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Saturday, April 8, 2017 BBCAN5 Live Feed Updates

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So I decided to rewind a bit:

From Friday night:

Cam 3: 8:45p: In HOH, William and Jackie sitting on HOH bed. Sindy comes into HOH to ask Jackie if she can listen to the music. Jackie tells Sindy that she wants to talk one on one with William for a bit. Sindy asks if she can use the music while she's talking....Jackie tells her to come back up when they are done talking. Sindy leaves HOH without music.

Jackie asks William "What's up?"

William: "I'm kinda mixed up with everything, with where people are..."

Jackie "People are actually talking game to you now, which is different. Do you know where your head's at?"

Wiliam "Umm, not yet. I'm thinking many things, but I wanted to know if you liked everyone, and just know what everyone is thinking about....like their ideas, or something like...."

Jackie "Yeah....okay....Well.....

The way I look at it, I know obviously Dre is your number one, but I didn't know that Dre was gunning for me that hard until the other day. Like, I knew that she was upset at me but I didn't think I was her number one target....cuz like personally, I feel like there are bigger targets than me right now. For me, like, Dre is not even in my tunnel vision... I have one person in it, and I just want that person out, and I think you can guess who that person is [Ika?]. I feel like things were okay for us at first [Jackie and William], and you've actually gotten to know me. But I just feel like now I've like crawled into this, like a cave almost,  just because I can't, yanno, I can't be myself with her inside this house....cuz I'm like constantly being put down and I don't like wanna talk anymore now I just wanna be quiet and like not hang out with people who are around her just because I'm not like me anymore. Like, I'm not like, playing this game properly cuz she's in this house. And I know that I won't be able to think clearly until she's like gone. That is my mission. Yanno?"

William: "So, you're after Ika."

Jackie: "So, from what you know of me, do you think I'm fake?"

"Do you think I'm being real with you?? Or do you think I'm fake?"

William: "I was really, really, really, (and you knew this) I was believing you, but for sure there's a lot of things in the house that have been said, and there was something I wanted to ask you because....Ahh, at one point I heard that the vote that I got was from you?"

Jackie "Do you wanna know who gave it to you, cuz I can tell you..."

William: "I'd love that..."

Jackie: "It was Sindy."

William: "Mmkay..."

Jackie: "And you can ask all six of us, because she was the only one that didn't because I voted for Gary and Dre."

William tells Jackie that because of the situation when he was first mad at her, and then all of this happening, and everyone coming to him to tell him things, he was really confused about trusting her.... Jackie asks who was telling him these things, and William tells her that he doesn't want to throw anyone under the bus, but it was from both sides of the house.....maybe. Jackie says that 100% Sindy was the one who did it because she said it in front of everyone in the room they were in. William doesn't understand why she would do that. Jackie doesn't know if it was because it was Sindy full-on picking on him, or another reason Sindy had. But she definitely picked William and Dre. The Jackie tells William he can go ask other people about it...but Sindy is the one who has nominated him. 

Jackie goes on to reasurre him that she's not going after him at all, and she wants him to full-on trust her. She doesn't want him to think that she will ever nominate him, because she has bigger fish to fry. She understands that she is the number one target on his side of the game, and she doesn't understand why because there are bigger targets. She says she assumes that everyone is telling him to put her up on the block this week, but William tells her "Actually, no. Not everyone." 

William asks Jackie how everyone felt after he won HOH. She says Emily and Dillon always feel like a target. She feels like Bruno may feel like he is too. William asks Jackie if she knows where Bruno's head is at since he's closer to her side of the house. Jackie says he's kinda hard to depict because he's very "to himself" and even though they all are on the same side, he's just very good with his words....and good with speaking with people. That's what she's thinking the most.

Oh, and obviously Sindy was leary because she's nominated him too.  William seemed surprised and said "okay."

William: "But, do you think that Bruno would go after me and Dre?"

Jackie: "On your side? Well, like when I'm with him, I'm usually venting about how I hate Ika. So, for him he'll be like, "Yeah, we gotta get her out, we gotta get her out." [Bruno] 

William: "So you wanna go after Ika...."

Jackie: "Yeah, I wanna go after Ika. But, I think it's just him wanting to agree with me, to make me feel better."

Jackie goes on to say that this is the whole thing: She feels like she still hasn't found her own person on her side of the house yet, that she really doesn't have a voice. But, William is the closest person she has in this game, but they are on different sides. That it's hard because people still won't open up to her fully, which really sucks, but she understands. 

William: "Are you closer with Emily? Or like, Dillon?? Cuz I see you hanging out with them more lately."

Jackie: "Yeah, I've been talking a lot more with Emily. I really like Emily. Dillon still talks game with me, but just not as much. But it's just like Emily really genuinely cares about me, and she sees what's going on with me and Ika, and understands how I feel about things. She's always got a shoulder for me to cry on, and is always there for me which is really good for me, in that sense."

