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Wednesday October 26, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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Scott was up early this morning  campaigning to America. Saying he will get rid of Danielle and make the rest of her life in the BB house miserable if America keeps him. 


At at some point Neeley and Jason heard him. Jason said Scott was  campaigning  to him for his vote. Neeley was very worked up starting at 10am in the backyard. This lead to her blowing up on Scott in the kitchen around 10:35am. It might be closer to 10:40am. She claimed Scott was talking about her. Everyone kept eating breakfast and once Neeley left the kitchen Justin broke the tension. Morgan, Shelby, Justin, Alex were all in the kitchen. They say that Neeley did this on purpose. Scott admits he is going after Danielle. Justin comments  saying a lot of people do not like Danielle. Justin says Neeley is coming after him and Jason. He need to pull the trigger first. Talk turns back to why Neeley blew up in front of them. 

Justin tells Scott if everything goes right Scott will still be in the house. 


Meanwhile Jason was telling Whitney that Scott was throwing her name out. 


11am Backyard 

Alex and Whitney in the hammock. Neeley walks over and apologized. 

Both say it is damage control when Morgan walks over to them. 





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Weekly Episode & Live Eviction:


Previously on Big Brother Over The Top…With the power up for grabs, Scott became the chairman of the board. He won HOH & said everyone that he was done, but he wasn’t going home this week.


Putting him & the Ball Smashers in control. Scott said Shane was definitely not a team player. He is definitely in this for himself. Scott wants to see him go home.


America’s Care Package arrived for the virgin king, giving him a big decision. (He received the Pick-A-Veto Care Package.) After 2 Safety Ceremonies, Neeley & Kryssie became the nominees. Kryssie said that Scott is a chump.


But, Scott had bigger fish to fry. Scott said he put up 2 people that he really wants to win the Veto, that way he has a shot of backdooring  strong target such as Shane.


With America naming a 3rd nominee, the Late Night Jamboree took another hit. (Danielle was put on the block.)


At the Veto Competition Scott made his Care Package choice. (He chose the Double Veto.) And with 2 Veto’s on the line, Alex & Justin were double trouble.


At the Veto Meeting, Alex played it safe. (She didn’t use the Power Of Veto.) While Justin saved a friend. (He saved Kryssie.)  Leaving the backdoor wide open. (Scott put Shane on the block in Kryssie’s place.) Scott said he’s going to be the first HOH this season to get his target out.


At the Live Eviction, the house was divided again. So, Scott chose between the showmance. (He evicted Shane.) Leaving the Roofer’s Alliance floored. Tonight, who will rise to power? Who will be nominated? And who will be evicted live? Find out right now on Big Brother Over The Top.


Scott says that Shane was the most dangerous player in this game even more than himself, so he definitely feels like he took one of the more powerful pieces out of the game. Danielle says that she was not only sitting next to Shane but he went home, and it’s a horrible feeling to watch someone that you care about walk out that front door. She just wants to get power in the house & target the people that have been targeting them for the past 3 weeks.


Kryssie is hurt & gets upset with Scott for evicting Shane. Kryssie says it’s tough because Shane is the type of dude she would never get close to in real life. But, being stuck there together has made them really connect. She says, if anything, this game has made her realize what a soul she truly has. If you look at the other side of the house, not a single one of those heartless monsters even batted an eye. This game is meant for people that are strong emotionally, but it pays to have some level of a heart & soul.


Paul from BB18 rings the doorbell & goes back in the house to host the HOH Competition. Paul says, your boy is back in the house. He has his boy Pablo & he hasn’t seen him since Big Meech tore him from his life. He says his jazzed & he can’t wait to spread his friendship seed. Scott says he’s soo excited to see Paul from BB18. He says he was a huge Sitting Ducks fan. He says he’s very excited to see Paul & Pablo back together.


They all go to the BY for the HOH Competition. Paul reads the instructions & says, Today’s game is all about your aim. It’s called Perfect Shott. Alright fools, let me tell you how it works. When the game starts ball will rain from above. Inside some of those balls will be a token. For each token you bring me you’ll get one attempt to make the Perfect Shott. I’ll accept up to 10 tokens at a time from one player, which means you may take up to 10 shots in a row. The first player to roll a ball through the gate, down the lane & into the Perfect Shott box will win HOH.


