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October 4th Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

The Amazing Race 8

This is your Show Thread for The Amazing Race 8 and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our TAR Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing areas of the show and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Guest ranster627

Televised Show Coverage ...

Remember, this is an instant post as I see it thing ... I strive for accuracy, but instant posting means there will be some mistakes, you can check the TAR Fan Page tomorrow for the real updates ...

coverage begins in 15 minutes ...

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Guest ranster627

previously ... 10 families of 4 started with Gaghan's surging ahead and Paolo's getting lost in their own city

Weaver's had a buggy accident

the sisters finished first

and the Black's were eliminated ... 9 families remain ...

The Amazing Race: Family Edition

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Guest ranster627

Lancaster Pennsylvannia ... Mennonite homestaead

will the bickering of the Paolo's affect them

7:57 am 15 miles to York Pennsylvani to Shoe house road ... sisters first to depart

8:07 Gaghan's go ...

8"08 ... Weaver's depart ... talk about loss of family

Rogers family led by father ...

8:18 Schroeders ... not as prepared as they thought

sisters get gas

weaver mother navigating

schroeder dad finds shortcut

Paolo mom frustrated because nobody listens to her ... son says his mather nags constantly

8:37 aiello's ... son-in-laws want to impress dad

Linz's have time to make up

Gaghan's dad gets clue

drive 110 miles to Washington DC, find reflecting pool at Capitol Buildings

shoe house looks like giant shoe with steps to get to top to get clue

rogers dad navigates 30 east to 83 south

everyone else going west

aiello son-in-law lived 10 minutes from washington for 3 years

he knows where everything is

rogers heading wrong way ....

dad says they are way off ... blames son, says he missed it

then says they told driver directions, but they took their eyes off the ball

((Ed. Note: They went the wrong way and never came near the exit))

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Guest ranster627

rogers realized dad gave wrong direction

Washington ... find reflecting pool and search area for clue

gaghans are there

weavers find it

search for limo and deliver it for next clue to tidal basin

gaghan's and schroeders in wrong place

schroeder dad doesn't help gaghan's

gaghan's still searching in wrong place

roadblock ... one person

search area for spy with briefcase password "The Sky is blue" answer: The sea is green and trade for clue briefcase

50 people with cases but only 10 spies

sharon gets clue drive 49 milees to Middleburg to get next clue (sister)

sisters get lead

DJ Paolo frustrated

weaver daughter gets spy

DJ finally gets clue

dad schroeder does roadblock

Mark: "her panties are too tight" when female isn't spy

Wally branden not as fit as he thought doesn't want to disappoint daughters

Mark schroeder gets his

paolo's looking for gas station

David aiello gets his clue

rogers sent to pool at monument

gaghan's searching

son wants to ask

dad says keep looking ((Ed. Note: they are at wrong location))

FYI: Roadblock definition: a task only one team member can perform.

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Guest ranster627

((halfway through))

back to Gaghan's who meet rogers and they are both lost and head to right place "Capitol"

gaghan's in 7th get clue to limo

Rogers at limo last

Paolo's finally find gas station ... bickering ....

Nick Linz still hunting for spy

Nick finally finds it ...

gaghans found spy

Bransens in 8 looking for spy (dad)

paolo mom yelling because they never listen to her

traffic jam ...

Linz's decide on back roads ...

bransens cut off

Rogers in last place with spy

all headed to Middleburg

Welbourne Manor



heat of the battle

re-enactment transporting 5 soldiers on stretchers

heat of the night fill 20 oil lamps, get flag and take it to regimental leader then go to pit stop

sisters do battle

weavers do lamps

linz's third - do battle

aiello battle

schroeders oil

bransens doing battle

civil war re-enactment battle cool ... in full swing

weavers in first place ... at mat ... won ... trip to Fairmont southampton resort

Linz's in 2nd

God's in 3rd (sisters)

bransen dad exhausted ... can't help lift stretchers ...

idea of the night detour is to fill and deliver and light 20 oil lamps

recap: top 3 teams have checked in ...

bransen father out of steam in battle challenge (too tired or out-of-shape) to lift 5 stretchers with wounded soldiers

girls encourage dad

gaghans decide on battlefield

little girl from gaghan's having trouble with stretcher

4th schroeders after oil lamps

tony aiello exhausted ... boys pick up slack ...

aiello's 5th

bransen's right behind in 6th

gaghan's 7th

paolo's battlefield

mom exhausted

rogers at battlefield too

rogers switch to lamps

rogers lights lamps

paolo's deliver soldier

Paolo's team # 8

so says mom's a fighter

Rogers family you are the last team to arrive


dad gave wrong directions ... took blame

dad says he wants son to know you can't blame others

mom is glue that will hold them together after race

father and son embracing ...

