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Saturday, April 15, 2017 BBCAN5 Live Feed Updates

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1158pm BR Sindy is whining (half jokingly) to dem and ika (who are laying inbed together) that she is tired of feeling like a third wheel when she is around them.

   1155-ish In HveNotr room Jackie appears to have been crying to Bruno about being on block. Bruno is trying to reassure her that it will work out...she has kevin and brunos votes, then says that they just have toi make sure they win the veto to use on her.n I am assuming Kevin and Bruno are saying they will use it on her if either one of them win it.

1207 am -kevin Karen will cooking, no game talk, all seems well there

1210a dre and ika talking in pantry, talking about how they both like and trust dillion now, Ika says if Bruno or sindy win next week, they will certainly put dre on the block with the goal of evicting dre, dillion will be used as a pawn.


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Also ika is saying if kevin wins she is going on the block. Ika is also afraid that she will be the replacement nom this week if veto is used.

1215 dre meets with dillion, says he and Emily were never her target in the prior weeks. She tells him not to trust Bruno or kevin (Dre and Dillion appear to be semi flirtatious today on a few occasions?) ika comes in and interrupts . Reassures Dillion that she would not put him on the block if she won hoh. Ika says dem will not hold a grudge for being put up as a nom, understands that he was on the other side of the house.`1218-ish Dillion says it started week 1 he and dillion butt heads.  (ika is really smoozing dillion) continually complimenting him etc.

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12:18AM BBT Ika, Dre and Dillon are in the HoH room 

Ika is promising Dillon she will not go after him next week. She promises on her two boys. She says I know you know how much that means. She said she will not say who her targets are, but it won't be him. And she says Dem would not either; he won't hold a grudge. She says Dem is loyal and so is Dillon, they were just always on separate sides of the house. Dillon says Dem made it that way & Ika says he had to. Dem won't come after you. 

She starts to laugh with him and asks why they didn't team up in the beginning. She starts to heavily flatter Dillon and say how funny he is and that she just noticed this, and was commenting to Dre earlier this week just how funny Emily was. She talks about how bad it was that nobody in their alliance told Emily she was going. Dillon said they kind of knew. Ika says no, Emily just talked to her that morning and said she was pretty sure she was staying. Dillon sighs.


Ika leaves and Dre is telling Dillon that when Will put him and Emily up on the block, she didn't have the same targets. She says she is with Will and will never put him up and she will never vote him out, but he is not to her what Emily was to Dillon. She says she didn't want them on the block last week. Dillon says Will kind of wasted his HoH. Dre says she is not trying to throw Will under the bus, but she was mad at him for putting up Dillon & Emily. 

She says she thought Dillon, Bruno, Kevin and Neda were together but when Kevin didn't use the PoV... Dillon says 'you were shocked'. And she says yes. Dre is making Dillon mad at Kevin all over again. She says Kevin is playing Will. Dillon says yes, absolutely he is. She tells him Kevin told her he has a grip on Dillon and he does not like that at all.


Dre says she has three things to tell Dillon.

1. She tells him about the entire plan she, Ika and Will had to convince Kevin to use the veto, telling him Jackie would be the replacement nominee, but really he would put up Bruno to be back doored. She says Kevin was totally for it and was dancing around all happy that he was going to use it, then she doesn't know what happened, but Kevin didn't go through with it. She figures Bruno talked him out of it. Dillon says yes, Bruno would have totally talked him out of it. And Neda would too. All the while Kevin says he didn't use it because Will didn't want him to. 


2. The second thing she wants to tell him is that she and Bruno mutually do not trust each other and she kind of wanted to test him before by asking a couple of questions, but first getting him to promise complete honesty to her. She asked him if he ever referred to her and Will as "The French Connection". Bruno told her no. She then asked if he was in an alliance with Dillon and Emily and he said no. She didn't like those answers. 


3. The third thing is that she loves Ika, but it can't go unnoticed that she was playing both sides. She says Ika will be loyal, for sure but she prioritizes her loyalties (as they all do). She said the double eviction night made her sad because they didn't tell Emily she was going home and in that second eviction Dre says she was sure she was going on the block. She brings up the fact though that Neda, Sindy, Kevin, Bruno...  Dillon finishes her sentence and says "are all returners". She says yes! Dre tells Dillon Ika is not coming after him, but Ika still wants to be safe with the other side (with Bruno, Kevin and Sindy) until she doesn't have to. 