Before we start, Alex, I have something special for you. In the Veto For Sale Golf Competition you chose the 19th Hole punishment, which means you blew it & you won’t be seeing straight in tonight’s game. Alex says she picked the beer goggles punishment 2 weeks ago in the Hole In One Veto Competition. So, now, she has to wear these horrible beer goggles throughout the entire HOH Competition, & it’s a HUGE disadvantage.


Paul tells Alex she is going to be pissed & he hands her the beer goggles. He tells her to enjoy. He asks everyone if they are ready to play the Perfect Shott? Everyone gets excited, claps & jumps up & down.


Alex says that Scott can’t compete this week & if she can’t win she has to have Shelby or Whitney pull this out. Paul tells them to start playing with some balls & the air horn rings. The competition is on it’s way. Kryssie says there are balls falling from the sky in this competition, & inside some of the balls are tokens that they can trade for balls to take their Perfect Shott. She says she needs to win this competition because she’s been on the block 3 weeks in a row, & she doesn’t want to be on the block this week.


Jason says, for the last 3 weeks they’ve had Scotty & the hotties in power & The Late Night Jamboree can’t seem to catch a break. He says they need to win this HOH soo severely. He says they really do not have an option but to win.


Danielle says her whole game is at stake, she just lost her best friend in the house & the outgoing HOH was targeting her. So, it’s definitely in her best interest to win this HOH & put the power on her side of the house.


Justin says he knows he has a few tokens & Paul is over there yelling at them to come over there to try & make this shot. He says, rolling these balls is a lot more strategy than you think. If you roll it a little too hard it can go over the edge. If you roll it to soft it can fall in the middle. So, you have to hit it just right.


Alex says she can’t see a freaking thing & she knows there is no way she is going to make a shot, so her strategy is find all the tokens, give them to her alliance members & pray they can pull this competition off.


Morgan says her first roll was awful, & at that moment she realized it’s quantity over quality. She needs as many tokens as she can because she’s going to need as many rolls as she can.


Shelby says, somehow her baby wrists has to propel a ball that stays straight, but not too hard, so it goes over the edge & over the box.


Scott says Danielle’s doing amazing in this competition & he’s definitely worried that she’s going to sink one of her shots. He says he just took out Danielle’s man so he just might be screwed this week.


Kryssie says she’s done disappointing herself. She’s done screwing over her side of the house by not being a great player. She needs to win HOH.


Kryssie wins HOH & her alliance members jump on her & hug her. Scott puts the HOH key around her neck & congratulates her. Kryssie says, guess who is this week’s HOH? She says, it’s about time. She has sat on that couch 3 weeks in a row & now the tables have turned. The power finally goes to the Jamboree. She can’t wait to put the money where her mouth is & watch everyone sweat while they figure out what she’s going to do.


Danielle says, Kryssie wins HOH & it’s The Late Night Jamboree’s first HOH. She’s so happy they are in the perfect place to shift the house & she’s so proud of her.


Scott says his heart sinks into his stomach when Kryssie wins HOH. He knows she’s definitely looking to go after him hard, & she’s probably going to go after Alex as well. He says this is worst case scenario.


Alex says she knows she is completely screwed this week & it’s probably her worst nightmare come true. She says that Kryssie already can’t trust her & she is probably 100% going on the block. She thinks she will go home unless she can pull off a miracle.


Paul lays down in the balls with Pablo around his waist & the beer goggles on his face to make angels in the balls after the HOH Competition is over.


Scott says, Kryssie winning HOH is the worst possible scenario. He just put her on the block, he just sent her friend Shane home, & they just had an argument before the HOH Competition.


Scott says he’s almost definitely going to be a target this week & he has a lot of damage control to do.


Jason sings, “Who’s that b*tch.” He says Kryssie is that b*itch. He says, thank the Lord that Kryssie is in power this week & she’s going to lay the smack down honey.