Contributors: Jem, Mo, ranster627 and smirnoff. A big Morty's Thanks!

preview of next show

Nasa ride ... (centrifuge)

aiello's spin their wheel's stuck in the mud ...

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Welcome to the second leg of The Amazing Race 8: Family Edition.

The Teams


Gaghan Family - Marathoners

Linz Family - Siblings

Paulo Family - Yorkers

Bransen Family - DLG

Weaver Family - Holy Rollers

Aiello Family - DSIL

Schroeder Family - StepFam

Godlewski Family - Blondes

Rogers Family - Suthners

From Lancaster, PA, The Blondes take off first looking for the Shoe House. Marathoners part 2nd at 8:07am. Holy Rollers depart 3rd. Mom calls for 100% from the kids. Rogers son thinks he knows what he is talking about, but Dad doesn’t listen. StepFam leaves 5th at 8:18am. Marathoners studied the map the night before. Dad calls for the kids to not be in stupid mode. Blondes fill up with $10g in gas. Suthners kid mouths off to Dad.

Yorkers depart with Mom complaining how no one listens to her. Son says mom's nagging drives him nuts. DLG is pleased with his daughter's performance. They say their Dad is not optimistic enough. DSIL is described by the SILs as protective. Siblings hope to learn from their mistakes and make up time.

Marathoners arrive at the shoe first, and daughter is not allowed to go get the clue with Dad. They have to find the reflecting pool in the Mall in front of the State Capital. StepFam arrives 2nd, followed by Blondes in 3rd. Holy Rollers arrive 4th, send the kid to get the clue. Suthners arrive 5th and send Buck to get the clue. They take 30 East, looking for 83 South.

Yorkers arrive at the shoe and collect their clue. DLG arrives at the shoe in 7th place. DSIL arrives in 8th place. One of the SILs lived in DC for last 3 years. Siblings arrive last for their clue. Everyone has taken 30 West except Suthners. Dad tells son he is responsible for finding 83 South. When they realize there is a mistake, Dad takes over the wheel, infers son missed the exit.

Daughter points out that 83 South is off 30 West, and Dad admits he was wrong. Mom says they should listen to son more. Dad says there is only so much one person can do. Brock rolls his eyes. Marathoners and Holy Rollers arrive at US Capitol, along with Blondes. Holy Rollers are in first place. Teams must find a limousine and take an unmarked briefcase, then find their next clue next to the Jefferson Memorial.

Blondes are second to the clue. Marathoners and StepFam are looking for the clue at the wrong reflecting pool. Yorkers find the clue and the limo, as mom worries about gas. DSIL stops to look a map. Siblings spy the flag in the distance. StepFam gets their clue. Siblings are in 5th place. DSIL finds their clue. Blondes looking for the basin, and find it in 1st place.

It’s a Road Block. One person has to find a spy carrying a briefcase identical to their own. Only 10 of 50 have the next clue. A code must be exchanged before they can exchange briefcases and get their next clue. Blondes are the first to leave the roadblock to Middleburg to find Welbourne Manner. Holy Rollers are the 3rd team at the roadblock. Holy Rollers complete the Road Block in 2nd place. Yorkers are in 3rd place.

StepFam arrives at the Road Block. Yorkers pass the Pentagon. StepFam Dad says one of the non-spies has panties that are too tight. DLG Dad is slowing down the girls. Marathon mom stops to throw a penny in a pool. Siblings arrive at the roadblock along with DSIL. StepFam Dad calls a spy pops, but it is the right one. They are in 5th place. Yorkers are looking for a gas station. Mom says they should have stopped before they reached DC.

DSIL gets their clue in 5th place. Suthners looking for the reflecting pool, ask for directions. Marathoners are still looking at wrong pool. Kid says they should ask but no one listens. They have been looking for 2 hours. DLG still can't find it. Marathoners meet up with Suthners, and they finally ask a park service ranger and realize they are in the wrong place. Marathoners get their clue, followed DLG and Suthners. Yorkers still can't find gas. Finally they find a station.

