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Cassandra Shahinfar BBCAN5 Houseguest Thread (BB-CAN4 Vet)


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A deceitful and cunning player in BBCAN4, Cassandra has no intentions of switching up her strategy, but will try and make her fellow houseguests believe otherwise.

AGE: 23




Describe yourself in three words:

Smart, funny, and outgoing


What have you been up to since being on your season of Big Brother Canada?

My life has changed a lot. I have a big girl job now, and a serious relationship. I’ve just been working and back in my life with my friends and family, but the job and boyfriend are big differences from last year.


Is your strategy to win Big Brother Canada different going in for a second time?

No, but I want to convince the other houseguests it is. I still want to ride the middle, and analyze everyone in the house. I still want to say what I need to say to get through each week, and play to each person. But I want them to think I’m this new, different, settled person. Everyone knows how I do things, so that will be my biggest challenge.


If you could call one former houseguest from your season for advice, who would it be and why?

Tim (BBCAN4)! He was my number one alliance member. We played together throughout – he saw me at my best and worst. He would give me good advice. Like, “Hey, be social. Don’t just hide in a corner because you hate everyone.” There are so many things I’m sure he would tell me.


What element of Big Brother Canada did you not have a chance to try before, that you’d like to experience this time around?

Maybe winning competitions? Last season was so bad, and I was really trying to win. This year I’m going to have to sort that out especially at the end when you really need to win.


What perk within the game means the most to you: a letter from home, a luxury party, a season’s slop pass, or a vote from Canada?

A vote from Canada would mean the most. Last year I was 100% myself. When I came out I got so much positive feedback and it really meant the world. That’s really why I wanted to come back. Those are the people I want to impress.


Which Big Brother Canada past competitor would you like to channel this season and why?

Honestly, still Tim. He got to have so much fun and I was always the little bulldog for him. He was always making fun for himself and being everyone’s friend, and that’s the way I want to approach it this time. That way you never seem like you’re really strategizing.


If you could travel into the future or the past which would you choose and why?

I’d travel to the future. Everything in the past has gotten me to this point and I don’t want to change any of it – I love how it has turned out so I’d want to go and see the future. Get the dirty gossip before it even happens.


What do people from Winnipeg have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada?

I love Winnipeg. On our license plates it says “Friendly Manitoba” so that might be what sets us apart. We’re very down to earth and can make friends easily and that could only help me in the house.


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