Dre says If Demetres was out, Ika would be more loyal to them (Dre/Will, etc). 



1:00AM BBT Karen is in the HoH room with Dre and Dillon. She says we're cleaning this house! We have the votes. They're done. There is 4 of them and 6 of us. Dillon says Sindy would be the backdoor if they don't get 'the big guy' out (Bruno). They talk about how Dillon still needs to act like he's with them. He agrees and says he'll still make them think they have control over me. 


1:04AM BBT Sindy and Bruno are in the pink bedroom. They are talking about how many votes they would need to get Demetres out. Bruno says "me, you, Kevin and... one more". He asks would Will? Or Dre? Sindy says no. He says Karen might.  Sindy says no, Karen likes Ika and she hates Jackie so there's no way she'd keep Jackie.

Bruno says it's ok, we're gonna make it work. But he points out that Dre hasn't left Dillon's side since the nomination ceremony. They wonder what they could be talking about in the HoH room this long.  Bruno says if we could get rid of Dre and Will, as they are a pair and Ika and Dem are a pair - that's two pairs and now they're working on Dillon. 


Sindy says we'll see what happens with veto. Bruno tells her not to panic. She says she isn't panicking. She says we don't have the votes to get rid of Dem though. Bruno thinks he has come up with a good idea and says if we really convince Dillon that Dem has to go, he can convince Karen to vote out Dem. Bruno says he asked Dillon who his target is and Dillon replied that both Jackie and Dem were good targets. They discuss Jackie a bit and Bruno says there is no way Jackie would go with that side of the house now, not ever. 

Sindy says to Bruno: I wish you won that comp. He says he knows, but Dillon promised he'd be safe. Now he doesn't know. He is still concerned what they are talking about up in the HoH. He says it might be nothing. They might be talking about cherries or something innocent. But he says Dre's been up there and pushing for him to go all season. Sindy says Dre also pushes for Kevin. Bruno says yeah, Kevin going up is not good, not good. 

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1:32AM BBT Bruno and Kevin are outside by the hot tub. 

Kevin says to Bruno: Me and you, besides Jackie - are in the worst spot in the house right now. Bruno says he agrees 100%. Kevin says Emily going, Neda going, we are in the worst position to win now. 

Bruno says Dre has been with Dillon all night. He hopes they're not trying to pull something. He says if Jackie leaves, not good. If they do something with the veto, who are they going to put up? Kevin asks if Bruno thinks Dillon will keep to his word? Bruno says I don't know. Kevin says they are underdogs. They went from a good dominant position to a crappy one. Bruno says Sindy screwed up so bad, so bad. Kevin agrees. 


Kevin asks if Dillon would back door one of them. Bruno says he does not know. Bruno says if Dre, William, Ika and Demetres promise Dillon some kind of great deal, why wouldn't he go back on his word? He says emphatically: We need Demetres OUT! 


Kevin says it just hit him today what a bad spot they are in. Bruno says Ika and Dem, Will and Dre are solid. They have Karen, they've probably pulled Dillon in and that's six people. He says they have himself, Kevin, Sindy and Jackie. Sindy's finally opened her eyes. He says they have to talk to Dillon.


Kevin says Ika is the queen right now. Top dog. He says they should have pushed Sindy harder in the double eviction. Bruno says Sindy sees things clearly now, but the damage is done. They've got to get into that HoH room and break up the pairs. Kevin says William might spare him if he's nominated. 

Bruno says Sindy is still 'with' the two pairs (Ika/Dem & WIll/Dre), but that she's with him and Kevin first. Kevin says that group will ditch Sindy for Karen when it comes down to it. 

Bruno says: "I heard Dillon say to Demetres after the nomination ceremony to win the power of veto when he hugged him. I was right there, I heard it."


