer-director Neil LaBute. He toplines Paramount's upcoming picture, "The Weather Man."

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Courtesy of: SCI-FI WIRE

12:00 AM, 13-DECEMBER-05


Butcher Praises Dresden Files

Fantasy author Jim Butcher told SCI FI Wire that he's pleased with The Dresden Files, the SCI FI Channel's upcoming TV movie adaptation of his wizard detective novel series.

"I saw the clips [of the movie] and thought my jaw was going to fall off my skull," Butcher said in an interview. "I'm very pleased with how well [screenwriters] Robert [Hewitt Wolfe] and Hans [beimler] get the whole wizard detective concept, and I liked the movie script very much."

Paul Blackthorne (24) stars as Chicago-based wizard and detective Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files, from executive producers Wolfe (Andromeda), Beimler (Profiler), Nicolas Cage, Norm Golightly and Morgan Gendel.

Based on Butcher's best-selling series of novels, The Dresden Files tells the story of Dresden, a Chicago-based private detective and the only wizard listed in the Chicago yellow pages. Where others see typical crimes of assault, kidnapping and murder, Dresden sees otherworldly forces at work.

Butcher said that he optioned his books to Gendel, a producer and writer on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, Butcher said, "I am in regular contact with Robert Wolfe, the show's producer, who has been great about letting me suggest things here and there and about asking for my thoughts on things."

Butcher added that he plans to visit the movie set in Toronto. If the movie, a pilot, becomes a series, will Butcher write any episodes? "Not if I want to meet my book deadlines," he said. "If the show goes on and on for seasons and seasons, maybe I'll try to write an episode. But outside of that, I'll probably just focus on my job and let the screenplay writers do theirs." The Dresden Files will premiere on SCI FI in the summer of 2006.

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Published: May 25, 2006


Lionsgate Series to Star Paul Blackthorne

NEW YORK - May 23, 2006

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