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Mystery Solved? 108, numbers, mythology...


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The synopsis of my theory... The VERY indepth theory can be found at http://lost-forum.com/showthread.php?t=15598

1. We know writers started from the mythology of the island. So they started from the answer out.

2. The grand scheme the writers created was that the island is the place where all beliefs/great religions/beliefs converge.

3. From here I think the writers created "the numbers" which are taken from different great beliefs. Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaiam, Muslim Faiths.

Season 1: Christinity/Judaism - Noahs Ark, after 40 days forty night, he opened the hatch. Genesis, Exodus, Many Christian/Jewish belief references. Abraham storyline.

Season 2: Buddhism/Hinduism - Dharma, i-ching, 108 is considered the "Heavenly Realm". Brahmin belief system in that a Brahmins life is to chant/pray 108 times, then start over, so the world doesn't end. Belief in Siddhas, which is a child born with powers beyond human comprehension, but all have gift to change the elements, such as stop rain and start rain.

4. From the numbers they worked "out" - meaning they created the entire premise/plot around the numbers (which is taken from beliefs).

5. That is why they created the island to be at that longitude/latitude. I think this is where they took the idea of the "Southern Lights" From the numbers they made a connection with the elements, not all, but Oxygen and Phosphorus. Thus the "Southern Lights" seen in the pilot. I think they took that premise and created the compass is the wrong way/magnatism" plot. Those are effects of the phenomenom of the "Southern/Northern Lights".

6.What is red/white/black (Phosphorus), I think that is why they created the "character" of the Black Rock. "Black Rock" = Phosporus. they needed to create a premise of how so much of it could cause Southern Lights, which would be to create a ship mining it and full of it. How did it get in the middle of an "island"? See 7. I think he If the ship people were mining it, then it would have eventually caused their death, relatively quickly. I don't think this has to do with the "Others".

7. Because I think that the main plot/answer is for all beliefs to converge at this one island, I think the "island" is a place created by a group of people who were searching for a way to create and fullfill their religious beliefs. Hense Desmond being in a hatch. I pegged him as a person who was created to essentially fufill the Buddhist belief of the need for special people to "pray" day and night. In Buddhism past, their would be "brahmins/certain people" whose job it was to pray for 108 days, then start over until 108, then start over.. so the world wouldn't "end" . It is part of the mythology in Buddhism. I use the word mythology to mean a part of Religious History. I certainly am not trying to denigrate that belief system. (Example. In Christianity we have Moses who prayed and thus the "plagues" occuring. It isn't something that has happened in the present, but a part of the Christian/Jewish belief system) A Brahmin day I believe is equal to a half or quarter of a Roman Day, can't remember. More on that mythology and its use as a plot device to represent Buddhism is in the first post of this thread. This also gives way to Walt being a Siddha, which in Buddhist belief, is a child who is boen "special", with powers that other people can't understand. One thing Siddha's had in common, they could make rain start/stop. They also had powers that were not normal to a "regular" persons senses, and the realm of this power was beyond the comprehension of a "regular" person. (I didn't want to say normal, because hey, normal is relative.)

7. "All roads lead here" - This is the island. All beliefs systems (as stated above) converge to this one very special island. They said there is not on definitive answer, which would mean many. I think that LOST is based on all great faiths pointing to this manmade island.

8. The numbers are significant as a whole, (108), but that I think is the only correlation. Yes they created the numbers to be part of the plot, but I think the numbers are related to the number mythology in different great religions.

9. The characters were tailer made and second to the plot of the island. This is why the characters all have the numbers in their path. It signifies that they will be lead to the island, and the writers are making a point with them that they are part of the grand scheme of the island.

10. Season 1 I believe was written to signify the numbers and their correlation to Juddaism and Christianity. There were many references to both of those belief sets, which are related to a limited extent.

11. Season 2 I believe was written to signify the numbers and their correlation to Buddhism/Hinduism. Hence, 108 (heavenly realm), basis of desmond being in the hatch, acting as a traditions "Brahmin", which is taken specifically from Buddhist beliefs. The Logo also signifies traditional "Eastern" beliefs, such as I-Ching (Not Feng Shui).

12. "in another life", is significant to Buddhism in that it correlates to 108 Sins, and 108 Great Beliefs. I believe it refers to Karma (all things come full circle), and meaning redeaming from sin referring specifically to Busshism. After redemption you are "in another life".

12. "Lift it up", initially I thought this was a reference to Christianity, and meaning to believe in greater things, do the right thing. But in reference to Buddhism, I think it means to specifically believe in yourself and in that everything will work out.

13. I think next season will bring another set of Beliefs, perhaps they will focus on "The Others" and how they fit in to a new set of beliefs.

14. Why do I think this was the grand scheme? Because what way would a writer get away with writing things that are seemingly very science fiction and have it not BE Science Fiction. To create a plot based on beliefs, which as many know, are taken at face value, meaning having happened and documented as the truth. This would give the writers the vehicle to create seemingly outlandish plots and unsual happenings seemingly having no meaning, and basing on actual events. Because there are many beliefs, I believe they are integrating many belief systems. This would mean that there is an actual answer to what it happening, making it NOT Science Fiction. Why? Because point of view is relative, and no one can say with an absolute answer that what another person believes is not "true". For example, I am Christian, do I believe in a virgin birth of Jesus. ABSOLUTELY! But to say it is not true and real, is a point of view and based on your belief system. http://lost-forum.com/images/smilies/wink.gif Hence, everything is based in reality.

16. That was the signifigance of man of faith man of science. Meaning the truth and reality are all only a matter of a point of view.

15. If I am correct, then it is a genius concept, because it is a way to create a story with a basis in reality. The writers, when commenting on how they came up with the concept, stated they started with the mythology of the island.

But that I think is the answer my fellow fans!

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Cudos on all the research and work you did on that post. I like where it's going. I read on another board that perhaps the writers are meshing several different legends and beliefs, such as the Montauk Project, for example, and making a big Science Fiction story from a bunch of smaller ones....

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:blink: Wowser!

I applaud your well thought out theory(ies), but I, for one, hope you're wrong. I guess I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the possibility that the writers want the viewers to think that deeply!

Don't get me wrong- I believe most LOST viewers such as yourself are highly intelligent, creative people (they must be to watch such a BRILLIANT show!) and I do think your theory has possibilities. I just think it's a tad too deep for the majority of viewers. I do remember hearing an interview last season where one of the writers said that, although he was impressed with all the theories being bantered about on the internet, people were just thinking too hard. He said where they were going with the show is much simpler and would all be explained (eventually).

Thanks for all your hard work laying your theory out there for us- it definitely is very interesting...who knows , you could have something there! We'll see....

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