He says not to panic though, we will see. Maybe there is nothing going on, and maybe Dillon trusts us, maybe he doesn't. He says Sindy would put up Dre & Will if she won the next HoH. Kevin says Ika wants all the vets in the jury. She wants to be the last vet because if they are all in jury they will vote for her to win. 


Bruno says if the veto stays the same, we just need one more person to vote out Demetres. He thinks Karen would listen to Dillon if they could convince him Dem has to go. 


Kevin again asks if Dillon would go back on their deal they made in the HoH comp. Bruno says let's hope not, you never know. Just don't panic and we'll talk to him. Bruno says "Ika has been so weird, too nice, way too nice the last couple of days. It's off. She is not that nice." 


Bruno says he's pretty sure Dre has told Ika and Dem about Dillon's HoH deal (to keep Bruno, Kevin, Will and Dre safe). They say it would suck so bad for one of the two of them (Bruno or Kevin) to win veto, then have Dillon say he was going to backdoor Ika, then he goes back on his word and puts up the other one. They just can't trust that Dillon would not put one of them up, or Sindy. 

Kevin says they have to keep their energy up. Dillon's their boy. All they can hope is he doesn't betray them.  They are realizing the gravity of their situation and how screwed they are. Bruno blames Sindy for the position they are in.  They realize even if they make it through this week, everyone is gunning for them next week and that side has the votes. They agree not to just lay down and give up. Kevin says it's Go Time. Bruno asks who he has connections with. Kevin says William, but then says he is not sure if Will is playing him or not. And he says Dillon because they are bros. Bruno says he has Kevin and Sindy.


They keep recycling the conversation topics and go back to wondering why Dillon would tell Dem to win the veto. They figure it could mean nothing. They say they both need to spend time with Dillon tomorrow. They agree that the other side would get Dillon out 7th. He's the last in their group. They say they would take him to final 3. Kevin asks Bruno: If Dillon asks you who you would target, who are you going to say? Bruno starts to say Will and Dre, but realizes he can't because Dillon really likes Dre. Bruno says he knows Sindy talked Dillon into nominating Jackie and Demetres. He says "She is such a liability! But we have no choice but to go with her."


They talk about how Sindy got Neda out, but Ika takes all the credit for it. Kevin says Ika and Demetres have the best resumes so far with combined moves and Dem's comp wins, etc.  Bruno says if they can last long enough for Will and Dre to need the two of them to eventually help get out Ika and Demetres that would be ideal. 

Kevin says he already told Dillon if Kevin wins HoH next week his repayment to Dillon is immunity. He is so safe. Bruno says the other side of the house has so much play and we don't. They say Jackie will go out in 10th place, he and Kevin will go out 9th and 8th. Bruno says but the game changes so much. It depends who wins, and what kind of stuff blows up every week. 

Kevin says he is going to spend most of his time with Dillon tomorrow and "bro out". Bruno says Dre is sleeping in the HoH room tonight. They both shriek and say "that is BAD NEWS".  

Big Brother says Good Night Houseguests three times and they get up to go to bed still shaking their heads about how screwed they are and Bruno says one more time that Sindy put them in a bad position. 




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1224dre saying to dillion when William put dill on block she did not agree with his choice, but William is close to kevin (swayed by him?) Dre saying that she really cares about William but she doesn't think he would save her if he had the chance. Says she and will were NOT on the same page, dre says that Bruno stated that he was able to manipulate dillion easier than Emily and wanted to keep him. Dre was very surprised that kev didn't try to use the veto on dill, when she thought they were in an alliance together.Kevin fought hard to win veto....and didn't use on dil dre admits that she wanted to backdoor Bruno if dill was taken off...more implications that kevin was playing William, convinced will to keep dill on block and keep Bruno safe. Kevin convinced will to keep dill on block.....so plan failed. Dre says it became obvious that dill was low man on alliance totem pole with Bruno neda kev etc

   1233Dre says that Bruno denied having an alliance with dillion

dre says that ika was playing both sides of the house, saw a different side of ika. Dre not mad at ika, dre mad at self for not realizing how hard ika was playing both sides, also knows that dem will always be ikas #1,. Dre thinks if Dem goes then ika will become closer to her and William rather than go to kevin and Bruno. Dre vows to put up kevin and Bruno if she gets a hoh.

