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I wouldn't put that in my mouth

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Here's are some crazy things you can put in your mouth, and eat


Bag of Unicorn Farts Funny Unique Present, Stocking Stuffer




Umm, Pickeld Pigs Lips , I should hope to kiss a pig they're good. 



I Love What You Do With your Tongue  Here's a Smoked Veal Tongue that you can use to make sandwiches, and other tasty snacks. It reminds me of a scene from All in the Family, Edith is making Archie's lunch Edith tells Gloria Archie didn't want the tongue sandwich she made, saying: "I'm not eating anything that came out of cow's mouth."  Gloria: "What did he want instead?" Edith: "A couple hard-boiled eggs."



61410287.jpgKermit's legs.  Sea Best Retail Box Frog Legs, 2 Pound



Fluker's Gourmet Canned Crickets



When's the last time you've had a really good piece of tail?

Alligator Tail Meat 5 lbs



Canned Edible Smoked Rattlesnake



Edible Black Forest Scorpion




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