Jackie: "Did you.....Question.....Did you see my study thing? Did you hear about how someone ripped it up?"

William: "No....I didn't hear about that."

Jackie: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Ika, but...."

William: "Well, maybe [maybe Ika did] but she isn't saying anything to me because maybe she's scared I'll say something...."

Jackie goes on to tell him that she was scared to tell him about it origionally because she didn't know where his head was at. William says he didn't know anything about it at all. He says he's always been friends with Ika even though sometimes she's a mean bitch. Jackie goes on to say again that her target is totally not Dre. That Dre is not on her mind, and if she would put someone up, she'd put up Demetre next to Ika. That she'd HAVE to put Demetre up next to Ika cuz if he'd win veto, he'd take Ika down, and then she'd put up Karen in her place. Jackie says she'd put Karen up just to make her squirm....she hasn't been up on the block yet, and she needs to go up. 

William asks Jackie if she knows what Emily and Dillon want. Jackie says no because no one really talks to her. She feels most comfortable talking to Emily, but she doesn't know anything. 

William goes on to say he doesn't know really what to do, what he wants.....and is just waiting to talk to everyone to see where everyone's head is at. William thanks Jackie for telling him about Sindy, and Jackie gets up to leave HOH. 

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6:40am BBT Good Morning Canada! The house guests are still sleeping. We can see Nomination Ceremony Today on the screen. They are all on the living room floor in sleeping bags.


6:45am BBT Ika wakes up. went into the storage room to change her battery and then headed up stairs to use the wash room. She went into the pink bedroom where the lights are still off and she is looking for her clothes.


7:03am BBT Bruno is up and in the wash area with Ika and she is telling him that she is going to have Sindy talk to Dre because Dre trusts Sindy a little bit. Ika wants to let William know that if he is going to put up two people that are not coming after him and leave two people off the block that are coming after him and then she tells Bruno that William said everyone came in the HOH room and threw Bruno's name out. She asked William who is everyone but he would not say who. Ika said that she told Will that those people want to screw his game and she has been his friend when he was not HOH and she is his friend now and she thinks that she got through to him but she told Bruno he needs to talk to Will. Bruno said that he told Will moving forward that maybe they could set something up. Ika said that she is going to talk to him today and also have Sindy talk to him. Ika thought they could go through Kevin but they can't. Kevin put doubt in William's mind about Sindy and she think even Dre and now she thinks Dre hates Kevin even more. Ika again tells Bruno that she is going to have Sindy talk to them. Ika told Bruno that he is not going on the block and if he does...then Bruno interrupts her and said that he will crush them. They both keep talking about how they do not trust Dillon, Emily and Jackie. Ika said that she explained to William how they do not want to go after people from different groups because he is not going to be HOH forever. Ika said that she told William that Bruno did not write his name down but Dillon did and so did Emily and Jackie.


7:08am BBT We hear BB say good morning house guests it is time to wake up and Ika said oh great and then she told Bruno again that he is not going on the block. Ika said that they will go through Sindy and not Kevin. She does not understand how the targets went from Emily and Dillon, then Kevin went in there and the targets went to Bruno and Sindy. Bruno is going to talk to Will one more time today. They discuss how Emily, Dillon and Jackie are close and Dre does not see that and Ika does not know how they let that happen. Bruno agreed they need to break the three up. This discussion breaks up because they know people are going to start coming up.

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7:23am BBT Everyone is up and getting ready for the day.


7:44am BBT Neda and Ika are in the wash area putting on their make up. Neda asked Ika if she saw how close Emily, Dillon and Jackie were sleeping. Ika said that she did and she said that last night Emily pulled William in the pantry for almost an hour. Neda looks shocked and said wow. Ika asked if Neda is not close to them anymore. Neda said no they pulled in Jackie. Ika said that Emily needs to leave the house. Neda agreed and said that they were all talking while they were all sleeping. Ika thinks that Dillon hates Jackie. Neda does not understand how Dre is being so stupid. Neda thinks that Dillon is making deals with them about getting vets out. Kevin joins the conversation and Neda asked him if he was the one that told William that Sindy nominated him. Kevin said yes and Neda asked why. Kevin said because he went through it and he (Kevin) was trying to put trust in William because he thought they knew. Ika said they did not know they thought it was Jackie. Neda said so now they want to put up Sindy and Bruno. Ika told Kevin that Will told her that Kevin did not say Emily or Dillon's name and that he spoke in circles and confused him and he doe not trust Kevin and now he does not trust Bruno or SIndy after what Kevin said and Dre is also in there pushing Bruno. Kevin though it was a good conversation with Will. Ika told Kevin that he can't have a long conversation with William because of the language barrier.  Kevin feels so bad. Ika told Kevin that Dre and Will trust Emily and Dillon now and that Dillon swore on his niece that he is not coming after them. Neda told Kevin that Emily pulled Will in the pantry for almost an hour last night so someone from their group cold be leaving this week. Ika and Neda are coaching Kevin on what he needs to do. They say that Kevin needs to bring Bruno into the room and they need to make Will not trust Emily or Dillon. Neda told Kevin she thinks that Emily and Dillon made a deal with William about getting the vets out....and then the feeds went down.