   Dre and dillion both claim to really like Karen, because Karen wants the vets out, but say that Karen talks too much which can be dangerous. Karen walks in and dil Karen and dre all say they are all on the same page.




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220  II am watching a flashback on liquid BB and it appears that Dre and Ika are absolutely sure that William is putting all of his loyalty in Kevin, no longer Dre's ride or die. The relationship between Will and Dre has changed, Dre is no longer as close to William as they once wereas she said "Will wont put me on the block, but wont necessarily protect her.

   Dre says that dem is the target, and if the pov is won that Ika will probably go up...but I'm not 100% about this.


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My feeds are down, apparently not all are having this issue as this info is being taken from another source; as of 938pm pov was played , no talk as to who won...yet. BB is throwing the houseguests a pizza party, have nots are able to eat and sleep wherever they want to as well, for the next 24 hrs. Dillion is angry at BB production, but for what reason remains unknown. I would like to thank JSsweetness for this information. If I get anymore info, will update. I get feeds on BBliquid, and it appears the feeds are down more frequently than on the Canadian platform? FYI

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HG talking at table, Karen mentions Neda being in hospital night prior to start night, quickly told to 'stop talking about production' 1008 pm, dil in hoh saying something to himself along the lines of "It go down in the dr" Not it went down or it will, just IT went down in the dr....I am missing something. Stll no pov talk

. Bruno talking about how much better he feels after eating real food.

  1011, just went to different screen kev and talking dil talking, it sounds like kevin won pov, dil saying that if he puts sindy up, he wants her to go home, he is hgoing to say its because sindy put him up at the double eviction. Kevin says he supports the sindy replacement seems like a good idea, doesn't say he will vote her out though....also says that he is upset that sindy was so quick to put neda up....dillion then mentions that he could also put up Ika. Ika and dem told dil last week that they will not go after dill, and dil is afraid if he puts up ika there will be vengeance on dems endif ika went home, also Jackie is their main target he says. Kevin then agrees to vote however dill wants him to, assures that Bruno will vote the same. Dil says whoever he puts up, he wants the replacement to go home...at this early stage it looks like he is veering toward sindy, but as we all know, this may change.

   Kevin and dill discuss that dill is in a very good position in the house,


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1020p ika dem and dre talking in broom. Ika says that Dil will put sindy on the block, reassures her that Ika will not be on the block as a replacement (which has changed since Fridays discussion)

   Dil and Jackie in bathroom, dil relaying the info that kevin told him he and Bruno will vote however he wants, and that they have no problem putting up Sindy.Jackie is skeptical because Bruno and Sindy are so close, and wants to confirm with Bruno that he is willing to vote sindy out. Dil is also going to check with Bruno as well. Dill says he has no reason to put up Ika, again, so it appears that Ika is indeed safe.


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1035pm Dre is going to tell William that he can NEVER be kevins #1 as Bruno will always be Kevins #1.Dre and Will are saying that if Will wins next HOH he will definitely put up Jackie, but would also put up Ika if Kevin suggested/wanted it. Dre doesn't think Will will try to win HOH as Will wants to cruise through (below radar?) Ika nolonger trusts William, Dre is saying that William is too emotional and too close to Kevin. Ika, dre, and demetres say that its just the three of them now, and possibly Dillion. (Dillion is now tight with  everybody, and is in a good spot) Dillion may not be  super close with Jackie, but certainly doesn't want her going anywhere.

   Apparently Sindy twisted her ankl during pov comp....also now it looks like demetres won pov as Karen and Dem were joking about it...not sure who won to be entirely honest but in a nut shell looks like sindy is going on the block as the target....its a long time till Thurs though

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Ika wishes kevin or Bruno would have been put up as replacement as it is too early to put up sindy. More Dre/Ika talk about kevin and Wills close relationship. Dre says Will is is playing the middle and will not fight for ether one of them (which has been stated over and over) Also, apparently Sindy thinks Ika is going up.