Shelby says, Kryssie is HOH & she got in a fight with Scott just before the HOH competition. She thinks she will either target Scott or Alex, but there’s still a good chance of her going on the block, & pawns go home all the time.


Kryssie says she has 1 ultimate target in mind. She says, Alex broke a promise to her when she was HOH. She promised to protect her if she used her Care Package to do what she wanted, she did & Alex still put her on the block. She says, what goes around comes around, Alex.


America’s Care Package arrives for Alex. She wins the Safety Servant Care Package. She is safe from eviction & can’t be nominated. She has to dress in servant attire & do whatever BB tells her to do for the week. Alex is really excited to get the Care Package this week because she was a dead man walking.


Kryssie says she would have loved to have gotten rid of her, but there’s lots of other people that can go.


Alex says, with Kryssie as HOH the other side of the house is in power, so they may need to cut Scott to make this work for them.


Jason says this is Kryssie’s HOH & she can take all the blood on her hands. He says he will exit this conversation.


Neeley says that she’s always had Kryssie’s back & she has to take some time not to hurt her & her family.


Morgan says Alex is safe this week & now she feels the heat going to her direction. She says PR is her specialty. She wants her & Whitney to help make them safe this week.


Kryssie says Morgan & Whitney feel they may be her target & she let them know they are not her target, Scott is.


Alex goes to the DR to get her Safety Servant costume. She says she has to do all tasks BB has her do for Kryssie this week. She gets asked to amuse the HOH with a hilarious joke. Kryssie says America knows what they are doing to keep this interesting. Alex gets asked to bake the HOH a double layer cake. Alex says it’s fun to be the Safety Servant. She says it’s teaching her to cook & she gets to annoy Kryssie & she knows she already doesn’t like her. Alex gets asked to be a human ottoman for 5 minutes for Kryssie’s feet.


Kryssie calls everyone together for the first Safety Ceremony. She has to pick 3 HG’s to be safe for today’s ceremony. She chooses Neeley, Justin & Danielle. Danielle is relieved for the first time she is actually safe for this week.




Kryssie calls everyone together for the second Safety Ceremony. She says she has 1 big target & has to put a pawn up next to them. Scott thinks he will end up on the block one way or another this week. She makes Justin, Whitney & Shelby safe at today’s Ceremony. This leaves Scott & Morgan on the block.


Morgan says it sucks being on the block for the first time this season. Scott is not surprised to be nominated by Kryssie this week. He says hopefully America nominates someone on the other side of the house. Kryssie says Morgan was dressed like Scott that day.


Kryssie says she wants to be as honest as possible & hopes she remembers this when she is HOH.


America’s nominee is Neeley this week. Neely says being on the block sucks considering she could be going home this week. She says she will have to work super hard to ensure her safety. Kryssie is surprised that Neeley was nominated. Alex thinks she can keep her alliance safe this week.


Kryssie pulls Justin’s chip to play in the Veto Competition. Scott’s chip is pulled & he picks Shelby to play in the Veto Competition.


Jason is confused why America doesn’t nominate Shelby because he only sees trash when he looks at her.


The Wall Of Shame Veto Competition is played. Morgan says she really needs to win this to ensure her safety.


Justin was disqualified from the Veto Competition. Scott gets a time of 8:51. Shelby’s time is 12:18. Kryssie was disqualified. Neeley had a time of 26:15. Morgan wins the Power Of Veto with a time of 8:35. She is so pumped that she won this Veto Competition.


Scott says it stinks that he’s still on the block, but he hopes that Neeley is still on the block come eviction night.


Scott bothers Danielle telling her it’s just another day because all she does is sleep in the BB house. Danielle tells Scott that everyone is voting for him to go home. Scott says that’s news to him.


Neeley says the Late Night Jamboree needs to figure out the right person to put on the block to ensure Scott is voted out this week.


At the Veto Meeting, Morgan saves herself. Kryssie has to name a replacement nominee & she puts Whitney on the block in Morgan’s place. Neeley says she doesn’t know if that necessarily was the right move. She says she feels like she may go home. Kryssie says she feels that no one will vote to evict Whitney & she hopes that everyone votes Scott out. Whitney hopes her going up as a pawn works out & she can be safe this week.