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8:10am BBT the feeds are back up with Karen, Bruno, Demetres and Ika in the wash area getting ready for the day. Ika gets up and heads to the HOH room.


8:11am BBT Ika is in the HOH wash area talking to Dre about how it is William and Dre's HOH and she does not want to put in her two cents (but you know she will~Sassy2565) and she told Dre to do what ever they want to do type thing, she does not care anymore. Dre said she is the same she does not care and she did not tell anything else to William. Ika said that she has not talked to him anymore and she is not going to because it is up to him. Ika said that she told William to go with his gut. Dre said that she just felt like they are not seeing all  of the options and just because Ika feels safe with someone does not mean that they feel safe with them and Will is going to do what ever he is going to do and Dre reassured him that it will be fine and they will back him up no matter what he decides. Ika said that the only thing that she was looking at is the three people came out and said that were (Ika, Dre and Will) are their targets (Will walks in to listen to the conversation) and Ika said she was just thinking just for this week Will is close with Kevin and they could work with Bruno or not work with him but have him keep them safe because Emily, Dillon and Jackie will not and that is all that she was looking at. Dre said that she understands but she does not feel like Bruno is telling the truth and she thinks that Bruno would come after her if he wins HOH. Ika asked Dre if she thinks that she is the kind of person that would say that if she did not think that Dre would be safe. Dre does not think that she is doing it on purpose. Will interrupts and said that he wants to speak with Bruno more. Ika said that is all she is saying because Emily, Dillon and Jackie have not come to try and work with them and they don't want to make enemies all over the house and that is all she is saying. Ika continues by telling Dre that those three people are coming after people in this group. Dre does not feel as comfortable as they  feel. Ika suggests bringing Bruno in so they could have a conversation. Dre said then it will seem like something is happening. Ika said no because on Dre's best friend's HOH she should feel safe. Dre said that she dos feel safe on his HOH. Ika said that Dre needs to feel safe going forward and that Dillon and Emily are in the best interest of this group. Dre said that she is not disputing that and she is over that she just does not believe that Bruno is the safest bet for them. They continue to discuss Bruno and Dre said that he chills with Dillon, Emily and Jackie all of the time.


Ika continues on pushing for Bruno to come in the HOH room and talk to Will because Kevin is close with Bruno and Will is close with Kevin. Dre said that she feels like they still do not know any more information then they did before. Ika said that Bruno is getting a little bit desperate and he is willing to work with them. Dre thought Bruno is working with Sindy. Ika said that she asked him and he said he is working with Sindy and Kevin. Dre wants to know why Kevin is throwing Sindy under the bus. Ika said that Kevin is an idiot. They both agree that they do not trust Kevin. Demetres enters the HOH room and conversation changes to music.


8:26am BBT Demetres and Will leave the HOH room so Dre continue to rehash how Dre does not trust Bruno and Ika thinks it will be okay. They leave the HOH room and go to the pink room to do their makeup.


8:29am BBT Will and Kevin are sitting at the kitchen counter and Will asked if the noms are going to be like right now. Kevin said they could be any second....and then the feeds went down.

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12:00pm BBT The feeds are back with Bruno, Kevin and Dillon in the wash area. Dillon and Emily are on the block!

Dillon comments that he does not want Emily going because she is friends with him. He said that him or Emily have to win the POV there is no doubt about that.


Kevin and Bruno make their way into the blue bedroom and Bruno told Kevin that Ika fought hard to keep them off of the block and they need to make sure that she knows they really appreciate it. Kevin hopes that they get picked for the veto. Bruno said that he does not want to play because if he wins then he is in a tough spot. They continue discussing the POV sceneros of who plays and who wins and if the POV is used. Emily walked in and Bruno asked her to come over because he wants a hug. Kevin said they are probably going to pick the POV players right away.


12:17pm BBT Dre and William are in the HOH discussing Sindy voting for Will going on the block. William wants to tell Jackie that his target is Dillon and she better not use the POV if she wins it. If Jackie does win the POV and takes Emily down, Dre suggests putting Kevin up as a pawn.


Gotta get back to work now..lunch break is over~Sassy2565

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Last line should have said Dre suggests putting Kevin up as a pawn (instead of Ika
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