   Bruno in hoh trying to convince dil that dem/ika will gho after him 100%. Bruno saying what a bad choice it is to put up sindy, Bruno says dem/ikaBruno using boxing analogies will be gunning after dillion nomatter what they are saying to him. Bruno says everybody wants dem and ika gone, and that dillion needs to take a shot now. Bruno is very enthusiastic about this argument, saing that this is the only time that dil will have tyhis chance to put them both up. Bruno says he will finish off which ever one stays....Bruno using boxing analogyies....Dill has ika and dem against the ropes.

   Now saying that they can say to dem/threatening him that if dem uses the veto on himself that Ika is going up. If he doesn't use veto then Jackie is going home (obviously backdooring him) Bruno keeps saying that Bruno and Kevin will get out whichever one remains. Dillion remains skeptical, says he has to think about it. Bruno emphatically says that putting up Sindy is a bad mood, but says he will support dillions nom....(but will fight like hell for Ika to be put up)

   Dill pacing in backyard, pacing, feeling stressed out obviously. Kevin and Bruno quickly meet and say they will push him tomorrow for Ika to go up.

   Bruno then quickly meets with Jackie, Jackie wants Ika up as well, Jackie is scared she is going home....Not realizing that she is not the target this week

1102pm Bruno continues to push hard to get Ika up so Dem is evicted (kevin and Bruno both want dem out)

1103 Dem and Dil playing pool, Dem reassuring Dil that Dill is 100% safe with him and Ika. Dil asks Dem who he would put up if he won HOH, Dem says Kevin and Bruno are sketchy. Dem tells Dil that Bruno and Kevin will screw over Dillion in a heartbeat. Dil needs reassurance that he is safe with Demika. Dil is skeptical of Bruno because Bruno is so adamant about NOT putting Sindy up, making it obvious that Bruno kevin and sindy are a team. Dil says 'they' are putting up Ika, this is no surprise to dem. dem says to Dil that after noms are announced AND OFFICIAL, that all the ass kissing from hg will stop.

   Dil called to DR, says to dem that they will talk more. Its going to be interesting to watch Kevin and Bruno scramble to try to get Ika up.

1112pm dem filling in ika on whats going on. Ika doesn't like that dem told dil that he would put up Bruno and Kevin.



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Karen and ika dre in kitchen whispering that they cant talk out in the open, just quickly say that Bruno is pushing hard for her (Ika) to go up

1120pm   Jackie and Bruno in hot tub talking about how Ika has to go up. Sindy then gets in the hot tub, Bruno says to sindy "we have to get Ika up' Sindy asks if Dil is considering putting her up...all Bruno and Jackie keep saying that she needs to push for Ika. They say they need to find a way to (ruin) any relationship between Ika and Dil, saying that Ika has been pushing for Dillion to go home since day one, and that Demika will put him up if either one of them are hoh, also how dangerous Demika are together. Bruno says that Sindy can not tell Dillion any of their conversation, if she does then Bruno will not fight for Sindy to be safe. Brunop says to Sindy that she has to start being nicer to Dillion (apparently she has been rude to him in the past?)

   Jackie is still worried she will be going home (sigh).

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1130pm Dil smoking at hot tub area, Sindy talking about her ankle issues, Dill seems totally UNinterested in listening to Sindy or Jacke.

Pool table-Dem and Dil . Dil says that he cant walk 10feet without Bruno being all over him, too eager to talk to him about the Ika going up scenario, both say Kevin is much smoother/smarter of the two of them. Dil leaves, goes to DR

   Bruno and Dem at pool table. Dem denies talking to Dil yet says that he is giving Dil some space and give him time to think about, obviously not the case. Bruno and Dem both claim to have no idea who Dill will put up. Bruno seems antsy, kind of awkward between the two of them...superficial talk.

Dem saying he just wants to go to bed soon, Bruno says "Oh you are going to bed when you can? Seems like Bruno wanted to confirm this as it will give lots of people time to talk with Dillion, but that's just how I heard it.

   It will be interesting to hear Dil and Dre talk in bed tonight to hear Dillions thoughts, actually interesting is not the word, will probably be redundant, but I get the impression Dillion appreciates the time he has with Dre to decompress from the days of hoh.

   off to bed fore me too, night night to all

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