Morgan makes a deal with Scott to a final 3 with him & Alex. She will be breaking her promise to Kryssie & hopes she has a way better chance going forward. She thinks there will be a 3 – 3 tie on eviction night.


It’s time for the Live Eviction: Kryssie says, Before the HG’s cast their votes to evict, they will each have a chance to make a plea to sway their votes. Scott is up first. Scott says, thanks for the memories, one love.


Neeley says, HG’s, I’m sorry Scott, you no longer deserve to be in this house. Over the past 24 hours he has thrown each & every single one of them under the bus in the hopes of trying to save his own skin. He was playing the game until the very last minute. She says, he came into the house & on Day 1 made an alliance with 4 people, who have almost all left the game. She says, since Scott’s antics of late have been to gain more TV time, he really doesn’t deserve to stay in the house. She says it started last week with his cheesy performance of trying to get Shane out of the house, part of his alliance, mind you. Then it went on to terrorizing Danielle. She overhead him telling the girls that if they let him stay in the house that he will terrorize her even more. She says the reason he needs to go is because he overhead that Kryssie hurt her hand during the Veto Competition & applauded. She says he applauded in someone else’s misery. She asks why he would do that if he wants to be in this house & why would you want someone in this house that is going to applaud someone else’s misery. She says that’s disgusting. She says for those reasons, Scott no longer deserves to be there. He only wants his weekly stipend, he only wants to be there, he doesn’t want to compete, he’s not loyal & he doesn’t deserve their votes to stay.


Whitney says she loves her mom & Winston so so much. She says, to her HG’s, she’s forever grateful to have this chance to share this experience in this house with each & every one of them. She says she still has a lot of fighting to do & not end her journey there. She tells them to vote with their heart & when it rhymes it must be true.


Kryssie says it’s now time for the voting to begin. Nominees are not allowed to vote & she will only vote in the event of a tie. Remember, America has been voting for the nominee they want to evict. The nominee that received the most online votes will receive America’s vote. That means America will be casting one vote tonight. When I call your name please enter the DR, take a seat & cast your vote to evict. Jason you’re up first, please head to the DR.


Jason votes to evict Scott. Morgan votes to evict Neeley. Danielle votes to evict Scott. Shelby votes to evict Neeley. Alex votes to evict Neeley. Justin votes to evict Scott. Kryssie says BB is tallying the votes & in just a minute she will get the results, & the evicted HG will have just a minute to say goodbye, gather their belongings & exit the BB house. I will go & get the results now.


Kryssie comes out of the DR with the results. She opens the envelope & says, with 0 votes to evict, Whitney you are safe. By a vote of 4 – 3, Neeley you have been evicted from the BB house. Scott claps in her face. Neeley gives hugs telling everyone it’s o.k. & to know who they can trust. She gets her black BB bag & walks out the front door. HG’s say bye to her. Scott says he would never applaud because she was hurt. Kryssie says she’s not getting in TV time. She says bye & walks away from him. Neeley’s picture turns grey. Scott says revision is history, welcome to BB. Justin tells Kryssie the 4th vote had to be America. Kryssie says all of the girls lied to her to save face. Scott is telling everyone in the KT he’s happy she’s gone because he’s happy to be there. Danielle calls Scott out on clapping in Neeley’s face & then applauding when her picture turned grey.

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8:41pm BBT (Camera 3&4) 


Kryssie, Justin, Whitney in TBR discussing the votes and eviction. Danielle comes in and joins them.
Danielle: He is so disgusting, I can't even be in the same room as him. He literally just said that, he didn't say that he would terrorize but that he would bully me because he thinks America would like it. And when Jason said, "Didn't we just have an anti-bullying day? Do you think America would like you bullying someone? Scott said, "I'd make her life a short-lived hell," because he thought America would like it. I just, I can't understand what kind of man are you that you are going to sit there and say you are going to bully a woman. 

