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October 13th Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

Episode 5:

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Anyone..... :)

Hi Jem

Sorry about Thurs night we did lose our power until Friday morning.. It doesnt happen often so we should be good for rest of season.. I live out in country so it takes longer for them to get it back up and running when the lines go down..

I am good for this week I see you post every week asking for help and I sometimes for get to tell you but just put me down every Thurs unless I let you know there is a prob like I did last week..

I can do more than the last segment if u need me too. I will just check here an hour before show and do whatever you have me down for... that way if I forget to add my name weekly you know u got me.

Have a good week see ya all Thurs night...

oh btw off subject

Does mortys do recaps of other shows such as Apprentice and Lost. I never miss either of these either

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LoL , Thanks Jem

Is no problem for me since my lap top is wireless so actuall I could take it to any of our three tvs, but since one of them is in my room and I have one of those bed/tv trays it just more comfrotable to sit in my bed with it on the tray , and watch the tv or in this case more like listen to it , don't see a whole lot while trying to write/type what I am hearing.

Haven't seen Ranster yet , but if he is as usuall will show up just before start of the show and give me a hand with the live typing . See ya'll soon

Wolfrider aka Wolf ake Ryder

In real Sherri

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Recap : Last Week on Survivor

yaxha dodged deadly visitors

then everything changed when the tribes were unexpectedly switched

at the new Nakume tribe stephanie and jamie approached Judd

Margrette was unsure of Judd

Blake and Bobby john had a little bathroom break and a talk

Yaxha won immunity , Nakum went to tribal council where judd turned on his former tribe and voted out brooke

14 are left who will be voted out tonight.

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Segment 1:

Night 11:


Judd says it was me that went against his side and brooke is out and he feels good about it ,

Margrette says she is really sad over what Judd has done

and Judd says he don't give a rats ass what people think of him as long as his wife and daughter love him thats all that matters to him.

Yaxha Day 12:

Blake sitting alone thinking of his chances with the new tribe , saying we have the odds on our side with 4 of us and 3 of them

Amy freaking out at a flying beatle that they told her landed on her , Brandon says he is used to hicks more farming tough kind of people.

Amy says I am from the city so when they talk about farming she is really out of it , brian says I would not hang with these type of people normally

our tribe is a really religious tribe and we pray before each meal and challenge and though I am not religous I am not going to say I am not going to thank jesus that would not be very smart


Yaxha getting first look at new Nakum with Brook missing

talking about the heat and can not enjoy the water , and how a croc wass 5 feet away from them

both tribes race to first station and using stone cut through the rope , taking the 2 handles to second station where one will chop through a log getting two more handles take it to third station where the handles will turn the turnstile bringing cart up the hill where all will get in

reward floating crock proof swim cage and margeritas and chips and dip

Jamie and brandon choping at rope with stone , brandon on second rope and has it

Jamie still on first rope ,

Bobby john getting to work on log , Yaxha has the lead and Nakum still at first station with jamie still on first rope

Bobby john gets the handles and all go up to the turnstile , Yaxha has a huge lead as jamie still at first station

Yaxha has all six in the cart and going to cruze past Nakum , Judd says damn and Yaxha wins reward.

Jamie finally gets through , they say we not quiting were done.

Margerita's , chips with swim cage with deck and lounge chairs should make for a refreshing afternoon.

Nakum back to camp , Jaime it falls on you says Jeff

Segment 2:

Yaxha day 12 :

arriving back to the camp and seeing there little deck and pool , not very big but very safe and easy to get cool.

says brandon you kicked butt , you made that contest not even fun , he said I did it for Yaxha

Gary says we have a new superhero on our team and I know kansas is loving him and so am I

Yaxha is having a supperday , and are loving it.

to be able to swim even in a tiny square is heaven , says brian.


Jamie says tried to chop it and could not , compete with brandon and appologized to everyone

Judd says you can not blame one person.

Judd says there is no technique you and margrette can stand up to the plate , get us out of spotlight and shine like the star you think you are.

Stephanie says Bobby John cheers like a freakin girl , she understands but she is jealous and can't stand it

stephanie says jamie gets his butt kicked by a 22 year old farm boy and can't get through the second rope , my heart is breaking and I am collapsing really , I am in a really bad dream and can not get out no matter what. I will not cry in front of them and I do not want to relive what I did the group I am always in is the less able one and it sucks.

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segment 3 :

Yaxha night 13:

Beautiful thunder storm , it sucks we huddled under a freking umbrella says Brandon but brian and blake able to sleep under the shelter and don't know how , they call him golden boy given by amy.

Blake talks about himself all the time to the group as brandon says and keeps talking himself up like he is captain american

Brian says blake is such and idiot and I made a new game and ask blake a questions of him to get him to go off on a him story and brian says he is digging himself a hole and I going to do every thing I can to give him the shovel

Nakume day 14:

Lydia and Steph get tree mail , says they have to work together to achieve it

Steph says I am trying to get the bad luck that is looming over my head away and lydia begins sing a motivating Nakume song , trying to get everyone motivated as she dances and sings , all laughing at her and Rafe begins working a wave with his hands.

Lydia says elvis maybe king of rock and roll but I am the queen.


two groups of three , will be holding a maya catch net , one person left will run the catapult and launch the balls , first to catch 5 wins immunity

Brian for Yaxha on catapult

Lydia for Nakum

Brian scoors first shot 1for Yaxha

Lydia did not score with anyone on first launch

Brians second is high and short and Nakum catches it and steals it

tied 1 to 1

No one catches lydias second launch

Brian again and no one catches it.

Lydia launches third and Nakum catches now 2-1 Nakum

Brian launches and Yaxha connects 2-2

Lydia launches and Nakume catches back in the lead


Brian launches and Nakum catches and steals 4-2

lydia launches and Nakum catches 5- 2 Nakum wins immunity

Jamie shouts who's smiling now

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segment 4:

Yaxha day 14 :

Back in camp , not happy bitching over jamies yelling at comp. Brian says is disapointment the odds are against us with the 4 to 3 , but who knows , talking about voting blake out with Gary hoping one of them votes for blake as he is driving everyone crazy.

Gary talking to bobby john about blake and I don't want to see someone in the final 4 that does not deserve it and bobby john says he listens to gary cause he is smart . but he promised blake he would not vote him out and right now is not the time to go against it.

Brandon says he is not going to vote for blake but for amy or brian , danni thinking of voting for blake

Danni says everyone getting fed up in the whole blake situation , don't like the frat boy type but I am the swing vote and don't like that but sometimes thats just the way it goes.


talking about how bad the storm was , Gary first interviewed says two of us was able to sleep and amy telling everyone how blake is GOLDEN BOYYY

Jeff says you was gasping first day and now you are Golden Boy?

ask Gary what the first few moments was like at the mix of tribes and how is it now , he says was scary but Amy says I am thinking we are one tribe now , blake agree's but there are still bonds born the first weeks

Brian says if that is the way it is then they not getting to know the person if it is me then I am a victim of minority

Bobby John says every vote is a tough vote , cause everyone has faught to get as far as they did in there own way , I don't want to destroy anyone's dream. Wants to keep the dream alive.

Jeff tallies the votes:


Brian :II

Fifth person voted out of survivor Guatelma is Blake

Blake the tribe has spoken time for you to go , Blake says by guys.

Based on tonights vote jeff says this game just took a big shift.

Blakes Final words:

I didn't see it coming and I don't see the reason why , I am kind of angry . I won some of the compititons but seems they don't want the strong players.

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