Siblings are still looking for their spy. Marathoners hit the Road Block. Siblings make their exchange. Marathoners make their exchange, in 6th place, and use a map. DLG hits the Road Block. Holy Rollers are looking for the tidal basin. Yorkers misread the map again. DSIL hits a traffic jam, along with Siblings and Marathoners. Siblings use a map to hit the back roads. DLG gets their clue in 8th place. Suthners hit the Road Block in last place.


Holy Rollers are first to arrive at Welbourne Manner and hit a Detour. In Heat of the Battle, teams must transport 5 wounded soldiers off a reenactment battlefield. In Heat of the Night, teams must take lamps to a quartermaster and then take a regimental flag to the pit stop. Holy Rollers pick Heat of the Battle. Blondes arrive and decide to do Heat of the Night, filling 20 lamps with oil.

Siblings arrive 3rd and choose Heat of the Battle. Blondes bring the lamps and have to light them. StepFam arrives at the Detour followed by DLG. DSIL arrives. Siblings have 3 of 5 wounded. DLG become core men. DSIL thinks the reenactment is incredible. Blonds recover 4 of 5. Holy Rollers head to the Pit Stop. They are Team #1 and win a trip for 4 to the South Hampton. Siblings wait and arrive 2nd. Blondes arrive 3rd. DLG Dad is wearing out. DSIL Dad wants to slow down.

DLG daughters push Dad along. Marathoners arrive at the Detour and the son says battlefield. Mom says to not worry about getting shot. StepFam is working on the lamps. Soldiers groan in misery as they are lifted on and off the stretcher. StepFam completes the lamps and arrives at the Pit Stop in 4th place. DSIL Dad basks in his pride for his SILs. DSIL and DLG race for the finish line, DSIL in 5th place and DLG in 6th place.

Marathoners complete their task and are in 7th place. Yorkers arrive at the Detour in 8th place and choose Heat of the Battle. Suthners arrive at the Detour. Yorkers have 2 of their soldiers, but Mom complains she can’t do it. Suthners give up on the Heat of the Battle after saving one life, and head to the lamps. They have 10 lamps. Yorkers have 4 bodies. Suthners have 19 lamps. Yorkers retrieve their final soldier.

Yorkers are the 8th team to the pit stop. The son says Mom complains but always comes through. The Rogers the last team to arrive and are eliminated. Dad takes responsibility for taking his family in the wrong direction. Brock complains no one listens to him. Mom says she will hold the family together.


Who notes Dad remains stubborn in being right, and Son remains stubborn in being misunderstood, but it is the adults who have made the mistakes...

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Amazing Race: 10-4-05 Episode 2

Standard recap


Start: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

After Mandatory rest period

7:57am Godlewski sister depart and the race begins again

Linz family last to depart at 8:50ish?

Stop 1:

Travel to York Pennsylvania and search the shoehouse road for the clue

Teams in order of arrival:










Stop 2:

Drive to Washington DC and find reflective pool in front of capital building

Teams in order of arrival:






Lindz (may be above Aiello)

Gaghan: At the wrong reflecting pool for one of the pit stops. Did not discover mistake until there was help from other teams.


Rogers: Missed exit on the way to DC, father blamed son for the mishap. It later came out that the father was in fact wrong with the original directions.

Stop 3:

Find Limo then proceed to Tidal Basin by Jefferson Memorial










Road Block

One person. password find identical briefcase, Use password the sky is blue.










Stop 4:

Drive to Middleburg VA and find welbourne manor.








Paolo: still bickering with the mother. Almost ran out of gas on way to VA


** note** the middle few are probably wrong


Heat of the Battle: Small scale reenactment using stretchers to carry wounded off?




Bransen: Father had to get girls to slow down for him, he had trouble carrying the wounded solders in the roadblock.

Paolo: Mother

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Guest ranster627

Previously on The Amazing Race, ten families of four set off from New York City in a race for 1 million dollars. The Gaghan family surged ahead while the Paolo family got lost in their own city. The Weaver family had a buggy accident in the detour. The Godlewski sisters finished first, and the Black family was eliminated. Nine families remain.


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