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Dallas Cormier BBCAN5 Houseguest Thread (BB-CAN4 Vet)


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After being voted out by his allies in BBCAN4, Dallas is focused on really getting to know each houseguest during his second chance.

AGE: 25




Describe yourself in three words:

An absolute animal


What have you been up to since being on your season of Big Brother Canada?

Since I left the house, my girlfriend left me and I lost my job. But I turned those negatives into a positive. I got a new job. I became a lobster fisherman. Something I never thought I would do but there I was – in the middle of nowhere fishing for lobster. I got a new puppy too and her name is Diva. She’s 13 weeks old and I love her to death.


Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

You can’t have a stone cold strategy before you see your fellow houseguests. You have to be a chameleon and adapt to your surroundings in the BBCAN house. You can never prepare for something like a triple eviction. I’m really going to try to get to know people better this time because the people I thought I knew well last time were the ones who voted me out. The gummy bear thing last season with Tim was tricky. Maybe I got too confident or cocky, but I was so against Tim’s nominations because I knew what he was doing. He was trying to get info from the houseguests and keep that in his databank. I was stubborn but I’d do the same thing again today. I’m the kind of person who sticks to their principles.


If you could call one former houseguest from your season for advice, who would it be and why?

Lovita Adams (BBCAN4). We’re really close now. We talk all the time about the things we did and what we could have done better. She was a competition beast, but her social game could have been better. I would want to talk to her for advice if I could.

What element of Big Brother Canada did you not have a chance to try before, that you’d like to experience this time around?

HOH! I would trade all of my Power of Vetoes for one HOH. I want the power. I’m going to go for that first HOH. I want the power and I want people to come to me with information. Hey, I’ll probably even take a page out of Tim’s book and try to get as much info out of them all as I can. It was a great approach!


What perk within the game means the most to you: a letter from home, a luxury party, a season’s slop pass, or a vote from Canada?

A letter when you’re in the house is really as good as gold. It’s a breath of fresh air and you can’t underestimate it. I never had to do slop and I hope I don’t have to this time. But I can deal with it. And while I love to party – this beast from the East loves to party! – I don’t think that anything can beat getting a vote from Canada. That could be the vote that keeps you in the house.


Which Big Brother Canada past competitor would you like to channel this season and why?

When I applied to be on Season 4, it was because I was inspired by Kevin Martin (BBCAN3). He’s the man. Such a good social player. He’s so smart and strategic. He’s my favourite BBCAN houseguest of all time.


If you could travel into the future or the past which would you choose and why?

I would travel to the past. When I was 12 and 13, I wanted to be 19 and 20. Then when I was 20, I wanted to be 12. Time goes by too fast. Going to the past means you could right some wrongs. You can make your future. By going back to the past you can correct mistakes, and I would really love to do that.


What do people from Saint John have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada?

I come from a very small town. We don’t have a lot out there. No NHL team. No NBA team. Not a lot of opportunity. Everything I’ve ever wanted in life, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for. The people down there don’t have much but they grind for everything they have. That’s what you need in the BBCAN house. You need to fight hard.


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