Kryssie: His whole side of the house thinks that he has been bullied so whatever he does is ok. 
Danielle: I just don't understand. I just don't understand how a man can make that comment to other women and them think that's ok. (She is starting to cry)  
Kryssie: Because they don't give a f*, Danielle. This is all about a game to them.
(Kryssie is trying to talk/respond to Danielle, but Danielle just talks over her, hard to understand Kryssie)
I just don't understand. Yes it's a game but at the end of the day you have to go back to your regular life. You are so worried about looking good that you don't want to give away stuff about your regular life but yet you're going to sit there and think it's funny or want to keep someone in the house that openly admits to, is willing to bully a girl because he thinks America will like it. I'm a single mother. I work my ass off for my son. I go to school full time. I work full time. I bust my ass. And to have some guy say he is going to bully me for sport? He is lucky we are in this house because if we weren't I'd... UGH.
Kryssie: You have to understand Danielle that you are not a person to him. 
Danielle: I mean, I get it's a game, but like to have some sort of self respect at the end of it. Is $250,000 worth your self respect? I don't understand!
Kryssie: Every week that goes by I don't 
Danielle: I don't understand.
Kryssie: I've almost quit this f* ing game hundreds of times. 
Danielle: Like, I'm not here to be bullied by a grown ass man. I will go home to my son and live my life happily. Like who says that? And for him to admit it in front of me like that. "Oh yeah, because I thought America would like it". Like, what America do you live in? 
Kryssie: It's not even just that he said it, it's that people support him. And not just people in here but for whatever reason, they didn't vote for him.
Danielle: I just don't understand.
Justin: Do we have any tissue in here? (Danielle and Kryssie are both crying)
Whitney: It's in the DR.
Justin: I'll go get some.
Kryssie: If it's any consolation people lied to my face this week. The whole week. Nobody gives a f* about us as human beings, Danielle. Nobody.
Danielle: It's so disgusting. I just can't even be in the same room as him. And he gets offended when someone says he is a disgusting person, well to me that is disgusting. I would never go out of my way to bully someone especially when I have been bullied my entire life. I would never. 
Kryssie: According to his girls, he's been bullied.
Danielle: I would never. I don't do that.
Kryssie: I just pulled Alex aside and was like "When have I ever f* ing bullied Scott?" and she's like "Well not you". Well who? Because I have not bullied him.
Danielle: Even after he evicted Shane I was still polite to him until he made a rude comment to me.  
Kryssie: I've made it a point to remove myself from him any time he tries to talk to me because I don't want anything to do with him. 
Danielle: It's just.. That's disgusting. I just don't understand. 
(Justin appears with a box of tissues and offers them to Danielle.)
Danielle: Takes a couple then thanks Justin.
Kryssie: Takes one and thanks Justin.
Justin: This some hard ass tissue paper. It's almost like toilet paper.
Whitney: Yeah, coming out of the box 
Justin: What the f*? That's like tissue paper, yo. You aight, D?
Danielle: Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't understand.
Kryssie: I'm sorry you're sitting here, Whitney. I know you just came to see how we were doing.
Whitney: I know, but ...
Kryssie: I know that they are your friends. 
Whitney: I know, but you are too and I've told you that so that's why I came to check on you.
Kryssie: I know, and I appreciate that. I really do. Don't think I don't. I just don't have the energy to f*ing pretend I can deal with that right now.
Whitney: I know. I understand.
(Justin is hugging Danielle and they are talking but hard to understand them)
Justin: Every dog has his day. Don't trip. 
Whitney: I'll give you guys a minute.
(Whitney leaves. Throughout this whole conversation, you can hear Jason's voice from the KT in the TBR as well as Scott's. Can't quite make out what is being said, but obviously it is a heated discussion.)
Justin: We just gotta win HoH. But whatever you do, you can not put Shelby up because I can't guarantee that I won't vote her ass out of here.
Kryssie: The whole reason I didn't put her up was so that you wouldn't stray and vote for Shelby.
Justin: I already know cuz like I despise her so much and she'd be like, "Who was that one vote?" and I'd be like "Me! It was my vote mother f* er". We gotta rally together you guys.
Danielle: I just don't understand. It's just like he thinks that's good TV. Let me be a grown ass man that bully's a girl. Why because Evel Dick and Jen used to go at it all the time? You wanna be like him so badly? I don't understand.
Kryssie: He want's to play everyone else's game, Danielle. He want's to be other characters.
Danielle: Please tell me, what hard... You're from Maine. 
Kryssie: The tough streets of Maine.
Danielle: I was bullied my entire life. From kindergarten until I was 19. Girls came to my house, spray painted "Whore" across my mom's house. Did $4,000 in damage to my car. I was jumpped by four girls. I was grabbed by my hair and slammed to the ground and I was kicked in the head with boots and had to get CAT Scans. I've been bullied. I've had a grown ass man punch me in the face. I've been bullied. How dare he sit here and say that he is going to do for TV like it's funny. People kill themselves over being bullied. I just don't get it. 

Danielle gets up and walks into the LR.

Danielle Vs Scott.jpg

Danielle (yelling at Scott who is in KT): Scott, you don't know my entire story. You don't know that I have been bullied my entire life. You don't know that I've been punched in the face by a grown ass man. That I've been dragged down, by my hair by four girls, and kicked in the head with boots and had to get CAT Scans. So don't sit here and say that you are going to bully me because you think it's good TV. People kill themselves over being bullied. And I hope you feel like a piece of s*. And I hope that America sees the type of person you are. Because that's not funny. We just had an anti-bullying day. You don't know! (Scott tries to respond) I don't want to hear it because that is a horrible thing to do to someone. For you to say that you are going to do it because America's going to like it? Because you think those girls (points to YR where the BS'ers are) don't like me because you think that it's funny? I hope this is the game you really want to play. And I hope America sees the type of "man" you are. You're a little ass boy and I pray to God I win HoH. You are a disgusting person and Neeley was right.

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9:01 PM BBT It’s time for the head of household competition. Before we head outside, Big Brother will reveal 10 baseball cards on the memory wall. You will have 10 minutes to study them before heading to the backyard to take a swing at becoming HOH. Please head to the memory wall now.


9:13 PM BBT They are told several times to go outside and take the field.


9:19 PM BBT Hello HG, it’s a perfect night for a baseball game, Big Brother style! You’ll be asked a series of true or false questions about the baseball cards that recently appeared on the memory wall. Answer a question correctly, you stay in the game. Answer incorrectly, and you’re out of here!  If you’re out, go take a seat on the bleachers. If everyone in the game gets the question wrong, then everyone stays in the game and the next question is asked. The game will continue until only one player remains, making that player the next HOH. If there is no winner after 10 questions, we’ll go to a tie breaker question. Let’s find out who’s going to knock this competition out of the park. It’s time to play, one strike, you’re out!


9:20 PM BBT First question, True or False, In down the line, there’s a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. Answers please! Scott, Alex, and Shelby all select false and everyone else selects true. The answer is…True. There IS a black dot between the letters OTT and HOH. Scott, Alex, and Shelby you’re out!


9:21 PM BBT Question two, True or False, in 7th inning stretch, the words cold drinks are visible. Answers please! Morgan answers False and everyone else answers True. The answer is…True. The words cold drinks are visible on the tub. Morgan, you’re out of here!


9:22 PM BBT Question three, True or False, in box score, the care package box lands in the shade. Answers please! Everyone answers false. The answer is True, the box clearly lands in the shade. You’ve all answered wrong so you’re all still in the game. They all celebrate.


9:23 PM BBT Question four, True or False, in crowd goes wild, there are no bananas in the picture. Answers please! Jason and Justin answer True and Danielle and Whitney answer False. The answer is…False. There ARE bananas on the counter top next to Shane. Justin and Jason, you’re out of here!


9:24 PM BBT Question five, True or False, in dust the plate, Kryssie has sunglasses on her head. Answers please! Both answer true. The answer is True…Kryssie’s sunglasses ARE resting on top of her head. You both got it right and continue on!


9:24 PM BBT Question six, True of False, in breaking ball, there are four green balls on the ground. Answers please! Both hesitate. Danielle finally selects False and Whitney selects True. Then Danielle quickly switches her answer to True then back to False. Answers are now locked with Danielle on False and Whitney on True. The answer is False, there ARE less than four green balls on the ground. Danielle, you are the winner! Congratulations!

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